a conversation between Percy and Annabeth. The fireworks beach show is is the fourth of July fireworks show at camp half-blood. This story is reading place as Annabeth and Percy walk out of the dining pavilion.

"Hey Annabeth."


"Are you going to the fire work show with anybody?"

"Well considering you my boyfriend, no."

"Oh yeah dumb question. Well would you like to go with me?"

"Of course."

"Okay. Cool"

"I wonder what Connor and Travis will write in fireworks this time?"

"Considering that last year they wrote 'now please thank us and yes we accept tips,' who knows." Percy said grinning.


Percy and Annabeth watched the fireworks booming in the sky, Annabeth whispered,"now let's see what they said this year."

Then with a boom, 'Percabeth' was written in the sky.