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Big black eyes were fixed to the screen as the picture fizzled in and out. It was her accent that initially caught his attention, something Creed never thought he'd hear again after she put a bullet in him so long ago. Chuckling a bit as he rubbed his chest where the scar should have been, that took balls for the tiny girl to swallow that much rage, face a beast, shoot and kill him. A smirk appeared as the picture cleared and the camera made a close up on her face, Victor didn't remember her being that beautiful. Andromeda was just a kid when she was recruited for Weapon X, cute but an enormous pain in the ass and always hanging around the runt and Wilson.

Now here she was again, an X-man and defending the runt's actions after their last little tussle in the park. Figures, still a pain in the ass and a do-gooder, he reached for the knob but her eyes kept him from turning it off. Creed watched and listened to her as if it was a bedtime story.

"Ah, Victor, already watching," Magneto entered, always keeping tabs on his former colleague.

Creed turned away in a huff, "What of it? I like to see the runt squirm."

Eric put a hand on his shoulder, "I meant Andromeda, forever eloquent. How she never blames you, instead only advocates Wolverine's actions?"

"So she uses fancy words, that doesn't make her better," Creed said gruffly, which he regretted almost instantly, something he never did.

"I see," the older mutant said knowingly as he turned to leave, "She was brilliant last night," Eric said casually.

Victor looked at Magneto, "You saw her?"

"Yes, she is currently playing Eponine in Les Miserables, truly exceptional."

Creed watched Eric leave before returning to the screen, staring at the blonde once again he whispered, "Eponine."

Dressed in what he could call his best clothes and after scaring someone out of their ticket he made his way to the mezzanine. The beast like man could hear all the whispers and could feel the frightened pairs of eyes on him as he passed. What they thought didn't matter; he wasn't here for them he didn't care if they knew Sabretooth was present. Settling down into the small seat he began to wonder why he was even there, why was he curious about this frail. There was a pang of guilt calling her that, yet another feeling he never experienced, made him uneasy. Shifting in the theater seat and pulling his coat up around him, Creed moved to get up but the house lights went down and the drums started.

Patiently he waited. Patience was something he only had when waiting for prey. Andromeda appeared as Eponine, her blonde hair covered under a brown wig and cap. Her expression was one of pure love for Marius, Victor remembered that look on her face. He saw it constantly when she looked at Wade. Wilson, that pretty boy punk, not so pretty now but thirty times the cocky and more than a pinch insane since he got dumped from Weapon X; scoffing a bit louder than he thought he got shushed by a patron. Creed sneered back and the man cowered into his seat.

Turning back just in time for 'On My Own', that ballad he had no idea why he enjoyed it so much. Straightening up in his seat to hear her better and keeping his keen eyes on her as she walked slowly around the stage. The blonde opened her mouth to sing and the first note was clear as bell and even more beautiful that he remembered. Victor hadn't heard her sing in years, but the memory of that empty training room and the voice echoing through the hallways of the bunker. This song saved her life that day and the days after until she left. Victor joined in the standing ovation she received and stayed just until 'A Little Fall of Rain' was over.

Standing outside the theater in a fall drizzle Creed kept hearing her voice in his head. He wanted her, but he had to go about it another way than his usual methods of breaking, ripping and tearing. Victor would find a way, his brain overwhelmed with thoughts as he stalked away into the night.