Someone was in danger. I could sense it.

"BurningGreymon!" I shouted over the wind. "Someone needs help!"

From below, he nodded. "Alright, Lapumon! Everyone! Full speed ahead!"

After we left the Village of Flames, we headed towards another area that was in danger of scanning. Takuya had digivolved into BurningGreymon, Jp digivolved into Beetlemon and Zoe into Kazemon. Kouji, Tommy, Kouichi, Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon and I were on top of them. I would digivolve too, but because of the attack I had taken instead of Biyomon, I needed the rest.

We were flying above water when Bokomon told us where we were going.

"We're on our way to Gotsumon Village." he announced.

Kouji and I, who were on BurningGreymon's back, shared glances.

"Do you think the Gotsumon we know is okay?" he asked.

I shrugged. "I hope so. May-" I paused and everyone stayed quiet. I looked ahead as we started to arrive towards land. Familiar stone head-like figures appeared and one could barely see a small crowd of Knightmon surround a smaller figure. A rocky looking figure.

"It's..." I gasped. "It's Gotsumon! Gotsumon is the one in danger!"

Kouji looked alarmed and Beetlemon started to fly ahead of us. Once we were near, he attacked.

"That doesn't seem very fair!" he stated and raised up his fists. "Thunder Fist!"

The Knightmon separated away from the attack and we caught a sight of Gotsumon, who was hurt and appeared to be guarding the stone heads.

As BurningGreymon landed, Kouji and I ran towards him and stood guard.

"It's you!" Gotsumon cried out.

"Now's not the time for talking!" said Kouji and Kouichi nodded as he, Tommy and Kouji took out their D-Tectors.





I stood next to Gotsumon as Kazemon flew over us and the guys took care of the Knightmon while we watched. To our delight, they were winning.

"Great job, guys!" I cheered. "We'll protect this place no problem!"

Gotsumon leaned on me as I stood my ground.

"The Sacred Jewels." he responded. "We have to protect the Sacred Jewels."

No sooner than that, we heard an attack we really didn't want to hear.

"Spiral Masquerade!"

Everyone gasped as the stone heads were cut into smithereens and large bits of rock flew into the air. I narrowed my eyes and both Seraphimon's and Cherubimon's symbol glowed, enclosing Gotsumon, Kazemon, Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon and I inside a force field. From inside, we could see Crusadermon standing proudly were the stone heads once stood.

"Why hello!" she said cheerfully. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

Gotsumon's eyes were glued to the Sacred Jewels which started to fall towards the ground. "The Jewels!"

Behind Crusadermon, Dynasmon appeared and grabbed the three Sacred Jewels in one hand. "Thanks for reminding me!" he said and crushed them.

Data surrounded us in an instant and Loweemon quickly grabbed Gotsumon and I as everyone started to climb aboard BurningGreymon, Beetlemon and Kazemon once again.

I watched in shock as the remaining Knightmon got stuck on land as Dynasmon scanned the it's data. Soon, the Knightmon had nothing to stand on and all of them fell towards a bottomless pit of darkness.

Dynamson and Crusadermon didn't seem affected to lose their men and just smirked as the Knightmon's Digieggs floated towards me.

"B-But those were you own men!" said Lobomon as I marked them. "Don't you even care about their destruction?!"

Crusadermon sighed. "Foolish boy, those were just pawns. Nothing else matter except for us, Lord Lucemon, and his new world. You're compassion for the weak is ruining this land. "

I shook my head, unbelieving what she had just said as soon as I was done marking the Digieggs. "How could you two be so blind?! The only pawns here are you two idiots!"

Dynasmon looked at me. "Now, now, Lapumon. I'd watch my tongue if I were you." He dropped the sphere of data he held and watched at it also fell into the bottomless pit. "With this data scanned, only three areas remain."

"What do you mean, three?" asked Kazemon.

"Well, the Forest, the Ice and the Light." sneered Crusadermon. "The rest is already Lord Lucemon's! When the last of the data is scanned, Lord Lucemon shall awaken and a pure, new world shall awaken!"

She chuckled evilly as she held out a red rose and let its petals fill the air. We groaned as the petals merely weakened us and when we turned our attention towards the Royal Knights again, they were gone.

"Where'd they go?" asked BurningGreymon.

Gotsumon, teary-eyed, walked towards the edge of BurningGreymon's back and I walked along with him, being weary of his condition.

"It's gone." he cried." I-It's all gone! All of it!"

