But seriously, oh my. I have loved this pairing since—I don't know—FOREVER, maybe? The first doujinshi manga I ever read was Sanji x Zoro on a site called animephile. I don't know if that site is still running because it was very perverted but it was great for yaoi doujin.

I'm seriously dreading writing a summary for this. Seriously, who likes writing those freaking summaries?!

I proudly present the first fanfic of my favorite manga and slash pairing. I call it:

Passion Fruit

The harsh slap of flesh against flesh. Quick, guttural gasps that echoed faintly around the room. Laying there, taking it, and wondering why. The pain buzzed around him, and he felt his heart skip a beat. He'd been counting the palpitations; he knew they weren't good if he wanted to stay in shape. A thud. Five. As he felt the hardness of another man's penis repeatedly penetrate him, he found himself drifting off, hoping it would be over soon, so he could finally get a bottle of sake.

The thrusts became slightly more erratic, and then there was no pattern to them at all. The other man sped up, losing his rhythm. Deciding to speed things up, Zoro lifted his hips and shoved against Sanji, allowing him deeper access as the blonde came to completion. With on final harsh exhale, Sanji emptied himself into his crewmate, his whole frame shuddering.

"Zoro…" he breathed as he finished, slumping over the still form of the swordsman. It was all routine. Every couple of days, Sanji would approach Zoro with lust-filled eyes silently telling him what was to come. Zoro would dutifully obey, and follow the cook into some recess where they wouldn't be discovered. He'd let himself be fucked, waiting for Sanji to be satisfied with him, then go back to his normal life until the next time he felt that intense gaze.

"Zoro, oh God that was great." Sanji shifted, his softened cock still inside the first mate. "I can hardly keep myself together when it comes to you. " Sanji smiled warmly down at the other, and then creased his brow. "I wish I could tell what you were thinking." He sighed, running his hand through short green locks of hair.

Zoro grunted in reply, gently shoving the cook off of him. He stood and stretched, pulled on his haramaki and pants and left the room, distracted by how much he'd have to train to make up for lost time. It wasn't Sanji's fault Zoro wasn't into sex. In reality, the swordsman imagined the other man was extremely good at love-making. It was just that there were more important things—like becoming the greatest swordsman in the world.

Sanji, however, could apparently only think with his dick. Really the first mate had no idea why the swirly-browed weirdo had such a fascination with him. If the cook really wanted to blow off steam Zoro knew for a fact that Robin would have been more than happy to help him with that. She'd even approached Zoro asking if he needed release. She did it to look out for the crewmates, in her own weird way.

Another problem was that Zoro was somewhat… impotent. Alright, it was a big problem. Sanji knew about it too, yet he was always trying to get a rise out of him. Literally. Yet every time, there was nothing. The impotency had been for as long as he could remember—perhaps it started with Kuina's death. Maybe afterwards, Zoro wasn't particularly "active" at that age. All it really boiled down to was that he couldn't get it up for his life.

In the back of his mind, Zoro wondered what it was like to climax. Sanji seemed to love it quite a bit—everyone he'd over heard speaking of it made it seem like the most amazing thing in the world. Even better than booze, he'd heard one particular drunk at a bar say. He definitely found that hard to believe. Zoro also wondered why he let Sanji go down on him. The green haired man certainly wasn't getting any release out of it. But maybe, in a weird way, he liked it.

Maybe he liked Sanji. Maybe he liked the way Sanji looked at him, the face Sanji made when he came, the feeling of Sanji lips devouring his. But Zoro would push that aside and think about something else, like how much he would like to sleep.

But everything changed after a day like any other, if it weren't for that weird fruit Usopp had brought back from the market.

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