Chapter 4


Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling

Kary`s Pov

During potions, I noticed a note being passed my way. I was just about to pass it to the person next me when i realized my name was on it. I opened it and it said:


Meet me at the astronomy tower

After dinner


At the Astronomy Tower

Blaise`s pov

I had just finished putting out the food when Kary came in dressed in a Blue strapless dress. She then sat down across from him, and smiled. I handed her a jewelry box. he saw her blush, as she accepted the small box. She opened it and started to tear up, then she leaned over the small table and kissed me.

Then next thing I knew we were kissing and she was on my lap. She then pulled away.

"I love you." shes said shyly

"I love you too, want to go to my dormitory" I said excitedly

"yea." she giggled

Kary`s pov

I woke up in a strange room, it was all green and silver. I looked next to me to see a sleeping Blaise. "thank god!" I thought. of course I didn't know where I was and who was snoring next to me.

"What a beautiful way to wake up." I heard a sleepy Blaise say

"Hehe, good morning."

"Lets go down to breakfast." he suggested

At Breakfast

Blaise`s pov

We walked into the great hall holding hands and everyone was looking at us like someone died. We decided we would sit at the Slytherin table. To my displeasure Draco was sitting with Marlleh and they were arguing. Something about how he doesn't give her enough attention.

Then Dumbledore stood up and gave a speech about a dance. Of course I knew exactly who I wanted to take.

Then out of nowhere Dean Thomas walked over to Kary and asked her the very thing i wanted to ask her. I`m not sure if Dean is blind or just plain stupid, because last time i checked I walked in holding Kary`s hand and she sat with me, practically on my lap.

Kary`s pov

I was dumbstruck, "WAS HE BLIND OR JUST PLAIN STUPID!" I thought.

"I'm sorry Dean I don't think i heard you right, can you repeat that please?"

"Will you go to the dance with me?" he asked nervously

"I'm sorry Kary is he bothering you?" Blaise said irritatedly

"Dean I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend." I said scooting closer to Blaise

Blaise then put his arm around me and hugged me close. I watched as Dean walked away very uncomfortably. Then out of nowhere Blaise asked me to the dance, so I said yes.

Oh I forgot to mention what was in the box! It was a pendant with a Snake wrapped around a badger :)

I hope this was longer to your liking :)

Chapter 5 will be the dance and getting ready