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Chapter 5: The Magic of Our World

Username: ******

Password: ******

Date: 3/17/298 AS

Researcher's Log:

Something has gone wrong, horribly, horribly wrong. The subject is rejecting her DNA transfer, the new cells breaking down faster than they're regenerating. At the rate it's occurring, all my modifications will be for naught! Hopefully a second infusion of DNA will slow if not stop the degeneration. If not...may the divines have mercy upon my soul.

End Log 40...

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The Next Morning

Groaning, Natsumi slowly awoke from her slumber, the raunchy memories of last night's passionate events slowly coming back to her. Her and Piper had licked, rubbed, and fucked each other well beyond what would have constituted as normal, only stopping when Piper had passed out from exhaustion...for the third time.

What? A girl had needs too, especially one who had been repressing her needs since she was freed.

Slowly, her bleary eyes cracked open, the ebon blue pupils roving about in their sockets as they took in the state of the room. A hiss escaped her lips as the sun's rays peeked through the open window, a string of curses following the animalistic noise as an arm came up to shield her eyes.

Damn sun, someone needed to make some curtains that actually kept out the light! Maybe she could look into it with some seals...

Another groan startled Natsumi out of her musings, causing her to shift her gaze down to the elf currently lying on top of her. Apparently her movement had woken up the exhausted pokegirl. Looking up at Natsumi, Piper gave her a small grin before snuggling closer to the tall blonde, burying her face between Natsumi's pendulous breasts and sighing contentedly. "Comfortable Piper?"

Piper didn't respond and just pushed her head further in between Natsumi's bust, a small smile spreading across her lips as she inhaled the blonde's scent. This was probably her favorite part of a taming session, just snuggling into her partner and listening to their heartbeat.

Natsumi smiled a bit at the small girl's actions and brought one of her hands to Piper's head, gently stroking her long, silky white hair. With the sunlight shining off of it, her hair looked like streaks of fresh, powdery snow.

This was nice, just laying together and enjoying each others company in silence. She hadn't done this much back home, not that she had ever been much for sex, and she was regretting it now. It would have been fun to see how her normally exuberant partner would have reacted to her clinging onto him like he was a giant teddy bear, unconsciously squeezing his head between her breasts while she slept. He probably would have blushed up a storm.

Home. Not for the first time since her arrival, Natsumi's thoughts drifted back towards Konoha, to the Allied Shinobi Forces, to the war that they had been embroiled in. Before leaving the Shelaya City pokegirl center she and Kurama had devoted most of their free time towards trying to uncover how they had arrived in this new world and figure why she was so injured. A few scrapes and bruises might be understandable, even a broken limb or two. But a hole in her stomach? Lacerations from a bladed weapon? None of these injuries added up with what they knew, unless Sasuke had decided to turn on them again. They hadn't been able to get any answers, but they had managed to agree on something.

Memory loss really really sucked.

"Ahem." the sound of someone clearing their throat made Natsumi turn to the door, where a second Drow Zee was standing in the doorway and looking rather pleased with herself.

The noise also made Piper look up from her resting place, a flash of irritation briefly crossing her face as she locked eyes with her highly amused sister.

"Having fun sister?" teased Edina, her smirk widening as a healthy blush spread across Piper's cheeks. She loved teasing her twin, it was always so easy.

"What art thou doing here Edina? Hath Lady Diana and Lady Rane already kicked thee out?"

"Oh no, no, no, sister-dear. The mistresses merely thought it would be best that I fetch thee and thy guest for breakfast. I shall leave thee to get dressed, but thou best hurry." With her piece said Edina left in a swirl of darkness, disappearing into the shadows to return to her mistresses.

Mmm, food sounded nice right now. Even better if it wasn't that tough meat she had been eating while camping. Daydreams of ramen and red bean soup running through her mind, Natsumi didn't even realize she had gotten out of the bed, practically throwing the sheets and Piper off her.

She did, however, notice when Piper's indignant squeak reached her ears as the smaller girl was sent tumbling to the floor. Her annoyed glower met Natsumi's sheepish grin, the embarrassed blonde rubbing the back of her neck with one hand while another picked Piper off the ground and dusted her off.

What, don't look at her like that! She was hungry dammit!

While Piper sulked about being tossed around like a rag doll, Natsumi gathered the clothing she had strewn about the apartment last night. She took a small sniff of her robe as she went to put it on, frowning in distaste at the slight odor coming from it. Apparently camping for three days had taken its toll on her once pristine robe. Looks like she would need to wear something else until she could properly wash it.

She brought a single finger to her storage tattoo, a miniscule amount of chakra coating the digit and freeing the scroll hidden within. Unfurling the parchment, her eyes darted across the myriad of kanji that held everything she had managed to recover from Team Trauma and acquire in Shelaya.

A burst of thick, white smoke caused Piper to jump up in alarm, murky green energy coalescing in her palm into a small, hazy orb the size of a baseball. The orb disappeared when the smoke dissipated, revealing her blonde bed-mate who was holding a dark orange backless, sleeveless halter top.

Piper looked at Natsumi with owlish eyes, an incredulous look on her face. Natsumi responded by giving her a confused look, as if smoke erupting around her from nowhere was a common occurrence. "Why are you looking at me like that? My robe stank and I needed to wear something else."

Piper just shook her head at the odd event, chalking it up to a faulty smoke bomb or something. Natsumi had said she came from a family of kunoichi, so it was plausible that maybe she carried some kunoichi equipment with her.

Seeing as Piper was going to just ignore her use of fūinjutsu, Natsumi decided to ignore her odd reaction and slipped on her new top. It was as she was putting it on that she came to the realization that while flying was a ton of fun, having wings was an immense pain in the ass. Seriously, she was struggling to fit her wings through the bottom of her top without tearing it in half. Her robe had been so much simpler, just get into the sleeves and tie the sash and bam! She was ready to go. Oh well, at least she wouldn't have to take her shirt off in order to fly.

After several minutes of struggling and a bevy of expletive mutterings that left Piper blushing brighter than a light bulb, Natsumi managed to shimmy her wings into her halter top, the rest following easily and finally allowing Natsumi to complete her task of getting breakfast. Mmm, maybe they would have some of those sweet doughy disks that she had been served at the pokegirl center. What were they called, pancakes? Yeah, that sounded right.

They were way better those waffle things she had been given. Plus they didn't have any cabbage in them like okonomiyaki, stupid vegetables! But they still weren't as good as ramen, but then again, nothing was as good as ramen.

Mmm, ramen.

As a bit of drool started dripping out of the corner of Natsumi's mouth at the thought of her favorite meal, Piper started to question herself on whether or not she should have tried hooking up with someone a bit less eccentric. What kind of person goes from being a total dominatrix in the bed to a drooling mess that kept muttering about something called ramen?

