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"Duel Spirits Talking"


Elemental King Jaden Yuki

Chapter 4: Battle of Titans

(Lighthouse near Red Dorm, a few minutes later)

Alexis walked out to the lighthouse and saw Zane standing near the base. As she approached, he turned to her, his expression cool and his eyes glaring. "Alexis, I didn't think you were going to show up." He said slightly curtly

Alexis stood next to him and said sarcastically, "Thanks for your concern but why wouldn't I come? You know that I'm a friend."

"True, but I wanted to tease you." Zane said a smile curling at his lips

Alexis sighed in frustration and shot back "You know, I think Atticus's attitude rubbed off onto you before he vanished."

Zane turned so that he could look her in the eyes and said "Maybe." The next few seconds were filled with an uneasy silence. "So I heard that you Dueled that newly promoted Ra Student, Jaden Yuki." Zane said breaking the silence. When Jaden's name was mentioned, Alexis felt heat race to her cheeks and she stared out the water in a slight trance as she remembered the colour of Jaden's eyes, the smile that he flashed to his friends, his determination and will while Dueling "Lex? What's wrong?" Zane asked in consern from her period of silence

"Nothing! Nothing's wrong!" Alexis quickly replied

Zane looked at her and noticed the blush on her face. The blue haired boy smirked and raised an eyebrow "Oh, boy. Lex, are you falling for the new kid already?" Zane asked

Alexis spun around to look at Zane square in the eyes "N... N... N... N... No! That's Jasmine and Mindy! Why would you say that, Zane?!" Alexis stammered "I mean, yea he's cute and funny and kind, and yea sometimes I can't help but check him out and yea I sometimes think about Jasmine and Mindy's offer for the three of us to share him but I don't like Jaden! Nope! Not at all!"

"Of course not." Zane replied as he shock his head and turned back toward the water "Did you find anything that has to do with your brother's disappearance?" he asked, changing the subject. Alexis inwardly sighed in relief at the change in the subject but reported sadly that she had not found anything. "Hmmm. Well, keep looking. Remember, the night doesn't last forever." the King of Duel Academy said comfortingly

Alexis smiled at her friend and nodded. She then turned and got ready to leave but stopped "Thanks Zane." She said as she walked back to her dorm

"No problem Alexis." Zane smiled before he called "And say hello to Jaden for me!" He then turned around and began to walk back to his dorm

When Zane called that Alexis froze, her entire face turning bright red with both embarrassment and annoyance "ZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

(Slifer Red Dorm)

"And as I was reaching for the rare card, a ghostly hand reached up and gripped my arm tightly. 'Come to us, cooome to usssss.' A woman's voice said. Before I could react, I was dragged down to the water. 'Ah, the water! Not the water!' I cried" Syrus said eerily

"Come on Sy. You call that 'scary'?" Jaden asked with smile

"Uh…did I mention it was dirty water?" Syrus said with a sheepish smirk

The trio had gotten together a deck of random spells, traps and monsters for a special get together at the Slifer Red Dorm, which involved telling scary stories based on the level of a monster drawn

The new Ra shook his head with a smile on his face. Chumley was back against the farthest wall, his face contorted in fear at the story Syrus told. Jaden then grabbed the top card of the deck and picked it up. He looked at it and saw that it was Curse of Dragon and smirked. Showing them the group blanched "Now, what to tell... Oh, I got it!"


It was a bleak, shadow filled night. A large field was filled with bodies, all wearing bodies and all bloodied; disfigured slightly from intense injuries.

This had been a war.

A war between two powerful forces that would not let the other win.

And there where only two left.

They where obviously the leader's of the armies from their armour and stance, the stance of a ruler.

One of the men was dressed in black armour with a purple gem on his chest and a long red cape.

The other was a man in slim, sleek white armour as pearly as the freshly fallen snow, a pale blue cape flowing from his back.

"You won't win Light." the man in black growled "I won't let you destroy the balance!"

"Why do you fight me Darkness?" the man in white asked "Why fight for all these people who call you evil, heartless?"

