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Marzia grinned at the group of teens pointing at Felix. "I think I see some bros over there." She nodded her head at them. "Really? We go to this park all the time, how have they not seen us before?" He rolled his eyes, but was smiling. The park was only a five minute drive away from their home. It was a small park that had enough room for a fountain, a small garden, and a duck pond. It did have a very good paved path, which Puga loved to walk on.

They kept walking, looking at the familiar garden of ferns, or as Felix calls them, 'old people flowers'. After a few minutes they heard some voices behind them. "Hey, are you Pewdiepie?" Felix turned around and smiled at the three teenage boys. "Yep." Marzia kept walking, leaving her boyfriend to talk to his fans alone.

It was a warm morning, about 11 o'clock. Maria woke up at about 6 that morning with a sick stomach, just like the past few weeks. 'It has been almost a month, right?' Marzia thought as her uneasy stomach come on again. "Hey Felix?" She yelled over her shoulder, just loud enough that he would hear. Felix turned around, waved goodbye to the bros and jogged over to her. "Yea babe?" She looked at him, and her queasiness must of shown in her eyes, as he guided her to a bench, as he left to go get the car.

He pulled up to the side walk that was close to where he left Marzia. She walked over to him, and got in the passenger side. "Felix? Can we stop at the store? I need to get something." She planned to pull the 'girl items' card on him, even if it was kind of true. "Sure babe, I'll wait in the car." Marzia leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I'll be right back."

Marzia POV

I tried to get my mind off of the sneaky feeling that I had, but It wouldn't happen. The girl's isle was just up ahead, and I was tempted to turn around and run off. But I swallowed my fear, and just quickly grabbed the first pregnancy test I could find. The older woman at the counter smiled at me when she saw what I was purchasing. "That will be $2.50. Good luck!" (I don't know how much those cost.) She waved at me as I left, making me feel uncomfortable.

Felix tried to talk to me on the drive home, but I just smiled and nodded, my mind lost in possibilities. 'What if I am pregnant?' And then a horrible thought came through my mind. 'What if Felix doesn't love me anymore?' Then thankfully we pulled into the car into the garage. "Marzia, are you alright?" He gently grabbed my arm before I got out. I nodded. "I just have to use the bathroom." He frowned at my lie, but let me go.

I raced to the bathroom, and shut the door and locked it. I opened the little box. Ok. A plus means I'm pregnant. I did the test. The next six minutes were the longest of my life. I held my breath as I looked at the results. There it was, a big, fat, plus sign.