This is the introduction and it's written in 3rd person. The rest of the story, up until the end probably, will be in Letty's POV as if she's talking to Dom. This introduction is kind of short, but the memory chapters will be longer. Also, if anyone has any ideas for a memory for Letty leave your idea in a review or PM me. I'll definitely use some of your ideas. :)

It feels like home.

Those words were still true, Letty just didn't know why. It had been two months since they arrived back in LA and immediately the stories she couldn't remember were being told. They all started with "Remember when," and her answer was always the same. No, I don't remember.

But they told them anyway, waiting for those words to finally come out of her mouth. I remember.

But in all of those two months she never had the chance to say it. Her mind kept betraying her and wouldn't give her the answers she needed. And today was no exception.

It was half past midnight and she still hadn't made a move to get up from her spot at the kitchen table.

A pile of photographs was strewn across the kitchen table. She'd been staring at them for hours, waiting for something to click. She even had her criminal record, as well as Dom's, sitting amongst the pile. She read both of them over and over, learning about all of the trouble they had been in together. But despite how many times she read the files or how long she stared at the photos, nothing ever came.

Sighing in defeat, she shoved the files away from her. The folders colliding with some of the photos and sending them floating to the floor.

A pair of hands settled on her shoulders and she leaned back until her back hit the chair, chewing on her thumbnail.

Dom leaned his head down, his lips at her ear. "Stop stressing about it, baby."

She scoffed, quickly standing from the chair and turning to face him. "Stop stressing? Dom, it's been two fucking months and I still don't remember a damn thing!" She didn't want to yell. She knew it was hurting him just as much as her, but she hated waking up every morning to the rest of them waiting to hear that she remembered something. And she hated seeing their faces fall when she had nothing to say. "What if I don't remember?" She asked quietly. "What if I never do?"

He sighed at the thought, slowly sitting down in the chair. He patted his leg with his hand, wrapping an arm around her waist when she sat on his lap. "It doesn't matter." He said truthfully, settling his other hand on her thigh. "You're here. That's all that matters."

She settled her arm around his shoulder, her fingers absentmindedly caressing the skin on his neck. She wasn't aware of the smile on his lips that came from that simple gesture. It was something she had done whenever she hugged him or kissed him, and it was proof that his girl was still there, even if she didn't remember.

"It's not fair to you." She said quietly. "For you to sit around here, waiting for me to finally tell you that I remember something about you. About us."

"Letty," Her name fell easily from his lips and he welcomed the feeling. For what felt like forever, he couldn't even hear her name without locking his jaw to keep the scream in, much less saying it. "I never thought I would see you again. Or hold you like this. Memories are only a part of you. There's so much more that is still you."

"But the memories are us." She said, looking away from him and at the picture she always stared at the longest. The one where she sat on his lap, a hand grasping at his shirt and his arm around her waist. And they were smiling, happy.

He wasn't going to say it, but she was right. The memories were them. Everything they'd laughed about, everything they'd fought about. Everything they had been. That was what the memories were. But even though he hoped and prayed that those things would one day come back to her, he told himself that he was lucky to even have her, and he could live with telling her the stories because he still had them.

Dom followed her line of sight and a small smile came across his lips. "That's when it started."

She turned to look at him, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "What?"

"You sitting on my lap at the table. The guys were teasing us about our displays of affection during dinner. We never could keep our eyes off each other. So you sat on my lap just to annoy them. You did it every day after that."

She nodded even though she didn't remember. It was all familiar to her, being in the house as well as being with him. But she just couldn't remember. "I want to know why I feel safe in this house. I want to know why I feel safe with you."

He nodded in understanding. "Just take a break. Give yourself time. Don't think about it, just let it happen."

She nodded her okay, leaning forward to press her forehead against his. "I'm going to remember you." She whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek before standing from his lap and leaving the room. She walked to the staircase, pausing at the bottom of it when she heard Dom mutter something to himself.

He ran a hand over his head, his eyes landing on the picture again. He rested his hand on it, his finger tracing the outline of her smile. "I hope so."