"I may be cruel, I may be considered evil by many, but not even the heartless of devils would do what you wish to happen to the worlds!" the man in black yelled "I am the King of Darkness and I won't let you destroy the balance for your lust for power!"

"The balance is pointless!" The man in white roared as his features began to twist into a disgustingly disfigured monster "There only needs to be one!" The man's body now turned into pure white light and it began to grown, change and twist into a silhouette of a large monster "And I will make the entire universe..." the creature stopped as two large, cold, red eyes filled with hatred opened and a large 'mouth' like tear of red light appeared slightly below it "... No! EVERY universe SEE THE LIGHT!" the creature then lunged at the man in black

"NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!" the man in black roared as he stabbed his arm through the light just as the creature's tendrils covered his helmet and stabbed into the gem on his chest...

(Back in the Slifer Dorm)

"The two continued for hours, days, maybe even months until eventually the King of Darkness sealed the Light of Destruction, as it had been called, into another dimension, a dimension where it and it alone existed. But it wasn't the end. The Light swore to return and the King of Darkness fell into the land of the afterlife but not forever because the King's oldest friend, his guardian, cast a spell so that when the Light returned the King would be reborn to fight once again. So that the Light of Destruction could finally be destryed perminantly, and the Supreme King would rise again." Jaden finished his story, his tone still dark and criptic like it had been since he had started

Syrus and Chumley held onto one another in fear. Jaden, who had his eyes closed during the story telling, opened them and looked at the two Reds

"So, what did you think?" Jaden asked nervously

"That is a very interesting story Jaden." A voice said behind the trio

"WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Syrus and Chumley shouted in surprise

The two ran around and dove underneath the tables. Jaden turned to look behind him and smiled. "Hey, Professor Banner." The Elemental King said in a cheery voice "Yea, it is. It was in a story book my dad had when I was little." He lied there, he was told of his past life; his final battle by Yubel "I've always found it kinda cool."

"Ho ho ho… Sorry that I spooked you boys. But what exactly are you doing?" The headmaster of the Red dorm asked as he stepped out form the shadows

"Oh it was just you, I knew that." Syrus said as he poked his head out

"Could've fooled me." Chumley said as he stood up with the table sliding off of his back

"So what are you boys doing at this late hour?" Banner asked again as Pharaoh walked in

"Well, we telling scary stories based on the level of the card we draw. Higher levels equal scarier stories whilst lower levels equal a not so scary story." Jaden explained to the professor

"Really? May I try?" Banner asked

"Sure!" The three chorused. Banner walked toward the deck and picked up the top card. He frowned when he saw that it was a spell card; he discarded the card and then drew again. His frowned deepened when he saw that it was a trap card. He discarded the card and drew once more; he smiled when he saw that it was a Five-Headed Dragon card

"That's a 12 starred monster!" Syrus squeaked out

"Oh, not lishus." Chumley muttered

"Sweet." Jaden grinned widely

"What story should I tell you boys? Hmmmm…I got it! Have any of you heard of the abandoned dorm?" Banner asked. The three boys shook their heads at the professor's question. Banner smiled a sad smile as if he had heard it from other teachers. "It was special dorm set aside for Duelists with unique and rare talents and the dorm dealt with something called Shadow Games." Banner said. Jaden's eyes narrowed as he heard the last part. Someone was dealing with his power. Who knows how many got hurt

"S... S... Shadow G... G... Games?" Syrus asked nervously

"Yes, Shadow Games. In fact I believe that I heard that Alexis's brother once resided there." Banner continued

"What?" Jaden gasped, shock and dread filling his heart. He knew what had happened

"But the students mysteriously disappeared for the dorm and no one has seen them since." Banner concluded sadly "Well, good night boys."

