As Aomine got in again, it was like walking into a fucking wall. The air was thick and it was hot, there were a lot more people in here now and the bluenette had it hard to get through the mass of moving people.

He could tell that there was a show going on right now. Friday night was packed with all kinds of shows he wasn't particularly interested in. And it wasn't like he was here for just watching anyways.. well, usually.. and it really fucking pissed him off, especially after that show he saw today.. It somehow made him excited and he couldn't bear just sitting around now, it was annoying being alone in here now or looking around for someone else, so since he had some time to spend, unfortunately, he could as well take a peek at what drew all the attention to the main stage and as he saw what was going on there, hist stomach twisted and he paused.

The fuck?

Kagami was standing on stage, some blonde kid who was at least a heads smaller than him holding on to his arms and smooching the red head like his life depended on it. The crowd in front of the stage cheered and whistled loudly. It didn't last long though, because the red head stumbled back in shock and shoved the blonde away from his face, like he had some kind of nasty disease or something. Aomine couldn't help but snort at the grotesque sight. Wow, what an idiot. Aomine had never seen two performers make out on stage before, so it looked like Kagami got surprised by it as well. Obviously more surprised than the crowd, because the next thing they got to see was.. well, nothing, because Kagami suddenly disappeared. Oh my god, he was still such a dork.

But honestly, what the fuck? Aomine just found that red headed idiot again and had some kind of contact with him and someone came along and smooched that one carelessly all over the place. That was a joke, right? Oh, it better fucking was. First he got pestered by some nasty gorillas in the club and then he didn't find anyone up to his tastes. Really, today was fucked up. What a coincidence he 'bumped' into Kagami just now. It was an opportunity he couldn't miss, that's all there was to it. He could finally make a move towards that idiot, there was an opening that wasn't there before and he damn well took the opportunity before it vanished.

That blonde boy also finally disappeared from the stage to chase the absconder and Aomine rushed outside.. well, "rushed", if there weren't so much fucking people in here. If he missed the other boy, he'd kick himself in the guts. He made his way to the back and waited in the alley where the back door to the basement was. The dancers usually disappeared and went out through here, so he guessed Kagami would eventually come out here some time soon. He leaned back at the wall of the neighboring building and waited. He wasn't really interested in the other guys in the alley, who were making out right next to him, oh well.. didn't make his condition any better at the moment, so he stared into the night sky while mumbling something like "Just go home and fuck already, geez.."

"What the FUCK, Jamie?!"

"Aww, come on, it was just a kiss.."

"Yeah, on stage, for everyone to see!"

"What, you mean you wouldn't mind when I kissed you behind closed curtains?"

Kagami's head was flushed from the anger swelling inside his chest. He didn't know if he wanted to choke that fucking asshole or stomp him into the ground. He clearly crossed the line there and that fucker didn't even bother to take him seriously but grin like the smug and shameless little asshole he was. There was a limit to the things Kagami would want to do on stage and it was Jamie of all people who crossed it.

"Tell me WHAT exactly is going through your fucked up mind?!" Ouch, that hit the nail. Jamie finally furrowed his brows and gripped Kagami by his right ear, which probably looked ridiculous, considering his height. Kagami even had to bend down a bit or else the shorter one would probably hang from his neck with his feet in the air.. and it hurt. The red head wasn't even embarrassed anymore, he was just so fucking angry.

"You didn't mind me when I came on to you in the shower, air head. You act like a spoiled girl on her period, but then you turn around and get red in the face. What should I do with that half-assed attitude of yours?"

"Who's getting a red face? Now get your fucking hands off, it hurts, dammit!", Kagami growled with a low voice.

"What is wrong with you, god dammit? You work in a place like this, but you get flustered every time I tease you a bit. How the fuck am I supposed to interpret that? And especially after your weird behavior today?!" Jamie was persistent, and he was angry. Kagami noticed, that he had forgotten about his arrogance for a moment as his face showed his confusion. Until now he experienced all kinds of expressions of the blonde, but he has never seen one like that before and it seriously startled him.

"I had other things on my mind!"

"Like what?"

