Chapter 1: Where Am I, Who Are You?

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"Come on out BOY WONDER!" the joker snickered, "You can't hide in the dark forever! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The insane monster, that some how managed to pass for a human being, just kept on laughing. Dressed his usual attire of a purple suit and dress pants, along with his usual purple vest, orange dress shirt, and green tie. His laughter sent sub-zero chills down Dick's spine, it had since he was just nine years old. But he was no longer the child that dressed in flashy colors that only scared the henchmen, he was no longer Robin. He was his own man, with his own rules and own identity and reputation. He was Nightwing, the silent and mostly unseen protector of Bludahaven. Now that Joker had decided to challenge him by calling him his old title, he was eager to wipe that smile of his face.

From his perch point in the shadows of the warehouse that served as the base to Gotham's worst of criminals. Nightwing grinned, to say he was glad to get a chance to beat the crap out of the Joker, would be an understatement. But if he was going to do this, he was going to make sure that it would be memorable. He was thankful that Bruce had taught him ventriloquism back when he was Robin. He silently cleared his throat,'and thought to himself "Showtime."

"I've got to give you some credit Joker," Nightwing's voice echoed, "Out of all the villains that I have to face these days, you're probably the only one of them that recognizes me back from the old days. So I guess that underneath underneath all that crazy, you really do have a brain!" Joker's face went from one of humor, to a look of primal rage.

"Why you little punk!" He exclaimed, while turning in every direction trying to determine where Nightwing was hiding. He already had his signature knife and pistol out and ready, and he was more than ready to claim the life of the first boy wonder. However, he failed to notice the sound of Nightwing jump down from his perch point. Nightwing smiled as he positioned himself so that he was aimed for Joker, and readied himself for to deliver a powerful kick to the back of Joker's head. Once Noghtwing's kick meet contact with Joker's skull, the sickening sound of bone meeting custom boots could be heard throughout the almost empty room.

"You're a few years late to be calling me little," Nightwing cracked. The moments in which Joker fell face first to the hard unforgiving concert, were savored by Nightwing. He even savor the moments that he spent cleaning the knocked out maniac of weapons and chemicals, along with cuffing the son of a bitch.

Five minutes later, Nightwing emerged from the warehouse dragging an unconscious Joker by the jacket. He was greeted by the sight of his other squad mates, Aqua Lad, Superboy, Miss Martian, and his girlfriend Zatanna Zatara. He gave a faint smile to Zatanna, and was returned a warm angelic one. He and Zatanna had been together now for about four years, and he could not have been happier. He would go to any lengthens to keep her safe.

They were about to send off the criminals, they had just caught, behind bars, but Nightwing noticed that one of the henchmen's eyes had turned red and a subtle red symbol that he did not recognize. But he did recognize that said henchman was being possessed by a sorcerer of chaos, he also noticed that his gaze was at Zatanna. The possessed man began to cast a spell in some strange language, almost instantly a weird beam shot towards Zatanna. Nightwing was moving faster than he knew he ever could, pushing Zatanna out of the line of fire and threw a wing-ding at the henchmen. However his new found speed could only go so far. He was hit by the strange beam, the gasps of everyone the could be heard. Instantly Nightwing started to fade away, until there was nothing.

"NIGHTWING!" Zatanna started to form in her eyes, and her hand reached out to where he once stood. She and everyone else were thinking the same thing, "What just happened?"

Nightwing landed on something hard and unforgiving yet strangely familiar. His felt as if he had just awoken with the worst hangover in all of history. His eyes were closed but he could tell from the sound that he was in a city, which confused him. He thought that spell would have killed him or sent him to another dimension. He slowly rose to his feet, the weight of his feet shifting from side to side as he rose. He slowly became aware of the fact he was on a rooftop that had aegret view of city that looked like Vegas but had the ugly old corrupt feel of Gotham.

He stared at the high towering casinos that light up the night making it almost seem like a completely different world, than he was used to. He tried using his wrist computer's GPS, to find out where the hell he was, but when tried to activate his computer all he got was a holo-screen full of static. He was completely stumped he should have been able to access the Bat-Computer or the Leagues no matter where he was. Then he saw the most puzzling thing in the world. He saw a building that had, in huge neon lights, Wayne Casnio.

Now he knew that he was not in the right world. Because he remembered Bruce telling him that he would never in a million years open a Casnio, because it went against what the Wayne name stood for. So there was no way that he was in his home universe. "Where the hell am I," he plainly stated not expecting an answer, "Wait what's that?" Far off in the distance he could make out the familiar shape of a gaint bat. "Bruce." he thought hopefully. Then he saw gun fire coming from the giant bat, and instantly knew that this was not Bruce. So who was it?

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