As soon as the Professor had left Jaden spoke up. "Guys, I need to get to that dorm. Alexis' brother is missing, it must be tearing her apart. I have to find him. I can't bear to see my friends in pain." Jaden explained to the two Slifer Reds

"I don't know…it sounds dangerous." Syrus said, while looking down

"In case you forgot, it's abandoned. the worst we have to worry about is the building caving in and if it was made as an Elitist Dorm then it should still be in excellent condition for another fifteen years at least." Jaden pointed out

"That is true." Chumly muttered

"Then it's settled. We'll check the dorm out for any evidence that Alexis' brother was there." Jaden said to the two.

The small group didn't know of the ears that had overheard the conversation "Oh hohoho. This will be the perfect chance to get rid of Yuki for good." Crowler said with a snicker as he walked away.

(Domino City)

A man wearing a mask and a trench coat with a wide brim hat on his head as well as a strange duel disk pointed at a young man. "Destroy him, my monster." The man said in a dead panned tone

The beast raced forward and took out the man's life points, which were already low, with a final slash. The man gasped out and then collapsed to the ground in a heap. A ringing came form the masked man's coat pocket; he reached in a pulled out a phone "Hello? This is Titan." Titan said into the phone


Titan stepped from his boat onto the concrete pier that jutted out from the island. He turned toward the lighthouse and saw Crowler standing there, hopping from foot to foot in an effort to keep warm. Titan strolled up to the man-thing and looked at him "So you're the one they called the Shadow Duelist?" he asked in slightly visible fear

The tall man smirked, "My opponent's call me many things, but most of them are hard to discern through their shrieks of horror. What's the job?" he asked as a fog appeared around them.

Crowler smiled as he informed him of the work, "I want you to frighten someone so intensely, he'll leave this island and never come back!" He then provided a picture of Jaden to the man. "Are you up to the challenge?"

"Of course I am!" The Shadow Duelist replied fiercely "I never turn my back on a challenge! Just who is the punk who shall be sent to the Shadow Realm?!"

"He goes by the name Jaden Yuki, but he goes by another name as well!" Crowler said excitedly, his eyes shinning

"And what is this other name?" Titan asked, wondering why a boy would go by two names and what made him such a challenge/target

"The Elemental King." Crowler said.

The name seemed to wake Titan up. He looked at Crowler with his undivided attention. "Did you say The Elemental King?!" Titan asked in shock

"Yes?" Crowler said in confusion

"Well, you've gotten my attention now!" Titan said sinisterly

"I take it you two have a history together?" Crowler asked timidly

"No, but defeating such a powerful opponent will increase my status experimentally!" Titan roared while Crowler just sweat dropped at the criminals reaction "Since the King is the target I shall do this job free of charge." Titan said as he disappeared on a mist

"Now that's what I want to hear!" Crowler said joyfully

(Next morning)

Jaden sighed as he awoke. He quickly cracked his neck sightly before he got out of bed. Looking at the other bunks he saw that the other two where asleep. Smirking he quickly got into the bathroom and had a wash before got out and put his uniform on. He then sat at the deck and pulled out his Deck before he began to edit it, as he usually did every morning. He didn't want his deck to get too predictable so he changed it every day, which was easy because of how many Elemental Heroes, both normal cards and their fusions, there where. And then there where all of the different Spell and Trap's he could use.

He smirked as he took Wildheart out and put in Avian. As soon as he put the Deck down to look through his extra cards Sparkman appeared next to him "Are you sure this is a smart idea Jaden?" Sparkman asked

"What do you mean Sparky?" Jaden asked

"What my friend means, my King, is that this Abandoned Dorm problem sounds extremely suspicious." Elemental Hero Clayman said as he appeared next to him. While most would expect the Hero to be dumb and dim-witted because of his appearance he was actually very smart

"How is it Clay?" Jaden asked again, now with a raised eyebrow

"Just that Professor Banner seemed to appear out of no where and told students of a place they aren't suppose to know about let alone go into and mention that the relative of one of their friends had disappeared there." Elemental Hero Ocean explained as he appeared as well

"And then there's the fact that he did all of that so nonchalantly." Elemental Hero Bubbleman nodded

"It's just sending off too many warning lights." Elemental Hero Bladeedge sighed

"We just don't want you hurt bro." Elemental Hero Avian sighed as he appeared next to him "Sis would be heart broken if anything happened to you."

