"It's official, I hate my life!" Avery states as she flops down onto her bed face first. It's been 4 days since they left Florida and she already misses wrestling alligators. That's it. Only the alligators. The only friend she had was shot and killed. She hadn't done anything bad she was just in a 'wrong place, wrong time' situation. That was the reason they left Florida, Avery couldn't handle being there anymore. So a week after the funeral they packed up all their stuff and her and her parents moved to Beacon Hills, California. Her mom was a nurse and could get a job at any hospital. Her dad was an alligator wrestler as well, he was the one who taught her. Avery was short. She was about 5'3" and only weighed about 120 pounds. She has long dark brown hair that goes down to her hips, fair colored skin, and stunning blue eyes.

There was a knock on her bedroom door. "Ughngh," which for Avery translates to 'I'm too lazy to get up, open the door yourself'. "Hey Av," her dad states as he walks into the room. Avery rolls over on her side and replies, "I miss 'em dad." Of course, he knows exactly what she's talking about, that should be expected considering he's her father. "I know Av, I miss them too," he says as he sits down next to her

"Avery have you even left this house since we got here on Sunday?"

"No, why?"

"Because school starts in 3 days and I figured you'd look around the town and try and figure out where things are before then"

"If I do it tomorrow will you stop pestering me about it?"


"Okay then, can I go to sleep now?"

"Sure Av, night." He stands up and walks out of her room, shutting the door behind him.

Avery stares at the ceiling wondering if there's some way that she can wrestle alligators here. I wonder if there's a zoo here, she thinks. I'll look tomorrow. She then rolls over, face in her pillow, and falls asleep.

Avery wakes up and opens her eyes only to have the sun blinding her. She immediately snaps her eyes shut and rolls over to face away from the window. She lays there for about an hour or so before she finally gets up. After taking a shower and getting dressed she settles for just leaving her hair down to air dry. It's 12:30 by the time Avery finally emerges from her room and walks down the stairs into the living room.

"Oh my god" her moms at the same times her dad states "Holy shit."

Avery stands there as she waits for them to get over their shock.

"Can you believe this?" Adaline says to her husband. He just shakes his head numbly, mouth open.

"Jake! She's out of bed before 3!" she whispers. "I know! it's the 4th time all summer!"

Avery just rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen and grabs a pack of poptarts and puts them in the toaster. Twenty minutes, two poptarts, and a glass of milk later, she's walking to the door car keys in her hand, purse on her shoulder, and her phone in her back pocket. "I'M GOING TO EXPLORE TOWN SO DAD WILL STOP NAGGING ME ABOUT IT," she yells from just in front of the door before walking out and shutting it behind her before they can respond.

She drives around for a while just looking at the town. After 10 minutes of driving she sees a small vet's office. Well, they work with animals, maybe they'll know if there's a zoo nearby. She gets out of her car and walks into the building. Behind the front desk sits a boy who looks about her age. He has dark brown curly hair and chocolatey brown eyes. He looks up from his phone as she approaches the desk. "Hello," he says, "how can I help you?" "Hi," she breathes out, she always was a little shy. "I was wondering if there was a zoo anywhere near here. I figured since they work with animals here maybe you'd know." "There's one about 20 minutes from here," he says, "I don't think I've seen you around here. You just move here?" She nods her head, "yeah, we just got here on Sunday." The boy extends his hand. "I'm Scott McCall." She replies by shaking his hand while stating "Avery Black, nice to meet you," she says.

"So Avery, where'd you move here from?"


"That's a long way away...Hey Avery can I ask you a question?"


"Why are you looking for a zoo?"

"Uhhh, I'm looking for a job?"

"Okay well, my shift ends 5 minutes so if you want I could take you there."

"Sure, that'd be great"

"Great! I'll text Stiles and tell him to come pick us up"

"Who's Stiles?"

"Oh, Stiles is my best friend"

"Ahhhhh, okay"

"Yeah, and he's a smartass...and a spaz...but you'll love him anyway"

Eight minutes later Scott and Avery are waiting outside when a blue jeep pulls up. A boy with short brown hair jumps out and walks up to Scott and Avery.

"Who's this?" he asks while looking at Scott.

"I'm Avery Black, nice to meet you." She says.

"Stiles Stilinski"

They walk back to the car, Stiles going to the driver's side, Scott and Avery going to the passenger's side. Scott opens the door and pulls the seat forward so Avery can get in the back. After everyone's inside Stiles starts the car and asks, "so where're we going?" "To the zoo," Scott states and with that Stiles starts driving to the zoo.

"So Avery," Stiles starts, "tell us something about yourself"

"Okay, uhh. Avery is my middle name, my first name is Anna Claire"

"You have two first names!?" Stiles exclaims.

"Yeah, it's a southern thing"

"Ahhhh, so where in Florida are you from?" Scott asks.

"Southern Florida, near the everglades."

"I thought you said two names are a southern thing?" Scott questions

"My mom was born in Alabama and didn't move to southern Florida until college."

"What about the wildlife there?" Stiles asks.

"That's not really a problem for me, I love the wildlife there"

"Yeah but what about the alligators there?"

"Love them too." She states.

"Can't they like...kill you though?" Scott asks. Oh Scott, you're in for a surprise once we get to the zoo. "Let's not think about that" she states. It goes silent for a while, it wasn't an awkward silence it was a comfortable silence. We they pull into the zoo parking lot Stiles is the first to speak."Why are we at the zoo again?" Avery responds with "I wanna check something out then ask about getting a job here." They pay their admission then enter the zoo. Scott and Stiles just follow Avery because it appears as though she was looking for a specific animal. When they finally stop walking it's in front of the alligator exhibit. Scott and Stiles look over at Avery who now has a smile on her face. "Perfect. There's like 10 or 12 gators in here." She says, mostly to herself. "Okay, I'm good," she says casually, "let's go find the front office now" The manager takes Avery into a separate room to interview her.