He shut his eyes and I quickly placed my body on front of him as he collapsed.



When Gotsumon opened his eyes, it was already night-time. He found himself on a bench, surrounded by Kouji and Zoe.

"I...can't believe it's all gone..." he mumbled and tried to sit up, but stopped when pain filled his hurt arm.

Zoe quickly placed a cold rag on his arm and Kouji tried to place him back down.

"Don't try to do too much." he warned.

Gotsumon shook them off and observed his surroundings. They were all in a small Trailmon station and everyone had stood up except for Lapumon, who was asleep next to Kouichi's feet. As Gotsumon was unconscious, she had used up the power she gained before and used it to heal him first. Now she had to gain that power back by resting herself.

Gotsumon shook his head and his bug eyes stared towards Kouji. "What do you mean? I haven't done anything! My whole world is gone and I did NOTHING!"

"I'm sorry we couldn't stop them." apologized Kouji.

"It's not your fault! It's those Royal Knights!" said Gotsumon. "If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have been able to be sad cause I wouldn't be even here." He gave them a small smile. "Thank you guys, for saving my life...but you better get going now. They said there were only three more areas to scan. Well, you better go if you want to stop them, aren't you?"

Takuya separated himself from the group and stared off into empty space, where large bits of rocks floated by themselves. "Heh. Now's when I'll usually say, 'Of course we can beat them'. But look at what's left."

"But we have to try." said Kouichi and Zoe nodded.

"Yeah, I know you too well, Takuya. You wouldn't be able to look at yourself in the mirror ever again if you didn't give it your all."

"Right!" said Kouji. "We can do it!"

"Right! WE can!" said Gotsumon and looked pleadingly towards Kouji, who stared at him. "I'm going with you guys and you can't stop me! What reason do I have to stay? Let me fight with you!"

Everyone stayed quiet, Lapumon's soft snores filling up the air. Kouji and Gotsumon looked at each other in as everyone waited for Kouji's answer.

How would we feel if our world was gone? thought Kouji and after some time, Kouji looked away.

"He's coming." he said and smirked softly as everyone stared at him in surprise. "Do you really think he'll just stay behind? Who the heck can tell him no?"

"Well, looks like we got a new teammate!" said Takuya. He then looked towards the sleeping Lapumon.

"Hey! Lapumon!"

The purple fox opened up an eyelid. "Takuya. You do realize what I'm trying to do, right?"

"Guess what?"

"...what Takuya.

"We got a new teammate!"

"And that's is..."

Gotsumon grinned. "Me!"

Lapumon opened both her eyes and smiled back. "That's great."

Takuya stood proudly and faced the others. "Well, guys. Time to hit the trials!"

After that, Kouji and Takuya both Beast Spirit evolved and Zoe, along with Jp, Spirit evolved. Kouichi, Lapumon and Gotsumon climbed on MagnaGarurumon's back as Tommy, Bokomon, Neemon and Patamon climbed on BurningGreymon.

And with that, they were off.


After a while, they arrived at the Forest Terminal, where Lapumon, along the journey, announced that the Forest Kingdom was where Lord Seraphimon's palace was located. So the group headed towards the castle, where on cue, dozens of Knightmon, along with Royal Knights were. Silently, Kouji, Takuya, Zoe and Jp dedigivolved and everyone sneaked their way towards a tall tree, where they watched.

Serpahimon's castle was just like before, with it's tall colorful structure. The only thing different was that there was a huge noticeable force field surrounding it. Which was why the Knightmon tried to knock down a dozen times.

"Electric Slash!" The Knightmon held up their sword filled with electricity and slammed in on the force field but no luck.

As Lapumon peeked over Takuya's shoulder to observe, she smirked as Dynasmon growled angrily. "WILL NOTHING BREAK THESE DOORS?!"

Crusadermon tapped her chin and smiled.

"Wait! I just had the most BEAUTIFUL idea! The doors are well protected, are they not? But what about above?" She suggested.

Dynasmon thought about it and gave his approval.

"You Knightmon stay here." he commanded. "Im sure those brats will come sometime soon. And when they do, take care of them!"

And with that, both Dynasmon and Crusadermon flew away.

Back in the tree, Takuya fist pumped. "Awesome! We don't have to worry about the Royal Knights for now." He looked towards the rest of the gang and held up his D-Tector. "Are ya ready? Lets do this together guys."