"And then we'd feel both of the Fire Femme's wrath." Elemental Hero Heat said before all of the males shuddered

"Just be careful kiddo." Elemental Hero Flame Wingman sighed as he appeared next to Jaden, looking at the one who stole the heart of his daughter

"Lay off the boy dear, he'll be fine." a feminine voice said as a new monster appeared. Like Flame Wingman this Fusion Monster looked like a combination of Avian and Burstinatrix, except the female was the dominant component. She was female, obviously, with pale green/ blue skin. She had a pair of wings that looked like Avian's except much larger and the colours where darker, the white even being a dull grey. She was wearing a long dark red leather/latex dress which had a cut showing her stomach and several bone spikes exited her shoulder and waist. Both her her arms where like Avian's clawed arm except, again, the green was much darker. Her hair was dark green and extremely wild and messy. She had a dark blue visor over the upper part of her face and she was wearing some dark red lipstick

"Hey Mom." Avian greeted

"Hi Avi." the new monster greeted "You are all worrying too much but if it will put you at ease, the King shall take the Supreme Enforcer's with him. What do you think My King?" the female monster asked Jaden the question at the end

"If it makes these guys shut up with the worrying, sure." Jaden sighed

"Then it's settled." Clayman nodded. The others reluctantly agreed before they all faded away.

Jaden sighed again before he looked at the clock and groaned "Great, now I need to wake these guys up or we'll be late."

(Abandoned Dorm)

"Well, this looks like the place." Syrus said as they had reached the run-down Dorm

"Pretty c... creepy if you ask me." Chumley stuttered

"Come on. We better get moving." Jaden said as they began to walk towards the empty building . A twig suddenly snapped somewhere making Jaden spin around with his fists up "Alright! Come out, we got you surrounded." The Elemental King hissed

"Jaden? Is that you?" A female voice asked. Alexis walked out behind the trees and looked at the group in confusion "Jaden, what are you doing here? Don't you know this place is off limits?" she said, her tone scolding

"I'm here to help you find any clues about your brother." Jaden said, his voice even and firm, indicating that he wasn't going to take 'no' for answer. Alexis eyes widened in surprised; Jaden was trying to help her and there was no real reason for him to have to. Jaden then quickly answered the question that he knew she was thinking "We found out from Professor Banner."

Alexis smiled and nodded as she said "Alright, now that I know why you are here, I'll let you go inside."

"Wait, you aren't coming in with us?" Jaden asked

"I want to know about Atticus, but I do not have the bravery you do. I could not go in there, my memories of Atticus would make me break down in tears." Alexis admitted before a kind smile spread across her face "Besides, someone needs to keep an eye out here encase someone petrols near here and we might get caught."

"Got it Lex." Jaden smiled in understanding before he turned to Syrus and Chumly "Let's go guys." The Elemental King then headed towards the Abandoned Dorm, no fear in his golden eyes.

(Inside the Abandoned Dorm)

"Okay, where do we start our search?" Jaden asked to himself and his friends, the Ra rubbing his chin

"I'll start in the cafeteria!" Chumley said excitedly

"I... I'll go with Chumley." Syrus said nervously

"Alright then. I'll check upstairs." Jaden nodded as he walked up the steps to the upper levels. He entered a room and flicked his flashlight on. It sputtered and died right away. He groaned as he turned the flashlight toward his face. He shook the torch a few times, when it suddenly lit up. Jaden winced and pointed the light down. He didn't see where he was walking due to the sudden brightness of the flashlight. He walked into something and knocked several items off "Ouch…Hey, what do we have here?" Jaden asked as knelt down and picked something up "It feels like a picture of some sort." Jaden muttered to himself as he bent closer for a good look. The picture had several different different people in in but the image was faded from time. However, one person caught his attention


