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"Ow." Gaby stuck her finger in her mouth as she rushed to answer the knock that had just sounded on her door.

"What are you doing here?" she glared at her older brother as she continued to sooth the burn from the pan of chicken she'd just pulled out of the oven.

"Yes it's nice to see you to sis, of course I'd love to come in." Antonio smirked stepping through his sister's door. "it sure does smell good in here."

"You're not invited." Gaby shook her head.

"I'm wounded." Antonio covered his heart.

"Good now leave." She tried to push him towards the door.

"What do you have a hot date?" his eyes twinkled.

"ohh who is it?" his eyes twinkled at her."

"It's not a date." Just then another knock sounded on the door.

Antonio smirked as he opened the door. "Casey." Surprise colored his voice.

"Hey Tony." Matt walked past him sitting down a case of beer on Dawson's table.

"Ok then." Antonio shook his head. "Are you here under duress did my sister kidnap you blink once for no twice for yes." He joked.

"Oh ha ha very funny." Gaby stuck her tongue out at him.

"I thought so but seriously what's going on." He sat down next to his best friend.

"You mean you haven't told him?" Gaby said swinging her surprised gaze to Matt.

"I didn't tell anyone you just heard through the rumor mill and then said I had to come here." Casey pointed out.

"I feel so appreciated."

"Hey at least you're in the loop." Antonio said.

Matt sighed. "Hallie and I spilt up."

"Ah man I'm sorry." Antonio took a beer and opened it.

"So I'm guessing you're staying."

"Now I'd never turn down your cooking you know that."

"Well then you better call Marina."

"Right you are." Antonio stood up and pulled his cell phone out walking towards the living room to call his wife.

"I'm sorry about him he just showed up."

Matt waved away her concern. "He had to find out sooner or later he is my best friend after all."

"Which is why I'm surprised you hadn't told him yet."

"just didn't want to talk about it." Matt shrugged taking a slug of his beer.

"Right dropping it." Gaby went back to her food plating it and adding an extra setting for her brother.

"Tony dinner is ready?"

"Coming," he walked into the room flipping his phone shut. "Mari says hi."

"So I made Chicken." She plated it and sat down. Silence rang around the room.

"Seriously are we going to let this keep us from talking really I mean really yes Hallie was a part of your life for eight years but me and Tony have been a part of your life a lot longer?" She ranted.

"Oh dear duck and cover Gaby is at it." Tony stabbed his chicken.

"Sorry Princess Gabriela what would you like to talk about?" Casey joked.

"I don't know hey I have an idea but you'll have to wait until after dinner."

"Ohh I can't wait." Casey smirked. Twenty minutes later Gaby disappeared into her room. "Are you scared of what she might bring out?"

"Sort of with Gaby you never know."

"Here it is." Gaby came out of her room waving a dart board and a hand full of darts.

"Stop waving those." Casey playfully ducked.

Gaby ignored him and pinned the board up. "Something isn't right oh I've got it." She snapped her fingers and walked back into her room she came back waving a picture she pinned it up causing the men's mouth's to drop open.

"Well that's interesting."

"You want us to throw darts at that?"

"Of course it will be good for all of us."

"Sure." Casey shrugged. He stepped up and threw the first dart. It landed square in the middle of the picture of Hallie that Gaby had pinned up.

"That kind of was fun." He throw two more and smirked stepping aside to let Antonio and Gaby to take their turns. Finally half an hour later Gaby unpinned it and held it up.

"Well I think that sufficiently looks like Swiss cheese." Gaby smirked holding up the hole riddled picture.

"Well this has been fun but I should get home." Antonio kissed his sister's cheek and shook Matt's hand. "I'm sure I'll see you both soon.

Antonio left and Matt stood up from the couch. "I should get going to we have shift tomorrow.

"Right I'll see you at work." Gaby nodded.

Matt pulled her into a hug "Thanks for this Gabs this is exactly what I needed."

"Any time." she said trying not to sink to deeply into his hug. He let her go and she walked him to the door shutting and locking the door behind him she collected the empty beer bottles throwing them into a bag she did the dishes before collapsing into bed replaying the hug between her and Casey.