Everyone looked towards Kouji, who leaned on the tree's trunk and crossed his arms.

"Why the heck not?" asked Jp.

"Because I'm gonna take care of. By myself."

"W-Why?" Tommy pouted.

"You guys are going to have to keep an eye on the Royal Knights. They can't get their hands on that data, no matter what."

"But Kou-"

"The data is all that matters now if we're going to save the world. We don't have time to argue about this."

"Thats great Kouji-kins, but how the hell are you going to fight all those Knightmon by yourself?" argued Lapumon "They may be a little dumb and all, but they can be too much together."

Gotsumon scoffed. "He won't be alone because I'll be right by his side."

Kouji smiled at him and nodded. "Yep."

Face palming, Takuya sighed. "Okay, FINNNNE!" He huffed and smirked towards Kouji. "Next time buddy, can you just tell us without all the dramatics?"

Kouji smirked towards Gotsumon. "Are you ready?"

He nodded. "Let's go!"

Lapumon smiled as data surrounded her and Amy stood in her place. "Let's do this."


All of us stood back as Kouji began to evolve.


I smiled as Gotsumon stood next to MagnaGarurumon. "Alright you two, be careful!"

Gotsumon huffed. "You worry too much Lapumon!" Then he and MagnaGarurumon jumped out of the tree and began to attack the Knightmon.

The rest of us faced Takuya, who began give us instructions.

"Ames, do you think get us down?"

I looked over to the side and saw that there was at least six feet down to the ground. "I can carry two at a time."

"Alright. As soon as Ames gets us down, I want all of you run towards Seraphimon's castle as fast as you can without being seen."

Everyone nodded and I held out Cherubimon's symbol, allowing my wings to bloom on my back. "Light ones first, please."


A little while passed by and everyone was down and over at Seraphimon's castle. As Takuya and I ran to caught up with the others, we heard a loud bang above us. We looked up and saw Crusadermon use her Fist of Athena attack to smash the barrier's roof. Ahead of us, we heard Zoe gasp.

"There they are!" she exclaimed.

"Oh man!" groaned Jp. "We have to find that data fast!"

We ran towards them and Tommy faced Takuya with his D-Tector. "Quick Takuya, you should evolve into EmperorGreymon!"

"You're right!"

But as Zoe, Tommy and Takuya held up their D-Tectors, I felt someone calling out to me.


"Someone's calling us." I responded. I never noticed my eyes glowing.

Takuya closed his eyes and smiled. "She's right...It...It feels like a message from a friend."

I smiled towards him. Out of all of the humans (yes, I'm Human too but I'm actually a Digimon, remember that now.), Takuya was the one closer to his Digimon senses.

His D-Tector glowed and a bright light lit up the barrier's side. Immediately, a large hole opened up and the light dimmed.

"Who was it?" asked Bokomon.

"It...It was..." I closed my eyes in sadness. "It was Sorcerermon"

Everyone stayed quiet, remembering our friend how had saved us from the Evil Warriors.

"Well," Takuya shot out. "That's two things that we owe him now. Now let's not disappoint him." He turned and entered the castle, the rest of us following his lead.

"Last one in's a rotten Digi-egg!" Neemon hollered.


We ran through the colorful hallways, panting hard.

"Hey!" Patamon cried out. "This place seems familiar!"

"Well, of course! This use to be your home!" Bokomon answered.

Takuya, Kouichi and I ran in front, but slowed down a bit when the end of the hall had two more hallways to choose from.

"Which direction?" asked Kouichi.

"Amy! Any idea?" Takuya hollered.

I bit my lip. I really didn't know. ""

Takuya groaned and he looked at his D-Tector. "Come on, buddy. A little help?!"

His screen lit up again and a map appeared with a pink dot leading the way to the right.

"The right!" he yelled. "Go to the right!"

Well, we went to the right. And in about a few yards, we were overcome with a wall.

"Great." sighed Jp.

I placed my hands on the wall and I felt something attracting me on the other side. Most likely the data.

"The wall. We have to break down the wall." I said and faced Zoe. "You think you can handle it?"

Zoe smirked. "Yes, yes I can." She took out her D-Tector and data surrounded her hand. "EXECUTE! SPIRIT EVOLUTION! Kazemon!"

We stepped away from the wall and Kazemon raised up her hands. "Hurricane Wave!"

Chunks of wall fell and the attraction grew stronger.

