Early, the next morning I awoke and was actually happy and content. I wrapped a blanket around me and headed to the front of the boat, I sat down quietly and watched the waves lap against the boat in the dark. I heard the glass sliding door open and Emmett asked, "Bella, what are you doing out here?"

I turned and smiled at him saying, "Waiting for my hot chocolate."

"Are you okay? I knocked on your door and there was no answer and I became very worried."

Chapter 8

"Yes I'm fine. I woke up 30 minutes ago and I decided to just get up."

"Bella, come inside with me so that your warm while I heat the water for hot chocolate okay?"

I did and just leaned on the kitchen counter. Emmett turned to me and asked, "Were you woken up with nightmares and afraid to go back to sleep?"

"No Emmett, I promise. I slept very peacefully. I haven't slept this well so many nights in a row for a long time."

"Good, I'm glad."

"Emmett, you're responsible for that between how careful and gentle you've been with me plus your music I've been falling asleep to."

"Bella, there's a sparkle in your eyes that wasn't there when we crashed into each other on the dock."

All too soon, he had me backed up against a wall, lowered his head, captured my lips and put one hand around my waist. His other hand was against the wall by my head continuing our kiss.

As the kiss deepened, he pulled his hand around my waist to hold me closer to him. I moved my hands up around his neck which caused my blanket to slip a little. The next thing I heard was the tea kettle whistling and Bree saying, "I'm sorry."

We quickly ended the kiss and he let go of me. Emmett said, "You two go get to work and I'll bring you both hot chocolate."

Once Bree and I were in my room, Bree handed me my clean white outfit and I said, "I'll be right back."

"Okay," Bree said.

When I came out, Emmett had just delivered our drinks and I heard him say, "I'll see you both later."

I quietly sat down in my chair taking a sip of the hot chocolate. I said, "Bree, I'm sorry. Please excuse my behavior."

"Bella, you've nothing to be sorry for. I should've knocked and waited. You're allowed to have public displays of affection."

"Really, you're not mad."

"No, I'm not." One more time, Bree did my hair and makeup.

Emmett knocked and said, "I'll see you outside."

"We're right behind you." By the time, I was getting close to the speedboat; Emmett was at the top of the hill.

Emmett yelled down, "Hurry up, Bella. I want to kiss you when I get down there."

I blushed, "Fine, I'm moving."

Mike and Bree got me situated and we again did two takes. One before sunrise and a second during sunrise. Every time he touched my shoulder with his hand and I brought mine up to his, the lightning bolt would go through me again. I wanted it never to end. As we finished the sunrise shoot and we drove the boat away slowly, we had gone about 20 feet when Mike yelled cut. After Mike said that, Emmett told me, "Hold on," and he dropped the throttle. I held on tight to the seat behind me.

He leaned his head down towards my ear and said, "I'm kidnapping you to have breakfast."

"Oh, I hope you've something to keep me warm."

Emmett tilted his head and said, "Look down those steps."

I did. When I returned, I had on very large sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Emmett slowed the boat to an idle and pulled me into a giant bear hug. He lifted me off the deck and said, "There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman I like in my clothes."

I blushed, but gave him a quick kiss. I asked, "Where are we going to have breakfast?"

"A quiet cove around here where I'll start a campfire to heat up our breakfast burritos. I also have orange juice, hot chocolate and fresh fruit. Will you allow me to kidnap you?"

"Yes," and I started kissing him again. Then as we started to end the kiss, Emmett set my feet back down on the deck. I stepped towards the helm and said, "Point me to where you want to go kidnapper."

Emmett navigated me to the third inlet and then cruised further back into it. Emmett got us anchored to shore. I slipped off the sweats and together we moved coolers and wood to the shore. Emmett built the fire and we placed the burritos wrapped in foil into the fire to heat up. I had put the sweats back on and I was sitting close to Emmett and we were talking. We had both been born in small towns and moved to big cities in middle school. We both dreamed of living in New York City one day. Snow and cold didn't bother either of us. We both had done some skiing; but yet we also liked water too. Finally, Emmett asked, "Tell me where you see yourself in five years?"