Too bad she didn't know that coming from Konoha pretty much guaranteed a certain level of eccentricity, especially if you were a shinobi or kunoichi. Not that surprising when you consider the Godaime Hokage was an alcoholic gambler with knockers as big as a Milktit's, their deceased spymaster was a self proclaimed super pervert who peeped on women and wrote erotica, and that almost all of their most powerful shinobi had some sort of weird quirk, ranging from openly reading porn in public to wearing bright green spandex and shouting about the "Power of youth!".

A loud rumbling, like a Lioness roaring at her pride, broke Piper out of her musings. She rose her brow as she stared at Natsumi's sheepish face, the poor girl apparently very hungry, if the noises her stomach were making was any indication. Turning on her heel, Piper made her way out of her home, motioning for Natsumi to follow her.

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

There wasn't much that could render Rane in a state of stupor; she prided herself on being adaptable and understanding. When she had invited Piper and her guest to join her, Diana, and Edina for breakfast, she imagined it would be a relatively simple and proper affair, the five of them enjoying the meal in amicable conversation.

She did not, however, expect Natsumi to be part Snorlass and start devouring everything around her as if she hadn't seen any food in months. Her voracious appetite had her eating at least one of everything, and usually much more than that. Except for the salad. Apparently she didn't care for vegetables.

Tossing another hard boiled egg into her gullet, Natsumi sighed happily as she finally got some real food into her stomach. Around her, the four women that had brought her to Iradell were looking at her with varying degrees of astonishment, though Piper seemed to be the least fazed. Natsumi's hunger temporarily abated, she took a moment to realize that the others were all staring at her with looks of shock and horror, which was rather unsettling to the blonde jinchūriki and prompted her sudden outburst of, "Don't look at me like that, I was hungry dammit!" It had the effect Natsumi was hoping for, the others shaking of their horrified amazement and returning to their own plates.

It seemed impossible for any girl–barring a Snorlass–to be capable of eating so much food, yet Natsumi did and then practically yelled at them for staring at her. She would need to remember to ask the elves to increase food production if Natsumi always ate this much. And maybe ask Piper and her sister to keep an eye out on their guest's food intake. And remind Diana to have the Boobisaur's fertilize more land.

"Dost thee always eat so much?" Edina questioned, pushing her plate away in what may have been mild disgust after the spectacle she had been forced to watch.

"Usually only ramen, but I was really hungry today." Natsumi casually replied, barely batting an eyelash at Edina's obvious distaste from her lack of table manners and etiquette. She had never let anyone else being bothered by her, as Sakura constantly told her, barbaric manners, affect her, and she certainly wasn't going to start caring now.

"And thy table manners, are they always so deplorable?" her condescending tone was getting a bit annoying, who was she to lecture Natsumi on her table manners? So what if she wasn't exactly lady-like, no one at home ever really cared. Except for Sakura, but that's because she's a prude.

"What's it matter if my table manners aren't up to snuff? Huh, elfy?"

"It matters because thou dost act like an animal. Just because we're pokegirls doesn't mean we can't be dignified and proper," she paused for a moment, her eyes narrowing as her mind caught up with Natsumi's nickname for her. "Elfy? Really? Is that that the best insult in thy mind, degenerate? Especially when thy ears denote thee as an elf as well."

Teeth gritting in anger, Natsumi's slitted eyes began flashing hues, changing from their usual midnight blue to vermilion and then to a brilliant gold before returning to their original color. "How about uptight and uppity bitch!" Piper's sister was really starting to get to her. The girl clearly had a four foot pole up her ass, like Neji before she beat some sense into him. At least he got better after an ass-kicking, and now they were good friends! They'd have to share a drink together when she got home, to commemorate their history.

Rane gave an exasperated sigh as Edina, once again, got on the nerves of a new villager. She could understand the girl's love etiquette, she really could. Granted, her fascination was with bondage, but the feelings were the same. However, she also knew that you couldn't force these things on other people, especially those who were stubborn and unwilling, like Natsumi.

Seeing as Natsumi's claws were starting to tear into the table and Edina was unconsciously starting to gather magic around her, she and Diana should probably put a stop to their argument before it escalated into a fight. A quick glance at Diana confirmed that she was having similar thoughts.

Putting on stony faces, both women closed their eyes and began concentrating on the internal energy flowing through their veins. Delving deep within themselves, both of their eyes snapped open simultaneously, a thick, oppressive weight bearing down on the other three women in their presence.

Piper and Edina both stopped moving, sitting ramrod straight in their chairs as the auras of their mistresses enveloped them, the near palpable energy reminding the twins why it was unwise to start any sort of needless conflict while in the village. The magic that had been gathering around Edina faded away along with her willingness to fight, the crackling blue energy dispersing into the air around them.

Natsumi raised a golden brow at the display of power that the two elves were putting out, but wasn't particularly affected by it. She had faced far more impressive displays of Sakki (Killing Intent) from more threatening people than she cared to remember, Zabuza's display back in Nami no Kuni briefly coming to mind. Regardless, she to relented, releasing the table from her grip and unveiling the gouges her razor sharp claws had left.

Nodding in satisfaction that both women had ceased their bickering, Rane and Diana ceased flooding the area with their auras, allowing the Drow Zee twins to release a sigh of relief now that the overbearing energy was gone. Looking at Natsumi, Rane noted that their wasn't a single sign on her immaculate face that she had been affected by the combined Call Me Queen; it was as if she had completely shrugged off the attack. While not impossible, she should have sweated a bit at the very least; throwing off a combo attack by experienced users was no easy feat, hinting that she may have been even more powerful than she had said she was.

And if Natsumi was powerful, that meant she would be able to protect Iradell and her citizens. It was always nice to have another combat-type pokegirl in the village.

"I've been meaning to ask you Rane-san, how did you do that aura-thing yesterday? I couldn't sense any of the malicious intent that's normally present in Sakki so it can't be that. But it also didn't feel like you were just saturating the air with pure cha–er, Pokegirl Power." Natsumi's question threw Rane for a loop. She could tell that the girl was being honest with her question, yet it didn't make any sense! Natsumi had clearly demonstrated her knowledge of the technique when she blasted the four of them with it yesterday.

"The technique is named Call Me Queen; surely you know of it? After all, you used it yesterday." She was dumbfounded by Natsumi's answer.

"Nope, never heard of it before!" her sheepish grin as she said that told the assembled elves that she was being entirely truthful, which was rather shocking. Shocking, because that meant that Natsumi had been able to shrug off Rane's attack then being to retaliate in kind without even realizing she was doing anything.

