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I rushed to a window and saw what seemed like the end of a tunnel with a bright light on the other side. I closed my eyes when the light became too much. The light lowered and i opened them again. The first thing I saw was a giant fernance.

"Whoa" I said as I looked outside in awe.

Suddenly, the train stopped and the doors opened. Kouji brushed himself off and walked out.

"Wait!" I said.

Kouji stopped but didn't turn. "What?" he said.

"Do you mind if I come along?"


Should I let her come? Hmm...

I sighed. "Whatever. Just don't get on my nerves."

Amy smiled and ran towards me. Then we started walking around.


Amy and Kouji walked towards the forest, but stopped when they saw a guy in a blue and yellow jumpsuit and a younger kid with a big orange hat wandering around.

"Well, there's an accident just waiting to happen." said Kouji.

Amy looked at them, worried. "They really shouldn't be wandering around."

Kouji looked at her.

Huh. At school, she always seems stuck up. She never looked like the kind who cared for others.

He shrugged. "Oh well. I'm not here to play babysitter." he said.

Just then, his D-Tector went off.


"Search?" Amy asked, confused.

"For what?"


Kouji frowned. "How do you know our names?"


They stayed quiet for a minute, thinking about what she said.


Hey…wait a minute. How come I don't have a D-Tector? My phone just dissolved. I thought.

"Not good enough." said Kouji. "I'm not some lap dog you can just order around."

"What are spirits, anyways?" I asked.

No answer.

"How do we know where to look for them?" he asked.

His D-Tector beeped and a map appeared with a little pink dot.

"Northeast. Let's go." said Kouji.

Yes sir, I thought.


After a while, I stopped at a small entrance towards some sort of cave. I looked back at the map on my D-Tector. Yep. Wherever we're going, it's down there.

"We're going down there, aren't we?" asked Amy with a little bit of dread in her voice. "It's probably safer to stay AWAY from creepy holes in the wall."

I rolled my eyes. Girls. "Well, I didn't come all this way to play it safe." I said and started to walk down the stairs. "This better not be someone's idea of a joke."


Amy and Kouji walked towards the end of ANOTHER tunnel. They looked around but they only saw a huge clearing with metal poles sticking out. Amy sat down but the same, strange feeling went over her. She stood up quickly and looked around.

"Someone's in danger." she said.

Kouji looked at her, his eyebrow lifting. How does she know that?, he wondered.

Suddenly, someone cried out in panic.

"Help! Somebody!"

It was the two boys they saw earlier. The guy in the blue and yellow jumpsuit and the boy in the orange hat.

"I'm not a chocolate bar!" the little boy yelled.


They were being chased by Digimon with long ears. Pagumon. My eyes widened. Wait. How the heck do I know that? I shook my head. Now's not the time but still...

"Stay here." Kouji said.

Then he jumped from the tunnel and grabbed on to a metal pole and slid down. When he landed, he broke the pole and started to attack. While he was fighting, I nodded my head in aprovement. He was pretty good. Better than I thought. But then the Pagumon dogpiled on top of him.

"Kouji!" I yelled and jumped.


"Aw man." I said as I saw the guy getting dogpiled by the…whatever they are.

Whoever that guy was, he saved us all right but now HE was the one in danger. Tommy started pressing buttons on his D-Tector again.

"Forget it Tommy, that guy is toast!" I said.


I looked up and saw a girl with long, black hair jump from a tunnel. When she landed, I finally got a good look at her. Amy Takashino. She grabbed a nearby metal pole as six or seven bunny thingies started to attack her. But she avoided them with a few gymnastic tricks and sent them flying. I looked back at the dogpile and saw the one on top sent flying in the air. Then the rest followed. The boy stood, smirking. But it didn't last long.


"Oh yeah, human? Don't smile yet!" Pagumon yelled. Soon all of them were surrounded by streams of data and a hideous looking creature stood before them.

Raremon, Amy thought.

"I'll eat you up!" Raremon shouted. "Acid Slugde!" then he spit out green goo.

Amy, Tommy, JP and Kouji quickly ran out of the way.

The slime from Raremon melted away pieces of the wall near where they had stood before.

This might be tougher than I thought, Kouji thought.


"AHH!" I screamed as the huge,(smelly), scary monster came straight at us. The black haired girl grabbed my hand and started to run. But I tripped and let go.

"Come on, kid!" she yelled, desperately.

Instead, I closed my eyes. Then I felt someone pick me up and I started to run again.


