Hello everyone, and welcome to the first chapter of my first YuGiOh GX fic.

In this story Jaden will not be as... immature as he was in cannon because of one face which will be revealed in chapter. Although I am able to excuse Jaden for his stupidity/ immaturity because of what was revealed in Season 3:

With Yubel he kept putting kids into comas, which stunted his emotional growth. Then Yubel, who was seen as his best friend because of his stunted emotional growth, was sent into space by his parents which would have further damaged his psyche because of the 'betrayal' (in his eyes) of his parents, then there was the pain filled nightmares Yubel sent him to try and get his help and, finally, there was all the treatments to get him to forget Yubel and the nightmares, which is probably why he is so single minded because that is the mentality needed for most of those kind of treatments.

Since in this story Jaden's parents died shortly after Yubel was sent to space he didn't lose contact with Yubel and eventually got back into proper contact with her (yes, I belive that Yubel is female... although this is a very controversial point) and learnt of his past as the Supreme King and has learnt to (at least partly) use his powers.

This Jaden will also be able to see ALL of his Duel Spirits. I never understood why he only ever saw Winged Kuriboh, the Neo Spacians, Neos and Yubel. It would have been especially good if he could have seen all of his Spirits, or at least most of them, and they each had unique personalities for interaction with Jaden.

Jaden will also have a deck with different Heroes then in the show. Oh, he will have them but he will also have the other Heroes like Elemental Hero Heat and Elemental Hero Terra Firma to name two. And I love Winged Kuriboh like everyone else but Jaden will not gain the little fuzzy this turn, he will get a different card instead.

There will also be Crowler-bashing, Chazz-bashing and Obelisk-bashing (besides Alexis, Jasmin, Mindy and Zane), I personally don't like these two.

This story is inspired by these three stories: 'Darkness is My Ally', 'Awakening and 'Transformers GX'all of which are by 'YugiohFreak54', read his stories they are brilliant.

This fic is also, kinda a present for my friend RebukeX7 for his birthday. Check out his stories, they are MASTERPIECES!

The pairing in this story will be unique, myself only seeing one story with this kind of pairing, which is 'Evil King Jaden' by 'Chooch77'. It'll be a Jaden X Duel Spirit girls X human girl harem. Sweet, huh?

The harem will consist of: Alexis, E-Hero Burstinatrix, E-Hero Lady Heat, E-Hero Poison Rose, Yubel, an OC monster and there are a few girls I'm considering adding who are Blair, Jasmin and Mindy. I think I'll add them but if enough people say against this decision then I won't. I am also controversial on whether I should add Camula to the harem or not. So, please, leave reviews about your opinions on these ideas.

Thank you.

And I am sorry for wasting so much of your time with this ridiculously long authors note so let's get on with it!


Disclaimer: I do not own YuGiOh GX.




"Duel Spirits Talking"


Elemental King Jaden Yuki

Chapter 1: Game On

A lone boy slept on a matted bed, his hair dark brown with a large tuff of more orange-brown hair at the top of his head. This was Jaden Yuki. He was sleeping alone on his bed untill, suddenly, a woman walked through the door and lay down on the bed next to him. The woman had long grey hair with snow-white tips, a red leather/latex full body costume that had cuts around her shoulders, a slight gap at the base of her neck and the costume stopped a few inches after her shoulder. She had long red heeled boots made of the same material that reached halfway between her hip and her knee. On her arms where red finger-less gloves that where also made of the same material that stopped just after her elbows, ending with a spike. On top of her head was a golden helmet with a small green gem. Her skin was ash-white. Her eyes where not hidden by the mask/ costume and were revealed to be a bright, vibrant green. Her lower face was also uncovered, revealing more of her ash-like skin and her ruby-red lips. However, the woman also seemed to be see-through. "Jaden" she whispered poking him, said boy just groaned and rolled onto his side "Jaden!" the woman said with a slightly annoyed tone as she poked him again

"Go away..." Jaden mumbled back to her, pulling the covers closer to him and trying desperately to try and stay in the realm of dreams

"JADEN!" the ash-skinned woman screamed in annoyance causing said boy to jump out of bed with a scream before he fell onto the floor with a loud bamg

"Owwwwwwww..." Jaden groaned "Burtsinatrix, what was that for?!"

