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Leo's POV

"I didn't think I would ever say this, but I am SO glad to be back at school!" Calla grinned as we walked into the lobby. "Normalcy has returned!"

I completely agreed with Calla about that. Because of the whole Douglas incident, my mom and Big D had told Adam, Bree, Chase and I to stay home all last week. And because she didn't want us to be lonely (or because she just didn't want to go to school) Calla had faked the flu so she could stay home as well, sneaking over to our house the second her mom left.

It was good to have a break, especially after all that had happened, but we were all going crazy from boredom. And trust me; you do not want four bored teenagers stuck in one house together. It got so bad, my mom had to make another twenty house rules. But hey, it's not my fault Adam just happened to find a grasshopper on the window sill. Why he had kept it and named it George is beyond me.

Big D only added one rule to the list: no making out in the lab. That's directed to Calla and Chase. They're dating now, ever since the Douglas incident. Here's how we found out…


"Hey, do you guys want chocolate syrup and sprinkles on your ice cream?" I asked, walking into the lab. What I saw surprised the hell out of me. Calla and Chase, kissing. They were kissing! Not that we didn't know they were into each other, but still, I did not expect to come down there and find that.

"Dudes, get a room!" I exclaimed. They pulled apart quickly, Calla's face bright red and Chase glaring at me. Calla narrowed her eyes at me.

"You DO realize that we were here first, right?" she questioned. I thought about it.

"True." I agreed. Calla nodded at the elevator.

"Good. Now shoo." She ordered. I nodded and headed back upstairs.

"Where are Calla and Chase?" Bree asked, handing me a bowl of ice cream. I smirked.

"Making out." I replied casually. They all stared at me. "Yeah, you heard me. Challa's officially a thing, people!"

Flashback end

Yeah, they weren't too happy with me for announcing it to the whole family like that. Especially since we kept making fun of them for it. But even that got old quickly.

So basically, we were all happy to get out of the house, even if it meant going back to prison, I mean school. "Hey guys!" Jessica called, running over to us. She looked very happy, happier than normal.

"Hey Jess, what's up?" Adam asked. Jessica blushed, as she always did when Adam spoke to her.

"Well, since you guys weren't here last week, I figured I should be the one to tell you. Rhys Goldwin's birthday is on Friday and he's throwing a party. The entire school's invited." She explained.

"Rhys Goldwin? Captain of the soccer team?" Bree gasped. Jessica nodded eagerly. "OH MY GOD! I totally forgot!"

"Well, obviously. Why did you think I came over here to remind you?" Jessica laughed. I frowned.

"I'm sorry, which one's Rhys again?" I asked. Bree rolled her eyes.

"The tall good-looking one with brown hair and dreamy eyes." She snapped impatiently. Jessica turned to Calla.

"You know, rumour is he thinks you're cute." She told her. Calla smirked.

"Well then," she said thoughtfully. "That really sucks for him seeing as I'm taken."

Jessica frowned, not noticing how Calla slipped her hand into Chase's. "Taken? By who?"

"Me." Chase replied, grinning. Jessica looked between the two, and then squealed.

"It's about time!" she exclaimed, hugging Calla. I looked at Jessica.

"Um, I think you owe me some money?" I reminded her with a smirk on my face. Jessica scowled.

"Way to ruin the moment, Dooley." She muttered, pulling out a ten dollar bill. Chase and Calla looked offended.

"You guys bet on whether or not we would get together?" Chase demanded. Jessica rolled her eyes.

"Uh, no. Leo bet that you guys would be a couple before the end of the semester. I bet that you guys would get together sometime in the second semester. Duh." She replied. Calla glared at her. "Oh, don't give me that look. You've bet on my love life before."

Calla opened her mouth to object, then sighed. "I hate it when you make points that I can't argue."

Chase chuckled. "Come on; we'd better get to class." He said, pulling Calla with him to their first period math class.

"See you later, Leo." Jessica told me as she, Adam, and Bree walked off to English. I, unfortunately, had chemistry all by myself.

"Good morning, Leo." Mr. Johnson greeted as I walked into class.

"Morning." I replied, heading to my seat. Mr. Johnson stopped me.

"Sorry Leo, but you might be unaware that Marcus Jameson is no longer with us." Marcus' picture was in the newspaper last week, saying that he died in a tragic car accident. It was better this way. People at least deserved to know that he was gone.

