New Hope

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Alakshmi sat down on a park bench. What do I do? She wondered. After she left the Choten, she was kidnapped and became a prisoner for the Fire Civilization. She escaped with the help of a mysterious duelist, but after she learned that the mysterious duelist tried to control a fire mystic, she did not trust the duelist and they parted ways. Now, she sixteen and alone with nowhere to go. All she could do was look for shelter from the cold and watch the snow fall.

She couldn't do back to her mom, Padme. She did sell her to the Choten, and she was too scared that if she went back without working for the Choten, her mom would be angry at her.

It wasn't my fault I was spoiled, Alakshmi thought. I was given everything and taught it was O.K. When the light civilization attacked my village, I couldn't understand why my life had to change.

Alakshmi started crying. She didn't need to be spoiled anymore. All she needed was someone to care for her and love her. However, she believed that that would never happen.

Just then, Alakshmi saw Master Kimora walk towards her. "Hello, Alakshmi," Master Kimora said.

Alakshmi quickly wiped her tears. "What do you want?" she asked.

"I saw you alone, and it's pretty cold out here," Master Kimora said. "I know Raiden and Gabe said you changed, so I wanted to make sure you had somewhere to go."

"Well, if it matters to you, I don't," Alakshmi said. "But I always find somewhere. Now leave me alone."

"Can't you go home to your parents?" Master Kimora asked.

"No," Alakshmi answered. "My Dad left years ago and my mom sold me to the Choten."

"If you want, you can stay with me," Master Kimora suggested. "My place isn't much, but have enough saved to take care of both of us."

"Why would you be so kind to me?" Alakshmi asked. "I did everything I could to make sure the Choten succeeds.

"Yes," Master Kimora offered. "But when you saw the Choten for who he really is, you turned against him. Besides, everybody deserves a second chance."

"So you'll really take me in?" Alakshmi asked.

Master Kimora smiled. "If I wasn't going to, I wouldn't have offered," he said.

Alakshmi hugged Master Kimora. "Thank you," she said, smiling.

"You're very welcome," Master Kimora asked. "Now,why don't we get you out of the cold?"

Alakshmi smiled as she followed Master Kimora to his house.

"So, are you still using Darkness creatures?" Master Kimora asked.

"No," Alakshmi answered. "I switched to fire."

"I see," Master Kimora said, "How about tomorrow, I'll take you to be tested to be an acolyte for the duel masters."

"That would be amazing," Alakshmi said.

They got to Master Kimora's house. He started the fireplace and he made hot chocolate for them. "Don't worry," Master Kimora said. "Everything will be fine."

Alakshmi believed that. For the first time in years, she felt like everything will be fine and she'll be a normal teenager. At least, as normal as an acolyte for the duel masters could be.