Chapter 1: Moving to Twilight Town

(Xion POV)

My name is Xion Frostwinds. I'm fifteen years old who is moving to Twilight Town from Radiant Garden with my father, Vexen, and my twin sister Myrrglosch who mostly prefers Myrr. We're fraternal twins. I have short raven black hair, where as she has long golden blond hair. But we both have bright blue eyes. We both had enjoyed the same things when we were younger, until we turned twelve, Myrr was sent a letter from our doctor, Aqua Seaway, which said that she had a rare condition that was still being studied. Ever since then, she became secluded, not wanting to hurt others and became relentless to making friends.

We were moving to Twilight Town since our parents' divorce, but I and my sister got to go with dad since our mom didn't want anything to do with us anymore. We were sitting in the car with the moving van behind us. Myrr was at the back looking out the window, I was sitting next to her.

When we arrived to our new home, we were pleased. It had a large shady willow tree and it was in a nice area. When we stopped at the driveway, Myrr went out of the car and grabbed her small bag of her precious belongings which she wouldn't let anyone take. When I went out of the car, my eyes met another's, he was blond with spiky hair and the same shade of bright blue eyes I had.

"Hi, are you new to Twilight Town?" he asked.

"Yeah, name's Xion," I said, "Xion Frostwinds."

"Name's Roxas," he said, "It's nice to meet you Xion. Is she your sister?"

"Yeah, Myrrglosch," I said, "but we mostly call her Myrr."

I was turned to see what Myrr was doing, she was waiting at the porch to get inside, while dad was overlooking that nothing was damaged.

"Are you two going to Oblivion High?" Roxas asked.

"Yes," I said, "Actually, my dad's going to be the new chemistry teacher there."

"I'll see you there," Roxas said and went to his house, which was next door.

(Myrr POV)

I saw Xion talking to this boy; it's been a while since she had a boyfriend. Not since Riku Shadowlance almost hurted her. I was glad, this one seemed nice.

I guess that I wasn't lucky to meet nice boys, especially since that letter came. Ever since then I didn't want a boyfriend if I would crush his heart when they find out about my condition. I finally went inside our new house. It was nice and had three bedrooms. Dad took the Master Bedroom and Xion and I took the other two. We both were sharing the bathroom anyways. As soon as I settled in Xion knocked on the door.

"Hey Myrr, do you want to go get some ice cream, dad said it was okay," Xion asked.

"Sure ice cream would be nice for a hot day," I said, grabbing my hooded vest.

What I didn't know was that the boy Xion met today was inviting us. I met Roxas and his friend Axel. We got the ice cream, Axel, Roxas and Xion got Sea-salt and I had mint. What was more of a surprise was that we snuck onto the ledge on the clock tower. After we finished we went home. School was starting soon since Spring Break was almost over.