Even though he had plotted against us for so long, kidnapped Adam, Bree, Chase and Big D, and tried to kill all of us, he didn't deserve to die. I kind of felt sorry for the guy, but there wasn't anything I could do now.

"Yeah, I heard. It's terrible." I replied. Mr. Johnson nodded.

"Well, seeing as you two were lab partners, we're going to have to assign you a new partner. Unless you'd prefer to work alone?" I shook my head.

"Nah, I'm fine with a new partner." I told him. He nodded.

"Well, Janelle's working alone currently, so you can work with her from now on." He gestured to the empty seat next to Janelle. Trying not to grin like a lovesick fool, I nodded, grabbed my stuff, and sat down next to her.

"Mr. Johnson says I'm your new lab partner." I told her. She nodded.

"So, did you hear about Rhys' party?" Janelle asked, smiling.

"Yeah, are you going?" I smiled. She nodded.

"Maybe we can hang out." She suggested. I nodded.

"Maybe we can." I agreed. This party was going to be awesome!


"We are going to be in so much trouble with Mr. Davenport! We're two hours past curfew and the lights are already off." Chase exclaimed as we ran up the front steps. The party had been wickedly awesome. So awesome, that we lost track of time. Only when Jaden offered to give us all a drive home did we realize how late it was.

"We are bionic teenagers that go on top secret missions." Bree said with a smirk. "Okay, I'm pretty sure we can sneak past an out of shape, middle aged man."

She had a point there. "Alright, but just to be safe, I'll use my bionic vision to scan inside." Chase offered, before focusing on the door. He stared at it for a few moments. "All clear. They must be asleep."

I smiled. Some good luck! "Good, but we've got to be super quiet."

Chase grinned. "Sneaking in after curfew. This will totally boost my bad boy cred." What bad boy cred? "Tippy-toes people. Tippy-toes."

Bree smirked as Chase opened the door. "Spoken like a true bad boy." She joked as we snuck in.

We quietly made our way across the room. Just as we reached the kitchen however, the lights came on. "Busted!"

"AHH!" We screamed in surprised, spinning around to find the source of the voice. There was no one there. Suddenly, as if by magic, Big D appeared in his favourite chair, wearing a silver cloak. "AH!"

"Ha!" he laughed, very proud of himself for scaring the crap out of us like that. Chase stared at him.

"I don't get it! I scanned the room!" he exclaimed. Big D smirked.

"And I foiled you with my invisibility cloak. Again, I say 'Ha!'" He replied. I knew I had seen that cloak before! I once used it to sneak into Principal Perry's office, but that's a long story that I won't get into now.

"Well, you got us." I admitted. "Goodnight." We all ran to escape, but Big D stopped us.

"You are all grounded. Three weeks." Big D told us.

"What?" "That's not fair!" "Come on!" "Is that all you've got?" We all stared at Adam. Why would he say that?

"Look, you guys have no idea what it's like raising teenagers!" Big D retorted. We all sighed, but Adam's face lit up.

"He can't ground me if he can't see me!" he exclaimed, running past us. He grabbed a blanket off the couch, then ran into the closed door. He stumbled back in surprise. "I didn't grab the invisibility cloak, did I?"

"Nope." I replied. Chase rolled his eyes.

"Adam, you do realize that invisibility isn't the same as intangibility, right?" he questioned. Adam pulled off the blanket, then looked at Chase with a confused expression. "You do realize that being invisible doesn't mean you can walk through doors, right?" Chase clarified. Adam frowned.

"It doesn't? Darn." He muttered. Big D rolled his eyes.

"Bed, all of you. Now." He ordered. We all sighed and did as we were told.

Chase's POV

"Do you have any fours?" Calla asked. I sighed and handed her one of my cards. Adam sighed.

"I hate being grounded." He complained. "Are the three weeks over yet?"

"It hasn't even been a day." Bree reminded him dully. Leo frowned.

"Wait, there's something I don't get." He said. He turned to Calla. "You're parents are even more strict than ours, and your curfew is the same. How did you not get grounded?"

Calla rolled her eyes. "Because, unlike you geniuses, Jaden and I had the sense to climb in through my window rather than walk in through our front door." She replied, shaking her head. "Seriously, what were you thinking?"