After 20 minutes of discussing what Avery has to offer for the zoo, and then another 40 trying to convince the manager to let her wrestle the alligators. The manager reluctantly agrees to letting her wrestle the gators for a week before she makes a final decision. Avery walks out of the interview room with the manager, who she now knows as Samantha. Sam looks at Avery and states "when do you wanna start?" "Now works for me," Avery states. Sam sighs, "Alright, show me what you got. If you die or lose a limb I'm not responsible, this was your idea." "Scott and Stiles exchange confused glances before catching up with Avery who was already walking to the alligator exhibit with Sam. "Why would you die-" Scott starts but is cut off by Stiles "Or lose a limb?" Stiles finishes. "Avery looks at them with a huge grin on her face and says "You'll see"

They stopped in front of the gators again and Avery told the boys to wait there. Avery and Sam then walked away. Next thing they know Avery's walking into the gator's exhibit barefoot and wearing a hat then the door is closing with Avery in there. Scott immediately starts to panic and Avery tells him to calm down. Sam's voice comes on the intercom stating "Attention customers! If you'd please come to the alligator exhibit, we have a show for you." About five minutes later there's a lot of people surrounding the gator pit and Avery is still inside. Avery introduces herself "Hello everyone, my name is Avery Black, I'm from South Florida, and I am an alligator wrestler." There were a few gasps and a few 'she's gonna get herself killed' and a few 'she can't be more than 17'.

"Alright! So back in Florida, I didn't have a ZOO to wrestle alligators in, I wrestled and caught wild alligators that were starting to become what we'd call nuisance alligators. I'd go on calls with my dad and we'd rescue the alligators, we never killed them. Now, I know some of you are thinking 'Oh my god! She can't be more than 17! She's gonna get herself killed!' Let me assure you that I am infact only 16 years old, BUT I have been wrestling alligators since I was 7."

"Now that me and my family have left Florida, I miss wrestling gators. So I plan to do gator wrestling shows here so long as my manager allows it!"

"Now that we have that out of the way, let's get on with the show!"

"Hmmmm let's see...well they all look like good wrestling gators so I'll let the y'all decide. WHICH GATOR DO Y'ALL WANT ME TO WRESTLE?"

A little boy pointed to one that was about 9-10 feet in length.

"okay" Avery stated.

She took a deep breath and grabbed the gator by the tail and pulled it into the open area. At this point the gator is now on alert. Avery shouts "HEY SAM!" "Yeah?" Sam responds. "CAN YOU THROW ME THAT ROLL OF BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE I LEFT UP THERE!" "Sure."

Avery catches the roll of tape and puts it in her back pocket all without taking her eyes off the gator. Avery then starting circling the gator. She pokes his side near his back left leg then jumps back as the alligator spins. Avery smiles, looking accomplished but continues walking in circles around him. She pokes him in the side a few more times, making him spin, before going back to the front of the gator. She pokes his nose and jumps back. The gator jumps forwards a little and hisses. The next time she pokes his nose she does it harder and jumps back further and fast than before. This time the gator jumps about a foot and a half off the ground. "Man!" Avery states, "he's beautiful, he jumps, he spins. He's a perfect wrestling gator!"

Avery makes him jump a few more times then she puts her hand in its mouth. She pulls it out, taping its teeth with her hand and its mouth smacks shut with so much force you can hear it loud and clear. "As you can see, his mouth isn't shutting," she says as she puts her hand in his mouth again. "This is because I'm not touching anything. He can't see my hand either because their eyes are on top of their heads." She takes her hand out and pulls off her hat and sticks the edge in its mouth. "But as soon as something touches," she takes the hat out touching the teeth and the mouth clamps shut, "that mouth is gonna close and its gonna close fast." She makes the gator spin and jump a few more times and then circles around so she's behind him. In the blink of an eye. Avery is on top of the gator holding his mouth closed. "Scott!" she yells "get in here."

Scott reluctantly hopes over the fence into the open area, "yeah?"

"Grab the tape out of my pocket." Scott does as told then wraps the tap around the gator's mouth. After using half a roll of tape, Avery helps Scott get out of the pit before going back to the gator and kissing it on the nose then addresses the people watching "Don't ever try and do that kids, EVER! I know it may look like it's easy, but it's not. I've just been wrestling gators all my life and I read what they're going to do before they do it. Now thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the zoo." Avery then takes the tape off the gator and goes back to the door and leaves the exhibit.

She walks up to Scott and Stiles. "Well?" she asks.


Avery squeals and hugs them both," Thanks."

Sam approaches the group and talks to Avery, "how often can you do those?"

Avery replies "I can do I few after school every other day, if you want my dad can do some while I'm at school."

"Great, tell your dad to stop by tomorrow around 1 so I can discuss this with him"

"Okay, will do! Bye Sam!"

"Bye Avery!"

Avery turned back to Scott and Stiles, "Okay lets go back to the vet's so I can get my car and go home"

Avery was now laying in bed, she'd gotten her car earlier as well as Scott and Stiles' phone numbers. She told her parents about her new job when she got home and her dad agreed to do the shows as well. It was only 9 o'clock at night but Avery was tired after wrestling that gator earlier. So she just went to sleep.

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