"I don't know because I'm still living day to day right now."

"Really, you haven't thought about Saturday, Sunday or Monday when I'm suppose to leave."

"Emmett you said 5 years, that's in a handful of days. Next year, I'm hoping I'll just be doing well working with kids."

"I understand, but answer me this?"

"I think you're about to get very personal, and if I answer the questions, so do you?"

"Deal, but first let's get our breakfast out of the fire."

Emmett pulled the burritos from the fire. He told me which one was mine. I wrapped his in a napkin and passed it to him. He pulled out drinks and fruit to lay on top of the cooler. I wrapped mine in a napkin. I tentatively took a bite seeing how hot they were and what he might of put in mine. The temperature was perfect and he had made it just like mine from a couple mornings ago. I smiled at him and said, "You pay attention; thank you."

"Why?" and he cracked another of his beautiful dimple smiles.

"Bacon, potatoes, cheese and a small amount of eggs just the way I made it a few days ago."

"You're welcome. Shall we proceed with the questions?"

"I suppose."

"Do you want to get married one day?"

"Yes and you."

"Yes and how about children?"

"Yes and you."

"Yes, but I'm going to add a number of 3 or 4. Now how many have you thought about having?"

"Two or three. I'm really hoping for at least one of each."

"I would want the same, too. Now where do you want to live?"

"In a medium sized town."

"But what about living in New York?"

"Once the kids are in school, I want to live in a smaller town knowing that we could always go to New York if we wanted to."

"You just said we," Emmett said.

"Yes, my make believe husband, my make believe children, and myself." Though I have to admit to myself the dream of it being Emmett wasn't a terrible idea, but what man wants someone so broken.

Once I finished my burrito, I laid down and put my head in Emmett's lap and just enjoyed continuing our discussion.

I heard Emmett say open up and he put a grape in my mouth.

"Hmm tasty."

He smiled saying, "You're the tasty one; but I can't reach your lips, right now to prove it." He just continued feeding me grapes

I finally put my hands up and said, "No more, please; I'm full."

"Okay," and this time he got a hold of my neck lifting me up so I was laying in his arms. Then he actually rolled us on the blanket so that I was laying on my back and he rolled on top of me pushing my hair out of my face and supporting his upper chest off of me so that he wasn't crushing me. Then he whispered, "Now I'm going to find out how tasty you are."

We found out together how tasty we were together. I eagerly opened the kiss this time. As the kiss ended, he brought me with him so that we were laying on the blanket side by side. His one hand was holding me at my waist while his other hand did some roaming. His roaming hand finally landed on my ass. As he squeezed it, he pulled me in closer to him where we started kissing some more. He gently ended the kiss and asked, "Are you having fun?"

"Yes, how long do we get to stay here?"

"Until after lunch."


"Yes and I plan to make the most of it."

"How's that?"

He pulled me back into him and rolled us so that I was on my back again. He was laying on top of me, I felt one hand come up my side, and he tried to slide it under my sweatshirt. His larger hand got stuck and he muttered, "Damn that sweatshirt is tight."

"I know. You're responsible for it being that tight."

"Shh," and this time his hand went through the v neck opening and straight under my bikini top. He gently moved his hand from one breast to the other.

Emmett again gently pulled back and whispered, "You're beautiful everywhere."

"Thank you," and I smiled blushing at the same time. "How about a hike?" I said. "Never mind I guess no hiking for me because I don't have sneakers."

"No, you don't so I have a better idea, come here," and he pulled me up. He turned and dumped our cold hot chocolate on the fire to help it finish going out. Emmett pulled me back to the boat. We got on the boat and he pulled me down the stairs that I had used to put on the sweats.

