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After years apart, Edward finally catches up with his wife. Edward/Bella. AH.

Before Edward took a sip of his drink, he swirled it around, watching the liquid crash against the ice cubes. As he swallowed the scotch, it left a burning taste in his throat, leaving him warm on the inside.

He glanced at his watch, looking at the expensive piece of jewelry, it was the only thing of value he had remaining. It was quarter to seven and he was positive she would enter the restaurant in precisely fifteen minutes. After all, she'd followed the exact same schedule for the past seven nights.

Edward clenched his jaw at the thought of seeing her. For so long, his only purpose in life had been to track her down, and now that he was this tantalizingly close to accomplishing his goal, he was filled with a deep feeling of emptiness inside. He'd spent countless nights rehearsing this moment and now that it was finally here, he wasn't sure what to feel.

"Did you want another one?" the bartender asked, flashing a flirtatious grin.

She was a hot redhead, stacked and even though she was behind the counter, he was pretty sure she had legs up to her neck.

He winked at her, a hint of a smile playing across his face. He'd figured out a long time ago the trick to understanding women: never make it too easy for them. He knew full well if he flirted back with the waitress, she would soon lose interest, they all did.

So Edward held himself back. He smiled at her but he also made sure she saw him checking out the other women in the restaurant. And as expected, the redhead paid extra attention to him to make sure she held his undivided attention.

He knew the instant she stepped inside of the restaurant. Even though he was sitting with his back to the entrance, every nerve in his body was aware of her.

"I get off in a few hours," the bartender whispered, giving him an enticing smile.

"That's great," Edward mumbled, no longer interested in playing juvenile games now that his real prey was here. Ignoring the dirty look she just shot him, Edward threw a $50 bill on the counter.

With each passing minute, the anticipation of seeing her grew and he could feel the excitement running through his body. He waited for the host to take her to her table, knowing it was located in a dark section of the restaurant. He knew she would be drinking her usual glass of Merlot while looking at the menu. And as the waiter took her order and walked away, Edward approached her from behind.

Seeing the shocked look on her face, a deep feeling of satisfaction swept through him as he took a seat across from her. He cocked his eyebrow, grabbing her glass and drinking from it.

"What's the matter, Swan? You don't look too happy to see your long lost husband."