"Not your god damn business!" Kagami shoved him away by walking past him and grabbing his hoodie, which he quickly threw on. His body was still sticky from the oily liquids and sweat and the thick fabric of his clothes felt disgusting, but no fucking way he would stay and shower here now.

"Guess what, it fucking is! You totally spaced out and ruined our show!"

"So what? You fucking kissed me and ruined the show just as well!"

They were both screaming now and Kagami just wanted to leave and go home before he completely lost it and punched him in the face or something. Everything but this little pest that completely fucked up his image and messed with his mind. He put on his shoes and took his training bag before he headed for the door. He should better leave now, or he wouldn't be able to hold back anymore and explode.

"Yeah, you wanna know why?" Jamie's voice was a lot calmer now, but shaking with anger.

"No, thanks!" Kagami had stopped for a moment, but considered it would be better to just leave now and not listen to him despite how his voice cracked like he would start to cry any moment, so he opened the door and stepped outside, climbing the stairs and about to leave as fast as possible. Jamie on the other hand took his hesitation as a sign to continue with what he was about to say and followed him to grab his hoody and make him listen.

"The fuck?!" Kagami swung around and Jamie forcefully pushed him against the wall on the other side. Yeah, he could be strong when he wanted to..

"Do you for once pay attention to the people around you!?", Jamie breathed heavily and gazed up at Kagami, who was startled for a moment.

"What? Just ..let me go already, for fucks sake!" Kagami tried to get away, but Jamie started getting louder again, and Kagami stopped in order to get him to calm down. He didn't want to make a fuss now, right after he disappeared from the stage, there were people around who already went silent as the door flew open with a loud slam.

"No! You ignore me all the time and run away from me, now listen for once, you big idiot! Whenever I try to get your attention you play hard to get, but on the other hand you're so fucking dense! You carelessly let your guard down and don't even notice it and I can't help but tease you because I just.. really fucking like you?" The blonde's voice broke at the last words and Kagami's eyes widened as he saw the painful look on the smaller one's face. He teased him, because.. he liked him!?

No, this couldn't be..

Jamie just wanted to fuck with him again like he always did.

Yes, there was no other explanation for this sudden twist. It was just a trap to make an even bigger idiot out of him.

No way he would pity him now.

"Let me go.", Kagami said, looking down to his feet, with a calm voice. Too calm, kind of like a last warning, because he was actually on the verge on flipping the fuck out and beat some fucking sense to him, but he was also confused after what he said.

"No fucking way! You always do this! You always run away with your tail between your legs! Just face me already and take responsibility!"

"Take res-"

"Take responsibility for what?"

Both of their heads swung around at the disrupting third voice and Kagami's eyes widened. Fuck, he totally forgot for a moment..

Aomine was standing just a few steps away from them, his hands in his pockets and a calm smile on his face. But there was something unsettling in his eyes, something Kagami couldn't allocate and it made his stomach twist, a disgusting feeling.

"Yo, Taiga.", he said, as both of his counterparts just stared at him without saying a word. The red head tensed as well as the blonde who was still holding onto his shoulders, as he heard Kagami's name used by someone other than him, a tall, good looking man on top of that.

"The fuck do you want?", Jamie hissed at Aomine, who just scratched his neck and pulled a frown at the 'welcoming' greeting.

Perfect, he could score that blondie off for trying to snatch Kagami away right in front of his eyes and teach him a lesson. Fuck, he was so excited and this kid had to interfere now of all moments? He'd crush that midget for trying to destroy his chance to take a step forward.

"Just came to pick up my date", Aomine said with a casual voice and looked at Kagami, who flinched at the words. They definitely had a dangerous tone to it apart from how calm they sounded. Jamie let go of the red head and took a closer look at the bluenette by taking a few steps towards him, scanning him from head to toe. 'Wow, that hit the nail' Aomine thought and had to hide a grin.

