Hello everyone. Ok, this is intended as a one-shot…but if you wish me to write more, then I shall do so. xx For now, however, please enjoy ;) xx

"Molly, I am bored…there have been no interesting cases for weeks…"

Molly looked up from her desk to see Sherlock staring at her with a raised eyebrow and suggestive smirk. Molly swallowed as he leaned against her desk, his eyes meeting hers.

"I would, Sherlock…but I have reports and-"

"I ensured John remained at the flat especially."

Molly breathed out in anticipation as she noticed his desperation, his fluffy looking hair, deep blue eyes and inviting lips, and had only one thought. Fuck it. She smirked and Sherlock practically ran towards the doors, turning the lock and shedding his coat. When he turned around, Molly had pulled her hair free and was sitting on her desk. She bit her lip and gestured towards him. Sherlock smirked as he rushed forwards, stopping just in front of her and crushing his lips to hers.

It had started almost two months ago, when Sherlock had just finished a rather tedious case and Molly had clocked off for the night. It was a completely spur of the moment decision. Sherlock had been spinning on her desk stool in utter boredom and Molly had been standing in front of the detective clearing away her reports. The next thing they knew, the reports had been thrown onto the floor, abandoned, and Molly had been placed on her desk. He had ripped the lab coat from her body and she had run her hands over his chest, pulling his shirt away. To say they had sex against her desk then would have been an understatement. After several moments of 'hunt the items of clothing', they realised they had found something neither wished to lose. Thus, the 'boredom banging' was born. Whenever one didn't have any work to do they would seek out the other and attempt to distract them. It always worked of course.

Molly collapsed against Sherlock's heaving chest, both sweat-soaked and gathering their breath. Sherlock traced his hand up and down her back, humming in satisfaction.

"Hmm…you, this…it keeps me from going mad…"

Molly chuckled and placed a kiss to his lips, raking her nails softly across his chest.

"You're welcome, baby…"

Sherlock grumbled; he hadn't particularly warmed to Molly's pet name of him. He seemed to tolerate it when it tumbled from Molly's lips during their passionate trysts, though. The door handle rattled suddenly and Molly moved to stand, only to find herself held in place by Sherlock. She raised her eyebrows and he pressed a finger to his lips. John's voice sounded from outside of the morgue.

"Molly? I know you're in there…Mike said you haven't left yet…"

Molly moved her lips to Sherlock's neck; knowing how much he likes this, it was half an attempt to make him gasp and the other to stop herself from laughing. Soon, John gave up and decided to return to the flat. Sherlock lowered his voice and whispered in Molly's ear.

"He's gone…you could do those reports now, if you wish…"

Molly frowned and pushed at his chest as Sherlock shifted away from her. She soon rolled over and straddled him, causing him to groan. Molly bit her lip and traced her fingers along his cheekbones.

"I don't think so…not when there's something else on the floor far more delicious I'd much rather be doing…"

Sherlock rolled his eyes but pulled her down against him and gave a wide smile. They stayed there for the rest of the day; they had been forced to be quiet at one stage when Mike tapped at the door. This was an incredibly testing time for both Sherlock and Molly as both were determined to make the other scream for more.

Molly sat up straight in bed with a huge grin on her face. It was her day off and she was certainly displaying the Sherlock Holmes withdrawal symptoms. She reached for her phone and tapped in a quick text, her heartbeat speeding up slightly.

It is my day off today. Mollyx

Busy. Case came in…elderly woman murdered in her own home. No witnesses. SH

Molly frowned; she was damned if that was the final word. She tapped in her reply with a devilish smirk on her face.

Fine. I'll just stand here then…naked and soaking wet while the shower runs cold, shall I? Mollyx

It was several moments before Molly received a reply.

…it was her son. I'll be two minutes. SH

Molly jumped when the buzzer to her flat sounded five minutes later. She shook herself and ran to answer the door, smoothing her nightdress down. Sherlock shook his head and tutted, moving inside with his hands clasped behind his back.

"You lied to me."

"You're late."

Sherlock nodded and failed to hide his smirk. He stretched out his hand and closed the door, not removing his gaze from Molly's. He tilted his head to the side and spoke in a breathless whisper.

"Well…let's settle the score then, shall we?"

Molly nodded as Sherlock dropped his coat carelessly to the floor, stepping forwards. Molly, teasingly and enticingly slowly, moved away from him towards the bathroom. Sherlock followed with a starved expression in his eyes. Molly reached for the bottom of her nightdress, an unmistakeable look in her eyes. Sherlock licked his lips with a slight growl as Molly reached the bathroom. Impatience soon took over Sherlock he had reached for the nightdress himself and tugged it over her head. He seemed pleased with himself until Molly threw her arms around herself, covering her chest with a wink. Sherlock shook his head and pushed her into the shower and Molly raised her eyebrows.

"This seems a little bit unfair…I think I should restore the balance…"

Sherlock shrugged and followed her inside, and Molly wasted no time in removing his shirt and setting her lips upon his body. Sherlock shivered and swallowed as Molly's nails clawed at his back. She huffed in irritation as his hands still braced the walls of the shower instead of roaming her body. Molly began scraping her teeth across his hard muscles, her hands now in his hair. Sherlock hummed and pursed his lips tight together, intent on resisting. Molly frowned and stepped away suddenly and Sherlock snapped his eyes open. Molly blinked up at the shower and gave a small shrug.

"The water's not on…"

Sherlock stepped forwards, closing the gap between them. He smirked as he spoke, his voice husky.

"Oh…who cares?"