"Then how did you perform it yesterday? Was it some sort of spell?" This time it was Diana who asked the question, her eyes narrowed in suspicion as she tried to figure out what Natsumi was hiding.

"And what's 'Sakki'; is it some sort of aura attack?" Piper questioned, the expression on her face showing that while inquisitive, the nature of her question was far more innocent than Diana's.

"Sakki, or killing intent, is when a person exudes their desire to cause harm and destruction on their opponents. It's pretty easy to do, you just need to focus on all of your hatred and violent emotions and channel them into a desire to fight and cause bloodshed," her face scrunched up in confusion as she replayed yesterdays events, "And I have no idea what I did in the clearing. When I felt your...aura, I just did what felt natural."

"Interesting... perhaps your experience with feeling aura based attacks allowed you to instinctively replicate my technique. And if you could do that without even trying, I imagine that you would do well as a support mage, someone who uses aura and emotion magic to turn the tide of battle. Any chance you're up for experimenting?" Natsumi frowned a bit at Rane's analysis. It was interesting, yes, but she wasn't exactly proud of being able to copy a technique just through sheer luck. It made her feel like she was an Uchiha, copying every jutsu they could see with their fancy eyes.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to test out her abilities, see how limited they were. Maybe learn some magic while she was at it, assuming she was capable of it.

That's right, she believed in magic, so what? She came from a world where giant masses of sentient corporeal energy could be sealed away into babies and be used like weapons; of course she was going to believe in magic!

Plus she had read an entry in the datapad about it, but that's beside the point.

Natsumi nodded at Rane, the Bondage Elf removing herself from her seat and motioning for Natsumi to follow her, with the other three elves trailing after her, each apparently interested in seeing if Rane's hypothesis was true.

Weaving their way through the bustling village of tree houses, the quadruplet of elves plus their blonde pseudo-elf companion made their way to the outskirts of the village, one of the few places where fighting of any sort was allowed. The area was a large clearing, roughly three hundred square feet and split in half by a rocky outcropping that jutted into the sky like the fist of some ancient titan clawing it's way out of Tartarus.

While Piper, Edina, and Diana sat off to the side, Rane took Natsumi by her hand and brought her to the rocky outcrop, grabbing onto one of the multitude of sharp, jagged shards sticking out of it's side. Muttering something under her breath, her arms briefly glowed a dull white, her veins bulging out along with every muscle in her arms, as she pulled at the defiant shard.

Wrenching it free with a triumphant yell, she handed the dusty fragment to the perplexed Natsumi, who was looking at the stone with equal parts confusion and surprise. Surprise, because she never would have imagined that the thin little elf in front of her would be strong enough to break stone, and confusion because she couldn't imagine what use she would have for a piece of rock in her training.

Seeing the blonde's confused stare, Rane gathered a wisp of magic around her pointer finger, condensing it into a small ball and pushing it into the stone. A pulse of energy erupted from the stone, dust and tiny fragments blowing away to reveal a much smaller, water-clear crystal.

"This is a focusing stone, a special species of crystals that helps young magi channel their magic," Rane waved her hand at the outcrop, gesturing to the towering pillar of stone, "one of the duties as a mage of the village is to help grow these crystals and several others here in the garden.

"Get comfortable and start meditating, focus on your inner energy. You should feel two forces, one wild and the other calm. Grab onto the wild energy, that's magic, and draw onto it. Let it's chaotic nature merge with your own and unleash whatever power you can."

Complying with the older girl's orders, Natsumi fell into lotus position, her legs folded and her hands clasped around the focusing stone. Closing her eyes, Natsumi's breath slowed until it was nearly impossible for the others to tell she was still breathing. Time slowed around her, reality melting away into brilliant bright light as she fell into a deep trance. She could vaguely hear someone yelling her name as the light consumed her, dropping her into her mind.

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

The bright light that had consumed her coalesced, taking the form of a sewer system Natsumi had become intimately familiar with over her short life. As the manifestation of her mind became whole, Natsumi frowned at the absolutely awful state it was in.

Her mind was never the healthiest, she knew that, but for all her faults and pain, for all the hatred she had endured, her mindscape had always remained undamaged. Though it was always disgusting. It was a sewer after all.

The sight that greeted her right now though was...unsettling, to say the least. The retched, fetid water that had once been ankle high was now nearly up to her thighs, and had darkened from it's original murky blue to nearly pitch black, as dark as the ink Sai used for his unique brand of ninjutsu.

Above her head were a series of four different pipes, each a different size and in different conditions. The uppermost pipe, which was also the largest, was covered in a myriad of cracks and fissures, thick, blue energy oozing out and dissipating into the dank air wherever it could. Her face morphed into a forlorn expression as she looked upon the decimated pipe, stark realization setting in that this pipe represented her chakra network. It was in an even worse condition than she had originally thought, looking as if it would collapse at any moment.

Beneath it, the pipe that circulated Kurama's chakra throughout her body was in a similar state of disrepair, though it's condition was slightly better.

This was bad, very very bad. She wasn't sure how Kurama's chakra leaking into her body would effect her, especially since there was no seal to lessen it's inherent acidity. Hopefully it wouldn't have any adverse affects on her lifespan, or worse, magnify the strain that her chakra network was already feeling. If it was damaged to much...

Well, let's just say the Earth would have one less kunoichi.

Shaking her head of that macabre thought, Natsumi turned her attention back towards the remainder of the pipes, idly making her way down the labyrinth that was her mind. Beneath Kurama's chakra was a pipe which, if she had to guess, contained her, ergh, pokegirl power. Judging on how she could vaguely see some sort of glowing purplish energy twisting and writhing about within, it seemed like a pretty good guess.

And beneath it was the smallest of the four pipes, which was absolutely dwarfed in size by the pipe representing her chakra network. It bore no cracks, and instead possessed several nozzle-like openings where stray energy was gathering around it. Before her wide eyes, the energy around the openings shifted from it's original azure to a pale gold before being drained into the nozzle.

This called for further inspection. Leaping into the air, her wings stretched themselves wide and began flapping as hard as they could, carrying Natsumi higher and higher until her eyes were level with the tiny pipe. Reaching out, she grasped the nearest nozzle she could reach, feeling the grayed, smooth surface of the metal between her her thumb and forefinger. When enough energy had gathered around the nozzle for it to become visible, one of Natsumi's spare hands wrapped around it, clutching the energy and desperately trying to analyze it in the hope that it was not what she feared it was.

Unfortunately, it was.

Her chakra, as well as a small, nearly negligible amount of Kurama's, was being absorbed and converted into...something. Magic, maybe?

She needed to see Kurama, now.