Kagami didn't like that at all, he had to separate them as fast as possible or Jamie would kill either Aomine or him. But how? He kinda panicked a bit here.. Especially as Jamie turned around and looked at Kagami scrupulous. The red head quickly got over to them to work as a barrier, because he got the feeling that this could escalate any time if he didn't do something. "It's not what you-"

"Aww, come on, ya tryin' to turn me down now?", Aomine said jokingly with a dark grin to Jamie's direction and pulled Kagami to his side by throwing an arm around his shoulders tightly. Kagami was startled, stumbling into Aomines side and remembered he just wanted to get them away from each other at least, so he decided to just get along with Aomine in order to escape the fuming blonde, who kind of.. confessed to him just now? He was still confused.. Having a serious conversation about Jamie's feelings.. or not?.. represented a bigger problem than dealing with Aomine for now, even though he rather didn't want to deal with any of them.. Yeah, he could get away from Jamie with Aomine and then try to settle things with the other idiot as fast as possible to finally get home and forget about that weird incident today. And also to finally peel away this hoodie from his body which disgustingly stuck to his skin.

"N-No waay", Kagami said finally, laughing a bit to sound convincing, while hesitatingly laying an arm around Aomine's waist while he put on a fake smile. Wow, such a bad liar.. It felt incredibly strange imagining Aomine being his lover because he knew the guy and for him it was an untouched topic.

"Heh, thought so, good boy", Aomine looked down at him with the corner of his eyes and grinned despite the dark look on his face. Kagami's right eye twitched and he tried to throw a death glare back at Aomine while trying to stay trustworthy enough for Jamie to believe them. Oh god, of course he did believe him, he didn't know what kind of past they shared and that made things even worse, because Jamie's eyes were filled with anger and jealousy as he stared daggers at Aomine.

The bluenette on the other hand swung around and forced Kagami to go with him, before he held up his other hand to wave at Jamie and threw a foxy look over his shoulder. "See ya", he said with an evil grin, which made Jamie boil with rage even more, but the blonde turned around and stomped back inside the building, as he noticed the stares of other people.

Fuck, that was close. Kagami couldn't help but let out a relieved sigh, which made Aomine grin. Yep, still an air head.. "Made your little twink angry, huh?", he said half joking and squeezed Kagami's shoulders, making Kagami realize that he couldn't relax just yet.

"Thanks, you can let go now..", Kagami growled, looking down, while roughly pushing Aomine away from him.

"So he is your twat.", Aomine figured, grinning smug, but already setting that blonde on fire in his mind.

"Fuck no!", Kagami answered immediately

"Ohh?" Aomine retorted and looked away, whereupon Kagami stopped walking to look at the bluenette like he had just lost his mind. "Whatever.." Aomine had other things on his mind to "discuss" with his former rival on the court and he couldn't care less about that blonde kid, seeing Kagami's reaction now.

"Just don't do stupid thi-"

"Aomine, what the hell are you doing here?", Kagami bursted out. Aomine looked startled for a moment but guessed he couldn't expect him to be in the best mood and let out a gentle laugh, which made Kagami's eyes furrow even more. "What?!"

"Oh, nothing, just thought I'd like to ask you the same even more, tiger."

Oh yes, that expression was priceless.

Kagami didn't even think about having the question thrown back at him before and he tensed with a troubled look on his face. It felt a bit weird being alone with him now, he just couldn't get the image of Kagami on stage out of his head but what did it matter? He was really lucky to meet him like that , because he couldn't think of any better situation for his 'plans'

That's it, he got caught. About time someone got to know what he did, but why exactly him of all people? And why did he have to find out like this? This was the worst scenario possible and he couldn't go back now. He had to explain it to him somehow and make him keep quiet about it, because there was absolutely nothing Kagami could do or say to talk himself out of it. It was obvious what he did and his reaction just now was answer enough for that. The thing with him being a Go-Go dancer was embarrassing enough but that Aomine had to see that situation with Jamie just now and even kinda helped him out of it was more than enough to make him want to sink into the ground and never see anyone ever again.