Goggles managed to save the kid, so I sighed in relief.

"Oh…what stinks?"

I turned around and saw a girl my age with two other digimon. Then I looked back at Goggles, who was fiddling around with his D-Tector.

"Come on, spirit! Wake up! I need you!" he said.

Well, whatever he was doing, he need a distraction because Raremon was heading straight for him. So I grabbed a nearby pole, ran behind Raremon, held it like a spear and threw it at the back of his head.

It didn't land where I wanted it to be but it still managed to make Raremon stop and look at me.

"Uh oh." I muttered and backed up slowly but tripped on a stupid rock. Raremon's mouth filled. Goggles ran in front of me.


Streams of data surrounded him and Goggles was soon replaced by a Digimon. My eyes widened. Goggles turned into a DIGIMON. And a familiar looking one.

"Go with the others." he commanded.

I nodded and ran towards them.


I can't believe it. Amy Takashino is here with us. I've always seen her at school but I've never had a conversation with her. Well, it's never too late.

"Hi! I'm Zoey." I said.

Amy gave me a small smile. "I'm Amy. I'm…pretty sure you've heard of me."

Then she directed her attention back at Agunimon, as if she was trying to remember something.

Bokomon and I looked at each other.

"That, my dear Amy, is Agunimon." Bokomon said.

Amy's face changed as soon as she heard his name. "Agunimon, warrior of fire?"

Bokomon's eyes widened. "Yes but how could you possibly even know that?"

"Umm…lucky guess?"


All right! I got Raremon good with my flame attacks. And just as I was about to attack again, I turned back into me.

"Wait, what?" I said, surprised.

Raremon laughed evilly and aimed right and Tommy, Bandana Boy and me. Great. I pushed them out of the way but I accidentally pushed Bandana Boy into a hole.

"Oh no!"

"KOUJI!" I heard Amy yell. A few seconds after, she appeared next to me. She was about to scream again but suddenly she got a faraway look in her eyes.

Uh? What's going on?


"AHHH!" I yelled as I fell inside the hole. I looked up and saw Amy and the two other boys look down at me. Suddenly, a light illuminated the way down.

"Don't worry, Kouji! It going to be okay!" Amy yelled. "It's your spirit!"

My spirit? How does she know these things? I looked back down and suddenly saw a small wolf-like statue, it's eyes glowing. I can't believe it. She was right again. I held out my D-Tector.



Once everyone heard that, pillars of light illuminated the room and were aimed at the same hole where Kouji fell into. A wolf-like, metallic person appeared as everyone stared in awe.

"Wow!" Takuya exclaimed. "Did I look that cool?"

Tommy nodded. "Yeah, but different."

Bokomon looked in his book. "That is Lobomon, warrior-"

"Warrior of Light." Amy finished for him.

Raremon faced the Lobomon. "ACID SLUGDE." and shot goo from his mouth.

"LOBO KENDO." Lobomon took out a light saber (?) and aimed it at the top of Ratemon's head. Then he pushed it inside,

"AHHHH!" Raremon screamed in pain as a stream of data surrounded him.

"Now you talking trash heap! It's time to be recycled." Lobomon said and took out his D-Tector. "FRACTEL CODE, DIGITIZE!"

Raremon's data was scanned,then an egg appeared and flew up in the sky.

"That's it?" JP asked."That's all there is to it?"

Data surrounded Lobomon and soon he was back into Kouji.


Goggles and I ran towards Kouji, where he stood on his hands and knees, panting.

"Hey, you okay? Here, let me help you up." said Goggles and was about to help Kouji, but he glared at him.

"Don't touch me." he growled.

Goggles stepped back in surprise. I frowned at Kouji.

Well that was rude. I thought.

"But guess I should thank you for saving me. I always repay my debts."

"I didn't do it so you'd owe me, you know." answered Goggles.

Kouji stood up and brushed himself off. "My name is Kouji Minamoto. And you are?"

No response.

"Well? Aren't you going to tell me?"

"M-my name's Takuya Kanbara."

Kouji nodded and started to walk away. "see ya."

I looked at Takuya and smiled at him. "Thanks for saving me, too."

Takuya smiled back. "No problem, Amy."

"Hey Amy." I looked at Kouji, who stopped. "You coming?"

"I'm coming." I called out and looked back at Takuya. "Bye." Then I smiled and left.

"You know something? She's not that bad. I thought she'd be stuck up but she's actually nice." I heard Zoey said.

I smiled. I may not have a spirit but I accomplished one thing.