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"Regular Speech"

"Regular Thinking"

"Bijū/Higher Beings/Jutsu"

"Bijū/Higher Beings Thinking"



Chapter 1: Awakening

Username: *******

Password: *******

Date: 2/27/298 AS

Researcher's Log:

Our sensors have detected high levels of magical energy near Delta Base in the Ruby League. Investigations have uncovered the remains of what appeared to be a portal of unknown energy along with an unknown female in critical condition. Preliminary diagnostics showed major head trauma, cellular damage to the entirety of her right arm, a fist sized hole through her stomach, as well as lacerations and bruises covering the rest of her body. The female, designated Subject G-051, demonstrated rapid regenerative abilities, healing the near-fatal injuries within the hour. She is currently being transported to Gamma Base where I will begin examinations and experimentations.

End Log 37...

Ruby League Headquarters, Stalixes City (299 AS)

Alarms blared within the command center of the Ruby League as workers and other personnel sought to locate the source of the disturbance. Hal Vetrov, the Harem Master stationed at the headquarters, ran to the nearest monitor, initiating the center's scanner in order to locate the source of the disturbance. Data flashed before Hal's jaded blue eyes as the scanners scoured the Ruby League for the energy that set off the detection alarms. Eyes shifting to the upper right corner of his monitor, Hal watched as the image of a woman appeared. Said woman had light blue skin and purple hair that reached down to her pert ass. The woman was clad in only a skintight purple bodysuit with a deep v-neck that reached down to the lower slopes of her shapely breasts.

"What do you have for me, Serina?" questioned Hal as he continued to scan through the data.

"The energy spike originated from the Ural Mountains. The energy does not match anything in the database," the woman, Serina wrinkled her brow as she continued, "However, it has some similarities to the energy Kunoichi use for their ninjutsu, as well the chi that certain pokegirls utilize."

"Are there any squads in the area, Sirena?"

"Yes, John is only a few miles away from the approximate location of the spike. Shall I alert him of the situation?"

"Yeah, tell him to investigate the area for anything out of the ordinary. Deadly force is authorized if the spike is the result of SEELE or Team activity."

"Isn't that a little extreme Hal?" asked Sirena, her digital form flickering as if to belay her apprehension.

"Always assume the worst with the unknown Sirena, always assume the worst..." was the only response Sirena would receive from Hal as he went to manually deactivate the alarms and inform the rest of the tamers of the situation, leaving Sirena to her thoughts.

"Master can be such an interesting human sometimes..." Sirena muttered to herself, turning back into data as she transversed cyberspace to alert the appropriate Videogirls of the energy spike.

Gamma Base, Ural Mountains (15 Minutes Earlier)

Deep within the Ural Mountains lay Gamma Base, main research and experimentation base of Team Trauma in the Ruby League. The base was well hidden, identifiable only by the slight indentations at the base of the smallest mountain, Mt. Hart. The base consisted of five main rooms and several sub-rooms, with each of the main rooms attached to a single, straight corridor. On the left of the corridor lay the barracks, which bridged into a dozen personal quarters, each room a sizeable 20x20 feet. Next to the barracks was the mess hall, a spacious room where pokegirl and tamer alike could be seen milling about as they ate their meals, some discussing experiments while others talked of their latest heists and exploits. Across the hall from the barracks was the training room, a large, spherical room where 20 pokegirls could easily fit in and still have enough room to not get caught up in someone else's attack. And next to the training room was the armory, filled with a plethora of items and equipment that ranged from sealed tech to modified pokedexes and evolutionary stones to potions.

Finally, at the end of the hall was the laboratory, where the myriad of researchers and doctors performed their experiments in the name of their twisted perversions. The lab consisted of three high-powered computer terminals, each one attached to a separate liquid-filled tank. To the side of the tank was what could only be described as a mad scientists wet dream, a high-tech steel lab table with cuffs to bind any unlucky soul to the table. Above, a plethora of assorted mechanical devices, ranging from mechanical arms to automated injectors stood at the ready to torture any poor soul to the scientist's content.

Two figures, a man and a woman, could be seen working within the lab, arguing with each other as they stood in front of the middle tank. Said tank was filled with a murky, green liquid, containing a vaguely female figure.

The man stood at 5'9", his teal hair spiked in random directions, shadowing his circular glasses. The man, Dr. Yung, was clad in a tattered, worn out lab coat that had clearly seen better days. Light blue jeans clung to his waist and fell just above his black boots.