"Well-" Leo started, but was cut off by Mr. Davenport as he ran into the room.

"Guys! Guys! I did it!" he exclaimed very happily. "I finally did it!"

"Graduated to big boy shoes?" Leo guessed excitedly. Mr. Davenport still smiled.

"No, I finally achieved something I have wanted my whole life. I won the presidential medal for scientific achievement!"

"That's great." I congratulated him. Adam nodded.

"I think I got one of those for doing push ups in gym class." He commented. Mr. Davenport looked at him.

"I don't think so." He said. Adam smiled.

"Oh, yeah. You're right; it was pull ups." He corrected himself. Mr. Davenport ignored him.

"This is the highest honour a scientist can receive. My picture is gonna be plastered online, offline…If there's a line, my face is gonna be on it."

We all looked at him. "What did you win it for?" I asked. Mr. Davenport grinned.

"My neuroscrambler." He answered, holding up the small, hand held device. "This thing is going to revolutionize the field of neurology."

"Huh?" Adam was confused, as always.

"The brain." Calla simplified it for him. Leo looked at Mr. Davenport.

"How's it work?" he asked curiously.

"It can erase specified time increments of neuron associations in the cerebral cortex." Mr. Davenport explained. Judging by the blank looks one everyone's face, Calla and I were the only ones that understood.

"Huh?" Adam asked again. I sighed.

"The brain!" I snapped. He nodded.

"Oh!" I was starting to think that rocks were smarter than my brother.

"Basically, it helps doctors erase bad memories." Mr. Davenport explained in simpler terms. Calla looked at Mr. Davenport.

"I'm guessing that my 30% contribution wasn't mentioned when you submitted it for judging?" she assumed. He hesitated, but was saved from answering her because Tasha ran in.

"Congrats, Donald! I got your text about the presidential award!" she exclaimed, hugging him. "Gosh, this is so exciting. What a big break for us."

"Us?" Mr. Davenport questioned.

"I was thinking I could interview you for my TV station." Tasha explained. "Local reporter lands presidential award winner: A Tasha Davenport exclusive. This could be a really big break."

"Yeah, it would be a really big break for you." We winced. Wow, Tasha did not look happy. "I mean it would really help your faltering career. No, I mean you'd finally get to cover something that finally matters."

We were all shaking our heads at him. "You know what? You have got yourself an interview." He said. Tasha glared at him. "And a new pair of shoes?" still glaring. "Just take my wallet. Just take it."

Tasha smiled, took the wallet and left. Mr. Davenport turned to us.

"Dude, that was just pathetic. Seriously, pathetic." Calla commented. Mr. Davenport glared at her. "Hey, you forgot to mention my work on a project that won you a major award. I think I have the right to make fun of you a little!" Calla exclaimed.

Leo's POV

Eventually, Adam, Bree, and I gave up trying to entertain ourselves in the lab. So about three hours later, we all sat in the living room, doing absolutely nothing. Chase and Calla were still downstairs, probably enjoying their alone time together.

"Has it been three weeks yet?" Adam asked, again. Bree sighed.

"Stop! I hate being grounded! I am missing Stella Jordon's birthday party and I SO want to be there when she DOESN'T get a car."

Adam and I laughed just as Calla and Chase ran into the room. "Guys! I have an idea!" Chase whispered. Calla elbowed him. "We have an idea."

We got up and walked over to them. Calla was holding Big D's neuroscrambler in her hands.

"We can sue the neuroscrambler to erase twenty four hours of Mr. Davenport's memory." Chase explained with a grin. Bree stared at him.

"Sneaking in past curfew, disobeying authority…" she looked at Calla. "What did you do to Chase?"

Chase smirked and Calla laughed. Adam grinned."No, I see where he's going with this." He said. "Mr. Davenport will forget he bought groceries yesterday, he'll go again today, and then we'll have double the food!"

"Or, he'll forget that he grounded you guys." Calla suggested.

"We'll see which one pans out." Adam replied. Bree frowned.

"This sounds really risky. If Mr. Davenport catches us, we'll be grounded for life." She warned.

"But if he doesn't, we'll never get grounded again." Chase told her. Adam grinned.

"Plus, double the groceries!" He exclaimed. We ignored him.

"Wait, so we're just going to zap the guy?" I confirmed. Chase nodded.