We stepped through the hole and were soon inside an empty room. In the middle, there stood a huge statue of four figures. I walked towards us and placed my hand on it.

"Look Patamon. It's us."

The statue was of me and the three Celestial Digimon. Cherubimon was at the bottom, Seraphimon and my mother were a bit above him, backs facing each other and I was in my rookie form at the top.

"This is it guys."

"So all we have to do is protect this!" said Zoe, dedigivolinging.

"Dragon Thrower!"

We cried out as the ceiling shook with Dynasmon's attack. Pieces fell off and soon the cas wallstlerewalls were gone.


The gang were completely covered in light.

"W-What's going on?" asked Tommy.

Zoe groaned and face palmed. "I don't know. It looks like I don't know anything anymore."

Kouichi, who was close by Amy, placed his hand on her shoulder and pointed up. "Look!"

Everyone looked up and were shocked to see Sorcermon's ghost. He held his hands up, which were the source of the light. He then lowered himself towards Amy. She smiled at Kouichi and he removed his hand from her shoulr.

Sorcermon bent down on one knee. "With the last of my strength, I have protected this castle, Lapumon. Now the rest is up to you and your friends."

Amy nodded her head and again, an image of an angel flickered in her place. "Sorcerermon, you are true example of a Mon. I wish you the best life after your rebirth. Lucemon will not win, I promise."

"I know, my lady." And with that, Sorcermon and the angel was gone.

"Alright you guys." said Takuya, when the light dimmed. "Now we have to fight three times as hard, for Sorcermon."

The ground shook and everyone cried out when Dynasmon appeared in front of them. "Why don't you start your fight with me?"

Takuya glared at him and Dynasmon laughed.

"What? No witty comeback?"

"Oh, I'll give you a comeback!" Takuya smirked and in response, Zoe, Tommy and Amy got ready.

"Wind into Flame!"

"Ice into Flame!"

"Sound and Spirit into Flame!"


As everyone stood by, EmperorGreymon threw himself into Dynasmon and the fight began.

"Come on guys." ordered Kouichi. "Let's-"


Everyone turned and saw Gotsumon running towards them.

"Gotsumon!" Zoe exclaimed. "Where's Kouji?"

"He's fighting Crusadermon!" He placed his fists over his eyes. "It's horrible! All I can do is watch!"

Zoe tried to calm him but he continued to shout. "He needs me! IF ONLY I WAS BIGGER, I COULD HELP HIM!"

Amy smiled. "And you will." She said as he was suddenly surrounded by data.


Meteormon gasped. "I-I digivolved?!"

"Yeah, now GO HELP KOUJI!" ordered Jp.


We watched as Meteormon ran off to help Kouji-kins...err...i mean MagnaGarurumon.

But not soon after, we were attacked.

As EmperorGreymon fought with Dynasmon, Dynasmon managed to shot the Celestial Digimon statute and we gasped as the attack come towards us quickly.

"GET DOWN!" yelled Bokomon and we threw ourselves down and covered our heads.

A huge bang was heard and Dynasmon laughed as data surrounded the entire place. "Fools." He sneered. "We win. Again."

A few yards away, EmperorGreymon growled. "If you're still here, I can still stop you!"

I stood up and helped Tommy and Kouichi stand up,not long after Gotsumon landed from the sky beside us.

"Gotsumon!" I exclaimed and as I made my way over to him, I tripped, for the data was making it hard to stand.

"So what will you do?" Asked Dynasmon. "Fight me? Or save your friends?"

We watched as EmperorGreymon looked towards us. He then growled softly and flew over to save us.

Dynasmon chuckled. "Such predictable fools." He responded. He then scanned the data and flew away with Crusadermon following.


After EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon collected everyone, they flew towards an area of land, where a Trailmon happened to be located in.

And after talking for a while, the Digidestined made a hard decision.

Kouji sighed. "Are you sure, Gotsumon?"

Covered in bandages, (he refused any Amy's healing), Gotsumon nodded. "Of course. I'll just get in the way if I go with you."

As the others stood apart, Kouji walked towards his Digifriend and gently placed his hand on his shoulder. "You were never in the way."

Gotsumon's eyes filled. "I'm counting on you Kouji."

Amy walked behind him and glanced towards Kouji with a serious look. "You're right, Gotsumon. We all are."

Kouji smiled, a real smile, and got on board along with the others. Gotsumon waved goodbye as they left the station.

Without you guys, they wouldn't be any hope. He thought to himself.

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