Glowering at the woman in front of him, yelled, "Damn it, Jean! You're species are renown for possessing incredible telepathic powers, so why the hell can't you penetrate her mind? For fuck's sake, if an Alaka-Wham can't penetrate the subjects mind, then who can!?"

"Well maybe if someone hadn't infused the DNA of a dark type into her I would've been able to penetrate her mind by now! It was hard enough before the modifications, but now it's practically impossible!" Jean retorted, her face flashing into an annoyed scowl before quickly returning to her usual stoic expression.

"How was I supposed to know that integrating Shadowcat DNA with her own would fortify her mental barriers to such a degree! It's not like anyone's ever successfully creating such a complicated G-Spliced before."

"As brilliant as you are in genetic modifications, you can be a complete and utter fool in terms of other matters."

"Oh just shut up and try entering her mind again, I want to know everything about the subjects internal energy supply." ordered Yung, his face flushing in embarrassment over his mistake. "Get to it, the scans show that my modifications have altered her energy pathways from their original state, and I want to know how they worked before she came to our world."

Turning away from the Alaka-Wham, Dr. Yung proceeded to the terminal connected to the subject's tank, assessing G-051's vitals as Jean prepared her powers for another psychic probe. Jean grunted in frustration as the girl resisted her mental assault, sweat dripping from her forehead and antennae from the mental exertion. Her frustration mounting, Jean couldn't help but think about Yung's misconduct and disregard for orders.

"If only that fool had listened to his orders and waited for me to arrive here from the Indigo base! I could have broken into the girl's mind in a matter of weeks instead of months, but no! That idiot of a geneticist had to start analyzing and experimenting on her as soon as he could. He didn't even wait a week for me to get here, let alone the two months it took me to finish my mission in Indigo! By the Thousand Gods, as soon as I've broken this girl's mind, I'll turn Yung's brain to mush and make him walk right into the Jusenkyo pools!"

Finishing her mental rant, the Alaka-Wham returned to the daunting task at hand, slowly tearing down the girl's mental barriers. But even with her impressive emotional control, Jean couldn't help but continue to dwell on her feelings for Dr. Yung, her hatred and disgust festering and weakening her psychic probes.

Even as the mental walls began to repair themselves from Jean's weakening probes, she felt something resonate inside her with the girl, her anger. Capitalizing on the anger within the girl, Jean used her own anger to fuel her psychic probes, an action that few of her species would ever do. Her anger fueled probes attacked the girl's mind with vigor, tearing down her mental barriers with ease.

Tearing down the last barrier with a final mental push, Jean could only pant in exhaustion as months of effort finally paid off and she was free to explore the subject's mind. Imagine her surprise when she felt herself being pulled into G-051's mindscape!

*Inside G-051's Mindscape*

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Waking up in a sewer was definitely not what Jean had been expecting when her target had pulled her into her mindscape. For someone to pull her into their mindscape would mean they had great psychic powers, which would mean that their mindscape should be in excellent condition, better than a sewer at the very least. Regardless, she had a job to do, viewing this girl's memories and then breaking her mind until she was totally subservient to Team Trauma.

A frown marred Jean's face as she stood up from the murky ankle deep water, her psychic probes dissipating as soon as she formed them. With a sigh she started walking forward, trying and failing to summon her probes. As her journey through the sewer-like mindscape reached the 40 minute, she approached a fork in the path. Extending her senses down the two paths, Jean failed to sense any presence down the right path.

She couldn't help but shiver as she felt something down the left path. Whatever it was, it was very old and very powerful, like some sort of eldritch creature whose power outshined even Typhonna's! Jean knew that such a power could be instrumental to Team Trauma's goals, and that by all means she should, at the very least, attempt to find the source of the power and take control of it. Still... she couldn't help but hesitate at the aura she was sensing, it's power overwhelming her and threatening to crush her mind in an instant.

In an instant the oppressive aura was gone, allowing Jean to regain her senses with a gasp.

"Whatever that was it was powerful. I have to be ready in case the aura returns." Jean thought to herself as she reinforced her mental barriers, as well as creating several extra ones. As she walked through the hallway, Jean noticed an eerie red light emanating from the end of the hall, giving off the same aura as the power she sensed earlier.

