„Yo, how's it going?"

Aomine glanced over his shoulder where the voice came from, which was dangerously near his ear and definitely disturbing his „own bubble" here. He had to back away a bit, to not get in contact with the blondes face, which was now right in front of him, a grin on the few inches taller boy, who looked buff, almost a bit too much, and scanning him from head to toe with a look as if he undressed him with his eyes right on the spot. Did he just.. blink? Disgusting.

„Fuck off", the bluenette growled after staring a while in disbelief, loud enough for the other to hear over such loud music, that made every word sound dull and muffled. The bigger one scowled, his shoulders tensed as he and turned around, walking away to look for another „victim".

Aomine liked flirting, he wouldn't come to such clubs if he didn't, even if he had his own 'ways', that could be described as kinda lazy and too forward, but it worked just as well and he saved some annoying babbling and other uninteresting stuff with it, before they went down to the real deal, that was way more exciting and, to be honest, the only thing that mattered anyway. You could say he always tried skipping to the good part as much as possible, as he liked to be the one to take the initiative and lead instead of being invited and just get along. It happened a few times though, when the one inviting was just being too hot to resist or he was being overly experimental, which was unusual, because he wasn't thatexperienced yet. But someone bigger than his own build was out of question. No way in hell he'd take the risk to be dominated. He liked to top. And he liked to do things his way.

Today though, unfortunately, there was no one catching his attention and he was just idling around at the counter of the bar that was in the back part of the big club hall, placed on a pedestal so you could easily see over the people dancing below and also, which was the best part, have the best view on a few platforms that were located in the center of the dancefloor. Each one having a spotlight or some colorful streams of light directed on them, one or two guys in brief clothing or topless, tight pants, shorts or panties with some kind of nonsense like party hats or glitter on their moist bodies, dancing on top of the platforms.

The super cliché 21+ gay club. Nevertheless, it was fucking hot, so what should Aomine care for, as long as no one he knew he was going there and fuck random guys almost every weekend. Everyone at school and practice thought the hickeys or scratches on his body were from girls, who admired his body on the court and would line up just to touch his abs, anyway. Too bad he didn't care for that at all. Not that he wasn't into girls, too, especially with big boobs. It's just that it was way more exciting with guys, who usually had more stamina in bed than any girl, but looked just as erotic, bent over with sweat covered abs. There were men with „well built" chests up to his tastes as well, and sometimes he was surprised by the sounds some men could make in bed. Also, there was a sensation about it he couldn't describe. It was a game of dominance and strength without violence but a sort of roughness that was irresistible and incredibly sexy.

It was a Friday night and he usually only got here on Saturdays, so there weren't quite as many people, but still enough to fill the dancefloor and bar area to make it crowded.

Anyways, his eyes were glued to the dancers on the platforms. He already scanned the crowd to his feet, but there wasn't anyone interesting looking enough for him to move out of his seat and leave his now second drink since he sat down at the counter. Disappointing, but he guessed he couldn't expect to bring someone home every time he got here. When this whole thing started he didn't even expect it to work at all, but guys just aren't as complicated as chicks, that's also why he preferred dicks at the moment. Unbelievable, considering he tried this out of pure boredom and on a whim. He was the type of guy, that made fun of people on every occasion possible, but he never bothered about sexuality or things like that, so it was no big deal for him to discover his preference and maybe he didn't even care for what others thought about it. Maybe he couldn't care less..

The currently playing song slowly faded out and the lights facing the dancers went black, so there was only some dim light on the dancefloor. For a moment, he could hear the people around him getting louder as the song completely shut off and revealed the voices that were muted by the music before. Aomine saw how the dancers had stopped doing their "performance" and hopped off the platforms by climbing over the railing or awkwardly slip through underneath them. He had his eyes fixed on two of them on the nearest platform, who sneaked away in different directions and disappeared in the crowd. It didn't take long until another, new dancer appeared and took effort to climb his little stage.

The bluenette took his glass in his hand and swirled the liquid in it by casually twirling his wrist, before he lifted it to his mouth and gulped down everything left. The music slowly faded in again, playing a fast but appealing beat with high, melodic sounds, but it was still dark around the stage he was eying, only the multicolored lights on the dancefloor started moving over the heads of the people, who slowly started dancing again. It was just light enough to make out the contours of some people. The new dancer had a well built stature, long legs that were standing in a pair of boots with something that looked like it was wrapped around them and tight jeans, that also had something attached at the back, which was swung around his hips and currently lying in his hands, as he slowly started to move his body in sensual and slow swings to the music. The most outstanding thing was the cowboy hat that boy was wearing, which Aomine could clearly make out in the dark, but there was also something peeking out of it at each side.

As the intense bass set in, a deep red light suddenly turned on and started flickering, giving the effect of a stroboscope, revealing the now more blunt moving body, facing his back, in chopped sequences. Light skin that was definitely covered in a good amount of oils, making it shine smoothly, looked absolutely delicious. The thing he previously held in his hands turned out the be a striped tail, looking out at the back of his slightly ripped jeans and now swinging and curling to the movements of his slender, but firm looking hips. On his boots, there was a pair of spurs and on each side of his hat, two pointy, tail matching, striped ears were peeking out.