Flapping her wings as hard as she could, Natsumi flew through the sewer in search of her gargantuan friend. Beneath her, the black sludge that now inhabited her mind parting from the winds she was generating, dollops of the wretched ichor feebly flying into the air and attempting to seep into her skin and clothes.

Several minutes of tense flight ended when Natsumi emerged in the humid, cavernous room that housed her only friend in this new, sexually obsessed world. And his sorry state nearly made her weep. Her, the girl that fought Zabuza Momochi as a green genin, who fought Orochimaru of the Densetsu no Sannin not once, but multiple times, and who defeated the self-proclaimed "God" of Amegakure no Sato.

Patches of his reddish-orange fur had been stained a much darker shade, nearly black, from the sludge he was forced to wallow in. His massive claws, large enough to gut an elephant, were soaked in filth and refuse, a crusty layer of the muck making it impossible to see any white on his claws. His overall appearance was emaciated, his stomach thin and shrunken in, his skin stretched taut across his ribs. His haggard face looked down at her with weary eyes, his bright crimson eyes sunken in and dull.

"Natsumi," he sounded tired, his voice no longer possessing it's usual deep, guttural tone, "it seems you've noticed the damage."

Hovering above the air, she ghosted past the wide open gates of the Torii Seal to her disheveled friend, landing on top of his head right between his ears. Plopping down, her hand instinctively started to scratch the soft spot by his right ear, getting an appreciated moan of contentment from the mighty fox.

"Uuuhhh, you always know the spot," anything else he was going to say was cut off as another groan tore its way past his throat. Seeing her friend's reaction, Natsumi sad frown turned into a mirthful smile and started using her other three hands to pamper him. His tongue fell out of his ferocious, fang filled mouth and his hind leg started to thump the ground, almost like a dog, sending sludge and filth flying everywhere.

"What happened to you Kurama? Why is everything in my mind so...so...fucked up?" there was a tinge of sadness with her question, already pretty sure what his answer would be.

"Your transformations left me drained, uuuhhh, and when my chakra started getting converted into other energies for your body use, I started losing more than I was regenerating," Another loud groan interrupted his explanation, her expert petting getting the best of him. Her incessant need to caress his fur may have annoyed him at one point, especial during that phase where he really wanted to eat her, but now it was one of the few comforts he was able to experience. "Had I been at full strength, the drain would have been insignificant and I would have regenerated chakra faster than I was losing it."

"Is there anyway to stop it?" she paused for a moment before adding, "Actually, is there a way to reverse it and repair my chakra network?"

"Probably not. At best, you might be able to slow the absorption if you reactivated the Torii Seal. But if you tried to do that then I'll maul you, consequences be damned."

Natsumi frowned in distaste at the idea of reestablishing the seal. Kurama was her partner, her friend and constant companion. It just felt wrong to locking him up behind those great mahogany gates again. Plus she didn't feel like getting mauled by a fifty story fox. Well, mauled might be a bit extreme, but she would, at the very least, end up fighting Kurama again. And while she might be stronger right now than she was last time, she had only defeated him the first time because of her mother's interference.

Maybe she should learn to use her mother's chakra chains? It was an Uzumaki hijutsu, after all.

Okay, first she would fix her chakra coils, then she would learn to use her clan's hijutsu, and then she would find a way home and have that drink with Neji. Oh, and she had to fix her mind and get rid of the black sludge, plus she needed to figure out where it was coming from. And then there was the matter of recovering her memories...

Wait a minute, why had she come here in the first place?

It had something to do with her new training, some ability that those Trauma bums had accidentally given her.

"As much as I enjoy your company, shouldn't you be unlocking your magic right about now? Plus I'm pretty sure your physical body passed out when you came here and I bet those women you're with are trying to figure out why you fell unconscious performing what would be a simple task for a regular person."

Oh yeah, Rane had given her that silly little crystal to 'better her focus' or something along those lines so that she could find her magic core. Maybe she should have told Rane that she could easily enter her mind without using any sort of focuser or gimmick. Nothing but good 'ol mediation and concentration, something that was nice and easy for an accomplished sage like her.

Granted, it only came easily now because Fukasaku beat her over the head with his staff whenever her concentration would lapse, which was pretty often. For such an old toad, he was rather sadistic. Maybe sadism increases with age?

It was food for thought, something to keep in mind in case she ever ran into one of the legendaries.

"Natsumi? Your magic?"

Being reminded of her task (again) was just the jumpstart she needed to get out of her melancholic mood, the blonde jinchūriki jumping off her perch from atop Kurama's head with a yell of, "Yosh!"and flying deep into the cage that once held her partner at bay, following the pipe that represented her magic until she reached her core.

Staring wistfully at the retreating form of his partner, Kurama sat back on his haunches, a smirk spreading across his muzzle as a wave of energy emanating from deep within Natsumi washed over him. Staring off into the shadows of his former cage Kurama's eyes narrowed as a form emerged from the darkness, it's face still shrouded in the dim light of Natsumi's mind. "I'm surprised you're still here. You shouldn't have form, there's nothing to maintain your existence in her mind or heart."

The figure let loose a small chuckle, it's form wavering in the darkness. "You presume too much, Yin. Sealing away her memories might trick her conscious mind, but her subconscious mind still remembers the pain, anguish, and hatred she experienced." It paused, it's mouth inexplicably dry in the face of Kurama's snarling muzzle. When had he moved so close that his fang filled mouth was positioned right in front of it's head?

"Then I'll just have to rectify my mistake and tear you limb from limb. It's been awhile since I ate anything." Oh yes, he could imagine devouring this little pest right now and putting an end to any future problems it could cause Natsumi.

"As...unpleasant as that would be, it would only be a temporary solution. We both know that I would reform shortly."

"And what would stop me from devouring you again? You're hardly in any position to challenge me." Slowly, a large vulpine grin spread across Kurama's snout, a devious glint in his crimson eyes an idea came to mind. Leering down at his prey, Kurama let loose his killing intent, the figure below him sweating bullets under the immense pressure. "Now, now why so pale? You're acting like the Shinigami is standing before you when I want to offer you a deal, a barter if you will."

His grinning, fang filled mouth was inches away from it, the force of nature's hot, acrid breath washing over it. "You will stay silent about everything she has experienced as well as my involvement in her amnesia. You will not appear before her unless I allow it and you will never mention that I am Yin, not Yang. Do so and I will let you live. Amuse me, and I may even tell you why I did what I did."

This was an interesting turn of events, though better than what it had imagined would happen. "I'll play your game for now, Kurama. But eventually she will know the truth, whether you like it or not." It replied, a smidgen of bravado tainting it's voice while speaking to the greatest of the Bijū.

