Chapter 10: Clearing the Air Part 1

Abraxas looked at his grandson, ready to deny what he was but the smoke that was visible from his nostrils belied his nature. He sighed and took a seat, motioning for Draco to sit opposite him. Draco looked at his grandfather in awe and fear.

"There is no need to fear me Draconis," Abraxas said gently. "I would never harm those I care for."

"Did Father..."

"Know, no he didn't." Abraxas said with a slight chuckle. "My son never saw beyond his nose." At this Draco laughed. His grandfather spoke the truth. Everyone knew his father never saw the "big picture". Maybe it was because he didn't care or want to. Now, his father was a little more than a squib. He sighed sadly at that. Abraxas noticed his grandson's unhappiness at his father's punishment but it had to be done. As much as he loved his son, Abraxas knew that Lucius was too dangerous to have his power.

"Draconis, you know as well as I, that your Father, as much as we love him, is too corrupt and blind from power to see the error of his ways. If he were like me, he would have a worse fate than the one he was dealt. As a magical creature, he would have been destroyed and killed on the spot. At least with the laws here, he's still alive."

"So what are your intentions with Harry, Grandfather ?" Draco asked with a smirk, tactifully changing the subject. His subject choice was perfect because Abraxas' body language went from almost ridged to completely relaxed.

"Draconis, my intentions are pure and true." The elder said honestly. "I want to be there for him, to protect him, to love him, to show that he means the world to me. I want him as my Consort, my other half. I don't need his fame, wealth or whatever else everyone sought after. I only want him."

"Good because too many people just want Harry for his wealth, power and fame." Abraxas nodded in agreement with his Grandson. In the short time he has been here, Abraxas observed the behaviors of others around Harry and frankly, it disgusted him. They were shockingly sweet to him, treated him with kid gloves, and to top it off, some of the people the boy trusted, couldn't and shouldn't be trusted...A piercing cry was heard from the room little Teddy was. Abraxas and Draco looked at each other and ran. Harry looked at them and smiled, holding a newly changed Teddy.

"Sorry about that, he woke up and didn't like a dirty nappy."

"It's fine Harry," Abraxas said gently, taking the infant from him and replacing him into his cradle. He didn't miss the look in Harry's eyes and the elder decided he wanted to keep that look in the younger wizard's eyes forever. He spelled colorful orbs that lit up, sparkled and that played lullabies over the cradle. "Harry, I know this a bit sudden but, upon your graduation, would you allow me the honor of taking you out to dinner?"

Harry looked at the elder Malfoy and blushed shyly. True, he held attraction for the man but he was too shy to ask. Plus now, he had Teddy...Abraxas looked at him and smiled. "I'm certain Draconis wouldn't mind watching over Teddy for us." Draco was about to object but the look in his grandfather's eyes shut him up. Harry allowed a giggle to escape him, which brought a smile to the elder. They were about to converse more but when Abraxas saw the time he swore under his breath. "All right you two, off to bed. I will see you three in the morning." With that, The Lord left the boys alone and Draco smirked at his friend.

"You got it bad." He teased as Harry picked up Teddy's toys and straightening up. "Not that I mind, in fact, I haven't seen my grandfather this lively in a long time."

"Draco, come on, look at me."

"Harry, my grandfather's not superficial. He cares for what's on the inside. And you can't say that he doesn't care about you. Harry, he's crazy about you. And my grandfather isn't one to give his heart lightly. When he does, it's the real deal and that's something special."

"Draco, there's more to me than you know." Harry said carefully. "I don't know where to begin."

"It's usually best to begin at the beginning." The blond said as he flopped onto his bed. "Come on, spill."

"You sound like a girl when you say that."

"Ok, give me the details or I'll kick your ass. Is that better?"

"Not really but I'll tell you. Since day one I had a feeling my aunt, uncle, and cousin didn't like me. They hated anything or anyone magical, each one for different reasons. I was treated like a house elf, cooked, cleaned, served, etc. I was kept locked in a cupboard under the stairs and was forbidden any knowledge of the magical world until Hagrid got me."

"Wait, so you didn't know anything and, I was the first wizard you met, and I treated you...damn I'm an asshole."

"Draco, it's ok, you didn't know. You don't have to be so hard on yourself. Even Ron and Hermoine don't know half of what I'm telling you."

"No Harry, I really am sorry. For a long time I really believed that you were pampered and spoiled, treated like royalty. I had no idea..."

"No one did. Only Dumbledore."

"And what did he do about it?"

"Nothing. He kept telling me that I was safest with my relatives because of the blood wards."

"Harry, wards such as those work best when the family stands united as a unit. I'm shocked he never told you that. Why do you think Malfoy Manor was practically untouchable?" Harry thought about it and realized that Draco was right.

"My father, asshole he may be, had a sick twisted way of showing his love, possibly due to the snake breath, my mother, the social butterfly she is, loves me and my Grandfather keeps me grounded and I admire him. Also, wards can be breached if some of your blood was taken."

"Which happened. He resurrected himself using my blood. And that's all I'm saying because I really don't want to replay that memory again."

"Don't have to, I'm sure it was sick. So when did you notice your magic?"

"When I was young, I apparated to the roof when I wanted to be alone, the snake at the zoo, I was able to speak to it and release it from the cage," Draco's eyes widened at that. Harry was very powerful and yet, here he was, humble as pie. He had wronged Harry so much, hated him for the wrong reasons. He was going to change it all, no matter what.

"Let's go to sleep Harry, we have a long day tomorrow. Goodnight Harry."

"Goodnight Draco. And thanks for listening. It felt good to talk to someone about my problems for a change."

"You're welcome Harry, anytime you need to talk, you got me and Grandfather. And we are always here."

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