"Don't worry; it's perfectly safe." Chase assured me. Bree rolled her eyes.

"How do you know?" she asked.

"Bree, please. I'm the smartest guy in the world." He bragged.

"You have no idea, do you?" Bree asked.

"Nope, just wanna get out of the house." Chase replied. Calla lifted up the device.

"Calibrating to twenty-four hours." She said, then jogged off to where Big D was reading a book. We followed her.

"Hey there, what are you reading?" she asked, an innocent smile on her face.

"Oh, I'm on the last page of this biography of the guy who was born the cousin of the Queen of Spain…" Big D started to explain.

Calla smiled. "Fascinating." She grinned, hitting a button on the neuroscrambler. There was a flash of blue light. When it died away, Big D had a confused look on his face.

"That's weird, I just lost my train of thought." He said slowly. Bree took advantage of his confusion.

"Oh, I…I just asked you if I could go to Stella Jordon's birthday party." She lied. Big D frowned.

"Of course you can." He replied, confused as to why we were asking permission. I grinned.

"Yes, it worked!" I exclaimed. Big D looked at us.

"What worked?" he questioned. Adam laughed.

"We just zapped your brain with your thingy and erased your memory!" he explained. Big D glared at us.

"Erased my memory? Have you guys been messing with my neuroscrambler?" he demanded. Bree smiled.

"No…" she lied, taking the neuroscrambler from Calla and changing the settings on it from twenty-four hours to sixty seconds.

"That thing is not a toy!" Big D continued. "You guys are grounded and-" he was cut off by the device's flash. "That's weird, I lost my train of thought."

We all grinned, relieved. "Hey, can Calla and I go to the movies?" Chase asked, putting an arm around his girlfriend. Big D frowned, confused.

"Of course you can." This was awesome! Adam grabbed the device out of Bree's hand.

"Hey, I want to try this." He grinned. Big D looked at him.

"Try what?" He asked. Adam's grin grew.

"Oh! Humus!" he exclaimed, dipping his fingers in and eating some of it.

"Adam, don't do that!" Big D exclaimed, disgusted. "Now, no one can eat-" Adam hit the button and the device lit up. "Oh, humus!" Big D grinned, dipping a carrot in the bowl.

We all laughed. "And just like that, we're free." Chase grinned.

"See, you Big D!" I called as we ran to the door. "We're going to tag along on Calla and Chase's date!"

"Okay, be back by nine." He replied. I looked at him. Nine? You've got to be kidding.

"Yeah nine. Right." There was no way we were going to be by even ten, let alone nine.


"Hey, Big D?" I called, walking into the lab. He was sitting at his desk, working on some project.

"Hey Leo." He hardly looked up.

"Listen, I need you to sign my progress report for me." I handed him the slip of paper, hoping he would just sign it without looking. He took the paper, went to sign it, then stopped.

"Wait, a C in history?" Big D looked at me.

"Yeah, I like to start low and work my way up." I joked. "Let's the teachers think they're making an impact. It's my way of giving back."

Big D was not amused. He took the paper from me. "Leo, I've got to show this to your mom."

"Well, I've got fifteen dollars and forty-two cents in my wallet that says you don't." I pulled out my wallet and waved it in front of his face.

"Sorry Leo, just yesterday your mother and I agreed we were going to start cracking down on your school work."

Why? Did they hate me? I was about to complain when I noticed the neuroscrambler sitting on the shelf next to him. "Yesterday, you say?" I confirmed. "And what time was that exactly?"

"I don't know, during breakfast I guess." He replied, still working on the project. I nodded, quickly changing the settings on the device.

"So, about twenty-four hours ago, correct?" I asked. Big D looked up finally.

"Why?" He noticed the neuroscrambler in my hand. "Hey, don't play with that. It-"

I hit the button, flashing him in the face. He stared for a while. "Whoa. What happened? This is weird."

"You were just telling me how thrilled you are that I'm doing so well in school." I lied. He was still looking around the lab, completely confused.

"Why would I care? I don't even know you dude." I stared at him.

"Dude?" I repeated. Since when did he consider 'dude' an actual word? He shrugged, and I realized what else he had said. What did he mean when he said he didn't know me?

