Authors Note: it has been quite awhile since I have written but with the birth of my princess it was hard to get back into the game. Those who are familiar with my writing, I'm infamous for Yaoi and mature. If these are not your thing, use the back arrow. Characters may be OOC but remember, it's all for fun and not to be analyzed or scrutinized. Thank you!

By the way, on this story there will be some changes, this will take place after the war on book seven. Just bear with me, who knows, it may be quite an adventure...

Chapter 1: Return of the Patriarch

Harry and the other remaining students and teachers prepared for their return to Hogwarts. Harry knew deep down that things would never be the same. The war had changed everything and everyone in some way, some for the better and others for the worst. Harry had looked forward to this last year because once he graduated, he knew that he could be his own man. He would never have to return to his relatives from hell. They have lost so many loved ones and friends...

The return is going to be bittersweet. Harry thought to himself. But it'll be worth it in the end. He sighed and thought of his godson, Teddy. The boy had lost both of his parents in the war and Harry was more than determined to give Teddy the family they both deserved. Harry also discovered that he was gay and also a creature...a humanoid dragon/Veela hybrid. But he was a beta!

That's not so bad...Harry thought with a shrug. At least I'll have someone else shouldering the burdens of leadership. I can relax for once in my life...

"Hey Harry," Ron said, rousing Harry from his inner thoughts. "Heads up, we're almost there."

"Thanks Ron," Harry said with a smile. Ron smiled back and left Harry to his thoughts again to catch up with his girlfriend. Harry smiled and shook his head. He always knew that Ron and Hermoine would end up together, and was happy for them. He wondered what his mate was like...was he strong, powerful and caring or was he a hopeless romantic like Harry? Oh man, what if his mate was a female? Then I'd be royally screwed because I don't find them appealing in that way...

His thoughts were interrupted once more when he heard the door to his compartment opened and Draco Malfoy strolled in. They looked at each other and exchanged nods in greeting. Since Harry saved Draco's life in their sixth year, the blonde called a truce to their long rivalry and became civil with the raven haired wizard. Some others in Slytherin didn't approve but Draco didn't care. They were adults and it was time to put childish feuds to the side.

"Hey Harry,"

"Hey Draco," Harry said as he spelled his robes on and sat down, offering the opposite seat to the blonde, who accepted and sat down. "Ready for our last year?"

"Of course," The blonde smirked. "Scared Potter?" Harry looked at him, rolled his eyes and returned the smirk.

"You wish," He said, causing them to laugh, both remembering when those words were said, in their second year and they were about to duel they have grown up so much since then. Draco looked at Harry for a moment then sat back in his seat.

"Harry," he began, his voice a little too refined, " What happened over the summer?"

"Nothing..." Harry said, trying to cover up the bruises Draco spotted. There's more where those came from...please Draco don't... Draco was about to question further but the look on Harry's face stopped him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew physical abuse when he's seen it. Does anyone know of this and if so, why was Harry kept there? A million questions ran through Draco's mind but he didn't want to push too far too soon. Harry's eyes showed his inner most emotion, even though the young war hero put up a front. And that emotion came as a shock to Draco: fear.

"Harry, " Draco began. "How long has this been going on? And why haven't you told anyone ?"

"For as long as I can remember," Harry whispered as he hugged himself. "And I didn't tell anyone because who would've believed the great and powerful Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World, endured abuse in his own home?"

"Harry, this is not healthy." The blonde said. "I know, I'm the last to talk, I was after all, part of the problem. But now, I want to help you. You deserve love, happiness and more. You've done so much for everyone else, but think on this: at the end of the day, when the smoke has cleared, who's there for you?" Harry was about to retort when Blaize entered.

"Hey, come on, you two are the last in here." The two looked at each other with wide eyes and then followed Blaize to get their things. They scrambled into the coach then the boat, ran up the stairs panting, sticking to the back, believing they were safe. The Headmistress looked at them and smirked.

"How nice of you to join us Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy." The two of them dropped their jaws as the other students looked at them and laughed. It wasn't everyday that the Slytherin Prince was in trouble.

"Now, before we all go into the Great Hall, let us all bow our heads and be silent in respect for those who lost their lives for us and the school." She said. Everyone obeyed and after a while, everyone filed in and took their seats. The Headmistress spoke her welcoming speech and what was to be expected. It was the same as the other years but now, if they messed up, they would not walk with their class upon graduation day.

"One thing more," She said. "I have yet to introduce our new Head of Slytherin and Potions Master, for Professor Slughorn will not be here. You are to show him your upmost respect and be mature. And there will be no favoritism, relation or no. Without further ado, I give you Professor Abraxus Damien Malfoy." As on cue, a tall, powerful looking aristocrat with blue grey eyes and white blonde hair reaching mid back entered. With each step, he radiated power, demanded respect, and dared anyone to question him. Harry felt himself blush but blinked at Draco. He was rooted to the floor and his eyes were really wide.

"No way..." Harry heard him say. "Father said he was dead...,"

"He looks great for a dead guy," Harry said. "But why do you look like you're about to piss your pants?"

"Harry...our new my Grandfather!" For different reasons the boys had the same thought:

Holy shit!

I know this may be short but there's more to come, you all know what to do...