At the feast they learned that Professor Snape had finally gotten the Defense job and an older man named Professor Slughorn was now the potions teacher.

"So he was the teacher before Snape." One Gryffindor mused. "Hope he's good. I've got NEWTs." other kids nodded in agreement.

They were all dismissed to their dormitories for the night, and they went gratefully all of them tired and stuffed from the excellent food.

Everyone made it down to breakfast all of them looked neat and presentable. The older years had helped out the first years.

"My, a new world order." Slughorn said, seeing the formality all the houses walking in at the same time.

"Yes, there have been many changes, Horace." McGonagal said. The houses acknowledged their Heads and sat at the table.
The students ate and switched tables once they got their schedules talking excitedly.

There were pockets in each house that didnt move out of their own little worlds scowling at the ones who did.

Hermione took charge organizing everything in the schedules for school and their training schedules for HA.

"What would we do without you?" Luna hummed amusement in her eyes.

"I dont know Luna but it'd be scary to think about wouldnt it?" Hermione snickered.

The others laughed and agreed getting ready for classes.

The first day so far was uneventful though Slughorn seemed very self-important as he had them guess the different potions he'd made.

*Well that's not safe.* Harry thought as some of the other girls looked ready to dive into the cauldron of Amortentia.

Slughorn seemed to notice and put the lid on the cauldron before having the class start brewing.

All in all it wasn't a bad day and the students began to settle in.

The New Marauders called an HA meeting for that evening to see how everyone had fared over the summer.

"We're being forced into following and if we dont we could be disowned or even killed." A young Slytherin fifth year said there was stress in her face.

"It's hard they're our family and one day we'll have to fight them." A young Ravenclaw said. "How do we fight our own family?"

"As best you can." Harry said solemnly "It's not ideal we know but we have to do what we can."

The kids of the "Dark" sect nodded in understanding they didn't want to follow Voldemort but they also hadn't wanted to follow Dumbledore.

The New Marauders had given them a third option and they were treated with respect and friendship rather than the suspicion and hostility they were used to.

They ran over a couple drills just for fun before breaking up for the night.

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