"You need to get up, the exam's today and if you don't leave soon you're going to be late." the Duel Spirit, now revealed to be named Burtsinatrix, replied with a roll of her eyes

"Crap! The exam!" Jaden suddenly yelled, his golden eyes widening in shock and fear as he ran to his closet and pulled out his usual cloths "Thanks babe!" Jaden had quickly changed into a plain red shirt with a black leather jacket and a pair of black jeans with some tears near the knees. He then ran to the woman and lightly kissed her on the lips before he ran out of the room. The new room he ran into was a living room, full of different Duel Spirits

"Papa!" one of the spirits called cheerfully as it ran to Jaden at full speed and jumped into his arms. This monster looked like a living plant. It was a light green rose bud, the top of it's head having a light yellow tint to the green plant-skin, with more rose buds as hands, what looked like a cape made out of two leafs and a silver necklace with a pink gem. The monster had wide blue eyes and a permanent bright pink blush on it's face

"Hey Princess." Jaden said with a smile before he passed the little monster to another one. This was a woman with purple skin, red eyes and long, petal-like white hair. This monster was also wearing a crown on her head with a green gem. Her legs where covered by dark pink stockings, her waist circled by a skirt made out of leafs which was held up by a golden belt with a light blue gem. Her feet where covered by by leaf-made shoes and her upper body had a black/dark green corset with a leaf-like jacket covering her arms, back and shoulders. On each hand she had several golden rings "Here you go sweety." Jaden smiled before he kissed the purple skinned woman on the cheek. He then turned to the Duel Spirits and smiled "Here you go Rose."

"Thanks sweety." the spirit smiled as she softly pecked his lips with her own pale purple ones. Jaden was in a relationship that most people would frown upon, first off there's the fact he's in a relationship with a Duel Spirit and then there's the fact he was in a relationship with THREE Duel Spirits. His girlfriends where the Elemental Hero Burstinatrix, the woman in front of him called Elemental Hero Poison Rose and the last member of the harem is the other fire female known as Elemental Hero Lady Heat

Jaden smiled before he called to all the spirits in his small home "Come on guys, we're gonna be late!" the group quickly returned to their cards as Jaden grabbed his deck as well as his special Battle City DuelDisc, it looked just like the normal Battle City DuelDisc except the red was black. Jaden then ran out of the house to try and get to the exam on time. As he ran Jaden's mind couldn't help but think back on his life.

His parents had never liked his love for the game Duel Monsters, especially since whenever he played and lost (which was a lot of the time when he was younger) the other kids would fall into comas. Because of this his best friend was the Duel Spirit of his favorite card, was why, when Jaden won a contest to create real cards for the game to be sent into space his parents got the people in charge of the launch to send Yubel into space as well. The next day his parents went out partying in celebration, thinking their son would give up the 'stupid game', as they called it, and become a layer like they wanted. Unfortunately they died in a drink-driving accident, not that Jaden cared too much. Jaden as then taken in by an orphanage, only to be kicked out because he refused to give his family's money to the bastard in charge since his parent's wealth of nearly a hundred million went to him. Ever since then Jaden had entered tournaments to make money in order to help survive, wanting to save the money and only use it for emergency. Over the years Yubel had also told him of his past, powers and who he truly was. Jaden accepted e was the reincarnation of a dark king from long ago but he also wanted to be his own person in this new life he was in. And so, he became the Elemental King in tournaments using the incredibly hard to master Elemental Hero archetype of Duel Monster cards, he was considered to be THE master of the archetype by some higher ups, and has been trying to master his powers through the years which had changed his once soft brown eyes into orbs of soft honey-gold which seem to hold eternal caring

Jaden was so busy thinking about the past that he didn't watch where he was going. He bumped into another male with tri-spiky hair of red, black and three hairs pure blonde. Jaden got his wits back about him and looked at the stranger; his jaw dropped when he recognized the male but gained a large grin.