Molly giggled as Sherlock wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to the floor of the shower, gasping as the cold tile touched their skin.

Sherlock sighed; he was in yet another bored state. He glanced around the flat and realised, with hidden delight, that he was alone. John had a date that evening and had already left. This was the perfect opportunity to show Molly his newly acquired item. He licked his lips and reached for his phone, ignoring how his heart skipped several beats. No…none of that. It's sex. Just the sex. Back-breaking, naughty and raunchy sex but still. That's all it's ever been and all it will remain. Sherlock took a deep breath and tapped the message into his phone hurriedly.

It is 10:00pm. John has a date. The flat is empty. I believe this is what is known as a 'booty call'. SH

Hmmm…I've got those reports to finish. You understand. Mollyx

Sherlock frowned, tapping the phone against his leg in irritation. John was right. Payback is a bitch. Inspiration struck him and he tapped on his phone again.

I have something to show you…SH

You always have something to show me. Mollyx


Fine. Give me a moment, will you? Mollyx

Molly had reached 221B in under 30 minutes and by the time Sherlock opened the door to flat B allowing her access, Molly could tell he was incredibly frustrated. Molly giggled as Sherlock kneeled in front of her, caressing her stocking covered legs. He looked up and raised an eyebrow.

"For me? You shouldn't have…"

Molly shrugged and pulled his hair roughly, earning her that animalistic sound she loved so much. He responded by pushing her against the wall and lifting up her skirt to fully appreciate her. Molly moaned loudly as Sherlock dragged his tongue across the fabric. She managed to breathe out the question she wanted to ask.

"Well…what did you want to show me?"

Sherlock raised his eyebrows as he met her eyes with a smirk and Molly rolled her eyes, also smirking. Sherlock stood up suddenly and pulled her towards his bedroom and opened the door, shoving her inside. Molly looked around and placed her hands on her hips.

"It still looks the same to me…same wardrobe, same desk, same dressers…"

Sherlock nodded and approached her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck. Molly smiled and stroked along his strong arms, Sherlock's voice assaulting her eardrums.

"Yes…and we've shagged on and against each…except this…"

He moved her towards his bed and Molly turned around and smirked, biting her lips together. Sherlock swallowed as he saw her in the light. Her makeup was subtle and perfect, her dress clung to her in the most flattering way, the flowers on it suited her personality completely, her stockings lengthened her long legs and her hair…was loose. Sherlock's favourite way. It was her smile, though, that made Sherlock's heart flutter. He shook his head. Stop it…it. Is. Just. Sex. He shoved Molly again and she tumbled onto the bed, laughing as the 'mattress' wobbled and moved beneath her.

"Really, Sherlock? A waterbed?"

Sherlock nodded and climbed over her, staring into her eyes. He swallowed and his voice was deep.

"Molly…I just want you to know, this means everything to me. Without you, I couldn't have even hoped to have survived these last few caseless months. The fact that you are very very good at this makes it all the more satisfactory…"

Molly smirked and nodded, disappointment filling her. Come on, you knew it was just sex all along. That's why you agreed, right? No strings attached…nothing to worry you. Just enjoy the sensation of Sherlock Holmes screwing you into his new bed! Molly pulled his head down to her still covered breasts and Sherlock's hands reached for her zip.

"It means the world to me, too, Sherlock…" Molly gasped as his cold hands worked their way over her back, "…and you are also very very good at this…my workless days have now become much more pleasant…"

Sherlock nodded against her now free skin, ignoring the sinking feeling in his stomach. Her hands were working around his body, teasing him as she reached for his belt. The bed moved with them, jutting up and down with the joined bodies and proving to be excellent for their pleasure. Afterwards, Sherlock collapsed at Molly's side and lazily stretched his hand to the side, resting it across her stomach. Molly was already snoring softly but her hand sleepily landed on his. Sherlock noticed, with a naughty smirk, that Molly had left her stockings on. Oh, my bad girl.

John knocked on Sherlock's bedroom door, awaiting an answer. When one didn't come he turned the handle and raised his eyebrows at the sight. Sherlock was fully dressed and was in his mind-palace pose, the bed wobbling him from side to
side. The detective turned towards his friend.

"What time is it?"

"Five past ten, AM, Sherlock…I've just got back. Mary's wonderful…she's so funny and-"

"That's nice, John. I am happy for you."

John nodded in confusion and frowned slightly as he closed the door. He rubbed his head and blinked rapidly. He's high…he's got to be high. Either that or a case just got interesting. Inside his bedroom, Sherlock threw himself back against the bed and smirked as his bed moved with him. I had, of course, been right. Last night was completely worth buying this stupid thing for. Molly was lovely, completely breath-taking. I wonder when she learned to do that- oh dear. Sherlock opened his eyes as he realised why Molly was always on his mind.

"No…that…that cannot be right…"

Molly shook her head and paced her bathroom, throwing the offending item into the bin with the others. She took the fifth and final one from her bag and held her breath, silently praying to herself. After waiting the appropriate amount of time, she approached her bathroom sink. She swore violently when it displayed the same result and she threw the test against the wall, before collapsing against her toilet and sobbing softly. After what seemed like hours, she lifted her throbbing head and stood up, walking to her mirror. She swallowed and placed her trembling hands on top of her stomach, a smile involuntarily creeping onto her face. This is…so not good at all.

SO…this was intended as a one-shot and will remain so…UNLESS you good people would like me to continue. If the powers that be command it…then I must obey ;p xx Thank you so much for reading…I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, back soon? xx