I looked down at the neuroscrambler and stared at it. Oops. I typed in twenty-four years instead of hours. I looked at Big D. "How old are you?" I questioned.

"Fifteen." He replied. I screamed and he stared at me. Oh man, oh man, oh man! I've screwed up before, but this was bad!

"GUYS!" I shouted, running into the elevator and speeding to the top floor. I found them on the couch, watching TV. "We have a problem!"

They all looked up. "What is it?" Bree asked. At that moment, Big D came speeding into the room on a wheelie chair. Rockets were attached to the back, and he went flying into the wall. Bree and Chase looked at me, horrified.

"So, what's the problem?" Like usual, Adam was missing the obvious. Calla, on the other hand, looked mildly offended.

"Wait, so I'm not allowed to build rocket chairs, but you are? Not fair!" she yelled at Big D. He ignored her, spinning and shooting around the room.

"Leo, what is going on?" Bree demanded. I frowned guiltily.

"You know that neruo-thing that we were ALL playing with?" I asked. Chase nodded.

"Yes." He replied.

"I tried to erase twenty-four hours and I accidently erased twenty-four years." I told them. "He's fifteen!"

"Whoa! This place is sick!" Big D exclaimed from where he was still playing on his rocket chair. He got off it after spinning around for several minutes. "And now I'm gonna be sick." He ran and vomited into a houseplant.

"I don't know why they gave him that presidential medal. This thing is faulty.:" I announced, tossing the device onto the couch.

"The device is fine!" Calla snapped. "You're the problem. You Leo-ed this up!"

"Hey, don't you turn my name into a verb." I snapped at her as Big D ran up behind me.

"Okay, who are you people, and how did I get here?" He questioned. I guess he got tired of acting like an idiot.

"Look, I know this is a lot for you to take in, but your mind lost twenty-four years of it's memory because of a device that you created." Chase explained. Big D stared at him.

"Whoa…" he looked around curiously. He picked up Chase's cell phone from the table. "What's that?" he asked.

"That's my phone." Chase replied. Big D stared at him.

"Whoa…" he repeated, tapping some buttons on it. I turned to Calla.

"Tell me you can fix this." I begged. She rolled her eyes.

"Well, duh." She replied. "Well, probably."

"Probably?" I repeated. She shrugged.

"The device was meant to erase memories, not restore. But I remember how he created the device, so it should be an easy rewiring fix." She replied.

Suddenly, Chase's ringtone went off. Big D handed the phone back to Chase. "I think you've got a phone call."

Chase held the phone up to his ear, but before he could speak, he got electrocuted. Big D and Adam laughed.

"Burn!" Big D laughed. "I'm a total tech wiz! I took that thing apart and rewired it and turned it into a zapper!"

He and Adam high fived. "That's not funny! Turn it back!" Chase demanded. Big D sighed.

"I'm sorry." He apologized. "Just press 3 and it will turn back into a regular phone."

Chase sighed and pressed the button, only to get electrocuted again. This time, it looked worse. Adam grinned and turned to Chase.

"I like him better this way. Can we keep him?" he begged hopefully. Chase looked at him.

"Adam, he's not a dog." He reminded him. We looked at Big D, who was currently licking peanut butter out of the jar.

"Yeah, he's pretty much a dog." Adam said with a grin. Chase rolled his eyes.

"Let's just fix him already." He snapped, reaching for the neuroscrambler at the same time as Calla. They looked at each other.

"I've got this." Chase said, pulling on the device. Calla smiled.

"No, I do." She replied, trying to take the device from him. We all took a step back – the love birds were about to become angry birds.

"Yes, but I think I know what I'm doing." Chase told her. Calla looked at him.

"I know better than you! I worked on the device." She argued, pulling on it a little harder. Chase pulled it back.

"Yes, but I'm smarter than you." He said. We all grimaced. Telling Calla that she wasn't as smart as you was equal to handing a robber a gun and taunting him. Even if he was smarter than her.

"Give it Chase!" Calla shouted, pulling on the device. Chase pulled back and it went flying out off heir hands. One of them must have hit the button, because there was a flash, and Calla had a blank look on her face. The neuroscrambler dropped to the ground, but none of us went to grab it. We just stared at Calla, who stared back.

"Chase…did you just…" Bree trailed off. Chase looked horrified.

"I'm so dead. I'm beyond dead." He muttered. "She is so going to kill me."