"Don't tell anyone or I'll kill you!" Kagami still had this troubled look on his face that was totally contradicting his angry words. Aw, what a cute attempt to threaten Aomine. But the red head looked kind of beaten right now, so if he'd mock him a bit more he would probably drive him away instead of making him talk to him. Also, he couldn't let him get away with having the knowledge of Aomine Daiki visiting gay night clubs, even though Kagami probably didn't realize what he had in his hands just yet. Kagami just felt.. humiliated. To be caught by his former rival and a person he always looked up to, despite their never ending arguments about who was the better one of them, was the most shameful thing for him. Damn, what should he do? He would definitely make fun of him, he already did with that stupid message he gave him on stage, and Kagami didn't know how far Aomine would go. He was always good at driving him insanely mad in the past, but there were things even Aomine didn't dare to cross.

These thoughts made Kagami go nuts inside and if he wouldn't feel this strong need to explain himself, if there even was something like that, he would just run off and never show his face to Aomine or anyone of the Generation of Miracles ever again.

"Like hell I do", Aomine said in a grumpy tone and scratched his neck, kind of disappointed at Kagami jumping to conclusions. Why would he do that? He wasn't that cruel.

"Wait, ..what?" Kagami couldn't really grasp that, but it felt like some weight on his shoulders were put off and for a split second he felt relieve.

The look on Kagami's face made Aomine hesitate with his words for a moment. "Nope, that's gonna be our private little secret", the bluenette replied with a smug grin and bent down a bit so his face was right in front of Kagami's. "Right?" Shit, he said it nonetheless and Kagami's angelic face went back to pure disappointment.

Fuck, he just knew it, Aomine still was an asshole no matter what. Why did he even believe Aomine would let him be? There he was, suddenly appearing in front of him after over a year and he was still the same jerk with that smug grin as back then. Of course he wouldn't get him a nice and warm welcome party, he wanted to continue to screw with him like he did before they played basketball together, what a surprise! Kagami couldn't believe how naive he was to think Aomine would hang onto such an undeveloped friendship.

"What do you want?", the red head said sighing and crossed his arms. "Wasn't it humiliating enough for me to be seen like that by you? And on top of that I have to explain this to Jamie next time, or else I have a huge problem, so thanks for that! You have no idea what I've been through, so don't barge in here and make me part of your stupid jokes for your own entertainment, I have better things to do!" Kagami looked mad, also kind of desperate and panicked, but Aomine couldn't help but just stare down at his face in a daze, still imagining Kagami swinging his hips on the stage. Just.. the hell happened to get him into this kind of.. business? ..or hobby? And what the hell was up with the Kagami on stage in comparison to the Kagami who stood in front of him this very moment? But Kagami's words hit something inside of him that made him angry. He just helped him, didn't he? And this wasn't exactly what he called a joke, he was in serious jizz just as Kagami. No one knew he was.. kind of up to do guys and.. man, he just realized that this totally sounded like he was gay. Well, Aomine kind of managed to keep up a smug grin until now, but he didn't want to humiliate him. He just wanted to joke around a bit, make him a bit furious, not disappoint him, but Kagami didn't seem to understand.

"What.. what were you even doing in there?" Kagami continued, looking straight up at Aomine.

"Umm.." Kagami caught him off guard. Shit.. he was completely lost in thought. What should he answer to that? That he just tried to snatch himself a guy for now and then to have some fun? Impossible. Even Aomine felt a bit embarrassed about it now. He didn't care for anyone's opinion about that until now, or so he thought. But seeing Kagami get mad about just a kiss, he felt that he would look down on him for playing with other people like that. It made him feel disgusting for a moment even.

"Wait.. don't tell me you're.." Oh fuck, did he notice? Kagami's expression suddenly changed. His brows moved upwards the more he understood why Aomine would come to such clubs and his lips curved slightly into a grin. Damn, he noticed..

"Don't tell me you came in there to enjoy yourself", he said while grabbing his arm and moving a bit towards Aomine, who flinched at the touch, but mostly at the wording. He was 100% sure he was about to say that he was gay, because he could definitely deny that. Of course he wasn't gay, he liked chicks as well, but .. fuck, he didn't want Kagami to think he was whore, and Kagami seemed to notice that he hit the bulls eye as the other one had no answer on hand and avoided eye contact with him.

"Not your god damn business..", the bluenette mumbled, taking a short gaze at Kagami's expression, hoping it would somehow work and make him drop the topic.

