I got this idea during Marching practice so I ran out of the parking lot to get my phone and my section leader thinks I'm even weirder now!

I was forced to hold marching position for an extra hour T^T Let me tell you it is hell.





Ichigo dodged the attack glared into his opponents eyes. The other growled. ''I hate those fucking eyes of yours Kurosaki! You look at me like you're actually going to win!''

Ichigo smirked. ''Why are you so worked up? Are you that mad that a mere human is beating you?''

Grimmjow growled. ''It doesn't matter if you're a human, Shinigami, or Arrancar! I'll crush anyone who looks down on me! I AM THE KING!'' Grimmjow charged at Ichigo. Ichigo shadowed his eyes with his hair. ''Sorry.'' He looked up and smirked at Grimmjow. ''But you know... Shiro calls me king all the time.''

Ichigo dodged and Grimmjow turned to face him. ''That's fucking it Kurosaki.'' Grimmjow resealed his resurrección and put the blade at his chest. ''Grimmjow what are you...''

''Segunda Etapa...'' Ichigo's eyes widened as Grimmjow pushed the blade through his chest. ''Pantera Rey.'' Grimmjow looked up from behind the ball of reiatsu. He was covered in the same body armor as the first release with blades on the ends of his hands and the armor on his neck curled up and covered his head with plates.

Grimmjow's eyes were teal on black, his sky blue hair was streaked with teal, and his entire presence made Ichigo shake.

Ichigo stared at Grimmjow's new form. ''There's no fucking way that's only second release!'' Ichigo's eyes widened as Grimmjow disappeared. Where the...

''Oh look.'' Ichigo's eyes widened. ''I win 'King'.'' Ichigo's turned to face Grimmjow but he couldn't even see the attack.

Grimmjow hefted Ichigo over his shoulder and turned to Las Noches. ''I'll fucking show you who's king.''

Grimmjow sonidoed to Las Noches and was immediately stopped by Starrk one of the few Espada he tolerated. ''What?''

''Aizen-sama wants to see you.''

''Che. Fine.'' Grimmjow followed Starrk to the meeting room. ''Welcome Grimmjow. I see you've brought a new pet.'' Grimmjow smirked. ''Eh..'' Aizen leaned back on his chair. ''So? When were you going to tell me about your Segunda Etapa?'' Grimmjow flicked a peice of dust away from his hand. ''Never.''

Aizen raised an eyebrow. ''Oh really? Even if I would consider you becoming the Primera?'' Grimmjow walked away from him. ''Aizen. I am already aware that I'm stronger than you. You're lucky I don't attack you.'' Grimmjow turned to the other Espada. ''In fact... All the Espada are stronger than you. Ah.. Besides the old freak. You made them subdue themselves with Kyoka Suigetsu. Oh. Sorry I guess they're going to revolt now.'' He turned to Hallibel and smirked. ''Below me you are currently strongest.''

He pointed at Starrk. ''Then lazy bastard.''

He looked over to Ulquiorra. ''Then emo.''


''Science creep.''

''After that I don't care.'' Grimmjow exited the room Aizen was seething. Grimmjow poked his head back in. ''Ah. I'm taking your room it's the largest one.'' He disappeared and Aizen cursed.

Nnoitra leaned over Aizen. ''So what was Grimmy sayin?''

Grimmjow dropped Ichigo on the bed and walked out the door ruinning into Szayel. ''You science freak. Go into my room and fix the Shinigami.'' Szayel cocked an eyebrow. ''What's this? Affection? From the famous Espada of destruction?'' Grimmjow smirked as he rounded the corner. ''Affection? Fuck no. I though you were smarter than that. This is me being even crueler. You can't torture a dead man can you?'' Szayel smiled and bowed left hand behind his waist and right over his non-existent heart in salute. ''Yes my Rey.''

Grimmjow walked away. ''Rey... Huh?''