Calla looked around. "Who're you?" she asked curiously. Chase gulped.

"Calla?" she turned to face him. "Can you tell us how old you are?"

Calla seemed to think about it for a while. "Five! And three quarters!" She exclaimed. I frowned, and grabbed the device.

"It must have glitched when it erased her memory." Chase realized. "She doesn't have twenty-four years of memory to erase, so it erased ten instead."

"Great, the only two people who know how to fix it have lost their memories!" I shouted. Calla frowned and covered her ears.

"No yelling." She told me. "Yelling's bad."

I looked at Chase. "You do realize that if we don't fix this, your next date will be at Chucky Cheese's, right?" Before he could answer, my mom walked into the room.

"Hey guys." She greeted. Big D looked at us.

"Who's that? Your grandma?" he asked. We all put our fingers to our lips. Even Calla, but I think she was just mimicking us.

"What's going on?" Mom asked, suspicious. Big D shrugged.

"Nothing much, nana, what's up with you?" he asked. We shushed him again. Mom stared at him.

"What did you say, Donald?" she asked. Big D looked surprised.

"You know me? Who are you?" he asked. Mom looked really confused, so I faked a laugh.

"He's kidding!" Bree exclaimed. "We're playing a game and it's called 'who are you' and what I would like to know is who are you?"

My mom stared at her. "Yeah Mom, who are you?" I asked, hoping that she would think this was stupid and walk away.

"A person with no patience for stupid games." She replied with a glare. I looked at Bree.

"Sarcasm. Let's add that to her list." I told her. Bree smiled and we all laughed. Thankfully, my mom didn't notice Adam dragging Calla and Big D out of the room.

Chase's POV

Ten minutes. It took Adam, Calla, and Mr. Davenport ten minutes to essentially destroy the lab. I had to admit; that was a new record.

We walked into the lab to find all of the inventions everywhere, some of them torn apart from spare parts. Adam and Mr. Davenport were building/breaking things while Calla was drawing pictures on Mr. Davenport's important documents.

"Guys, what are you doing?" I demanded. "You're ruining your million dollar technology!"

"If by ruining, you mean making awesome!" Mr. Davenport replied. Adam grinned.

"Unlike the other Davenport, this one invents cool stuff." He told me.

"Check this out!" Mr. Davenport grinned and ran over to his oxygen powered fire hose.

"I took this useless thingy-" he started, but I cut him off.

"That useless thingy was going to revolutionize firefighting!" I exclaimed.

"Well, now it's going to revolutionize grilled meat!" he grinned. Adam pulled a stick out of a drawer.

"Kabob me, teen D!" he exclaimed. Mr. Davenport hit a button and balls of meat flew from the device onto Adam's stick. Adam took a bite.

"I finally get science! This is saving lives!" he told us. Mr. Davenport smiled.

"So is this." I had no idea what he was talking about until I felt something grab the back of my underpants. Seconds later I was lifted a foot off the ground in a painful way. "Why create an artificial arm when you can create and artificial wedgie machine?"

Calla giggled and pointed at me. "Chase funny!" she said between giggles. I tried not to glare at her.

"What's in our capsules?" Bree questioned suddenly. I looked and saw her staring at our capsules, all three filled to the brim with a colourful mixture.

"Capsules? I think you mean giant smoothie makers." Mr. Davenport corrected her. Adam smiled.

"I finally can use my gigantic straw!" he said, pulling out the novelty straw Calla got him for his last birthday. He shoved it inside my capsule and started drinking.

"Hey Baby C, you want any?" Adam asked, glancing at Calla. She looked up from her drawing.

"Chocolate?" she asked hopefully. Even as a five year old, Calla really liked her sugar.

"Uh, no. I've got strawberry, orange and lemon-lime." He replied. Calla frowned, then looked at me with a smile.

"Can I have a cookie, please?" she asked. I shook my head.

"I don't have any cookies." I replied. Her smile fell from her face, her lip quivering as tears entered the corners of her eyes. Oh, crap, she was gonna cry. "But I can get you some!" I said quickly.

Her tears disappeared. "Yay!" she shouted happily. I looked at Mr. Davenport.

"Can you let me down?" I questioned. He sighed.

