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Eiji breathed hard. He planted his sword in the ground. His opponent in the Toshinden semifinals was Duke B. Rambart. He had just blown Duke back a good couple yards with his Rekkuzan attack. He was waiting for Duke to recover.

"Eiji! I'll admit, that last attack was formidable, but not good enough!" With that, Duke drew his huge two handed sword over his head. He rushed toward Eiji with a scream, shouting, "GRAND CROSS!" He spun around once, and brought his sword over his head. Eiji thought quickly to himself. "Damn! No way I'm gonna block that giant sword!" He quickly sidestepped it, and saw the opportunity for his desperation move, the Jigokumon. He slashed Duke upwards to the sky hard and yelled, "Jigokumon!" Eiji slashed Duke a countless number of times. Duke could feel the searing pain that fell upon his body before he finally fell to the ground. Eiji returned to the arena also. With a smirk, he exclaimed, "Heh, looks like I was right! That sword is too damn heavy to do much with!" Duke was barely able to look up to Eiji and weakly spoke, "Eiji.I'll never forget this.." Tired, Eiji sat down for a little bit, as many thoughts swirled around in his head.

"Eiji, my brother, you have grown. Your skills have improved greatly over these past years. Train hard, for I am certain that we shall cross paths once more." These were the last words Eiji heard from his elder brother, Sho Shinjo. It had been so many years since he left Eiji and his family. Sho was the reason he entered this tournament. He had to find out the truth on his brother. About why he left so soon. About why he left at all. These were the things Eiji strived to find out. Gathreing up his energy, Eiji picked himself up, and walked up the steps, wondering who his final opponent would be. He thought of the contestants. Maybe Rungo, the American man fighting for the same reason as I am: family; maybe he'll be my opponent. Or what about Sofia, the Russian assassin with the whip, it would be quite interesting to fight her. Or, maybe Kayin. Kayin may just have what it takes to make it to the final match. We'll see.

Eiji walked up the stairs. He had his sword unsheathed just in case something happened. He was expecting his opponent to be there, but to his surprise, they weren't. "Hmmm..", Eiji thought to himself. "I guess I'll wait here...and sit down...and sheath my sword.and.and." With that, Eiji fell asleep, unaware of the obstacles ahead.

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