"Emmett," and I tried to pull away from me I wasn't sure how far I was ready for this to go.

Emmett said, "No way, little Bella, come here. We'll only go as far as you want." He grabbed the bottom of the sweatshirt lifting it up, but it pulled my bikini top up as well. Soon I was standing there topless in front of him. "Bella, I'm sorry," but then he knocked me backwards onto the bed. He then climbed on top of me and this time I grabbed his sweatshirt and pulled it off. I started running my hands over his chest as he came back down close to me . He rolled us to our sides so that the both of us could each continue exploring the other's chest. He slowly forced me back to my back and his lips came down to capture my lips briefly and then they made their way down to my breast. He continued to be gentle with me. One hand explored one breast as his lips explored the other. He nipped, sucked and tugged with his lips and his fingers made sure the other stayed ready and then he switched. I was in heaven and never wanted to leave suddenly I realized the noises I was hearing were coming from me. Emmett finally kissed his way back up to my lips and after a gentle kiss he asked, "How did I do?"


"You're so beautiful and I love your body and how you feel under me. Maybe I should tell you this too, I'm falling in love with you."

I smiled and said, "I think I'm falling in love with you too though I can't believe it. I've known you for all of four days."

"I agree Bella, but something about this feels so right. Now what do we do until lunch time."

I say, "Let's make ourselves decent. Then we can go take advantage of the speedboat and have lunch somewhere else on the lake."

"You just want to do that, so that we aren't that close for a while."

"Maybe, but I do love the speedboat, too. I also am still getting used to being this close to another male again."

"I can understand that." He got up and grabbed our two sweatshirts. He handed me mine, turned to put his on and then climbed up the stairs.

As he did, I gently kicked his ass and said, "I'll be up in a few minutes."

"I'll start getting our things from the shore." I was back up on the deck quickly and Emmett passed me things. He climbed back on the deck and away we went.

This time while I was driving, Emmett came up behind me, scooted me off the seat, he sat down and pulled me back into his lap. We just kept cruising around the water and slowing down to explore coves. Thirty minutes later, we pulled into another cove. This time we just floated and ate fruit, cheese, meat and crackers. Neither of us were that hungry. Emmett asked, "Would you like a glass of white wine?"

"Sure, I'll try some." I held both glasses as Emmett poured them

I took small sips and said, "It's not bad."

Finally around 1pm while we were just relaxing, Emmett got up and came over to me in my chair and leaned his hands on my armrest and said, "I hate to say it, but we need to head back to the group. First," and he finished leaning in and started kissing me.

I moved my arms up around his neck. His went around my waist and pulled me standing up against him as we continued the kiss. Emmett and I pulled back from our kiss. "Thank you. This is amazing and exactly what I needed at this point in my life." Emmett was smiling at me and then I said, "But."

"Bella there're no buts allowed."

As I poked his chest, I said, "Emmett, I'm going to finish what I was about to say. But I was hoping that this might happen back in Phoenix with a local boy not someone that is always on the road."

"Bella, are you saying that we shouldn't keep this up because you don't see it lasting?" With that he got even closer to me, captured my chin with one hand and asked, "Bella, do you want this to last?"

"Yes, Emmett. I do."

"Thank god, you said that. Please let me try to come up with a way we can make this work? Would you consider something else or working in a preschool in a different city?"

"I don't know because Phoenix and that school are what I'm comfortable with."

"Were you comfortable when you first met me?"

"Amazingly enough yes; that's one of the reasons I agreed to do it."

"Then all I ask is that you give me a chance. So now will you let me kiss you again or are you going to pull away?"

I leaned in and gently kissed him and said, "Let's make this work together because your lips, eyes and smiles are amazing and I would miss them."

"Good I'm glad you said that. Now that I know I have a shot at keeping you, I'll just keep batting my eyes and kissing you."

"That'll work and don't forget your smile with those amazing dimples." That led to one last amazing kiss, then we headed back to the film crew.