Kurama's nostrils flared in obvious anger as the figure spoke, pure malice briefly flooding the area before fading, leaving an irate mass of chakra and a shaking, gasping figure shrouded in darkness. "Let that be your only warning. You have not earned the right to say my name and if you so much as think it, I will kill you where you stand our deal be damned. Understood...Yami?"

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

The first thing Natsumi felt when she arose from her meditation was an odd sense of power and familiarity. Now that magic was coursing through her veins, she felt more aware of her immediate surroundings, almost like she was in a lesser form of Sage Mode. Spreading her senses out, she could feel the four elves hovering over her body, trying to shake her awake. Except for Diana, whose fingers were...sneaking their way into her panties?

Not cool, as Samui would say.

Jerking off the ground, her hand shot forward and locked onto Diana's wrist, stopping the Sexlestial just as her fingers wormed their way onto Natsumi's inner thighs. The dexterous digits desperately wiggled in their place, stretching out in a futile attempt to reach their goal.

Natsumi was having none of that, yanking Diana's hands out of her jeans and giving her a stern glare. Diana just smirked back at her, bringing her fingers to her ruby lips and gently sucking on them, enticing the four women around her and causing Natsumi's glare to wither into an aroused blush.

Inwardly grinning to herself, Diana's tongue slid out of her mouth and ran it's way over her fingers, lapping and swirling around them. She was feeling rather pleased with herself, freezing everyone around her with her lewd little display. Just a bit more teasing and Natsumi's training session would devolve into an orgy, just like last week when she and Edina were teaching Beatrice and Elena, two Boobisaurs, how to use Probing Tongue.

Happy thoughts of loud, vulgar sex in mind, she never noticed the fist flying at her until it knocked her square in the jaw, throwing her off her feet and into the air, crashing into the ground several feet away from the trio of stunned elves. Natsumi, arm still outstretched and her hand still curled into a fist, simply glared at Diana's stunned form, lightly blushing and muttering, "Baka Ero-on'na," to herself.

Quietly giggling into her hand at Natsumi's sour face, Rane silently pondered just what she had gotten into when she invited the busty, violence prone blonde to live in her village. If this one lesson was anything to go by, then having the four-armed blonde in her life would certainly be interesting and probably pretty chaotic.

Still, seeing Natsumi lightly joking around with Piper brought a small smile to her face, even Edina and the recovered Diana were joining in on it. It was nice to see her people getting along so well.

She'd have to remember to ask Natsumi if she knew why she passed out later on, the next lesson would be a good time to ask. Speaking of which, "Natsumi," the blonde in question turning to face her new leader, "lessons will be every other day from nine in the morning until noon. I expect you to be on time just like the rest of my students, understood?"

Responding with a cheery nod and a quick, "Hai, Rane-chan!" Natsumi wrapped her arms around Piper's waist and spread her wings, flying into the air before her captive could offer any protests.

Chuckling as Natsumi made their friend give her a tour of their village, the trio of elves made their way back towards the center of the village to attend to their daily duties. After all, just because they were pokegirls didn't mean that their entire day revolved around sex.

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

The last two weeks had been a blur for Natsumi, between the intense training during the day and the passionate nightly tamings she had scarcely had enough time to just sit down and relax for five minutes, not that she was complaining.

She was a woman of action and impulse, sitting still and lazing about, what Shikamaru would call relaxing, was not her style. All it would lead to is boredom, and when she got bored, she either turned to pranking people or messing around with her seals.

And the last time she had experimented with seals while bored–which had occurred when Kakashi had ordered her to stop helping to repair the village following Nagato's attack and take a break–she accidentally set fire to the civilian library, a pet store, two barber shops, and an ice cream stand while trying to perfect her combat variation of the standard Fūka Hōin (Fire Sealing Method).

Needless to say, it needed a lot more work. She was also very lucky that no one had been hurt to badly and that the library had only come out lightly toasted as opposed to the other establishments which had been burnt to a crisp.

Yeah, she had lost a bit of goodwill after that incident, but all was right after her Kage Bunshin repaired all of the buildings. And added an extra story to each one. And promised to never ever practice anything related to being a kunoichi within one hundred yards of any of the aforementioned places of business.

It still didn't stop her from accidentally destroying the ice cream stand again a few days later when one of her new wind jutsu backfired and sent her crashing into it. But in her defense, it was not the best idea to set up shop so close to any of the training fields where shinobi and kunoichi practiced deadly, land destroying, earth gouging techniques!

But that was neither here nor now. Right now, she was trapped in a new world of sexual deviants until she could get home, there was no war going on, things were relatively peaceful, no one was hunting her down so that they could rip out Kurama from her gut, and she was becoming even stronger despite the fact that she could barely use any of her jutsu.

And though the question of what happened at home with the war popped at least twice a day everyday, Kurama remained adamant in his belief that something big, something really, REALLY big must have happened to send them hurtling into another dimension with absolutely no memory of what happened. In other words, it was his belief that either they had done something stupid enough to either destroy the universe and they were just lucky to survive, or that it was all part of some grander scheme.

She was hoping for the latter. It'd be pretty depressing to find out that she's the last member of her entire universe.

It was midafternoon right now, the sun was at it's zenith and shone down brightly on her scantily clad form. Why was she scantily clad you may ask? Well the answer is simple, she's currently getting a massage from one her fellow villagers. There was a surprisingly large number of girls who were very well-versed in the art, apparently self taught so as to alleviate the stress and pain of some of the more endowed women, as well as to initiate taming sessions between some of the more intimate lovers.

She didn't like it, well, actually she was coming to find that she really enjoyed being massaged, especially when Piper's cute little hands found that special spot on her shoulders that just turned her body to goo. What she didn't like, was the reason that needed to get massaged, namely her large and heavy breasts, which Natsumi swore seemed determined to cripple her despite the fact that they were just breasts and thus didn't have a mind of their own. How Tsunade baa-chan was able to function as a competent kunoichi with her huge knockers was beyond her.

Groaning in delight as Piper's elbow worked out a particularly stubborn knot between her shoulder blades, all trains of thought were wiped out as Piper's fingers gently danced across the spot, small arcs of electric magic soothing away the aches she had accumulated during these last two weeks. Between her own gasps and moans of pleasure and Piper's comments on how knotted and tense her voluptuous form was, she nearly missed her masseuse's question.

As is, she needed the Drow Zee currently straddling her thighs to repeat herself, much to said girl's amusement. "How hath thy training been was mine question. Thou hath been rather quiet about it during our taming." For one reason or another, Natsumi seemed to be rather tight-lipped about, well, anything during taming unless it pertained to their current session.