"Yug, been a while hasn't it?" Jaden asked with his grin still present.

The male chuckled lightly at seeing the young man, he met him once during one of the many tournaments that Jaden had taken part in and the two had gotten along greatly, especially since Yugi saw some of himself in the younger male. Jaden has more or less become like an unoffical apprentice "Fine, it seems like todays the day right?"

"Sure is!" Jaden replied with a smile. Today was the day that Jaden would be applying for the great Duel Academy, a school created by Yugi's Rival, Seto Kiba. The school was split into three dorms:

Slifer Red; a low level dorm to show that Kaiba still let their infamous rivalry exist out of the Duel Arena despite Yugi attempting to leave it alone. Any student that did poorly on their written and then their practical exams end up in this dorm and were nicked named the Slifer Drop-outs due to many just dropping out of the school due to the harsh competition.

Ra Yellow; A mid-level dorm. Ra, while depicted as the mightiest of the three, was a Luke-warm monster to Kaiba. The god of the sun was owned by Marik Ishtar who wasn't much of a threat, according to Kaiba's own arrogance. The duelists that did exceedingly well on both their written and practical exams and by exceedingly well, I mean really high marks; eighty, ninety to ninety-five percent well.

Obelisk Blue; the top of Kaiba's school due to him holding the Obelisk the Tormentor card in the Battle City tournament. The dorm was meant for the best overall duelists, once who preformed well in exams and duels. But the dorm had been corrupted to be the home of the richest snobs who expected everything; rare cards, respect, even victories, to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Although Jaden and Yugi didn't think that Kiba knew of the corruption with the dorming system because from what Yugi had told Jaden of the Blue Eyes user he wouldn't stand for that kind of cheating

"Well, lucky I found you because some new cards from Pegasus just arrived today. Here." Yugi reached into his deck case and pulled out a total of six cards; one effect monster, four fusion monsters and a spell card

"Wow, these are for me?" Jaden asked in amazement

"Sure they are Jaden, you deserve them." Yugi smiled

"Thanks Yugi." Jaden beamed back, looking at the cards "Hello guys, and welcome to the family!" the only reply he got was a giggle from the effect monster "Well, see you Yugi I gotta get going!" Jaden then took off like the hounds of hell where on his feet as he speed through the roads

"Good luck Elemental King." Yugi whispered with a found smile

"WAIT!" Jaden yelled as he ran towards the entrance of the Kiba Dome, where the entrance exams for Duel Academy where taking place

"Greetings young man. How may I help you?" The man in charge asked.

"I'm here to apply for Duel Academy." The boy answered.


"Jaden Yuki."

The man took a clipboard from his desk and looked at the list carefully. A few seconds later… "Ah, here you are. Jaden Yuki." the man nodded. "Just head inside and when they call you, head to the arena."

"Thank you sir." Jaden bowed respectfully and went to proceed inside the building. He passed the written exam, just barely scrapping past a 78%, and heading towards the stadium. He noticed a duel taking place in one of the fields, the person being tested by a boy that had black hair with a grey streak in it who had 4000 life points and a Vorse Raider while his opponent had 1900 and three monsters each with variable attack and defense points.

"Okay, freshman. Pop quiz time. You have three monsters staring you down and two facedowns. Which of the following do you do? Do you do A) Throw in the towel? B) Attack hoping that I don't activate my facedowns? Or C) Run home to momma?" the tester asked with in a snide tone.

"I chose D) none of the above!" The boy shouted. "Go facedown trap! Ring of Destruction!"

As the ring appeared it wrapped itself around the Vorse Raider and blew up. The tester brought his arm up to shield from the debris as his life points plummeted to zero. The black haired boy smiled as his disk deactivated.

"Congratulations, you have been accepted into Duel Academy." The tester said.

"Thank you." Black hair said.

"That guy is pretty good, huh Chazz?" a boy with wavy blue hair and glasses asked.

"He's a punk." The person in the middle called Chazz scoffed. "We went to Duel prep school for the past three years. We're ready for the Academy. These kids don't know what they're getting into. But they'll learn… the hard way, the Chazz Princeton way."