Alexis looked from left to right, keeping her eyes on the path. Her attention was so focused on the path, she didn't see the large shadow loom behind her. But a dark wind made her shiver uncontrollably making the blonde girl slowly turned around. She saw the shadow glare at her with pale white eyes. There was only thing she could do to warn Jaden and the others. So she screamed "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The figure stopped, surprised by the lungpower Alexis had, for a few milliseconds before punching Alexis in the stomach. The blonde girl gasped and began to black out as the shadow grabbed her. "The bait is captured. Now for the hero to come to the rescue." Titan said as he walked into the dorm. There was a thin wire that he snapped as he walked down into the basement of the dorm

(Abandoned Dorm)

"ALEXIS!" Jaden shouted the second he had heard her scream. He grabbed the photo he had found on the ground and pocketed it. He raced out of the room he was in and toward the stairs. He leapt over the banister and landed on the ground with barely making any noise. He looked up and saw Syrus and Chumley racing out of the room that they were in.

"What happened? We heard a scream!" Chumley shouted

"Alexis!Something or someone followed us here and now she's in trouble!" Jaden hissed

Syrus spotted something near an ancient door. He grabbed it and saw that it was an Etolie Cyber card. "Hey, is this one of Alexis' cards?" Syrus asked as he handed Jaden the card

The Supreme King looked at it and nodded feverishly "Yeah this is hers alright. This means that she was taken down through that door!" Jaden hissed as he strapped on his disk and opened the door. He ran in quickly followed by Syrus and Chumley. The door swung shut behind the three and all was quiet in the dorm

"Who want's to go first?" Syrus joked before Jaden just started walking, his eyes cold. Jaden then walked into the dorm and down some steps that led to the place where he found the strange symbols. The minute he entered it he saw a dark figure floating over the unconscious form of Alexis who was chained down to a slab of stone. Jaden clenched his fist as they shock violenty

"Who are you and what have you done to Alexis?" Jaden yelled into the darkness, his fury boiling

The figure snapped at his voice and turned to him slowly. When he had turned fully around Jaden notice that he wore a dual disk on his arm but some sort of device was on his trench coat similar to Crowler's dual coat. The figure also wore a mask but it didn't cover his entire face. "Hehehehe. I am Titan, a Shadow Duelist and this girl is my plaything." The man said his voice cold and icy

'Whatever the scare tactic is it will not work on me.' Jaden thought, Chumly and Syrus shacking behind him "I don't think so 'Titan' she is one of my beast friends and you are not going to use her for whatever twisted thoughts you've got in that vial mind of yours! I am Jaden Yuki, the Supreme King of Darkness, and the Elemental King of the Elemental-Hero Archetype! And I challenge you to a Duel for Alexis Rhodes' freedom!"

"Very well kid." Titan smirked at his target "But just to warn you, this will not be a normal Duel! This is a Shadow Game!" Titan then pulled out a medallion that looked like an upside-down pyramid with an eye in the centre. The 'eye' shinned brightly for a second. When the light died down Jaden narrowed his eyes in annoyance

"This isn't a Shadow Game." Jaden glared as his eyes shinned "THIS is a Shadow Game!" At the last of his sentence the air around both him and Titan swirled like a gale and became 20 degrees colder

Titan looked at the boy in fear 'How did that boy do that? I must find out his secrets!' Titan thought. Jaden pulled his Deck out of his DuelDisc and changed some cards in it, putting them into his inside pocket, and replacing them before he put it back into his DuelDisc

"I didn't think I'd have to use any of these until they arrived." Jaden sighed "But you must be taught the powers of the Shadows." The Supreme King then looked directly into Titan's mask-covered eyes "If you think that you will get away from my judgement, just think again you foolish scum." Jaden said his voice icy as the Antarctic.

Titan smiled and laughed cruelly. "Foolish boy, I have defeated many Duelists. You are nothing but another casualty. Duel!" He sneered, his arrogance faked

"Game on!" Jaden shouted releasing all of his anger.

Titan: 4000

Jaden: 4000

"I will make the first move." Titan said as a card flew from his device.

He looked at it and then added it to his hand.

"I summon Infernalqueen Archfiend to the field in attack mode."