Lost in the near orgasm inducing talent of Piper's fingers, Natsumi was just barely able to answer the innocent question, "Finished the Fireball spell a few days ago...mmm...now I'm learning to fight with my extra limbs..." Anything else she might have said was cut off by a loud, sensual moan erupting from Natsumi's mouth as Piper started kneading her firm rear like a baker kneads a piece of dough. Her eyes rolled into her skull as Piper's hands relinquished her rear in favor of sliding under her and into her orange panties, slowly massaging her slit even as something continued to work over her delectable ass.

Grinning at the quivering, moaning girl beneath her, Piper mentally congratulated herself on mastering Phantom Touch, a relatively simple technique that allowed her to use either her pokegirl power or magic to leave behind phantasmal impressions of her body parts while they were performing certain actions. In other words, she could leave behind impressions to continue any action, like suckling a nipple, licking her neck, fondling her breast, or massaging her butt.

Seeing the blonde struggling to not cry out in ecstasy from her expert massaging and teasing, Piper let up her assault on the blonde's core and slipped her now slightly wet fingers from Natsumi's panties and released her Phantom Touch. Sliding further off the bed that Natsumi was lying on until she was straddling Natsumi's ankles, Piper went to work on massaging her creamy thighs.

Continuing her ministrations, both women were content to remain in silence, one diligently working the other over while the other fought to stay awake under the gentle prodding. By the time Piper had finished Natsumi's thighs and moved down to her calves, the blonde haired woman had fallen asleep, her mouth gently parted as she took deep, even breaths.

Seeing as the blonde was out for the foreseeable future, Piper carefully got off of Natsumi and grabbed the blanket, pulling it over her and gently pressing her lips against Natsumi's cheek before disappearing in a Shadow Teleport. Her and Edina had perimeter patrol today.

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

It had started off as a normal day, circle the perimeter of Iradell's territory while keeping an eye out for any hostile ferals. They had ran into one or two easily defeatable ferals, an annoyingly stubborn Turtwat and an out of place Oddtits, likely abandoned by a tamer since her kind were very rare in the Ruby League due to the cold climate.

It was nothing her and Piper couldn't deal with. A low powered ember was enough to scare away the Oddtits, and the Turtwat was currently nursing a headache thanks to a double dose of Confusion.

All in all, a nice, simple job. That is, until they ran into them, two Elves and an Avariel that made up a reconnaissance team for another queendom, one of the two 'official' queendoms and the one that they were not allied with. Cecilia's queendom.

Which led to their present predicament, outnumbered and outgunned and running for their lives from the three elven pokegirls that were hellbent on ensuring they didn't make it home alive. Worst of all, all around the twins, brilliant balls of sparkling light were scattered and tossed about, detonating in bursts of hot, blinding corona that singed the plants around them and caused the shadows to buckle and squirm in the presence of overpowering, radiant light.

It was a brilliant strategy, something she would never have expected from anyone less than either Rane or a bonafide Elfqueen. With the Elves lobbing orbs of Magelight at them, they wouldn't be able to gather enough shadows to use any of their more powerful attacks or teleport to safety. And if their only option was to run, that meant that the Avariel flying above them had more than enough time to hunt them down and pick them off at her leisure.

She cursed as another Magelight flew past her head, the gentle heat normally generated by the orb of luminescent energy magnified to such a degree that it was hot enough to make her start sweating. It veered off path and slammed into a tree to her left, detonating with such concussive and pyroclastic power that she was sent flying into the air and into another tree despite dodging the initial attack, cracking the bark and sending wood chips and splinters everywhere.

Grunting from the bone jarring impact, Edina shakily tried to stand up only to fall onto one knee, flecks of blood dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin. This was no good, she was no healer but she could definitely feel that at least three of her ribs had been broken from being slammed into the tree. The gut wrenching smell of cooked flesh wafted into her nostrils, drawing her attention to her left arm, now covered in cracked, charcoal black burns.

The burns stung, tears welling in her eyes at the intense pain they brought. Trying to clench her fingers failed, the digits refusing to obey her mind and revealing that her left arm was useless until she could get to a healer. For now, all it could do is hang limply, lifeless off to the side, a testament to her enemies power.

"Sister!" The cry of her twin roared over the ringing in her ears, bringing her attention back to focus. Piper kneeled in front of her, abject horror evident on her face as she stared at the burnt state of her sister's arms. She could vaguely make out what Piper was saying over her still ringing ears, that she needed to get up and keep going, that they would reach the village soon, or someone would notice the unusual amounts of magic being used and come to investigate. But she could see the folly in her sister's words. An Elf was fastest in the woods, and an Avariel in the air was nearly impossible to avoid for one of their kind without the use of Shadow Teleport.

Another blast of glowing energy rocketed past the sisters, tearing apart the ground behind them and throwing chunks of dirt and gravel into the air. Reacting faster then her sister could, Edina's hands were engulfed in bluish energy, an opaque, light blue rectangular barrier forming in front of the pair and stopping the next blast. Spell after spell smashed into Edina's shield, pushing it, and by proxy her, farther and farther back. Cracks and fractures, initially minute but steadily growing larger crisscrossed the her barrier; sweat dripped down her brow as she forced as much energy as she could muster into her defense, urging her shield to mend itself under the onslaught.

"Run. Now!" Edina gasped between ragged breaths. Above them, a second barrier had formed to fend off the attacks from the previously forgotten Avariel, dozens of knife-like feathers striking it will a dull thunk every few seconds. All around Edina, glowing arcane symbols came to life, an ominous dusk settling in the area. "Shall I beckon ye to rise? Engulf and spread ye hallowed dreams, to blind the eye and fool the mind: Bituminous Plume!" Her chant finished, the symbols pulsed an eerie black, blinding, hazy smoke billowed out and around the twins, choking Piper on it's foul, thick vapors.

"Wha...?" Piper's question trailed off as the sound of harsh coughing filled her ears, their unseen assailants choking and sputtering on the wretched fumes, a temporarily lull in the battle forming as the trio of elven pokegirls struggled to catch their breath. The sound of her sister coughing in the smokescreen drew her attention, her sister on all fours and retching on the ground, globs of crimson blood trailing down her chin and onto the ground.

Glaring up at her approaching sister with as much anger as she could muster in her pitiful state, Edina gave another cough, blood splattering against the ground and raised her hand. Pointing at her worried sister, her index and middle fingers were covered in a dim light that exploded outward in a wave of blunt energy, striking Piper and sending her flying backwards far, far away from the fight.