'Chazz Princeton, huh? With an attitude like that, I might have to change your tune when we duel.' Jaden thought with a glare

"That's Chazz, someone who went through Dueling Prep School. He's really good. Possibly the best in the school." a small boy with blue hair, who could easily be mistaken as a child, said when he saw who Jaden was talking about

"He's not so tough, he's just using his money to get what he wants. That doesn't help in dueling." Jaden said with a shake of his head "Jaden. Jaden Yuki."

"Syrus Truesdale ." the bluenette replied with a nervous bow

Right below them, in the VIP seats for Academy faculty members "Looks like we've got a pretty good crop this year." One of them said.

"Yes, indeed." Another teacher agreed.

Also right next to them, another teacher sat there silent not paying attention to the other teachers' talk. He's male, but could easily be mistaken as a woman if you didn't know who he was. He wore a blue blazer similar to Chazz but had some gold shoulder plates and trimmings along with a ruffled pink collar. He also had his blonde hair in a ponytail and wore makeup. This was Dr. Vellian Crowler, headmaster of the Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm.

'Another rookie for the Academy.' He thought dismissively. 'I'm just glad that this was the last duel, otherwise there could be more slackers coming in, too.'

He was about to get up and leave when…

"I'm sorry to interrupt." A man in a black, business suit appeared stopping Crowler from leaving. "But one last applicant has arrived to take his exam, Mr. Crowler."

"Excuse me? Did you just call me, 'mister'?" Crowler scowled.

"I'm sorry. I'm new here Miss…"

"I have a Ph.D. in dueling to earn the title 'Doctor' thank you!" Crowler snapped a bit. He then looked away. "Now tell the truant that he'll have to come back next year." The other teachers looked at him like he lost his mind.

"Come on, Dr. Crowler, we have time for one more."

"Yes, let's give this duelist his shot."

"He was just a bit late, that's all."

"LATE IS RUDE!" Crowler finally snapped. He slammed his hands down, freaking out the other people around him. "I HAVE NO TIME FOR SLACKERS!" Just then his cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and answered it "WHAT!?"

"It's Sheppard."

"Oh, Chancellor Sheppard, how nice of you to call." Crowler said, suddenly changing his angry tone to a pleasant one.

"Just calling to make sure everything is running smoothly." Chancellor Sheppard said. "We wouldn't want a repeat of what happened last year." That made Crowler bug out a bit. "When you cut a third of our student applicants because someone called you 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.'? Never mind, just make sure everyone gets a fair shot!"

"Yes, o... of course, sir." Crowler said as he hung up scowling. 'Furry–chinned windbag; doesn't he realize that there are enough talentless flunkies at this Academy? But he's the boss, and if he wants to give this scrim shaker a duel…fine.' He then got up from his seat. "Pardon me, gentlemen, I'll be right back." He said then starting walking away.

"But sir, who will be the boy's dueling proctor? And which exam deck should we use?"

Crowler just huffed and walked away. "Leave that to me." He pulled out a deck from inside his blazer, grinning evilly.

Back with Jaden and Syrus where the black haired boy from earlier walked towards them "Hey there, you did great in your duel! You might even be the second best in the whole school!" Jaden called, praising the boy

"Thank you. I am Bastion Misawa." the black haired boy nodded

"Syrus Truesdale ."

"And I'm..."

"Jaden Yuki, please report to Dueling Field # 4." The PA announced again. "Jaden Yuki, to Dueling Field # 4."

"That's me! Looks like it's go time!" Jaden said as he got ready to go. "Wish me luck, guys."

"Wait! Before you go, what did you mean by me being the second best duelist at the school? Who's the first?" Bastion asked.

Jaden pointed his thumb to himself. "Why yours truly!" He grinned. "It's what I'm best at." He then continued his stride down to the exam floor.