"Don't give me that shit", Kagami snickered, before he burst out into laughter. "Oh my god, Aomine, what the hell? Please tell me that's just a phase or somethin.", he said, still chuckling a bit, while Aomine just stood there, looking down on him with furrowed brows and an expression that was everything but amused. Yeah, he managed to keep up a smug grin ..until now.

"Shut up, Bakagami.", he said while looking into another direction, but he secretly hoped the red head's mood changed for the better now. Of course Kagami didn't know he was coming here quite regularly and brought guys home with him. He just thought of it as Aomine enjoying the show. But the dancer weren't even to Aomine's interest until today..

"Oh my god, you're serious.", Kagami said, more to himself, and looked at him like he was a rare animal.

"Fuck, how did that happen?", he continued, again more to himself than to Aomine, like he was trying to think of a scenario that would explain why Aomine turned the wheel and what made him swing that way, because the bluenette was definitely the biggest boob digging douche he knew. Just now he was way too absorbed into his own worries about Aomine having found out about his job and what would happen next that he didn't even consider what Aomine could possibly do in a club like this, but he quickly came to understand he had something in his hands to hold against Aomine as well.

"Who cares.." Aomine tried to brush it off now, but Kagami was way too amused by the fact he made this idiot so flustered, that he was urged to push it a bit further.

"Oh, I do.", Kagami said with a smug grin. Now it was his time to tease the idiot a bit.

Aomine escaped an uneasy growl and he crossed his arms in front of his chest as if he was sulking. This was not really the way he wanted it to turn out. He wanted to mock Kagami, if anything, not embarrass himself.

"Sooo.. you thought I was looking hot?" Kagami was sure he had the idiot by his hair now and grinned superior, especially as Aomine just looked at him without answering. Yes, he could be straightforward and flirty, too, to some degree.. if he wanted.

"Sure", Aomine said casually after a while. Kagami's grin froze and Aomine was sure he heard the red heads facade crack like porcelain. He grinned again. That idiot really made it too easy for him.

"..What?" Oh how the bluenette missed that stupid furious face of the other one.

"Ya heard me." That said he took a step closer to Kagami. "You should really wear those tight jeans more often. Daaamn, Taiga, what a nice ass.", he said with a inevitable gaze and a calm look on his face.

Luckily the street was empty, so no one could hear. It was an isolated side street Kagami took every time to walk to the club and home. He somehow hoped that, like this, nobody he knew would bump into him and ask him where he went or something like that.

Yes, what Aomine could do, he could do even better.. Or so he thought. So he manned up and grinned back at Aomine while crossing his arms in front of his chest .. even if it was with a bit shaky hands. Aomine's face was right in front of him, just a few inches away and it was kind of unsettling as he felt his warm breath on his cheeks, but he wouldn't back down.

"Sure, want a picture?"

..Man, that bastard didn't even blink.

"Nah, I'd prefer the real thing.", he calmly replied and Kagami felt the heat creeping up his neck. Aomine noticed, of course that bastard would, and snickered. "What? Thought you're used to people staring at your ass?"

"Shut up." Kagami didn't manage to say more, he was too busy trying to hide his face somehow. Jamie mocked him a lot in the past and he got embarrassed as well, but also angry and he could somehow think of a thing to say, but this was different. He felt ridiculous for not being able to make a comeback, mainly because it didn't sound like a joke at all.

"Aw, what's so bad about a little show for a good friend?" Aomine clicked his tongue playfully and leaned back again. "You could at lest let me catch up a bit.. Haven't seen you around for a while and then you show up like this. What the hell were you doing so long in the States?"

Kagami sighed.. "Like you're some to talk, you've changed, too." It was nothing compared to his state now, but this was Aomine he was talking about. He had never thought that he'd swing this way. Just as he was about to drift off with his thoughts again, Aomine turned around and went ahead.

"Sure.. but it's different to what you might think. ..You're coming now or what? You wanna strike roots here?"

Kagami looked around.. "Oi, where are you going?, he asked while catching up to Aomine.

