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Chapter Forty-Two

Jace trembles against me still, our pants filling the thick air around us. I'm shaking, as well, my body humming.

Jace lifts his head and looks down on me once we've regained some form of control over our bodies. He smiles languidly, and I smile back, completely and utterly satisfied. He kisses my sweat-soaked forehead before rolling off of me, and we lay shoulder-to-shoulder as we try to catch our breath.

"You okay?" he inquires a moment later.

He asks, I know, because he got a little rough with me, and I will most likely have bruises tomorrow. But at the moment, I don't care.

I just nod because I don't trust my voice yet.

A few minutes pass, both of us regaining some sense, and then, almost begrudgingly, I ask, "What are going to do?"

Jace, who has wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to his side, stiffens a bit. "What do you mean?"

I turn my head, resting my chin on his chest. Our eyes meet. "About your siblings? They're still locked up—and evil."

Jace inhales deeply, letting his head drop back onto his pillow. His eyes stare upwards blankly. "Well, I'm certainly not going to kill you just to bust them out and have them reek havoc."

"But I know you miss them and love them. You're really just going to let them stay—"

"The way I see it," Jace murmurs, looking at me again. "Is that they made their choice. They decided to take that demon blood—and they knew what it'd do to them. Celine told me Father had listed the side effects. They just didn't care. And until we can maybe find some way to undo the effects of the demon blood and bust them out of their prison without killing you—I'm content just to let them sit and stew a while longer."

I widen my eyes a bit but nod. I won't argue with him on any of the points. And perhaps one day, we can find a way to release his siblings—from everything, from the prison and their demonic tendencies.

"Is Isabelle…is Isabelle dead?" Jace inquires suddenly, frowning.

I nod.

"And Jocelyn?"

"Jordan told me that she had been possessed by the demon, that it had conned her into coming to the spot where so much magic had been practiced—the spot where we first condemned your siblings—and then it made her sacrifice herself and use a certain spell to unleash it."

Jace sighs and shakes his head. "I can't say I mourn her death."

"I'm surprised you aren't," I say, and it comes out a little more bitterly than I expect.

Jace turns his head and smirks at me a little. "I remember being with her only because she had red hair, like you. Even my demonic side was drawn to her because of it. But she was a poor substitute."

I give him a flat look. "As usual, I'm unmoved by your poor attempts at romantic sayings."

Jace simply scoffs. "I haven't made any attempts yet." He glances over at me, a devilish smirk flashing on his lips. "You'd be moved if I did."

I laugh at his ridiculousness.

But he quickly turns serious again, his search for answers continuing. "Jordan. Is he still here?"

I nod again.

"Is anyone else alive besides us three, then?"

I sigh heavily. "Well, there were a few of the men and women you Turned. They left, though, as soon as the demon showed its face, practically."

"Are they still…like I was? Even now that I'm human again?"

I nod. "It appears so."

"Great." Jace rubs his hands down his face tiredly and leaves them there. "I've unleashed some kind of plague on the world. I guess we'll have to hunt them all down and kill them or something. I'm not even sure what we should do with them—"

As he talks, I carefully roll on top of him. Gently, I pry his hands away from his face and hold them above his head. "Let's not talk about those things right now. Everything will work out—eventually."

Jace stares at me with a strange, almost distant expression that I can't decipher for the longest time, until, slowly, a smile dawns across his face—a beautiful, genuine, human smile. "All right."

I lean my face down towards his. "We get to live a normal, human, happy life together now. We can live and die together, grow old together. Just like we wanted."

"But never got," Jace murmurs, his eyes drifting towards my lips.

"We have it now."

At this, Jace's eyes flicker back to mine. Our gazes meet, and my breath is stolen from me. A smile spreads across his face, lighting up and softening it until I can no longer hold my head up and instead rest my forehead against his. "We have it now," he repeats.

And then we kiss, and the moment is so beautiful that it doesn't feel real.

None of this feels real.

And maybe…

Maybe it isn't real.


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