"He seems interesting." Bastion nodded as the brown haired boy ran to the field

On the field, Dr. Crowler was being prepped and ready to Duel. The duel disk he was equipped with looked as though it was crafted into his blazer. The part that held his graveyard and deck slots was strapped to his chest, while the duel tray looked as though it was being held up like a guitar. In fact, the duel tray itself looked almost like a rock guitar itself. Jaden rose up from a platform and was on the duel field. The young king was shocked at what he saw, not sure if it was a man or a woman "Alright, test time!" Crowler snapped as it looking at Jaden. "So, son, your name?"

Jaden's eyes narrowed at the tone before he replied "My name's Jaden, Jaden Yuki."

"Well 'Jaden Yuki', I'm Doctor Vellian Crowler, Department Chair, Head of the Obelisk Blue Male Dorm and Techniques Professor here at Duel Academy."

"Wow." Jaden said, rubbing the back of his neck with a hearty laugh. "A Department chair, I had no idea. From the way you were dressed I thought you were some kind of Academy mascot." An aura of fire seemed to surround Crowler at that comment

"Now that he mentions it..." The boy wearing glasses next to Chazz said.

"This guy's got some lip, huh Chazz?" The other said. Chazz just looked on as he didn't like what Jaden was saying to Dr. Crowler.

"Duel Vest On!" Crowler snapped activating it and drew his five cards. Jaden was just amazed by the machinery.

"Hey, that's some sweet gear, teach. How do I get one of those?" Jaden asked.

"Oh, a lot of hard work, high marks and dedication." Crowler answered. 'Of course, you have to be accepted first. Which I will make sure you don't.'

"Well, I'm ready!" Jaden said activating his DuelDisk

"Let's Duel!" the he-she-thing yelled

"Game on!" Jaden proclaimed in confidence

Jaden: 4000

Crowler: 4000

High up in the stadium where two Obelisk Blue's, one male and one female. The male was in the white variant of the male uniform while the girl was in the normal female uniform, a white and blue blazer, blue mini-skirt and blue high-heels she was also wearing light blue Dueling gloves. The guy had dark blue hair and grey eyes while the girl had long blonde hair and blue eyes "Man, this kid must be really good or done something to really piss off Crowler for him to Dule him, huh Zane?" the girl asked.

"Maybe Alexis, I'm just hoping that the kid might be able to keep up and possibly be a worthy opponent." the dark blue haired man replied with his neutral face

"I'll start!" Jaden said as he drew his sixth card "Okay, this'll be simple. I play five cards facedown and summon the Elemental Hero Knospe in Attack Mode!" five cards appeared on his field in the Spell/Trap Zone before the small plant creature from this morning appeared in the Monster Zone

(E-Hero Knospe: Plant-Type/ Effect/ EARTH/ Level 3/ ATK; 600/ DEF; 1000)

"Ready Papa!" the little plant girl cheered as she took a fighting position on the field. There was a few seconds of silence before everyone from the Obelisk Blue Dorm, besides Zane and Alexis, and Crowler burst into laughter

"What's the point of summoning that pointless thing?!" Crowler asked before he started laughing more

"Shut up!" Jaden snapped "None of my cards are pointless! And besides, if it's so pointless you won't have any trouble taking it down, will you? Especially since it's your turn."

"Fine!" Crowler said as his Duel Coat ejected a new card "I place two cards facedown and play the facedown Heavy Storm!"

"Sorry but I activate the Quickplay Spell Card Hero Circle!" Jaden quickly countered, activating a Spell Card which had the picture of a silhouette surrounded by an energy ring split into four colours; red, blue, green and grey "This card has four different effects, which one depends on the element of Elemental Hero I have on the field! Knospe is an EARTH MOnster so that means that since I have an Elemental Hero on the field you are unable to destroy my Spell or Traps this turn. That means you just destroyed your own Trap's for nothing!" As Jaden finished his taught a great wind flew through the field just before a circle surrounded the five Monster Zones and five Spell/Trap Zones on Jaden's side of the field just before the two Trap's on Crowler's side of the field where blown away by the wind

"I wouldn't say that, because the two Traps I destroyed where two copies of the Statue of the Wicked! When these cards are sent to the Graveyard I get to summon two Wicked Tokens!" as Crowler finished his gloat two hideous looking serpent monsters

(Wicked Fiend Token: Fiend-Type/ DARK/ Level 4/ ATK; 1000/ DEF; 1000)

"Crowler must be using his own deck in this duel." The boy with glasses said.