(Infernalqueen Archfiend: Level 4/ Fiend-Type/ Effect/ FIRE/ ATK; 900/ DEF; 1500)

A monster that looked like a cross between a skeleton and a human female rose up from the field. "Next I'll play the field spell card Pandemonium." A forest and lighting appeared around the two Duelists "Next I'll play a facedown and end my turn." Titan said with a grin.

"Great, now Titan will have to lose Life Points in order to keep his monster on the field!" Syrus cheered

"Really Sy?" Chumly asked "Because I don't see them changing."

"What?!" Syrus gasped and looked. Chumly was right, Titan's Life Points where still at 4000 "Why?"

"His Pandemonium Field Spell. It means he doesn't need to sacrivice Life Points for his Archfiends." Jaden explained simply as he placed his hand atop the top card of his Deck "My turn. I draw." Jaden said coldly as he drew his card. As his hand pulled the card out of the DuelDisc a dark wind swept through the basement of the Abandoned Dorm. Titan's eyes widened as he saw several figures seemingly appear behind Jaden. They where all just silhouettes, fierce shadows whose shapes could barely be made out properly in the dark basement, but their very presence made Titan scared for his soul. The wind shock something in Alexis' body as she groaned and slowly opened her eyes

"Jaden?" She asked as she saw the blurred form of the Supreme King with her awaking senses

"I'm here Lex." Jaden said calmly "This guy is going down."

"What?" Alexis asked before her vision cleared and she saw what was going on "Jaden!"

"I'm fine Lex." Jaden said as he grabbed a card from his hand "Since I don't control any monsters I can Special Summon Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy from my hand to the field in Attack Mode!"

"Evil Hero?!" everyone gasped

"What are those?" Syrus asked in shock

"I thought you where the Elemental King!" Titan gasped

"I am." Jaden replied as he placed the card on the DuelDisc "But I am also the SUPREME KING!" A blast of dark energy washed ever the field as he finished this, his golden eyes shinning like miniature suns in the basement. A strange monster appeared in front of Jaden. It was a human with dark purple, grotesque skin and bat wings coming out of his head.

(Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy: Level 2/ Fiend-Type/ Effect/ DARK/ ATK; 300/ DEF; 600)

"HA! That's your big winning monster?!" Titan boasted

"Hey! I am much better than that thing that calls it self a woman next to you!" Prodigy snapped

"No, it is a Special Summon that is used to give me a free Monster. Of course it's going to be weak!" Jaden snapped, making everyone sweat drop at their rushed thinking "But I have other cards in my hand as well, remember?" Jaden then grabbed another card from his hand and called "And now I summon Evil Hero Infernal Gainer!" This new monster was wearing bulky purple armour with red muscle-like armour underneath, three calws on each hand, several spikes on his shoulders, six glowing red eyes and a tattered black cape

(Evil Hero Infernal Gainer: Level 4/ Fiend-Type/ Effect/ EARTH/ ATK; 1600/ DEF; 0000)

"This fool shall taste the power of the Supreme King's enforcers." Gainer glared, all six eyes narrowed

"Next I play the Spell Card Double Summon!" Jaden called, reducing his hand to three. He then grabbed another card and called "And then I sacrifice my Prodigy to summon Evil Hero Malicious Edge!" the bat-like man disappeared only to be replaced by a by a warrior covered in head to toe in leather, spikes covering his body.

(Evil Hero Malicious Edge: Level 7/ Fiend-Type/ Effect/ EARTH/ ATK; 2600/ DEF; 1800)

"My blades shall bring justice to this insect!" Malicious Edge growled as he barred his blades

"How did you summon a Level 7 monster without a sacrifice?!" Titan yelled

"Because you control a monster Malicious Edge can be summoned with only one sacrifice." Jaden explained. He then pointed forwards and called "Infernal Gainer, destroy his Queen!"

"Yes my King!" Gainer called before he charged, his claws glowing purple

"I use Negate Attack!" Titan called desperately. The swirling vortex blased Gainer away "Now you can't attack this turn!"

