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There he stood covered in blood from head to toes, he had taken all of Luffy's pain and survived it. All he could do at that moment was stand there crossed arm, eye closed. He could hear everyone else waking up and he was glad that everyone had survived this nightmare, he couldnt wait to get out on to the sea and train again.

He could hear someone coming towards him and by the curse words he heard, it was the idiot love cook.

Zoro opened his eyes and he watched Sanji step back, this was a rare moment were the two were not fighting. Sanj had seen the swords lying there and he knew he had to go find that shitty swordsman but when he did find him, he was horrified at the blood running down his body and the huge stained flood with blood.

"Zoro?"he asked.

Zoro stepped forward before he felt his body give up, he had used his last strength to keep himself up. He watched the cook run to him but he soon felt his eyes close, the world became quiet and he didnt feel the impact of the ground. It was like he was floating in darkness, one by one his nakama appeared before him smiling then as quick as they came, they soon disappeared. He reached out towards but they were gone except for two, there standing in front of him was his Captain Luffy grinning as he held up his thumb and the Navigator Nami who was smiling gently at him, she was holding his swords.

He stepped forward and smiled back, the two people he had first met and traveled with.

"Why?"Nami asked.

"Yeah Zoro"Luffy said.

Zoro knew what they meant and he looked down, the pain he had endure was horrible and terrifying but he looked up with a confident look in his eyes.

"I did it to protect you both"

The two in front of him smiled, they stepped forward and brought him into a hug. He couldnt help but repeat that he did it for those two, he had done it for them. The other members didnt even flick through his mind when he was the saw the Baratholmew Kuma, he only thought of Luffy and Nami, the cyborg told him he would kill Luffy and spare the others but Zoro said he would sacrifice himself.

Luffy had been good to him when others hadnt, the young boy had saved him and he was grateful. Zoro knew that he would be there for Luffy for he was the first mate.

Then there was Nami, the women he argued with and raised his debt. The one who he was always saving from danger, though he looked annoyed for it, he loved saving her as it made him feel like a hero instead of a monster that everyone had labelled him as. She was precious to him like his swords, though he hasnt told her, he would always be there for her.

Soon they disappeared and Zoro felt his eyes close, was this it, had death finally come for him.

"CHOPPER!"Sanji yelled.

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