The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

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This chapter contains: Swearing, molestation/sexual abuse, drugs, angst, SMUT

Rated M

Marceline x Princess Bubblegum (Eventually)

Summary: The first time ever she saw her face; she saw the sun rise in her eyes. She felt a pull so strong, her heart felt like it might burst out of chest in a bloody mass of veins and muscles. But even that pain couldn't compare to the sudden, surprising pain she felt when she saw that she was distinctly disliked.

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Chapter 6: Price

Marceline thrust in with a firm, slow hand, brushing the top of Bonnibel inside. Bonnibel gasped, clawing her hunched form. Marceline massaged her tongue into Bonnibel's clit, making her shudder and buck her hips. She watched the blonde carefully, as Marceline started her finger in tandem with her tongue. Bonnibel's eyes fluttered open in surprise and pleasure, her gaze finding Marceline's. Marceline felt encouraged and continued, gaze never breaking blue hues. The blonde pulled up to Marceline's mouth, kissing hungrily. She slid her lips past Marceline's ear and uttered huskily:

"Put in two."

Marceline felt her arousal spike as she roll her hips against the other girl, pushing two fingers in and curling them up. Bonnibel cradled the pale teen's head, her ear to the other's mouth. Marceline faintly heard Bonnibel croon to her like she needed absolution. Her voice was sexy and low as Bonnibel licked Marceline's ear from bottom to top. Marceline couldn't help but release a needy moan from her chest, thrusting faster.

The blonde got louder and kissed Marceline deeply. Marceline rolled the blonde's nipples between her pale fingers as she went, rolling her tongue across her pouty lips. She bit her lower lip and gave it a tug before releasing it. Bonnibel groaned hungrily and ground against Marceline, never breaking the kiss.

Marceline felt her need increase and fucked her faster and harder. Bonnibel grabbed Marceline and told her she would cum soon. However, Marceline stopped again and plead for Bonnibel to crown her face. She quirked a blonde eyebrow at the brunette but said nothing and obliged. She sat so she can see Marceline, peering at her with darkened eyes.

Marceline wasted no time in diving in, attempting to salvage the residual pleasure from the last position. She sucked at her clit, rubbing it in soft, frantic patterns. Bonnibel groaned deep and long, before rolling her hips into Marceline's tongue. She watched as the tanned girl palmed her own breasts. Her eyes gorged in the sight of Bonnibel watching Marceline, watching Bonnibel.

Marceline synced with her, rolling her tongue over the girl's clit and sucking it at the same time. At this Bonnibel halfway yelped that she was close to orgasm. Marceline felt her body speeding up and tensing up for release. She manipulated that, circling around the swollen clit slow and hard.

Her orgasm took Marceline by surprise as Bonnibel tensed completely and her hips bucked out of control on Marceline's face. Marceline held her steady, rolling her tongue slowly on the clit as Bonnibel rode out her orgasm. When Bonnibel finally settled, Marceline pulled her into her arms, cradling her.


Marceline opened her eyes slowly, praying to God that maybe this wasn't happening. Just maybe Simon was not to the left of her, talking to Gunther like a child. Just maybe she wasn't looking at a letter that called for a parent-principal meeting. Just maybe (Goddammit, please) Bonnibel would not be looking, no, staring at her from across the couch.

Finally opening her eyes to see a freaked out Bonnibel across from her on the couch, Marceline knew that this was all too real.

Marceline slid her gaze to Bonnibel's in one smooth motion. She watched as the blonde's lips twitched before speaking.

"That cannot be your father."

Marceline popped up and on her feet before she could stop herself.

"Fuck you, Bonnibel! You don't have the right to judge me!" Bonnibel hopped up and joined Marceline, standing. Her hands were lifted in apology.

"I'm not judging you! I'm just worried." Bonnibel looked a bit contrite, but Marceline felt the steam seeping out of her ears.

"I'm not a fucking kid. I've been doing this shit for long enough by myself, thanks. I don't need you or the principal crawling in my ass." Bonnibel held her arms open as if she was the one exasperated. Marceline had the sudden urge to step closer to the blonde even as she was blinded by wrath.

"C'mon, Marceline. I had to pull a few strings with the principal to get him to leave you alone." Marceline scoffed at that.

"Sure, after you put us in that situation to begin with. It's your fault that we're here right now."

Bonnibel looked visibly deflated at that. She paused, looking down at her feet. "Yeah, I know. But I'm gonna help you fix it."

"Man… fuck that." Marceline sighed out dramatically, flopping onto the couch haphazardly.

Bonnibel opened her mouth only to be interrupted by Simon.

"Marcy." He crooned, a smile stretching across his face. Marceline looked mortified that he was speaking.

"Simon. What?" She said between clenched teeth.

"That girl, over there." He gestured over to Bonnibel and winked. "Is she your girl?"

