It's six o' damn clock in the morning and the sun pours through the curtains. Louis half wakes grumbling and cursing the sun and the birds for chirping so early, never opening his eyes as a protest against the world. He turns around to reach to warmth that is usually right beside him. Instead he feels cold crumpled sheets instead. Suddenly realization hits him and Louis is forced to open one eye. Where is his boyfriend?

The curiosity gets the better of him and he finds Harrys slacks beside the bed. While fighting to get his foot in the right hole he hears a loud bang and some cursing. When his foot finally hits the cold parquet and he is forced to leave his bed, he hears even more bangs and a few more curse words from Harry. First loud and then muttered, like he forgot that Louis was sleeping.

Louis finds him in the kitchen with only his boxers and am apron. The sun pouring in through the window. The beams lighting up Harry's face. His green eyes intensifies and his dark rich chocolate colored hair turns more into a lighter shade with golden tips. Harrys face is scrunched up in annoyance and there is a big streak of flour covering his left cheek, as if he had scratched himself. Once he spots Louis there, he gets a panicked expression.

''Are you having trouble?'' Louis asks with a grin on his face. '' You should have stayed in bed! I was going to come and wake you up with breakfast." Harry tells him with adorable pouting lips. The kitchen was all covered with flour and it's a really big mess. ''Then you probably shouldn't hammer the kitchen and curse like a pirate" Louis jokes. Harry makes a sad face "Lighten up, love. What are you making?'' Louis asks. ''Pancakes" Harry answers with a sigh. "But you often make pancakes, what is the problem now?" Harry sighs even louder. "I was trying a new recipe. One I found my grandma's old book. I wanted to surprise you with something new and something else than egg on toast, but this pan won't come out of the cabinet, its stuck and I spilled flour all over the kitchen"

Louis thinks that if Harry gets more adorable his heart will melt. "I like your egg on toast and I like you very much too" Louis tells him and Harrys eyes light up and a big goofy smile shows up. "I like you too'' Harry responds with the ever growing smile plastered on his face. "Here I'll try to help even if I'm quite useless in the kitchen" Harry's expression goes fond "what if I make the pancakes and you'll make the tea?" Louis only nods and helps him with pan. He can't help it and goes in for a slow kiss. A kiss that's full of his emotions for Him. Harry understands what he means and smiles. "I love you too, Lou"

An hour later they are both in bed covered by blankets with warm tea and delicious pancakes. The birds sing-song in the background. Louis hands Harry the newspaper. "Thank you Styles for making me egg on toast every morning. –Boo, London" Harry reads out loud and Louis can only smirk. The sun shining on Harrys face and making his eyes glisten a bit more than usual. Louis can't think of why he disliked the morning sun anymore.