"Then this duel is over. No one can beat the deck of an expert like Dr. Crowler." The other boy said.

"I think I'm going to enjoy Crowler wiping the floor with that kid. I just wish they treated all the other second–rate duelists that apply at this academy the same way." Chazz chuckled

"What an elitist snob." Alexis said, "Bullying some kid with his very best cards."

"You're too soft, Alexis." Zane spoke up. "I just hope we get to see that legendary rare card Crowler had stashed in that deck of his."

"I tribute my two tokens so I can summon the mighty Ancient Gear Golem!" Crowler finished as he raised his hand to the sky. The two tokens exploded into a pillar of light which faded to reveal a giant man made out of old rusted metals and gears, coloured a deep rusted brown with giant clawed hands and a single red eye shinning from under it's spartan-like helmat

(Ancient Gear Golem: Machine-Type/ Effect/ EARTH/ Level 8/ ATK; 3000/ DEF; 3000)

"That's it, that's his legendary card!" Alexis gasped "The Ancient Gear Golem!"

"Now it looks like we're about to find out what makes it so legendary." Zane added.

"Now, now, I hope you're not too scared of my legendary Ancient Gear Golem." Crowler said sarcastically towards Jaden.

"No way, that's a cool card! I've always wanted to fight one! Too bad you won't be able to do anything with it this turn because I activate my Trap, Threatening Roar!" a load roar filled the field causing the Golem to take a step back "Now you can't enter your battle phase!"

"Whatever. I end turn."

"You sure doc?" Jaden asked, shocked at the 'Doctor's apparent stupidity

"Yes you slacker! Just make your move!" Crowler snapped in anger

"Fine then." Jaden shrugged as he drew a card and smirked "I activate my face down card, Rose Bud! When I activate this spell I can tribute Knospe to special summon Elemental Hero Poison Rose from my deck!" As Jaden finished his explanation Knospe began to glow as the bud that it's body was made from opened up to reveal a new monster, the woman Jaden had given Knospe to earlier this morning, Elemental Hero Poison Rose!

(E-Hero Poison Rose: Plant-Type/ Effect/ EARTH/ Level 6/ ATK; 1900/ DEF; 2000)

"What is that? A man who wanted to be a woman but got a botched sex change operation?" Poison Rose asked as she appeared next to Jaden causing him to chuckle

"Oh please, you think that weed can defeat me?!" Crowler asked arrogantly

"Who are you calling a weed you he-she-thing!" Poison Rose yelled in anger

"I activate the trap card; Call of the Haunted! This allows me to bring Knospe back to the field!" Jaden yelled as the small plant monster returned to the field

"Ready Mommy! Ready Papa!" Knospe said happy

"What's this guy up to?" Alexis wondered "He's summoned two monsters who are both far too weak to take down that Golem. And in Attack Mode as well."

"Now I play the spell card; Short Cut!" Jaden yelled as he activated the only card in his hand "This card allows me to pick one monster on my side of the field and they can now attack you directly! And I pick Poison Rose!" the flowery Hero was surrounded by a glowing yellow aura "Now I'll attack you directly with Knospe thanks to her Special Ability!" the little green monster then fired blasts of green energy from the bulbs she had for hands which hit Crowler and sent him to the ground

Crowler: 4000 - 3100

"And that's not all, when Knospe causes damage she gains 100 ATK in exchange for 100 DEF!" Jaden continued

(Knospe: ATK; 600 - 700/ DEF; 1000 - 900)

"Now Poison Rose will attack you directly as well with Thorn Kick!" Jaden added. Poison Rose jumped towards Crowler as green glowing thorns sprouted around her ankle before her foot slammed into Crowler's face

Crowler: 3100 - 1200

Jaden smirked before he continued his turn "And, like Knospe, when Poison Rose causes damage to my opponent she gains points, however she gains both ATK and DEF points, 200 of them actually!"