"Your house, duh", Aomine answered like it was the most obvious thing he could possibly do now. It was on the way and it's not like he wasn't there before. Like sometimes, after they did some one-on-one back then on the court nearby, Kagami would let him stay for dinner. It was only a few times though, they were just getting "used" to each other at that time. It was amusing and he had a lot of fun and he bet Kagami didn't mind him coming over either, he just wouldn't admit it or even go as far to ask the bluenette to come over, Aomine just did, inviting himself. And that's exactly what he did now again. You could say they were starting to get friendlier with each other, but then Kagami left for the States and it was weird for both of them to text each other since they weren't that close.. but it was probably their stubbornness in the first place.

And now, it was like that time never existed, putting them back to the "rival stage" before the Winter Cup and Aomine didn't like it at all, even tho it might have been his own fault for greeting Kagami like this..

Kagami wanted to go home so bad, but without any company. His body was sticky and it felt disgusting, he ached all over, all he wanted was a shower, something to eat and a refreshing drink. This day was definitely the worst in a long time and he didn't want Aomine to see him in a state like this. He didn't know how much jokes he could take anymore before he would just kick him or somethin', because that took less effort than thinking of a comeback.

"So? What about a tender reunion after our fated meeting?", Aomine continued after Kagami showed no reaction. Maybe he should try not to be a jerk for now.. Kagami suddenly looked really exhausted and worn out. Aomine guessed that thing with the blonde kid has put enough stress on him already for today on top of his own appearance. He just had to have the best timing for that..

"Your place's just around the corner. I'll buy something to eat, hm? You hungry?"

Still no reaction.

"C'mon, slowpoke" Aomine threw his arm around Kagami's neck, squeezing tight, so the red heads face got pressed into his shoulder. "Relax for once, I'm not a dog."

"Fine, but no stupid jokes", the red head growled and let Aomine squeeze his face. The food offer was too appealing to reject. His body was sore and he didn't want to argue anymore. He had it with it for today and decided it would be better if he just agreed and let that idiot talk whatever he want, because he didn't care anymore. He was way too tired anyways and any further arguments would really mess with his mind. And if Aomine set his mind on going with him, he probably would have to kick him out of his house with force to make him leave and he definitely didn't have the power for home was definitely better than staying outside and secretly he was looking forward to finally shower and then stretch out his legs on his couch with a good meal to stuff his face.

"I'm better with dogs now, you know?", Kagami said, as he reached Aomine one of the soda cans, smiling slightly.

The time it took for them to get something from the 24 hours convenience store and walk back to his house got him some time to think about what happened.

Aomine might not be a dog, but it was the same concept. He remembered getting better at handling Aomine's personality in the past and he knew that getting worked up over his mockery usually ended up with a fight, setting an unnecessary distance between them. It was like with that dog Kuroko had picked up for the team. He hated that little pest, but he eventually got better at handling him.

He was stupid for eagerly barking back at Aomine, but he was just so stressed out already today that his appearance really took him off guard. It was kind of Ahomine's own fault for his stupid actions in the club, but Kagami remembered that it was him who threw the hat right into Aomine's hands, so the other one simply "returned the favor"? with a stupid joke as well. Otherwise he might have acted completely different towards Aomine. And that aside.. he really helped him escape from Jamie, so he kind of felt bad now for wanting to start a fight or get rid of him as soon as possible. They were starting to get friends back then after all, so he should've just laughed and said something to change the mood into a different direction to make them both remember they were on good terms with each other after all.

"Hmm?" Aomine was busy with unpacking their bait from the supermarket and placing it on the kitchen counter. "Ah, thanks." Seeing Kagami's innocent smile now was unexpected. It was actually the first time he had seen him smile so relaxed since they met today and it was kind of relieving for Aomine. So he could still throw a face like that..

Stupid, of course he could.. Aomine cursed himself as Kagami just stood there, staring at him with a questioning look on his face, waiting for him to finally say something. There it was again, his weakness..

"That's good, ..I guess?", Aomine said, still a bit lost in thought, and snapped the can open to take a sip, only to almost spill it a moment later. Kagami hit him hard on the head with the side of his hand.