A wave of vertigo struck Edina as she stood up, forcing her to slump back down to the ground in exhaustion. The mental toll of maintaining and continuously repairing two barriers as well as her third spell had finally taken effect, exhaustion slowly creeping up upon her. The arcane symbols that produced the suffocating smoke faded to nothingness while the barriers shattered like broken mirrors, little shards of translucent energy landing on her before breaking apart into tiny particles of light and ultimately disappearing.

Minutes trickled by as the smoke dissipated into the air, the thick curtain of noxious fumes naught but a distant memory to Edina as she anxiously waited for her pursuers to appear.

She wasn't disappointed.

From the trees came a pair of diminutive elves, one wielding a wooden staff while the other had a wooden bow slung across her back. The staff wielding Elf, a tiny little thing just barely reaching four feet in height with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes, had a condescending sneer on her lips, looking down at the toppled Drow Zee. The Elf with a bow, who was a few inches taller than her companions and had chestnut brown hair and light green eyes, looked down at Edina with pitying eyes, as if she felt sorry for what Edina was.

The flapping of wings alerted her to the Avariel's arrival, the winged elf pokegirl landing with a flourish, knees bent and wings spread wide. Straitening up, the Avariel casually strolled toward Edina's prone form, the two Elves trailing behind her. "You should feel lucky, Trash, to fall before us. It's far better than the death most of your kind usually receive." The staff wielding Elf's jeer was ignored by Edina, though her compatriot seemed to have mixed feelings about the comment.

"Mocking her for her race as she faces death is a bit crass. You should lament her poor luck at being born as an inferior being and encourage her to accept the Mother-Goddess. Perhaps, if her belief be true as she is purified by the Goddess' retainers, she shall be reborn as one of us." Edina's look of absolute disbelief at the Elf's thoughts went unsaid as the Avariel, now standing in front of her and peering down at her with an impassive gaze, quietly ordered her companions to be quiet.

Silently, she raised her arm up and focused her power, a blade of transparent wind gathering in her hand and taking the form of a long, infinitely sharp Wind Sword. Solemnly she intoned, "You have committed the crime of forsaking Queen Cecilia and swearing allegiance to an impure woman, a false queen. What say you in your defense?"

Edina said nothing, opting instead to glare back at the woman that accused her of her 'crime'. "So be it," the Avariel announced, "Does the accused have any final words before she dies?"

For a moment, all was silent as Edina stared back with her stone like gaze. Finally, as the Avariel's tempered patience began to wear thin, Edina quietly murmured, "Thy blade may be my death, but I die knowing my sister lived. Will any of thee be able to say the same?" Though spoken softly, her statement rang throughout the clearing and drew irritated glares from the duo of Elves while a brief, almost unnoticeable look of grief passed through the Avariel's eyes before they returned to their impassive appearance once more.

Closing her eyes, Edina chose not to watch her death unfold, but instead to reminisce of the life she had. She thought back to her life before threshold, when her and Piper were just ordinary girls waiting for the day when they might be able to become tamers themselves. Their threshold had been unexpected, but not unwelcomed, as they were both still able to go out and explore the world even though they were part of the harem instead of leading one. Memories she thought forgotten rose up, of her first tamer, a boy she and Piper had known since childhood and a good friend to the twins. Tears welled in her eyes as she remembered the day they lost him, the poor boy savagely murdered by a feral Wendigal, torn in half and eaten before their very eyes.

It had marked the beginning of the worst part of their lives. Shortly afterwards, traumatized by the horrific event, the duo had been captured by their second tamer, an abusive and cruel man with a love for S&M and exotic accents. Her teeth clenched at the memory of her first taming with him, where he had bound and 'punished' her sister, forcing her to watch everything he did to Piper before doing the same to her. The day he abandoned them had been the best one since their first tamer died.

As the churning blade of wind descended upon her neck, her thoughts went to the many months she and Piper were forced to fend for themselves, taming each other in a desperate bid to stave off feraldom. When they were taken in by Rane and Diana, it had been the best day of their lives, a peaceful home where none scorned or mocked them for being Drow Zee.

Her final thought was a prayer, a hopeful wish that her beloved sister would forgive her for attacking her and that she had escaped harm.

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

"Again!" Rane barker, her voice echoing through the field. Her students nodded as each began to chant the same incantation.

"And thus his wrath fell upon the crowd like a dragon, blazing and full of death: Fireball!" They gave a collective roar as powerful, intense flames burst to light in each of her student's hands, some stronger than others.

Of her six apprentices, one in particular stood out, Natsumi. Unlike the others, who each seemed to have a natural grasp on their internal source of magic, Natsumi seemed to be constantly struggling to keep hers under total control, evident by the fact that her fireball, while undeniably powerful, was the smallest out of everyone's.

"Lady Rane! Lady Rane!" She turned around, mildly surprised to a Catgirl, Layla if she remembered correctly, come running up to her. "Piper appeared at the north gates injured and without Edina, nya! She said it was an emergency, nya!"

Eyes widening in worry, she quickly thanked the Catgirl and took off towards the north gates, a bad feeling settling in her stomach. Hearing the sound of wings beating in the air, she only had a second to wonder was causing it before she was picked from behind by a grim looking Natsumi, the blonde flying faster than she could run.

The duo made it to the gates in record time, landing in front of Piper and a group of assorted pokegirls. She was in the worst state Natsumi had ever seen her in, her clothes torn up from what was obviously a powerful attack, dark purple bruises forming on her abdomen and chest. Her arms were covered in light lacerations and small wooden splinters were sticking out all over her body. Worst off all, at least in Natsumi's opinion, were the silent tears that streaked there way down her face, and her eyes, which spoke of unfathomable pain, of a bond destroyed by another.

Acting before she thought, Natsumi engulfed Piper in a gentle hug, her four arms wrapping around the smaller girl and gently rubbing her back. She knew that look of pain all to well. It was the same one she had when Jiraiya, her perverted sensei and godfather, was murdered by his errant student Nagato.

There was only one logical conclusion, Edina was dead.

They stayed like that for a while, Natsumi slowly comforting Piper until her tears had stopped, the poor girl still hiccuping occasionally. When Piper had calmed down enough to explain what happened, everyone except for Diana, Rane, and Natsumi left. They wanted to know, yes, but they respected Piper's privacy.

And so she told them of what happened. How her and Edina had been ambushed by a pair of Elves and an Avariel and how they had doggedly pursued them, launching their powerful spells, which in hindsight, seemed more like a mix of Magelight spells and Megido, an exploding orb of pure magic. Her tears began anew when she reached the part where Edina attacked with a burst of magic and sent her flying back into the foliage, hidden from view of the trio of elven pokegirls. She had taken her sister's orders to heart, and had fled as soon as she recovered, too cowardly to save her sister. Piper revealed that when she had gotten out of range of the Elves' Magelight, she had immediately used Shadow Teleport to get to the village before crumpling over from fatigue.