Finally she came to the end of the hallway and entered a large room. At the far end of the room was a massive gate, it's metal doors wide open revealing an endless abyss of darkness. Jean walked up to the gate until she was about twenty feet from it. Using her telekinesis to manipulate the water around her, Jean formed a wreckball sized glob of water and then launched it forward into the darkness.

With a gasp Jean fell backwards into the water, shock overwhelming her as an enormous pair of crimson eyes appeared from the darkness. Terror filled her mind as the beast's head came into light, causing Jean to slowly crawl away from the monster. The light revealed it to have a roughly vulpine face with dark orange fur. It's maw was filled with razor sharp teeth, each the size of a pre-war car, and a set of elongated ears rested atop its head, vaguely reminiscent of pointed rabbit ears. It's mouth opened and a deep, guttural voice echoed throughout the chamber, paralyzing Jean as the aura from earlier reappeared in an instant.

"Why are you here mind walker? Speak now, and choose your words carefully."

Gathering her courage, Jean slowly stood up and used her telekinesis to levitate until she was eye-level with the massive beast. She took several deep breaths to steady herself before replying.

"I am Jean, an Alaka-Wham who was asked to examine the mind and memories that belong to this body." Technically, it was truth... it just wasn't the whole truth. She really hoped that this... creature wasn't telepathic, because she was screwed if it was. Still, she had a job to do and she needed to find out just what she was conversing with. "And who or what are you? You're certainly not the girl whose body we're in."

She never noticed during her musings that the water below her had slowly began to bubble as the beast's red energy spread across the water's surface. It's eyes narrowed into a glare and it's mouth curled into a snarl as it began to growl at the impudent little girl that dared to insult it.

"I am The Kyūbi no Yoko, greatest of the bijū! You're emotions betray you, I can practically taste your malice and deceit. You are a fool if you believe you can control my kit. Now, GET OUT!"

The beast, Kyuubi, was roaring by the time he finished his sentence, his fury causing a wave of hatred to overwash Jean. With a start she noticed tendrils of red energy rising from the bubbling water below. The tendrils shot out at her like lance, attempting to impale her as she deftly dodged them. Jean tried focusing her telekinesis to stop the lances, which only seemed to aggravate Kyuubi more as some of the tendrils formed clawed hands and made to grab her.

Jean let out a pained cry as one of the tendrils wrapped around her ankle, feeling as if someone had just doused it in acid. The pain in her ankle caused her to lose focus, resulting in her falling into the bubbling water, where she was wrapped in a cocoon of the acidic tendrils. Kyuubi's malicious laughter filled the chamber as Jean struggled against the cocoon, screaming in pain as his chakra dissolved her flesh.

Her screeches of pain reached a new zenith as she was forcibly ejected out of the girl's mind and back into her own body.

*Real World*

Even back in her own body, Jean was still racked with pain, her body spasming as if in a seizure in an attempt to cope with the pain her mind had undergone. Everything was blurry as she looked around the lab, a slight ringing sound in her ears as she tried to recover from the Kyuubi's attack. She could vaguely make out the blare of the alarms and Dr. Yung's yelling through her pain induced fog.

As Jean struggled to regain control of her spasming body, Dr. Yung was hurriedly trying to stop the massive amounts of energy that his prized experiment was giving off. Yung gritted his teeth in frustration as he increased the amount of sedatives in paralyzing agents in G-051's tank, only for her mysterious power to repel and negate the potent substances. His efforts were further hampered as the tank malfunctioned, rendering it useless as the corrosive energy had fried the machine's circuitry.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Jean needs to snap out of it and tell me what she did to set off G-051! At this rate she's going to-" Yung's train of thought was abruptly cut off as the tank's glass finally shattered, it's inhabitant stumbling out as smoke and wisps of malicious energy filled the room. Yung's face paled considerably as the energy filled the room, the hair on the back of his sneak bristling and sweat dripping down his face as his instincts screamed at him to run as far as possible before it was too late. Alas, it was of no use as the killing intent filled the room, paralyzing Yung and worsening Jean's pain-induced seizures.

