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Preparing: Part 2

Raven cracked the door slightly revealing a sliver of her face and her messy bed head. "I still have like 9 hours."

"I know! You are doing the close of cutting and will barely have time to prepare!"

"Fine, come in. I'll take a shower and then I guess you can do my nails while I meditate…"

"Glorious! Let us get started!"

"It is going to be a long day."

Raven's Bathroom

"How I wish you would let me assist you in the washing of the hair," Starfire said while she floated above the bathroom counter and traced hearts and stars into the condensation left on the bathroom mirror from Raven's hot shower.

"I am perfectly capable of washing my own hair, thank you," Raven said while lathering her lavender scented shampoo into her hair. "And I rather like my privacy," she added under her breath.

After Raven had finished rinsing the shampoo and conditioner out of her hair, she stood under the shower head letting the water run down her body and emptied her mind for a few refreshing minutes without worries.

Raven turned off the water and stuck her hand out of the shower to grab her towel, which wasn't hanging on its hook. Suddenly, Starfire swung the shower door all the way open and held out a purple bath robe for Raven.

"Starfire!" Raven cried, her cheeks turning crimson. "I'm not wearing any clothes!"

"That is why I brought you the robe of bath."

Raven grabbed the robe and hastily turned away from Starfire to pull it on. Raven was embarrassed and tried to keep her last shred of dignity by not letting Starfire see her naked any longer than she had already.

Starfire grabbed Raven's thin wrist in her iron grip and dragged her out of the bathroom into Raven's bedroom. Starfire practically threw Raven on the ground and before Raven knew it; she was floating next to her with the nail kit in hand.

Raven levitated off the ground at about the same height as Starfire and listened to her babble for a few minutes before crossing her legs and closing her eyes. Drowning out Starfire's constant chatter proved more difficult than Raven thought and Raven got only a half hour of meditation, before finally giving up.

Raven's stomach growled, an inhuman sound that sounded more like a roar than a growl.

"You're hungry," Knowledge said.

"No duh," Raven replied. Azar, sometimes Knowledge could be so annoying. No wonder people don't like 'know-it-alls.'

"Hey Starfire, let's go grab something to eat. I'm starving."

"Yes, I have been feeling the hungry growling of my stomach."

Raven stood up and walked to the door, but before she reached the door Starfire zipped in front of her in a flash of green light and blocked her way. "Raven, you are not ready for your date! You must not let Beast Boy see you! It is tradition, is it not?"

"Um, Starfire? That's only for weddings."

"But dating is a ritual you do before marriage, yes? Do not worry, Raven, I shall bring you the lunch and return in a few minutes."

Raven sighed. Starfire is so clueless sometimes.

"She is an alien," Knowledge said.

"Ugh, sometimes I wish I could turn you off," Raven expressed.

"You can."

"What?" Raven asked.

"It was one of the spells that Malchior taught us."

"Yeah but, that was dark magic. It could have serious consequences…"

"Doesn't everything have consequences, Raven?" Knowledge countered.

"It would be nice to get some time to myself…but without my emotions, it could throw my powers out of whack…but I wouldn't have to deal with Lust during my date…"

Then the door slid open, startling Raven and interrupting her internal battle. Starfire bounced in to the room with two plates full of sandwiches, chips, strawberries, and cookies, yelling, "I have returned with the witches of sand!"

"Ah, thanks Starfire."

"It was the no problem. Let us return to our preparations for the date!"

Starfire commenced her constant prattle about the latest chick flick and continued doing Raven's hair and make-up. Conversations with Starfire were easy because they were mostly one-sided and required no extra thought on Raven's part so she had time to dwell on her dilemma.

It would be nice to get rid of my emoticlones for a few hours and just be normal.

But what if there's an emergency and you can't use your powers?

Yeah, but the spell only lasts a few hours, plus Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire can take care of things while Beast Boy and I are on our date.

But what if they need your help?

You would be free from interruptions by Lust.

"Raven? Did you hear me?"

"Uh, what?"

"I said, 'You may put on your fit of out now,'" Starfire said, twirling Raven's long hair. Raven had let her hair grow out so it almost reached the small of her back.

"Oh, oh yeah right, sorry, umm, I'll go change."

Raven stepped into the bathroom and used her magic to quickly change her clothes without messing up Starfire's work. Then turned to the mirror to examine herself. Raven stared at the woman in the mirror. The Raven in the mirror looked nothing like the real Raven. This Raven was beautiful, even sexy; the opposite of the real Raven. The woman in the mirror had long straight hair and perfect make-up. She was gorgeous.

"Raven, have you finished?"

"Ah, yeah," Raven said still transfixed with her own reflection. Raven felt the butterflies dance in her stomach.

"Maybe we should just skip the date? I'm scared," Timid whispered.

"Pff, nothing scares me!" Brave said.

"Raven?" Starfire knocked on the door. "Please come out."

"If you pull your skirt up higher, you can give Beast Boy a little show," Lust smirked.

"That's it. Knowledge, what's that spell you were talking about?" Raven said angrily.

"Raven? Are you the o and the k?"

"Just a minute, Starfire!" Raven called. "Where's that spell, Knowledge?"

"Here it is, Emotionless. Three hours free of emotion, the incantation is SSelnoitome. You sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, no, yes, yes. Uh, here it goes." Raven said nervously.

"I'm scared," Timid said.

"You're always scared, loser," Rage growled.

"Oh, shut up," Raven sighed and putting a hand on her heart she called, "SSelnoitome!" Then, removing the hand from her heart that was now holding a ball of white energy, she placed the ball of energy onto her reflection. Her reflection split into her emoticlones each wearing a different color.

It was a weird feeling, being emotionless. Raven felt light, but empty at the same time.

"Raven, open this door or I shall have to do the breaking in!"

"I'm coming, Star, chill out!"

"Oh, Raven! You look magnificent!"


"Yes! I am so excited for you! You must be so nervous," Starfire said.

"Mm hmm," Raven said not meeting Starfire's eyes.

A knock on the door sent Starfire in a fit of giggles. Raven smoothed out her skirt grabbed her purse then slid open the door. There stood Beast Boy in a dark blue polo, khakis, and white sneakers and wearing a shy smile.

"Hey, Rae. You ready?"

"Yeah, let's go."

Beast Boy sent his signature goofy smile her way, which usually sent her heart a flutter and made her cheeks hot, but nothing. She felt nothing.