"Hey! The fuck was that for?" Aomine grumbled and rubbed his head, while looking at Kagami's stupid grin, that grew even bigger when Aomine furrowed his brows. What did he do wrong now!?

"You're still the same, s'what I thought." The redhead looked down on his fingers and fumbled with the can lid, which made a funny sound each time he snapped it back with his index.

"Same idiot with the grumpy face. If you don't stop it you'll get wrinkles" His finger moved up and towards Aomine, who instinctively squeezed his eyes shut, before Kagami pressed it right between his eyes and rubbed to 'even out' the wrinkles on the bridge of his nose.

"Hmpf, shut up" Aomine mumbled something and scratched the back of his head. It was embarrassing and he sure as hell had changed. But kind of in a way he didn't want Kagami to know? He didn't know himself. It was weird, because he thought he wouldn't care for what others would think of him and his lifestyle. Kagami was different, though. It has only ever bothered him when Kagami was the one disagreeing with Aomine or screwing around. Maybe because Kagami was someone who looked up to him before? He didn't know if that was still the case and it bothered him even more now.. It bothered him that Kagami had managed to make him even care about this kind of stuff.

"I dunno what to say about you, tho..", he said with a grin, but the tone of his voice didn't match his expression. "Ah.. forget it.", he added, before Kagami could say anything. How stupid.. The redhead looked at him for a moment in concern, but only sighed and started to fumble with his hoodie.

"Anyways.. Mind if I take a shower? This sticky stuff is starting to feel really disgusting. I won't take long."

As he peeled the hoodie from his body and pulled it over his head, finally, he heard a snort from behind him and a muffled laughter mixed with coughs as Aomine choked on his soda.

"Oi, did you forget how to drink, stupid?"

Aomine had watched him undress from his clothing closely, meanwhile taking a sip from the can in his hands, so Kagami wouldn't catch him staring. His body was nice, of course, it had to be, and after the "preview" in the club, he wouldn't mind a closer look at all, but more than his skin, he got to see dozens of black dots spread all over Kagami's back and chest, which kinda made him look like one of these big American cookies covered with chocolate dots and Aomine couldn't help but laugh despite the soda in his mouth.

"The hell is this?", he managed to say under the mess that was his voice with coughs and choking sounds, but still laughing. "You look like stracciatella!"

"Huh?" Kagami looked down at himself, as Aomine pointed at his chest and noticed he was covered with fuzz. The fabric of his hoody must've rubbed against his skin and mixed with the oily lotion he still had on, which made them stick to his body.

He peeled one of them off and stared at it, before he let out a deep groan. "Uuugh, dammit!"

"Can I take a photo please?" Aomine was still laughing, but managed to catch his breath again.

"Hell no! I hope you choke to death!" Oh, he was getting angry again, furiously scraping one cotton ball after the other off his skin and flipping it away. He could care less about a clean floor now. He just wanted to get into the shower, fuck this! "Come and help me get this off!" He moved towards Aomine, pointing to his back.

"Hah? Just rinse it off!"

"Hell no, what if it gets stuck in the drain?"

"Then do it yourself!"

"Oh, sorry I don't have eyes on the back of my head! Just get it off! You laughed at me, now you might as well help me, idiot!"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it, just shut up!" Aomine groaned and stared at Kagami's back. Should he really? Well, he wanted a closer look, now he got one, even tho it was only his back. Anyways.. 'a beautiful rear can also endear', right?

Hmm, what about his ass? He definitely got a nice one.. no doubt. But because he rushed out of the club so fast, was he still wearing these tight pants underneath his sweatpants?

"What are you waiting for, get it off!" Kagami turned his head and looked down at Aomine, who jerked up at the sudden movement.

"Calm down, geez..", he said and moved his hand to pick one of the bigger fuzz on Kagami's skin and flip it somewhere into the room like the redhead did.

He was curious tho.. Wouldn't it be uncomfortable with these things on? Maybe he was already used to it. He guessed it'd take a lot of time to put these things on considering how tight they were.. Shit, there he was again, thinking about when the redhead was on stage, crouching down and jiggling his junk in front of other people's faces..