Rane's eyes narrowed in anger as Piper finished her story, a palpable aura of mystic energy wriggling around her to match her emotions. "Diana," she growled, her voice low and even despite the tumultuous energy surging around her, "get Sonya and send her to Sakuya's queendom for reinforcements. She needs to know that war between us and Cecilia may break out any day and that she needs to hurry. We're outnumbered two to one and we'll need reinforcements if we want to have a chance of surviving."

She didn't even wait for Diana's answer, instead turning to Natsumi and the still subdued Piper. "You said you come from a family of Kunoichi, right?" When Natsumi gave an affirmative, a grim smile wormed it's way across Rane's lips, "Good, good. I want you to gather as many volunteers as you can and cover as much of the surrounding area with any traps so can make," She paused for a moment, mulling over an idea in her head, "and focus on the northern area. It's the most likely direction that we'll be invaded from."

Natsumi nodded slowly and gave Piper one more comforting squeeze before heading towards the training ground where her fellow students were. She had questions, several actually. But they could wait until after her mission was finished. Preparing the land to their advantage was her main priority, she could worry about finding out who this 'Cecilia' was and what her problem is with Iradell later.

She wouldn't fail this village, her home in this new world. Not like last time. Never like last time. They would survive, she would make sure of it.

V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V-V-Page Break-V

Several Hours Later, Village Armory

Delicate hands opened the small metal box, revealing a fist sized reddish black stone containing the vague image of an evening sun at it's center. Slowly, a trembling hand reached towards the stone, it's owner remorsefully thinking of what would happen to her once she touched the stone.

She would never be the same, the stone, in actuality a Dark Stone, a powerful evolutionary item for pokegirls, would twist her psyche upon evolution. It would change her physically and mentally, though hopefully she would retain enough of her old personality to be at least somewhat recognizable by her friends and companions.

She shook her head. It didn't matter how much she changed, she needed the extra power to survive the coming battle, to avenge her sister's death.

A steady hand latched onto the Dark Stone, the mystic rock responding to her genetics and enveloping her in a burst of bright white light. From the light a new woman emerged. She was nearly a head taller than before, now standing at an impressive 5'7". And much to her joy, her breasts had swelled up, now a respectable D bordering on DD-cup. Her amethyst eyes now glowed with arcane might, an indicator to the vast upgrade her inherent magical abilities had been granted.

With this power, she would be able to kill the bitch that stole her sister from her, as well as the woman that dared to invade her home.

Hell hath no fury like a Dark Elf scorned.

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Demoness (Clue 3; I also would've accepted Daimon)

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Pumara (Clue 2; No one guessed her, but I'm not surprised)

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Dark Maiden (Clue 6)

In the end, Krad09, the only person to successfully guess more than two members of her harem, only missed the Demoness and Pumara, pretty impressive since I had seriously doubted anyone would guess Yuki-Onna.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you're someone who obsesses over overpowered characters, Mary/Gary Sues, and so on and so forth and you believe that they break a good story and you think that might be happening here 'cause of her enhancements and stuff. Go back to Chapter 3 and look at that entry again. See how it says everything's assumed? Yeah, not everything that Team Trauma compiled is right. Some numbers are skewed, some enhancements were added and some are missing, and some of those listed elements aren't actually a part of her due to the erroneous and unstable nature of gene splicing. I'm the only one that knows everything about this story because I want you to keep guessing as to what her true capabilities are. So relax a little, I hate it just as much as you when characters go god mode and kick everyone's ass blindfolded and with all their limbs tied behind their back (unless it's the very end of the story or it's a crackfic).

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Technique Guide:

Name: Shadow Teleport

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Psychic)

Description: The user can use any shadows to teleport wherever they can visualize that also has a shadow.

Name: Call Me Queen

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Normal)

Description: The Pokegirl's aura battles her opponent's aura. If the user Pokegirl's aura is stronger, then her opponent will yield the battle.

Name: Burst of Strength

Type: Spell (Apprentice)

Incantation: And they who were oppressed shed their shackles not for vengeance, but for freedom unerring.

Description: Temporarily infuses the user with a vast amount of strength, making them strong enough to break stone.

Name: Fūka Hōin (Fire Sealing Method)

Type: Fūinjutsu

Rank: B

Description: Fūka Hōin is a very useful seal that allows the user to seal nearby fire. The user writes the seal on a scroll and then performs the required hand seals. This causes a vapor to arise from the scroll, enveloping the fire and sealing it on the scroll as the kanji for seal.

Name: Fireball

Type: Spell (Novice)

Incantation: And thus his wrath fell upon the crowd like a dragon, blazing and full of death

Description: The caster creates a small, fiery orb that can be thrown at her opponent.

Name: Phantom Touch

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Sex Technique)

Description: Usable by tamers and Pokegirls, this technique allows the user to touch their partner. Afterwards, it leaves behind a phantom impression, which the user can activate later to stimulate that area. The area is stimulated as if the user were still touching it in the manner they were when they used the technique (i.e. suckling the nipple, licking the neck, fondling the breasts, etc.).

Name: Ember

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Fire)

Description: The Pokegirl creates several red-hot embers and projects them towards the opponent.

Name: Confusion

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Psychic)

Description: This technique strikes the target with a psychic wave. This has a decent chance of causing the ailment Confusion.

Name: Magelight

Type: Spell (Novice)

Incantation: Push back the darkness and illuminate my path

Description: Creates a small orb of floating light that the caster can mentally control

Name: Reflect

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Magic)

Description: This technique creates a barrier, reducing the damage done to the Pokegirl by half.

Name: Bituminous Plume

Type: Spell (Apprentice)

Incantation: Shall I beckon ye to rise? Engulf and spread ye hallowed dreams, to blind the eye and fool the mind

Description: Creates a series of arcane runes that produce thick, hazy smoke. Inhaling excessive amounts of the smoke can lead to poisoning and hallucination.

Name: Magic Repulsion

Type: Spell (Novice)

Incantation: None

Description: The user expels a wave of pure magic from their hand, knocking the target back.

Name: Wind Sword Mk I

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Flying)

Description: This technique creates a blade out of condensed, fiercely spinning winds. Has powerful cutting potential, but lasts only a single strike before dissipating.

Name: Megido

Type: Pokegirl Technique (Magic)

Description: Generating a violently roiling sphere of contained magical energy, the user launches the sphere towards an opponent or group of opponents, causing it to explode in a 15 foot radius. This technique damages everything in the area of effect, including the caster and deals Non-Elemental (Pure Magic) damage. This technique may upgrade over time to Megidola.