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Passion Fruit 2

It had been a normal, even mundane day. The Thousand Sunny had shored on a new island, and the crew had filed off in different directions leaving Sanji and Zoro to watch the ship. The cook, a pervert as usual, took this opportunity to pleasure himself inside of his drowsy shipmate not once, but three times. By the time the rest of the Strawhats arrived back on board, Sanji was singing and in a fantastic mood; whilst Zoro was so exhausted he didn't even wake up in time for dinner.

By the time the swordsman woke up the sun was setting and a lively game of tease-the-Chopper had started. He rolled over and stared up at the sky, watching the sun glare softly through Nami's tangerine trees. He felt incredibly relaxed, almost glazed.

Sanji came outside, spouting nonsense at Nami and Robin before handing them a fancy fruit cocktail. He gave the rest of the gang a less fancy version, before heading towards Zoro. He crouched down next to him and blew out on his cigarette. "Are you awake?" Sanji asked smiling.

Zoro turned and looked at the cook's face. It gleamed, undoubtedly due to the early rendezvous in the back room of the kitchen. He saw the warmth behind his blue eyes, and found that it was more beautiful than the sun he'd just been admiring. Zoro turned away, he couldn't bear to look. "Yeah, I'm awake, twirly-brow," he gruffed, crossing his arms across his chest.

Ever in a good mood, Sanji only laughed at the insult. "I made you this," he said, picking up the last parfait from the platter.

"Yeah, you made one for everyone," Zoro leaned up and sat forward, happily taking the fruit from the lanky man. He speared a piece of a weird fruit with a lime green skin and an orange flesh and popping it into his mouth without a second thought.

"Yours is special…that strangely colored one is new. I didn't give it to anyone else because it's green and spiky—like you." Zoro glared at Sanji as he ate another. Even though the reason was stupid the fruit was good, really good, so good that Zoro felt warmer just from eating it.

"It's great, here, try it," the marimo mumbled through a mouthful as he lifted his fork to Sanji's mouth. The cook gleamed and ate the fruit offered to him.

"Usopp bought it from a shady looking vendor. I'm glad to know that it's not poisonous," Sanji laughed and stood back up. "See you later, moss-head." Zoro frowned and watched Sanji collect the dishes from his crewmates. He felt good. Really good. A weird good, actually, Zoro didn't remember feeling this good before.

He stood up, and stalked off towards the shower room. He felt Sanji's eyes follow him as he left. It was weird, but he was suddenly hyper-aware of the other's gaze. By the time he reached the bathroom he was hot. He turned on the sink faucet to cold and splashed water onto his face. He studied his reflection in the mirror—his face was bright red and dripping, and his mouth was slightly ajar as he breathed heavily.

What is this? He didn't understand what was happening to him. He felt so warm, so warm and so good, as if there was something wonderful just under his skin that he didn't know what to do about. Slowly he lifted his sword hand and touched his chest, right over where his heart thudded against his chest.

The contact made his heart skip a beat. Zoro inhaled sharply and let his hand trail down his torso. Lower, and lower until his hand rested below the line of his haramaki. Suddenly he was too hot. He grabbed the clothing article and pulled it over his head. His shirt was in the way too. He unsnapped his sword belt and set it gently to the floor.

Next were his black trousers, which he slipped off slowly due to the sensation the fabric created against his skin. He felt his skin rise with goose bumps and he rubbed his arms furiously. It was then he noticed where the feeling was the strongest. His penis, previously only used for obligatory reasons, stood straight and straining against his stomach.

Zoro knew what to do to staunch the urges flowing through him. Sanji did it inside of his… he did it around the green haired man quite often. Friction was the only way to achieve release. Timidly, he started to do something he'd never done before—masturbate.

He started by taking his hand and rubbing the side of his dick, and upon the amazing feeling it created he took the rest of the flesh into his hand and began moving his hold up and down.

As the pressure built from somewhere in his stomach, his hand moved faster. Soon he was gasping and his eyes were falling shut. His hips fell against the wall and he leaned against it as the strokes became increasingly more intense. Yet it wasn't enough he wasn't there, and it didn't seem like he was going to release without the something he was lacking.

He wanted Sanji, oddly enough. He wished Sanji were there to talk to him and kiss him and this time when the handsome blonde's lips were around his penis there would definitely be a reaction. Zoro wanted to feel the cook's…

He was suddenly aware of what was missing. Zoro glanced down to his unused left hand warily. He lifted his fingers to his mouth, movements becoming more urgent with each passing second. He wet his pointer and middle finger and snaked the arm around behind him, slowly feeling the cleft between his ass cheeks.

Suddenly sure of himself he plunged the fingers in, and had to hold back a shout. It was great—honestly and completely great. The feeling of having something inside him and his hand around his shaft made him light headed, he was almost there. So close, so close…

For the first time in his life Zoro came. He came hard, shooting multiple shots of semen as his hand slowed with each thrust. "Sanji," the big man groaned, eyes closed and mouth open. After a moment Zoro's head became slightly less clouded, and he realized that his dick hadn't wilted in the slightest. He frowned, perturbed but also elated because that meant he could once again orgasm, and he found the feeling addicting.

It was then he felt the presence of another person. Sanji stood in the doorway of the bathroom, flush and sweating as he stared at the man before him. There was a clear outline of the cook's cock against his black pants.

"Zoro," he gasped, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him, "finally."

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