"Sorry, just push that little button on the back." He told me. I reached behind to hit the button, and felt as if I was hit by lightning. Mr. Davenport laughed. "Haha! Funnier every time!"

Suddenly, he hit a button and the arm released me. I hit the floor with a groan just as Tasha walked in. "What is going on?" she demanded. "Donald, why aren't you dressed for the interview? We go live at five."

"Live at five?" Calla repeated. "Hey! That rhymes!" she giggled.

"Wait, the interview is today?" Bree gasped. We had all thought it was tomorrow. Tasha smiled.

"Yeah, I was hoping for national coverage, but get this; we are going worldwide." Oh, crap.

"What?!" we all demanded. Tasha didn't hear the panic in our voices.

"A rep from the white house is flying out to present you with the medal during the interview." She exclaimed. "We go live one hour from now."

Adam gasped and checked the clock on his phone. "That's one hour from now!" he exclaimed. We ignored him.

"It's going to be the highlight of my career!" Tasha continued. Leo looked worried.

"It's definitely going to go viral." He commented. Mr. Davenport looked just as excited as Tasha.

"I am going to be one TV! Sweet!" He looked at Adam "Kabob me!"

Adam hit the button and both Tasha and Mr. Davenport were bombed with pieces of meat. Tasha looked absolutely disgusted.

"Why don't you go upstairs Mom?" Leo suggested. "We'll get Big D ready for his interview."

"You'd better." She ordered, walking to the elevator. Man, this was going to be a problem.

Leo's POV

"Okay, I know you have no idea what's going on, but I need you to get through this interview as if you were an adult." I told Big D. Adam, Bree and I were getting him ready, while Chase was downstairs trying to fix the neuroscrambler/babysit his girlfriend.

"Got it." Big D nodded. "Would you rather a British accent or a fake moustache? Because I can do both." He put a finger under his lip as if it was a moustache. "Hello, this is my finger." He said in a terrible British accent.

"Guys!" Chase shouted, running towards us with the neuroscrambler in his hand. "I figured out how to get his memories back! See, if we recalibrate the app-"

Bree cut off him off. "Blah, blah, you're smart. Just do it!" she ordered. Chase nodded and zapped Big D with the device. His face went blank.

"Are you still fifteen years old?" I asked.

"No." Big D replied. We all cheered. "I'm this many!" he held up four fingers. We all stopped.

"You're four!" Bree exclaimed.

"Four and a half!" he argued. Adam grinned.

"Cool, I have a new little brother!" he exclaimed. Big D got up from his seat.

"Toys!" he demanded, looking for something to play with. He picked up one of my mom's plastic fruits. "Oh, apple!"

I grabbed Chase by his arms. "Fix this nerd. Fix it." I ordered. Chase looked annoyed with himself.

"Man! I totally Leo-ed this up!" he complained. I stared at him. Seriously?

"We're live in five…four…" I didn't have time to argue with him because my mom was already counting down to the interview. Adam pushed Big D onto the couch next to her. I looked at Chase.

"Hey, um, did you leave Calla all by herself in the lab full of dangerous inventions and power tools?" I questioned. Chase froze.

"Oh, crap." We were saying that a lot tonight. He ran downstairs to the lab. I looked back at the interview. My mom was talking.

"...winner of the presidential award for scientific achievement." She was saying.

"I also won a T-ball trophy with a guy on it that goes like this." He stood up and struck a pose. We all avoided looking at the camera.

"Right, we'll get to your childhood shortly." My mom assured him as he stared into the camera. "Now what most people would like to know is how did you…" she trailed off as Big D advanced on the camera, making weird faces at it. "Donald?"

"Is he alright? Or am I going to have to scrambler a couple of fighter jets?" The lady from the white house (let's call her Ellen) asked.

My mom laughed nervously. "He's fine. He rarely does interviews."

"What a surprise." Ellen said sarcastically.

My mom grabbed Big D and kicked him in the leg. He started to cry. "Meanie!" he sobbed. My mom faked a smile.

"Stay on me." She told the camera. "Stay on me. Mr. Davenport began his career by tinkering in a small garage." My mom stopped when Big D threw a pillow at her face. He laughed into the camera.

"She said tinker!" he laughed. Ellen did not look amused.

"Okay, I'm calling the president. He may want to withdraw the award." She said. Bree looked at me and Adam.