"Fine then." Jaden growled "I throwdown a facedown and play Pot of Greed to draw two cards before I end my turn. And thanks to my Prodigy's effect, since he was used as a sacrifice for an 'Evil Hero' I can draw one card in my End Phase." And he did just that, making his hand three

"My turn." Titan gulped. When he saw the card he had drawn a smirk spread across his face "First I use Infernalqueen Archfiend's Ability; during my Standby Phase I can increase the Attack of one of my Archfiend's by 1000 until the end of my turn! And I chose her to give the power to herself!"

(Infernal Queen Archfiend: ATK; 900- 1900)

"I summon Terrorking Archfiend in Attack Mode!" Titan called smugly. A large skeletal warrior with a crown and a large sword appeared in front of him

(Terrorking Archfiend: Level 4/ Fiend-Type/ Effect/ DARK/ ATK; 2000/ DEF; 1500)

"When Terrorking Archfiend is on the field all Archfiend monsters gain 1000 Attack Points!" Titan roared with cruel laughter

(Terrorking Archfiend: ATK; 2000- 3000)

(Infernalqueen Archfiend; ATK; 1900- 2900)

"Now, Infernalqueen, destroy his Malicious Edge! Terrorking, his Gainer is yours!" Titan ordered. His monsters charged at his order, ready to destroy Jaden's monsters

"JADEN!" Alexis, Chumly and Syrus called in fear

"Evil Mirror." Jaden said nonchalantly as he pressed a button on his grey DuelDisc. A large wall of black crystal appeared in front of his monsters. Titan's monster's hit the wall and where thrown back to Titan's side of the field before Jaden drew four cards

"What?!" Titan roared in shock and anger

"Evil Mirror, it's like an Evil Hero version of Negate Attack except I get to draw two cards for every monster on your side of the field in exchange for discarding two cards per monster I control during my next End Phase." Jaden explained, his hand now seven "All of your monsters also gain 500 Attack points once you end turn.."

"Fine!" Titan growled, a slight grin on his face from the boost "I play a card face down and end turn!"

(Infernalqueen Archfiend; ATK; 2900- 1900- 2400)

(Terrorking Archfiend: ATK; 3000- 3500)

"I draw." the Supreme King said as eh gained his eighth card "GAME OVER!" He called fiercely with a cruel smirk after he quickly looked at the card he drew

"What?!" Titan gasped

"Go Jay!" Syrus and Chumly cheered

'End this Jaden.' Alexis thought with a smile

Jaden grabbed three cards from his hand, bringing the total down to five, and raised them into the skv "I play the Spell Card Dark Fusion! I'll use this to unite the Elemental Hero Avian and Elemental Hero Burstinatrix from my hand to summon Evil Hero Inferno Wing!"

(Evil Hero Inferno Wing: Level 6/ Fiend-Type/ Fusion/ Effect/ FIRE/ ATK; 2100/ DEF; 1200)

The female Evil Hero appeared in a torrent of blue fire. She stood with a glare hidden by her green helmet "This FOOL thinks he controls the Shadows? Prepare to melt by my flames." the female Warrior growled

"Next I play the Spell Card Miracle Fusion to refuse Avian and Burstinatrix, by removing them from play, to Fusion Summon Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!"

(Elemental Hero Flame Wingman: Level 6/ Warrior-Type/ Fusion/ Effect/ WIND/ ATK; 2100/ DEF; 1200)

The other Fusion Hero appeared from a torrent of orange flames. The two stood side by side "So this is the punk?" Wingman asked with a smirk "He isn't much."

