I looked down at the child in my arms, and smiled. The doctor was still cleaning off the girl, who was born what must have been the longest thirty minutes after Dante. We took one look at him, and knew he was a Dante. I still haven't seen Pan yet, but I know she is really small. I then started to cry. The doctor brought over my daughter, and I held her. She was small, but had a head full of blonde hair, dirty blonde eye brows, and thick black lashes. Dante was a bald baby, with only long lashes and pure blonde eyebrows. I kissed their heads, and hugged them close. I saw a hand come near Dante, and I looked up, ready to glare at the person who wanted to touch my newborns. I relaxed when it was Felix. I gave him the girl. "Serena." He bounced her a little, and then handed her back to the doctor. Dante was a big baby, weighing 9.2 pounds, crushing poor little Serena at 7.1 pounds.

Them being predicted for as they were, the staff was surprised when Dante came out as a normal baby, like I was giving birth at 9 months like a normal woman. He opened his eyes. They are the normal newborn blue, and I wiped his eyes when he cried. We had kids. Two, beautiful kids who were born on June 7th.

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