Ahh, he got annoyed by his own thoughts again and getting stupid ideas out of curiosity. He glanced up to see if Kagami was looking. Nah, he was concentrated on cleaning his chest..

Maybe just a little peek.. Aomine was moving lower with picking the cotton thingies to not get suspicious. Kagami on the other hand jerked away a few times out of reflex. His skin got more and more sensitive the lower Aomine was poking into his back. He was ticklish right where Aomine was touching and he had to repress a giggle. This was pure torture. He couldn't let Aomine know he was so sensitive to just this little bit of touching. This was nothing! He was a Go-Go dancer after all and shouldn't be like that, right?

As he felt a finger right on his loins though, all these thoughts vanished by the tickling sensation rising up from his back. He jerked away hard, letting out a high pitched tone and a giggle afterwards.

Aomine was shocked first, fearing he got found out before he could even see a thing and freezed on the spot. Shit, that reaction gave him a mini heart attack, but hearing Kagami squeak in this high pitched voice and giggle with his angelic laugh made him blush hard and regret his 'evil' attempt right away. So he was especially sensitive on this spot? He wanted to try it again now, to see if he got the same reaction once more. So he reached out and poked Kagami right above his waistband.

The other one had just caught his breath and wanted to turn around to scold the other, but got surprised by another attack, jerking up and squeaking even harder this time, then breaking out into heavy laughter. This made Aomine wanting to tease him even more.

"H-Hey.. Ao.. Aomine, sto -oop this! No! Ha-.. I'm ticklish!" Kagami squeaked and bent away in all kinds of directions as Aomine poked him several times more and tried to cover his back with his hands while doing so.

But the bluenette had no intention of stopping what he was doing. He was highly amused by Kagami's laughter and squeaking and his lame attempts to defend himself, so he started to tickle him even harder by getting up from his seat and pulling the redhead closer by his waist, attacking him with all the tickle power he had.

Tears had built up in Kagami's eyes by now and Aomine was laughing pretty hard himself. It was a moment Aomine found himself getting swept away. It was like playing basketball, where he could forget about everything going on around him and that's when he realized

'Yeah., Kagami still is an angel after all, huh?'

He was stupid for thinking he wasn't the same anymore. This was proof enough, and they didn't even take a step on the court yet. Ahh, suddenly Aomine craved for a one-on-one.. how stupid.

He stopped moving his fingers around on Kagami's waist and draped his arm around the redheads shoulder, resting his head on the other one.

"Ahh, you bastard, don't do this.", Kagami sighed, trying to catch his breath and wipe away the baby tears in the corner of his eyes as Aomine had finally stopped with his attacks. Tickling was one of his weaknesses, he was very sensitive around his waist. He should've thought about this earlier, before he let Aomine touch his back, but whatever.. now was too late and it was kinda funny, too.

"Hey, Kagami. I'll take it back." Aomine mumbled, looking down on Kagami's feet.

"No way, this was evil!", Kagami chuckled and wiped away the remains of the cotton fuzz on his stomach.

"No, I mean what I said earlier."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Kagami looked at his hands, bringing his thumb and index finger together to feel how sticky they got from touching himself with the oil still on.

"About you having changed. You're still the same cute bastard."

That said, Aomine ruffled the other one's red hair and pushed his head down teasingly. Then he turned around and continued unpacking the food they got from the convenience store. "Now get into the shower and lemme borrow your kitchen in the meantime."

"Um.. sure, thanks." Kagami was startled. He didn't know what he expected him to say, but it was definitely not something about him being "a cute bastard" and it took him completely off guard. Since when was he cute? Was that even a compliment? Was that a word Aomine would normally even use?

He couldn't help but blush at the words and get flustered though. It seemed like his worries from before got washed away completely. Instead there was something different he couldn't quite assign. Well, for now he should just listen to Aomine and go to the bathroom. This was what he wanted for the entire time anyways. So he picked up his hoodie and staggered out of the kitchen area with a dumbfounded look and a slight heat on his face. What a day. Maybe a little bit of cold water could clear his head.

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