A week later…England

Willie Loomis sat patiently at the bar waiting for the pub landlord's attention. He didn't mind waiting, he was happy to just still be alive. He expected Barnabas to terminate his existence over what happened to Maggie. Surprisingly, after Barnabas finished his visit to the hospital in Collinsport he told Willie the accident was not his fault. "It's not?" Willie had questioned. He felt totally responsible for the tragic events. He had gone to see Maggie thus alerting her that Barnabas was leaving town. And despite following her closely as she sped to the Old House, Willie could not prevent the accident when it occurred…

"It would have happened eventually because of the curse; I realize that," Barnabas told him.

"The curse that made you what you are?"

"Yes. The same curse makes it impossible for anyone who loves me to survive. Maggie had decided she loved me, so you see what happened was inevitable."

Willie was glad Barnabas felt that way, but it didn't make him feel any better about Maggie…

"What can I do fer ya?" the man behind the bar now asked.

Willie explained to the man that he was looking to spread the word about some jobs.

"What jobs?" the man asked.

"My boss, Mr. Barnabas Collins, he just moved into one of those big houses and he's hiring a housekeeper and a groundskeeper."

The village had already heard that a long-vacant manor house in the nearby countryside had recently been occupied by someone from America. No one seemed to know anything else about him.

"And you can tell everyone we're paying twice the going rate," Willie added.

The man instantly got suspicious. "Are ya now? And why might that be?"

Willie told him the carefully rehearsed story he and Barnabas had agreed upon. "Well you see the house appears to be haunted."

"Haunted? Well many of those ol' houses are," the man responded. "But that might cause a problem; folks round here are bloomin' superstitious."

"It's a friendly ghost," Willie explained; "just a little girl who skips around and sings."

"And that's all? Ain't nothin' else there to be a-fearin'?" the man asked.

"No," Willie lied; "nothing else."

That night, the newly-named Collinwood Manor, the English Countryside

"London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down…"

"Sarah! I asked you to sing another song, did I not?" Barnabas Collins scolded the spirit of his younger sister.*

"Oh Barnabas, let her sing what she wishes. She's happy!"

Barnabas looked at his wife and smiled. He uttered the words he never thought he would be able to say: "And so am I my darling Maggie; so am I."


* You might be questioning how Sarah's ghost could travel with Barnabas to England.

I'm not familiar with these things at all (thankfully lol), but according to what I've read at a site called "Your Ghost Stories" (sorry, couldn't figure out how to get the link to show up!) a ghost can attach itself to a person(s) as well as a location.