A pulse of energy dispersed the smoke, revealing the subject to the panicked eyes of Yung and Jean. Bare to the world, she stood at 5'9" with pale, milky white skin. From her tailbone a 2 foot long cat tail with ebony fur waved lazily around before wrapping around her wide hips, emulating a furry belt. Her stomach was thin and lightly muscled, with what appeared to be a black tribal tattoo of the sun surrounded in mysterious text. Her breasts were large with light pink areolae and nipples. An extra pair of arms lay beneath her original pair, short claws where her fingernails should have been. Bat-like wings extended from her shoulder blades, reaching a wingspan of 6 feet as they extended themselves and stretched. Her face was sharp, bearing strong elven traits with a small nose and pointed elongated ears. Her cheeks had three whisker marks on them, giving her a feral quality. Her eyes were a deep midnight blue with vertical slit pupils, enhancing her feral qualities. Her hair was golden blonde mixed with several streaks of black that fell down to her waist.

An animalistic grunt escaped her mouth as more energy gathered around her body before bursting outwards as a wave of highly condensed energy, tearing apart the lab and sending both Jean and Dr. Yung into sweet unconsciousness. The girl paid little attention to the condition of her wardens as she stalked towards the exit, determined on retrieving her equipment and fleeing.

"Kit! Kit listen to me! You need to snap out of it, you're chakra coils can't take much more of this!" Kyūbi yelled within her mind to no avail. "Damnit, Natsumi listen to me!" he roared, finally snapping the girl, Natsumi, out of her feral state. With a start, Natsumi's eyes refocused and she took in the destroyed laboratory, her chakra cloak fading away as she calmed down. Her mind was still blurry and unfocused from being unconscious for so long, causing her to ignore her additional features in favor of escaping her prison.

"Kurama, where am I? What happened to the hokage's, Sasuke, Obito, and the others?" Natsumi asked her tenant, perplexed at the oddity of her situation. "I wish I could tell you kit. I don't remember anything after Tobirama teleported you over Obito to use your rasengan. Everything after that is just blank. We can focus on our missing memories later, right now you need to get out of here." Natsumi readily agreed with his statement, hastily making it out of the laboratory in search of an exit.

1 Mile from Gamma Base, Ural Mountains

A figure trudged through the brush of the Ural Mountains. He was clearly male, standing at 6' even and clad in advanced looking dark-green armor with an assault rifle strapped to his armored man stopped in a small clearing, unafraid of ferals as pokegirls were rather rare on this side of the mountain range.

From his shoulder a small, projector-like device extended, projecting the image of a woman in her early 20's with purplish/bluish skin and dark blue hair cut in a bob. She wore a tight purple jumpsuit accentuating her breasts and curves and had lines of data scrolling down her body. Her ice blue eyes searched the clearing before landing on the armor clad form of her master before addressing him. "I've been scanning the area through your armor and I believe that I have found the source of the energy spike. There's an unnatural metal formation one mile from here. Based on my calculations, the formation is most likely a hidden bunker or base of some sort. I suggest that you three call out some reinforcements."

The armored man, John, nodded to his Video Girl before replying, "Understood, I'll bring out Linda, her tri-barrels should be enough to break into any base, legal or illegal."

"Understood. What's my role?" the Video Girl questioned, curious on her role in the battle likely to come.

"Support and defence. Use your electric attacks to paralyze and disable as many tamers and pokegirls as you can, then use your hard-light projectors to place protective shields around us. Once we find a terminal, I need you to hack into it and download everything they have into my armor."

"Understood, Chief."

"Good. Now, Linda come on out." John stated, tossing a pokeball into the air and releasing the aforementioned Linda. Standing at equal height with her partner, her skin was a dull matte that complimented her shoulder length black hair. She wore a suit of armor similar to her partner, but where he had a full helmet, she only had a glass visor covering her face. She was the epitome of a battle ready GunValkyrie.

"Prep for battle Linda, we're about to enter a likely Team affiliated bunker. Quantity and strength of enemies are unknown" John ordered, unstrapping his assault rifle and checking the ammo cartridge.

With a quick, "Affirmative Chief," Linda begin stalking towards the bunker's location, tri-barreled guns extending from her forearms in anticipation. She could hardly wait, her excitement mounting at the prospect of combat against scum like Team Rocket or any of the other Team organizations.

John couldn't help but shake his head at his GunValkyrie's expression, and was thankful that at least one of his girls, his Video Girl, enjoyed more than just combat and sex. He moved forward to catch up with his battle-hungry pokegirl, his Video Girl right behind him and ready to provide support if needed. Although calm as he neared the bunker, John couldn't help but have one final thought as they neared the base, "I've got a feeling this little mission is just gonna be one big cluster fuck."