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Victor heard himself say 'frail' and let the blonde up immediately, not even helping her up off the ground just afraid to touch her. He never wanted to put her in that position again. Not looking at the girl Creed solemnly shook his head completely ashamed of what he almost did.

The blonde pulled herself up, "Victor," she broached him slowly.

"No," he shook his head.

Andy stopped her approach setting her eyes on the massive man. Was there anything during this little adventure that wasn't going to surprise her? Shaking her head she continued to Creed putting her hands on his shoulders. He turned almost growling at her grabbing her hands.

"Please, Victor," she said softly looking at him through pleading eyes. "You don't have to pretend with me, I know what you're thinking. I knew the risks in seeing you, I wasn't kidding myself and I knew them coming to you now," she moved closer to him.

Creed looked at the blonde a bit shocked she wasn't afraid of him at all, "Andy, I don't want to hurt you."

"Who says you're going to?"

"I don't know my own strength."

The telepath laughed a bit, "Neither do I if I can make you regress. Victor, I'm not saying we delve into a relationship. However I would like to see you again, if you think you can keep the beast under control."

Victor smiled for the first time since their date, "I would like that very much."

The blonde hugged him and kissed his cheek, "Good, but let me call you when I've smoothed things over with Logan."

He chuckled slightly, "I could take care of that for you."

"Tempting but no," she pulled away. "You all right," the telepath asked partly knowing the answer from the smile on his face. Creed nodded, "Very well." Andy kissed his lips lightly, "You should probably leave before Wolverine goes nuclear."

"Thank you Andromeda," Creed said as he stood. He took her face in his hands just admiring it for a moment. "I look forward to hearing from you," he said softly before walking out of the hangar and past Logan.

They stared at each other for a moment before the shorter mutant moved to the blonde in a protective manner, "Finally listening," his voice as cocky as he watched Creed leave. He took Andy by the hand and they followed Sabretooth through the manor. Logan wanted to be sure he left.

"You're being ridiculous," she almost scolded him. Wolverine turned to her his mouth open to say something, "I know, I know," she rolled her eyes. "I have no idea what he's capable of and he's a vicious animal and I'm not safe unless I'm in my bubble. That about sum up your pep talk? Right, well I'm exhausted, heartbroken and I killed someone tonight, so spare me the lecture again. Can you just skip the overprotective thing and trust me?"

Logan looked at her and a smile stretched across his stern face, "He doesn't come around the manor and you let me know a day before you go anywhere with him." The mutant turned to leave but stopped, "For the record kid, I always trusted you."

"Thanks Logan," she told him and watched him walk away. Andy sighed this day was finally over. The blonde walked to the kitchen grabbed a spoon and her container of ice cream from the freezer. Traveling back to her room, comfort food in hand, she put on the cheesiest romantic comedy she had snuggling into her comforter ready for the next chapter to begin.