Aomines dark blue orbs widened at the view of the "Puss in Boots", turning around and swaying his hips, as he slowly drew his knees apart with his hands, spreading his legs while he crouched down and moved his hands over his thighs, running them along his stomach, before he curled one arm around his head and neck and held his hat in place with the other.

"I'm Mr Trumpa
AKA get her number
No I would never lover her
I just really wanna fuck her
I'm always causing trouble
Right after I hit another .."

Fuck, that was way too hot. The dark skinned teen wished he could see his face, but it was hidden under the low placed cowboy hat and an arm, that was holding onto the front of it. Even if he did, he could probably not make out the features very well, he was sitting too far away. The boy also turned around again to please the audience at the other side with his front again, some arms reaching out for him to tug a dollar in his pockets or directly in the waistband of his pants.

Well, he could at least get up and move down there to enjoy the sexy view, when there was no one to flirt with anyway. Maybe he could find someone to dance, too. So he put his empty glass back on the counter and left it alone, as he climbed down the steely stairs and made his way through the crowd, which was kind of hard, now that the song was in full rage and everyone moved more roughly, paying no attention to their surroundings. His eyes were now glued at the light skinned boy again as he was approaching his stage and the dark red light shining on to it grew brighter with every beat, just as the music rose.

"..Yeah yeah I'm a trumpsta' motherfucker
I'm so good at it.."

A hard buzzing sound set in and the dancer did some obscene thrusting with his hips, curled his chest, moved his legs to the beat and slowly turned around, grabbing the iron bar of the railing and crouching down again, as he softly swayed his hips to each side, revealing his thighs under the ripped clothing. Aomine was too focused on these smooth moving hips and legs to notice that he himself was actually just standing there and not moving like he probably should on the dancefloor. He noticed though, as something came flying his way from above and he flinched, closing his eyes in surprise, but caught the object nevertheless.

It was a hat. A cowboy hat, to be specific, with a pair of ears on it, still warm from the one wearing it previously.

As he realized, what he was holding, he flinched again. Oh, right.. His blue eyes widened, before a smug grin appeared on his face and he looked up at the stage, eyes trailing these long, but muscular legs, the ripped abs, strong modeled arms, that curled around well built shoulders, to finally get a view of striking red locks that faded to a darker color, sharp features, distinctive jaw and red piercing eyes.

His smug grin immediately froze. That face.. It was like a slide show of hundreds of images that flashed before his eyes in the speed of light to search for the right data in his head. And he found it. Adrenaline shot right through his body and heat crept up his neck, as his face made an exceptionally extreme change in expression, which was kind of questioning, but in a.. more disturbing way, hilarious though.

"KAGAMI!?" He absently blurted his name out, ignoring the fact that no one could even guess what he was saying over that loud thumping bass, not that he intended to be heard. He could feel his left eye twitching slightly.

Kagami fucking Taiga was standing in bright spotlight on the stage right in front of his very own eyes, dancing his ass off and not giving a shit. Aomine couldn't help but just stare, whilst trying to sort out what the fuck was going on, until he realized that he must probably look really ridiculous right now and that, duh, he was actually surrounded by people. The bluenette averted his eyes to look around and check if someone was doubting his sane, before he remembered the hat in his hands.

Kagami was wearing that hat just seconds ago so why was he holding it right now? Did he notice him!?

No way, the dancefloor was dark except for some few laser lights and he couldn't even make out the faces of people dancing right next to him, plus he imagined it'd be hard to even see anything at all with that bright spotlight shining directly on the platform.

He raised his eyes once again, more composed than before, and saw right in that idiots face, which was facing his direction. He didn't notice. No fucking way in hell he could. He was sure he'd get killed by a demonic look from the redhead if he did or somethin', so he guessed he was lucky, because that dancing basketball freak looked way too relaxed right now, and well.. way too hot.

It only took a few seconds before Aomine got that smug grin on his face again, something processing in the back of his mind, the situation too tempting to not take advantage of.

He put the hat on his head and reached down to the back of his pants as he walked to the side of the dancefloor, where people were leaning against a wall or standing around some round bar tables, enjoying a drink. Whatever, he found what he needed and leaned over to one of the tables, where a girl was scribbling something on a piece of paper and tapped her on the shoulder. After she turned around with a flinch, Aomine pointed at the pen in her hand, which she handed over after taking a moment to understand what he wanted. He took the dollar, he just pulled out of his pocket and hastily wrote something down on it, before he handed it back with a smile and rushed back to the dancefloor.

A new song has started with a girls voice moaning loudly to the beat as the lights on the platforms were dimmed.

"Uhhnn- Hah, hah.. Mhh, ohh, ohh..

Ahh, mhh, ooh-hah, uhhn- uh- uh- uhhh..

Ahhn, anhh- ahhn, ahhnn~... "

Fucking perfect!

Pushing himself through the crowd, he took the dollar in between his front teeth and gazed at the redhead on the stage, right when the bass kicked in and the lights were shining down bright on the dancing crowd. Aomine earned a terrified look in red eyes as the other boy froze on the spot, finally recognizing the dark skinned boy who was wearing his hat and, more importantly, was directly approaching his stage.

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