15th chapter

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The wound was not that bad which Nami was glad, she wanted to tell Zoro it wasnt his fault but the swordsman had locked himself away from everyone and it upset her. He only came down for food once a week, all they could hear were the sounds of weights. He didnt have the guts to face her, he could not believe that he harmed Nami, the women he loved proably hated him now so trained harder to ignore the pain.

Tired of seeing her friends like this, Robin told Franky to meet her in the library and he nodded, he followed her leaving the guys to carry on with the game. Once there, she sat down and patted the spot next to her, he asked her what she wanted to talk about.

"I think we should set up Zoro and Nami"she explained.

"Thats a great idea"he replied.

Maybe finally the swordsman and navigator could admit their feelings, Robin had an idea and explained it to Franky who was grinning. Once the plan was set, the cyborg went around informing others of the plan except for Sanji, Nami and Zoro.

Brook would prove the music while Luffy and Chopper could help with the set up, Usopp would be handling the food again as they trusted him than the other three. Their plan was to have the date upon the island that they had landed on, while Nami and Sanji explored and Zoro was training in the forest, the others found a perfect spot and began to set up.

Now it was trying to get the two to come, Chopper was informed by Robin that he would need to get Zoro there while she dealed with Nami. The little reindeer had spent most of the day, looking for the swordsman, he didnt want to ruin this so he moved quickly and was happy when he found Zoro.

"Zoro"he called.

"What is it Chopper?"

"Nami's in trouble"

That was all he could think of to get Zoro attention and it worked, the swordsman moved passed the reindeer with a frown. She always got herself into trouble but on his way, he couldnt help but smile a little bit, he was like her knight and that made him happy. Using the tone dial, Chopper called Robin and explained that Zoro was on his way.

Hearing this made her smile, Robin had already sort Nami out, she told the younger women that Usopp needed to talk to her.

"Wont they be shocked"Franky smiled as he wrapped his arms around Robin.


Seeing the table and the sparkling candles was not the trouble Nami was in, Zoro did not expect this at all, he mirrored the same shock as Nami, she was awed by everything. She looked up to the swordsman, she could see that he did not plan this but oh how she missed him. Taking a seat, she looked at him as he sat down, neither of them spoke and soon Usopp appeared with food then it hit Zoro.

Music soon followed after Usopp left, this was like the date he had set up for Franky and Robin but this time the others had planned this, they had some really good friend but it felt so awkward with what had happened.

"This is nice"Nami said not liking the silence.

"Yeah"He replied.

It soon went quiet again which made Nami frown, her friends had done this for her and Zoro, and they were acting like idiots so she grabbed his hand which surprised him.

"Zoro please dont be like this, I hate seeing that you want to avoid me"

Listening to this made his heart break, he never wanted to avoid her but Zoro believed she was better with Sanji and explained that to her, shaking her head, she smiled. Nami explained to him that she only spent time with the cook because she couldnt be with him.

"I dont like Sanji like that but I do with you, Zoro I have fallen for you"


"I love you, your special to me than the others"she said with tears in her eyes.

That was all he needed to hear, it reminded him of when he was in the blackness again, Nami had spoken to him telling him that she needed him and it made he the most luckiest man alive, when she got no reply, she thought he didnt feel the same way and slowly took her hand back but before she could turn to leave so she couldnt show him the tears that were falling. He grabbed her and pulled her into a deep warming kiss, she melted against him, pulling away from her, Zoro looked down at her.

"I have always loved you too Nami but I have always been afraid to say, going through the Thriller Bark moment had opened my eyes however I got scared "

Robin had gone into the kitchen to get something to drink, Nami nor Zoro had came back, Sanji was worried that they had to drug him which had made the others laugh. Closing the door, she her the giggle, that only belonged to one navigator. She watched as Zoro who was carrying Nami ran into the grove, smiling, she knew their date went well so she moved towards the library, Franky was waiting for her and tilted his head when he saw the smile.

He was about to ask but she beat him to it.

"I believe the date went well"

"Thats great but now Sani's a problem"Franky replied taking her into his arms.

"Indeed but im sure the two can handle him"

The next day, you could tell something had changed between Nami and Zoro. They both were smiling and seemed to never leave each other side, this told the others that knew about the date, that it had gone very well. No one said anything about it during breakfast but they could see Zoro didnt like how Sanji woed Nami. After breakfast, Luffy approached them with a smile.

"Im really happy for you two, Im glad that you got together finally"

"Thank you Luffy"Zoro replied.

Soon he began asking when they would get married so he could be the priest, Nami laugh at this but Sanji had just come out of the kitchn and overheard what Luffy had said, there was no way his Nami-swan and Zoro were together but he saw how they looked at one another and it made him angry so he ran over to the swordsman and began attacking.

Nami was surprised as was Zoro but seeing this, they knew that the cook now knew but how did he find out. He and the swordsman were fighting and this drew the others to come over, Robin went towards Nami but before she could reach the younger women. Nami ran towards the fighting pair and pushed Sanji away from Zoro, the cook was surprised.

"Stop it!"she screamed.

Oh how she had enough of the fighting, her life had grown up around that word and she had enough of it.


", No listen to me Sanj,i I had always loved Zoro, the first day we met he caught my eye and I couldnt help the emotions swirl inside of me. Cant you be happy for me"

The cook sighed, all he wanted was Nami to be happy so it meant her being Zoro meant that she was happy then he had to deal with it. Sure he had to adjust again but if he saw the two women happy then he would be happy so with a small smile he nodded. Moving to Zoro, he held his hand out which surprised everyone including Zoro.

"The best man won"Sanji spoke.

"Sanji thank you"He replied.

"It might take me some time to adjust but i will carry on treating them nicely but not too much"

Nami was happy and hugged Sanji, she thanked him and moved back to Zoro's side. From that moment on, everything seemed to change back to the way it was before Thriller Bark but with two couples forming during the journey after would. Luffy was excited as he stood on the lion's head, he turned around, Usopp was playing a game with Chopper and Brook while Sanji was in the kitchen working on dinner then he turned to the two couples.

Smiling, Nami was reading a book while Zoro slept by her side then Franky and Robin were talking about something but he couldnt make out the words, he was happy for his nakama then he grinned.

He couldnt wait to be the priest.

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