To Love A Quarian

Chapter 3

Hey guys, I've been struggling on this chapter, I hope it still makes sense!

Leon sat in the dimmed interior of the Mess Hall. It was late at night for the solar day, and he couldn't sleep. Thinking about that special someone that has departed from his life not too long ago.

It's been the second night he's been up with no sleep. The ship was dead silent. Only the engine and his thoughts.

He doubted anyone was up at this hour, and he sort of liked it for now.

Sitting at the conference table with the overhead screens lowly lit, he sat there, sipping a cup of Asari Tea. One of his favorite beverages.

He wondered how she would fare when she returned to the Flotilla, and how they would react when they find out about them. She probably wouldn't tell the Quarians about it, but he knew that someone would notice her behavior, and question her about it.

The face of the Quarian he came to love was still on his mind, and it wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

"Here you are, ma'am. The Flotilla is just beyond this relay," said the Alliance captain of escort through the comm.

"Thank you, Captain, please send Leon my good-bye..." Lia said with slight sorrow.

There was a moment of silence before the captain responded;

"I will, ma'am."

She silently nodded, then throttled the ship forward.

"Lia! My daughter!" Lia's father said with open arms and she was in them in seconds.

"Father! Lia said happily as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Your pilgrimage was very short, and how did you obtain this craft?" He asked with surprise.

They looked outside the window of the gardening ship they were on to see the ship she has brought.

She was immediately saddened as the ship reminded her of someone special, looking down at the ground.

Her father noticed the feeling, "What's wrong, honey?"

"Oh, it's just that..." She tried to say.

"Is it personal?"


"Do you mind telling me?" He asked, Intent to listen.

"Do you promise not to tell anyone?"

"You have my word as a father."

"Ok..." She started, "This human...this man...He has helped me when I was struggling on the Citadel. He's saved me twice...and I...fell in love with him," she finished happily with a smile.

Her father didn't know how to react...from the blank expression on his face.

"This man...he's bought you a ship, and you two fell in love?" He asked.

She simply nodded.

"I...did not expect this story. On my word, I won't tell anybody, but who? Who is he?"

"He's Commander Leon Shepard."

His eyes went wide, "Wait, THE Shepard?"


He was silent for a few minutes. Processing...

"How did you two end up together?" He asked with a heavy curiosity.

" all started..." She began.

Leon finished his cup of tea, and he made his way over to the kitchen section of the Mess Hall and placed the cup in the dishwasher.

On his way back, he saw Dr. Chakwas walking up towards the Sleeper pods, and she noticed him.

"Commander? What are you doing up this late?" She asked, concerned.

"I can't sleep, Doc," he replied simply

She walked over to him, "Is something wrong?"

"Well, me? No, life? Yes."

"What's going on in life?" She asked.

Leon motioned for her to sit down at the Mess Hall table, they went and sat.

"How do I say this...? I...fell in love with a Quarian," he said to her, uniting his hands on the table.

"Oh, Tali?" Karin asked.

He shook his head, "No, ma'am. Another."

"Who is she?"

"She was a Quarian on her pilgrimage. I encountered her being accused of a crime she didn't even do, and I straightened it out."

She nodded, listening.

"I talked to her a bit before I had to go my way..."

"You let him see your face!?" Lia's father asked in shock.

"Father! I took a few heavy duty antibiotics and protection. I'm fine."

He let out a relief, "Oh, I'm glad."

"But...I wish I could see him again..." She said slight sadness, she said, looking at him.

"Don't worry, Darling, I'm sure you'll get the chance to see him again," her father said reassuringly with putting a hand on her shoulder.

She nodded, "I hope so..."

"And, that's how we ended up being separated," Leon finished with a weak smile.

"That was really sweet of you, Commander. I'm sure Life will grant you another chance to see her," Karin said to him with a hand on his.

He nodded, "Thanks, Karin. I don't know where I'd be without you," he finished with a smile.

She chuckled, "I think you'd still be where you are. It was you who carried us this far."

"You give too much credit, Doc. I think I'll try to see if I can sleep again," Leon said to her.

She nodded, "Good night, Leon. sweet dreams."

He got up from his chair, and the doctor did the same.

"See you later, Karin," he said to her with a smile.

The two departed, and Leon made his way to the elevator.

When he got there, he pressed the button for the Cabin.

The next thing that happened was him landing on his bed with his back, staring out to the galaxy through the overhead window. His hands resting on each other atop of his stomach.

He was thinking about Lia, wondering what she was doing. He knew he was and will not stop thinking about her.

The only thing is, Lia was doing the same in her quarters on her father's ship, on her Omni-tool, looking at the picture she caught in the moment when she had her first kiss...

She let out a sigh, knowing her heart was in joy and in sorrow.

Needless to say, they both fell asleep, thinking about each other.

Again, I struggled in this one!

I've tried my best to get over the Writer's Block. Hopefully, the next chapter will make it up.

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