(Poison Rose: ATK; 1900 - 2100/ DEF; 2000 - 2200)

"Unfortunatly, because of Short Cut Poison Rose can't attack next turn." Jaden said with a smile "And now I end my turn!"

"And I end you!" Crowler screeched as she-he drew a new card before screaming "Golem, attack that Slacker's little bud!"

"Sorry but as long as I have another Elemental Hero on the field you can only attack Poison Rose, and Knospe can't be selected as an attack target as long as I have another Elemental Hero on the field." Jaden smirked

"Whatever. Goelm, destroy that weed!" Crowler roared

"I am NOT a weed!" Poison Rose screamed in anger

"And she's not being destroyed!" Jaden said before he pressed a button on his DuelDisc, activating his last face down "Go, Draining Shield! This card can only be activated when my opponent declares an attack, I gain life points equal to the attacking monster's attack points!"

Jaden: 4000 - 7000

"Wow, this kid is good. He's making Crowler look like a rookie." Alexis pointed out in amazement

"Let's see if he can keep pushing to 'good doctor'." Zane replied

"Well, I play Card of Sanctity which allows us both to draw until we have six cards in our hand and play Confiscation! I give up 1000 Life Points and I can destroy one card in your hand! And I chose Monster Reborn! And with that, I end turn!"

Crowler: 1200 - 200

"You can't be serious." Jaden said with a twitch of his eye as he drew a card "What do you teach again?"

"I'm the Techniques Professor!" Crowler yelled in absolute anger

"Then I can tell you didn't earn your PhD in Dueling and just bought it from a corrupt professor." Jaden deadpanned "You're entire 'strategy' was just bring out that monster which has an okay effect but can be destroyed by a good number of different strategies. In your two turns you did not play one face down to try and protect yourself or your monster and, to finish it, you played Confiscation which makes it so all I have to do is use Knospe's effect for battle and I've won!" this caused the entire school to fall quiet as they realised what he had said

"No way..." Bastion muttered in astonishment

"Yea..." Syrus nodded in agreement

"He's right..." Alexis muttered in understanding

"Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?!" Crowler screamed in rage

"I am the Elemental King." Jaden replied fiercely

"No way!" Chazz yelled in fear

"He's him?!" Bastion roared in shock

"Seriously?!" Alexis gasped

"The Elemetnal King... The worlds best Elemental Hero user..." Zane muttered

"I... Impossible..." Crowler stuttered as he tried to back away

"Now, my turn!" Jaden yelled as he looked down to his cards and smiled when he saw a certain card "Hey, it's you!" he only heard a giggle back "Well, let's take you for a test drive!" Jaden then looked to the 'good doctor' before he yelled "Game over!"

"NO!" Crowler screamed, that was the famous line that the Elemental King would always say just before he finished a duel

Jaden then held out his hand and yelled "I sacrifice both Elemental Hero Poison Rose and Elemental Hero Knospe to summon out a new Hero! Sorry girls."

"It's okay sweety." Rose nodded

"Bye Papa!" Knospe said as she waved at Jaden before both mother and daughter turned into partials of yellow light

"What could he be bringing out?" Alexis wondered

"I summon the Elemental Hero Sorceress!" Jaden yelled as he slammed the card down into he field. A pillar of black energy burst from the ground before a figure rose from it. The girl looked just like Dark Magician Girl except very different at the same time. She had lost the permanent blush on her face, her periwinkle blue hat with light pink trim had changed into a dark purple hat with black trim. Her hair was slightly more spiky and less neat but more wild yet still perfectly maintained and smooth. Her normal costume was also gone. On her arms where light blue gloves that reached past her elbows and ended with black lining, around her waist was a dark purple skirt with a black belt, on her upper body was a black tube-top like article of clothing with light blue shoulder pads which meet in the middle of her chest with a red gem in the middle with the five point star that was the symbol of the Dark Magician monsters and, leading from the middle of the shoulder guards/ collar bone armour was a light blue loincloth that reached down to her knees. Her skin was also a slightly more tanned shade and her lips where coated with a black/purple lipstick. Her bright blue eyes shinned as the piller of energy disappeared