"And to finish I activate the Spell Card; V- Vile Heart! This card gives an Evil or Elemental Hero a permanent 1000 Attack Point boost, and I end it with Infernal Gainer's effect! By removing him from play one 'Evil Hero' can attack twice for two turns, which is when Gainer will return to the field! Not that you'll last even one!" Jaden called. A black blaze surrounded Malicious Edge as he felt more power flow through him

(Malicious Edge; ATK; 2600- 3600)

"Good luck my friend." Gainer smirked as he put his hand on Malicious' shoulder

"Don't need it six-eyes, but thanks." Malicious smirked as his team mate turned into yellow light and shattered, the energy entering his body

"Now, Malicious, destroy both Infernalqueen and Terrorking Archfiend's!" Jaden called

"I've been waiting to do this ever since I was summoned!" Malicious Edge smirked before he charged and slashed at the InfernalQueen, destroying her with his long blades

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Titan yelled as he felt the shockwave from the Evil Her's slash destroyed his monster. The wind slashed at him and three large slash marks appeared on his right arm

Titan: 4000- 2800

Jaden: 4000

"T... That wasn't a hologram!" Titan gasped as he held his now bleeding right arm "I... It was real!"

"Of course it was." Jaden smirked cruelly "This is a Shadow Game, after all."

"B... But my Shadow Game's aren't real!" Titan whimpered slightly "I just use gasses, hypnotic suggestions and distortion, as well as placebos! It isn't real!"

"Oh, but you forget I made this a real Shadow Game." The Supreme King taunted "And now you will fall, like your Terrorking."

"Night night!" Malicious Edge smirked as he suddenly appeared between Titan and his monster before he span 360, his blades slashing across Terroking's back and Titan's chest


Titan: 2800- 2700

Jaden: 4000

The Evil Hero then jumped back to Jaden's side of the field. "Flame Wingman. Inferno Wing. Please end this."

"Of course kiddo." Wingman said in a fatherly tone before he turned to Inferno Wing and offered his clawed hand "My dear?"

"Let's do this my love." Inferno Wing smiled as she took the Elemental Hero's hand

"Wait... stop... please!" Titan begged as he tried to back away

"You tried to hurt my friend. You have hurt many people for both your own enjoyment and money. You shall fall into eternal pain." The Supreme King growled as his eyes glowed brighter

"I... I'm scared of this Jaden." Syrus mumbled

"Same here." Chumly mumbled "So not lishus."

"Jaden..." Alexis mumbled

"Flame Wingman!" Jaden called and the Warrior nodded "Inferno Wing!" the Fiend also nodded "Double attack on Titan's Life Points! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

"Take..." Wingman began as a red fireball began to gather in the mouth of his dragon hand

"Titan, you lose." Jaden glared

"... THIS!" Inferno Wing added as a blue fireball appeared in her hand

"... Amazing..." Alexis mumbled, no one noticing her grey eyes changing into the same gold as Jaden's

"FUSION FLAIR!"Jaden, Flame Wingman and Inferno Wing roared in unison, Alexis mumbling the words subconsciously. The two fireballs flew through the air, merging into a glowing purple ball of fire the size of a bus.

The fireball hit Titan, completely engulfing him and the 'Shadow Duelist' began to scream in pure agony "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

Titan: 2700- 0000

Jaden: 4000


When the fire cleared away there was only a pail of ash's where Titan once stood. The monster's on Jaden's side of the field faded away just as Alexis' eyes returned to normal and she leaned forwards, falling into unconsciousness as the chains holding her released and she fell to the floor. As she neared the floor, the last thing she remembers before the land of dreams takes her, is the sight of Jaden running towards her and his voice yelling her name in her ear. The last thing she thought was 'Jaden...' and the waking world faded away once again...

Name: Evil Mirror

Type: Trap

Effect: Only activate when the opponent declarers an attack. Their Attack Phase is ended and you can draw two cards for every monster your opponent controls. During their End Phase, all monsters your opponent controls gain 500 ATK. During your End Phase after this Trap has been activated, discard two cards from your hand for every monster you control.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Name: V- Vile Heart

Type: Spell

Effect: Select one monster that had 'Evil Hero' or 'Elemental Hero' in it's name, that monster gains 1000 Attack Points and is unaffected by all Spell, trap and Monster Effects your opponent controls. This card can also be given to a monster with 'Yubel' in it's name: the selected monster gains the combined ATK of all monster's your opponent controls hand halved, it can also attack directly. If the selected monster has 'Yubel' in it's name this card's effect end during the End Phase.

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