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Rules are meant to be broken

He was resting on the soft grass in the middle of the deck, enjoying the warm breeze that ruffled the strands of grass as well as his hair. His shirt was unbuttoned, but his chest was constricted by bandages that were supposed to be soft yet nothing felt as rough on his skin at the moment. With arms outstretched in the grass, he observed the sky. It was black above him, dotted with countless stars around a full moon that illuminated their Sunny. The bandages on his head were itchy and tight as all the others, but he refrained himself from scratching them. He could feel how dry his lips were, burning more with each breath he took through his mouth. His mind was swarming with thoughts of the damn cook, even though he promised himself he wouldn't think these things anymore.

The cook was a mystery from the start and delivered nothing but mysteries since; for example the agreement they had. Two sailors helping each other relieve stress and such wasn't an uncommon thing on the seas, but the fact Sanji came to him of all people was definitely in the category Luffy would label mysterious. The agreement in itself was a simple affair: any activity one might consider sexual without kissing and emotions.

Zoro sighed; he broke the only rule they had and developed feelings for the prissy blonde. It only took a few months and a near-death experience to notice it, but there it is stuck in his head now. Another sigh left his dry lips. The palms of his hands opened and he ran his fingers through the soft grass. The breeze was gentle and warm on his exposed skin. It was a peaceful night, overwhelmingly silent without a soul in sight. Not that he was looking around, no, his eyes were fixated on the sky. You never know how much you can miss the sky when you're doomed to spend days locked in the infirmary.

A door creaked in the distance; as much distance as there can be on a fairly small ship. Footsteps thumped silently on the floorboards. Zoro closed his eyes figuring it would be best to pretend he was asleep. No longer seeing, he listened to the muffled footsteps moving towards him on the grass. They were slow and calculated, almost completely silent. As they drew closer, he could hear the sharp flailing of fabric in the wind and the sound of a cigarette burning followed by a silent exhale.


The footsteps came to a stop and Zoro was hit by the smell of smoke lingering in the breeze. He could feel the fabric of Sanji's pants moving against his arm. Louder rustling of fabric alerted him to the cook's new position of crouching next to him. The swordsman grew nervous.

One touch was all it took. Sanji's cold fingers moved slowly over the light stubble on his jaw. It was a sensation he always loved; deft fingers, calloused yet soft caressing the rough surface of his jaw. He felt every prick, heard every hair move under the cold surface of Sanji's fingers. Zoro was having a hard time keeping up with his act, controlling his breathing so the cook wouldn't notice he was awake. The cold of Sanji's pads moved from the jaw caressing the tan neck that luckily wasn't bandaged and settled on a collarbone. Zoro's attention was caught by more rustling and a soft thud; the cook sat down, never removing his fingers from the collarbone he was tracing. He heard the cook sigh.

Zoro jolted when another hand came to his chest and caressed his bandages, but Sanji didn't seem to notice. The breeze was carrying the cook's scent and Zoro noticed just how close the other was. The hand moved from his chest and onto the bandages on his head. He could feel short puffs of Sanji's breath on his face; it was warmer than the breeze. He didn't know why or what exactly the cook was doing, but he wanted to know where it was going. The touches were nothing like the ones he was used to; these were slow, gentle, almost loving and it surprised the swordsman to no end.

The warmth was close to his cheek, the cook's nose touching it just barely. Zoro's heart was racing, he thought it might jump out any second. The warmth moved painfully slow across the cheek and stopped at the corner of Zoro's lips. They felt too dry, too inadequate at the moment.

Both of them were silent and still for what seemed to be an eternity. Zoro was itching to move, to maybe hug the cook, demand an explanation, but mostly to open his eyes and just look at the blonde. Almost at the end of his patience, Zoro was halfway to opening his eyes when he felt Sanji move again. He could feel the other's heart beat; it was as fast as his own and it was all he felt until Sanji covered his dry unmoving lips with his own. They were soft, which wasn't a surprise really. He did feel them before, but never on his own lips.

It took him by surprise and he stayed frozen while trying to process what was going on. Sanji was kissing him. Sanji also thought he was asleep.

Zoro pulled himself together and faster than humanly possible, his arms embraced the cook. He kissed back and it was Sanji's turn to be surprised, but he didn't falter. Neither of them did. Both pairs of eyes wide open, staring at each other. They parted for air, never breaking eye contact. Sanji's face was one of surprise and confusion; an expression mirrored on Zoro's face. His arms held onto the cook as if he'd just vanish if he let go. Sanji's hands were loosely embracing Zoro's waist, trying not to hurt him more.

Looking into those blue eyes, Zoro knew they both broke the same rule and now their agreement needed some changing.