(E-Hero Sorceress: Spellcaster-Type/ Effect/ DARK/ Level 7/ ATK; 2500/ DEF; 2000)

"W... Wow... Is that Dark Magician Girl?!" Syrus yelled in shock from the stands

"It looks like it." Bastion

"Ha, that Slacker's tost! He throw away his chance of winning for a monster that's weaker than Crowler's!" Chazz arrogantly boasted

"And now her ability activates!" Jaden yelled, shocking everyone again "As long as Sorceress is on the field all Elemental Heroes gain 300 Attack Points!" Sorceress was surrounded by a dark purple aura as her Attack was increased

(Sorceress: ATK; 2500 - 2800)

"So, she's still not stronger than my Golem!" Crowler boasted as he felt his confidence begin to grow again

"She is." Jaden smirked as he raised a card with a H surrounded by fire "Untill I play the spell card H-Heated Heart to increase her Attack Points by another 500!" a small fire started in Sorceress' heart before it grew out and enveloped her in a fire aura

(Sorceress: ATK; 2800 - 3300)

"So much for the 'good doctor'." Zane said, folding his arms in front of his chest

"Yea, something tells me that he'll make this year VERY interesting." Alexis nodded

"N... Now just hold on a second..." Crowler stuttered as he started to back away

"I don't think so!" Jaden smirked "Now, Elemental Hero Sorceress attack him directly with Shadow Inferno Slash!"

"Yes My King!" Sorceress said in a musical voice as a staff made out of black fire appeared in her hand before the fire disappeared revealing the staff of the Dark Magician Girl, except the blue handle was black, the spiral was a small purple gem and at the bottom of the staff was a small curved scythe-like blade. The gem began to glow as the blade grew and was encased in a black fire. The Elemental Hero version of the Dark Magician Girl jumped into the air and came down with her blade now ten feet long and five feet wide. "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Sorceress yelled as she slashed through the Ancient Gear Golem, the black fire blade cutting through the metal goliath as if it was made out of butter. The giant monolith then fell to pieces before the black fire blade slashed Crowler, sending him flying into a wall as his Life Points fell

Crowler: 200 - 0000


Jaden smirked as he turned to the crowed and raised his right arm into the air causing them to burst into cheers 'This is gonna be a good year.' he thought as he saw Sorceress bow to the crowed as she slowly faded away

Name: Hero Circle

Type: QuickPlay Spell

Effect: This cards effect depends on the type of monster on your side of the field;

Fire Monster- Add 500 ATK to all 'Elemental Hero', 'Destiny Hero' and 'Evil Hero' monsters till the end phase

Water Monster- No monsters with 'Elemental Hero', 'Destiny Hero' and/or 'Evil Hero' in their name can be destroyed this turn

Wind Monster- All monsters with 'Elemental Hero', 'Destiny Hero' and/or 'Evil Hero' in their name in your hand have their level reduced by 2 until the end phase of the second turn after this card is activated

Earth Monster- As long as you you have a monster with 'Elemental Hero', 'Destiny Hero' and/or 'Evil Hero' in it's name on the field no Spell and/or Trap cards on your side of the field can be targeted by your opponents Spell and/or Trap cards until the end phase

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Name: Elemental Hero Sorceress

Level: 7

Type: Spellcaster/Effect

Attribute: DARK

ATK/DEF: 2500/2000

Effects: 1) Add 300 ATK points to all monsters with 'Elemental Hero', 'Destiny Hero' and/or 'Evil Hero' in their name as long as this card is in Attack Position

2) Once per turn destroy a Spell or Trap card on the field

3) When an 'Elemental Hero' is selected as an attack target discard this card from your hand to the graveyard to reduce all battle damage and effect damage to 0 until the end phase

I hope you all liked this chapter. Hapopy Birthday RubexX7, you rock bro! A link to a picture of Elemental Hero Sorceress will be on my homepage as soon as my sister has uploaded it, for thoes who wish to see it. See you next time!