"We've got to stop this!" she told us. I looked at Adam, an idea coming to mind.

"Adam, go behind that camera and take it out with your heat vision!" I told him. He looked at me as if I was the idiot.

"No way! Baby Davenport is cracking me up!" he grinned. I looked and saw that Big D was pretending to be an evil robot.

"Fire your eyes now!" I hissed to Adam. He sighed and did as I asked. The camera crashed to the floor, smocking.

"Great." My mom muttered. "Cut to commercial! Go get another camera out of the van!" She turned to Big D. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

"No one raises their voice to Megatracktoid!" Big D said, pretending to shoot my mom.

"Oh, I'm about to put Megatracktoid down!" she threatened. Big D looked frightened.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey…" we intervened. "Mom, keep it together. Keep it together. Anchor lady face. Anchor lady face." She faked a smile. "We're going to take a hard five, we'll be right back."

We raced Big D down to the lab. "Am I in a space ship?" Big D gasped. "Are those space bathrooms?"

He pointed at the capsules. Adam smiled. "Sometimes." He replied with a grin. Calla, who had been playing with my action figures, looked at Big D.

"No, it's a submarine!" she corrected him. "He told me!" she pointed at Chase. We looked at him.

"She wouldn't shut up! What else was I supposed to tell her?" He demanded. Meanwhile, Big D took one of the action figures from Calla.

"Give that back!" she screamed. He shook his head.

"No!" he replied, running away. Calla ran after him as my mom stormed into the room.

"What is going on?" She demanded. "I want answer and do not lie to me; I'll know. Leo!"

"She'll know!" I yelled at them as I tried to get Big D and Calla out of the capsules.

Chase sighed. "Okay, the neuroscrambler erased thirty-three years of Mr. Davenport's memory and ten of Calla's. However, I think I can get it all back." He told her. My mom glared at him.

"You think?" she hissed. Chase nodded fearfully. "That white house rep is walking out of here with that medal if we don't get it together. Not to mention I am blowing the biggest interview of my career! FIX DONALD! Leo!"

I looked at them. "FIX DONALD!" I ordered. My mom stormed out of the room.

"I got it!" Chase exclaimed. "I reversed the neuroscrambler by taking it apart and repurposing it like Mr. Davenport did with his inventions. Which means, you'll all get to sit down tonight because I just saved your butts!"

"Just do it!" I shouted, grabbing Calla and Big D to stop them from climbing into what I think was a high tech garbage can. Chase flashed the neuroscrambler in their faces and we stared at them, praying.

"That's weird, I just lost my train of thought." "What the hell is going on?" they said at the same time. Chase looked at them.

"How old are you?" he asked cautiously. Mr. Davenport looked around the lab while Calla was trying to fill in the blanks in her memory. "Old enough to know that you numbskulls have Leo-ed up my lab!" Big D exclaimed furiously.

"Okay, that stops now!" I ordered. How dare they turn my name into a verb!

"Hey, we did not make any of this mess. It was all you." Bree told him.

"Well, technically, it was baby Davenport." Adam corrected her.

"Well, technically, it was teen Davenport." Chase informed him.

"Baby? Teen? What are you talking about?" Big D demanded. Calla crossed her arms, smirking.

"Well, they erased your memory to get out being grounded, which actually worked pretty well, but then Leo accidently wiped twenty-four years off of your memory. That's where the teen Davenport comes in. And I'm guessing that baby Davenport comes in later, but I wouldn't know because SOMEONE" She glared at Chase "erased my memory before I could fix the problem."

"What?" Big D demanded. "Is that true?"

"Traitor!" we all glared at Calla. She shook her head, amused.

"Hey, you guys Leo-ed this all up and erased my memory. This is my way of getting back at you."

"Yes, it's true. But we learned something very important." I looked at Big D. "You were right; it is not easy raising teenagers. Are we good?"

He stared at me for a while. "NO! You are grounded! Forever!"

Adam looked at us. "I've got this." He told us, taking the device from Big D. "Mr. Davenport, would you say you got angry about thirty seconds ago?"

"Give me that!" He snapped, snatching the neuroscrambler away from Adam. He then stormed upstairs to deal with Tasha. Calla looked around the room.

"No seriously, I remember like, nothing. What happened in here, and why do I feel the sudden craving for cookies?" she asked.

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