Marceline about fainted when she had heard such a thing come out of Simon's mouth. Her cheeks burned red immediately and she swiftly got up and began to drag Simon's ass upstairs. He gave protest, scratching at Marceline. But she got him up there without a huge scramble to further her embarrassment. Giving Simon a final hard push into his room, she shut and locked the door. He started wailing and banging on the door. Marceline quickly rushed downstairs to grab Gunther, swing open the door, toss Gunther in there and shut the damn door again.

With that final slam, Marceline finally exhaled.

Holy shit.

She trotted down stairs to see a bemused Bonnibel on the couch. Marceline felt the tips of her ears redden at her giggles.

"This is serious. He's ill." Marceline said deadpanned. If anything, Bonnibel giggled harder.

"Doesn't mean he's not funny." Bonnibel shot a grin at Marceline that was met with a scowl. "I like him."

Marceline was shocked to hear such a thing. Simon was… well, her guardian at one point and at another her very best friend. Marceline knew that she hardly cared for the Simon he was now. But it was Simon's original sweet spirit that had gotten her adopted way back when and it was that same spirit of the past that kept Marceline from abandoning Simon. She had loved him before he was ill; it was out of obligation that she took care of him now. Not affection.

"You like him? You don't even know him." Marceline scrunched up her face, perplexed.

"So? He's funny. He made you blush." Bonnibel smiled easily at Marceline like she was making sense.

"Fuck him. He's a bastard." Marceline huffed, crossing her arms. If only Bonnibel knew the truth. Marceline began to feel a bit sad in thinking that. It caused her great confliction in her heart to remember the Simon that she loved and have that same fond memory scarred by the Simon she had now. Marceline could never deny that she loved him in some twisted manner; he was almost a father to her.


"Whatever. What am I gonna tell the principal?" Bonnibel shifted gears onto a new topic. Marceline gladly shifted with her, the thoughts including Simon too messy to sift through.

"Tell him that everything is fine, easy."

"No, Marceline. I can't do that. I have to report in honestly. I have this semester and the next to be here… with you." Marceline felt herself bristle with the insult Bonnibel included at the end, but remained calm.

"No, princess." Marceline noted that a faint blush appeared on Bonnibel's cheeks when she uttered the moniker. "What's going to happen is that you will tell Mr. Wilco that I'm perfectly fine without his dick in my ass and mind your own damn business for the rest of your life. Any questions?" Bonnibel was slack jawed by the end of the rant. But slowly, the fire crept back into her eyes.

"No." Marceline felt an eye muscle threaten to pop.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

Bonnibel fixated her eyes directly into Marceline's. "That means that what I say goes. I have the power, I call the shots." Marceline couldn't help but look into those stormy blues and just gaze. "I am available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after five. Here is my number." She shoved a slip of paper in Marceline's hand. Bonnibel then stood up and walked toward Marceline's door. She turned to speak to Marceline with cold, hard eyes.

"Now I don't really care what I tell the principal. But I am going to be honest. I am not going to chase you around to help you out. I've done what I can." Bonnibel stepped out the door without a goodbye.

Marceline huffed, chucking a pillow at the door. "Bitch." She sighed and rolled over on her belly.

This fucking sucked.


She was outside again, blunt roasting in the sun. Marijuana was mingling in her mind, between her eyeballs and splashed all over her lungs. Today she had smoked so much. She had smoked enough to hallucinate a little. Marceline was the kind of high that made every thought echo like a pen falling in an empty room. Every blade of grass between her fingers was vivid and a strange new specimen.

What she loved most about this kind of high was that she would get lost on the train of her thoughts, circling around her barely attached head. Marceline would practically swim on her stream of consciousness like a chugging river.

Marceline was on her tummy, flat out. She was trying desperately to forget something….

Oh yeah, she'd forgotten it already.

Marceline chuckled to herself; the thoughts churning inside of her sounding so clear in her mind, it was like she spoke them aloud.

Her mind floated to the topic of her father. She watched in her mind, dazed, memories of her mother… the body…. the blood… the touch. Marceline shook her head. She didn't want to think about this. But she was near powerless to the prodding of the thoughts in her trippy mind, the memories taking over.

Daddyhad touched her one night. He'd gone to draw her a bath and in the middle of bathing her tiny, pale body, he touched her. Marceline, thankfully, hadn't remembered more than that, but her mind was egging her on. What she did remember, however, was what he had said as he touched her:

It was "Daddy's Love". He loved Marceline. That's why he touched her there.

Marceline felt a tear fall from her left eye. Her THC clouded mind couldn't process but a few emotions at a time. Something was prodding her to go deeper, dig deeper within herself to find it. To actually ask why Daddy showed his love that way…

Marceline took another fat hit. She coughed violently, smoke spewing from her mouth and nose. Her throat burned as she hacked, eventually hacking so much as to make herself sick. She rose to her hands and knees to vomit, straining red at each retch. Before she could realize it fully, tears and snot were coming with the vomit too.

It took a while for Marceline's breathing to calm down. She simply stared at the pile of filth she had made in the backyard.

High as kite, she stood up and muttered to herself something about a shower and walked off.