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With each section, it moves forward in time. Some time leaps are long, others are rather short.

OOC Izaya, Izaya's inner thoughts

I enjoy burning things.

My stress gets relieved like that. I never knew why I developed the habit, but it did.

No matter what I try I know that burning will always entertain me.

That sight of those useless exams that I always received full scores on irritates me. Such a disgusting thing. I love seeing it burn.

Love letters from strange girls who worship me. I hate it. It disgusts me. I will never love a human personally, only humanity as a whole. I love seeing their feelings put to waste. Their crying faces when I put those letters decorated with hearts up to a match, isn't it great? Let it burn.

I burned a tree. No one caught me. Who would've believed me if I said that I was too bothered by everything, the sheer bore of it all?

It left ashes behind and the fire didn't spread, unfortunately. This will have to suffice for now.

Things are getting boring. I met no one interesting, except maybe a monster.

Let all these things burn, like I care anyway.

The monster entertains me, but still I enjoy the feeling of burning something. Making it reduce to ash. Be swept into the wind. Going into oblivion. Eventually forgotten.

Why don't I...

Yes...I shall...

The monster was so enraged when I set his clothes on fire. Unfortunately he didn't burn away like I wanted.

Oh well, the burns will always be there for him to remember.

I'll remember, I made an irremovable mark. The burn mark on that shoulder won't disappear. Heh. So grotesque, like the monster he is.

I burned more.

His possessions.

Our little chase started again.

For some reason...no...

Too much.

My mind...it's occupied...


Never mind.

This monster takes up too much time.

I don't burn as often.

I feel different.

I feel excited.


I don't know.

Maybe I should burn something...no...I'm not in the mood.

Maybe, this monster is...

I don't know anymore.

I want to burn something.

I want this to stop.

I don't feel right.

This is all too much.

Yet, what can I do?

What? What?

I want to burn something.

Maybe a house will suffice.

More and more burn.

It'll be over soon. Just another two weeks.

I'll be away from everyone. Away from these people. Away from those who I need to burn. Away from...my monster...

I always burn something.

Forever it is a part of me.

Holding a match to something brings me great pleasure.

I'm alright now.


I still see my monster.


We still have have chases.


I want to burn something.

Some days I burn important documents.

I don't care, let it burn.

Sometimes, I burn old clothes.

I don't care, let it burn.

When I find one, I burn pictures from those days.

The pictures he is in...


I burn it.

Even after all this time, I still see my monster.

I still burn things.


Why does it hurt?

My monster...

I still want to burn something.

It's getting too much.

I don't know anymore.

I need to burn more.

I won't be satisfied unless...

There's one thing I haven't burned.

The fire spread.

I laughed in the center of it all.

Let it all burn.

I want to burn.


Am I...crying.


My monster...Shizu-chan...why do I think of him now?

Why are there tears?

I don't feel right.

The flames get closer to me.

I smile. Tears. I'll burn.



Why did you have to come?

I wanted to burn, didn't I?

Why did I let you drag me out of there?

Why did you come even though it was dangerous?


I'm sorry, Shizu-chan.

I've hurt you too much.

Why do you hug me?

Why do you tell me those words?

Why is it that I started crying?

I feel the same...

I don't burn anymore. I stopped. It no longer entertains me.

Shizu-chan does now.

He entertains me, he relieves my stress. I no longer have a need for burning.

He gives me something different, something I truly wanted before.

My monster...Shizu-chan...


I love you


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