This was a prompt request by Aerle. Enjoy, sweetie :3 (I know I wrote Ventusio first, but I have a shitload of requests from her too and I kinda mixed them up, sorry)

I've been waiting for you

The Sunny was completely silent and dark, save for the moon illuminating the deck. Sanji was finishing up with his after-dinner cleanup even after several hours after the actual dinner. The crew was asleep and he was left alone to wallow in unwanted thoughts. Truthfully, he was simply prolonging his stay in the haven of his kitchen, knowing that he wouldn't sleep anyway. It had been days since they left that cursed ship island and he hasn't slept since. Whenever he had closed his eyes, Sanji would see Zoro; if he was lucky, he would see Zoro standing and offering his life, but the other times the images weren't kind at all. He would see his bloodied face, the torn clothes and all the pain the marimo had tried to hide before finally collapsing. He would see the marimo lying on that makeshift bed, sleeping for far too long. He would once again feel the weight that had settled upon his shoulders as soon as Zoro fell, bloodied and torn. It would all come back at once and Sanji would be reminded of what he had almost lost. Yet, it was something that he didn't actually have in the first place.

He was allowed to touch the swordsman, but not to feel what he had felt from the start. Knowing it was torture to even engage in a deal as the one they had, Sanji still couldn't help himself and ask. The affirmative answer was a pleasant surprise, a blessing and a curse all in one. Sanji was granted opportunity upon opportunity to worship the other like no one ever could yet he couldn't close the distance to the man's lips. Seeing Zoro almost die made Sanji face the fact he could possibly lose the swordsman without ever telling him how he felt. Ironically, it was this that made him a coward, such a simple action that could change everything.

Sanji stopped and sighed; he had absentmindedly finished his work in the kitchen and there were no more excuses for delaying going to sleep. He fished out a cigarette, the last of the day, and placed it between his lips before turning off the light and exiting the galley. The door barely closed behind him and he was already lighting his cigarette, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the drag of smoke. He exhaled and opened his eyes, freezing in his spot right away as he noticed the marimo. It was the first time seeing him in days, if he didn't count the times he had nightmares about the whole ordeal. Zoro was sleeping peacefully under the clear sky, his hands outstretched in the grass. Sanji stood in his spot in front of the galley door and watched him for a moment, before his feet started moving on his own. He descended the stairs and reached the grassy deck before he could even think about what he was doing.

The grass muffled his steps, but they still sounded deafening to his ears. The breeze was ruffling his unbuttoned jacket and it was all such unfathomable noise that he couldn't understand how the swordsman remained asleep. He wouldn't wake him anyway; the man spent too much time cooped up in the infirmary as it was and he still needed to rest. By the time Sanji managed to stop, he was already looming over Zoro. The cigarette in his mouth had already burned out and he tossed it over the railing before deciding to crouch next to the sleeping marimo. Figuring the swordsman wouldn't wake anytime soon, especially since Sanji remembered the other could sleep through a storm, the cook decided to be less of a coward for once.

The bandages were not an unfamiliar sight on Zoro's body, but Sanji didn't like it; the rough fabric concealed the surprisingly soft skin of the swordsman's body. Suddenly, the urge to touch was overwhelming and Sanji couldn't fight it. His arms extended towards the sleeping man's face until his fingers touched the stubble on Zoro's jaw. The surface was scratchy and rough, somewhat like the man himself was, but Sanji took his time gliding the pads of his fingers over it. It was too late to stop and too late to back away; he could only go forward and hope Zoro would never know what he was doing. He didn't doubt that his stupidity and inability to uphold one simple rule would end their arrangement. Even with that thought on his mind, Sanji's hand glided from the scratchy surface of the marimo's jaw down his uncovered neck until he reached the smooth collarbone. He was caressing it absentmindedly, enjoying the rare opportunity he had to actually be affectionate to the man lying before him. It was not allowed and yet he had wanted to do it for far too long.

With some maneuvering and a lot of effort not to remove his hand from the swordsman, Sanji managed to sit on the grass with a soft thud. He sat frozen for a moment, hoping the sound wouldn't rouse Zoro and he sighed in relief when nothing happened. The time for fleeing was long gone and Sanji brought his other hand to caress the body in front of him, this time settling on the less than gentle surface of the bandages. He caressed them for a moment, before deciding that he might as well indulge himself for once. While one hand remained settled on the unmarred collarbone, the other moved from one cluster of bandages to another; this time on the ones wrapped around the marimo's head. Sanji automatically leaned over the sleeping swordsman, his face closer to the other's than it had probably ever been. It was almost unbearable, being that close yet so far from what he wanted.

Sanji barely noticed he was closing the distance between them until his nose brushed over the marimo's cheek. It was now or never, he thought, as he moved from Zoro's cheek towards his lips. Zoro would never have to know. He would do it only once to indulge himself, he had earned it, hadn't he? His body pressed down just the tiniest bit, enough to feel the swordsman's heartbeat. Well, he would have felt it if his own heart wasn't beating so uncontrollably. With a last thought of how badly his actions could end, Sanji closed the remaining distance between them and pressed his lips to the swordsman's.

The feeling of immense guilt crashed down on him as soon as their lips connected. It was wrong, kissing the marimo while he was asleep and knowing that he didn't want to be kissed by Sanji in the first place. He would have moved away, had it not been for the marimo's arms closing around him. Sanji was startled and panic was bubbling in his chest. He had woken Zoro and there was no turning back anymore. Of course he wouldn't be able to explain his actions, he wouldn't be able to fix everything and the swordsman would push him away. Wouldn't he?

To his surprise, Zoro started kissing back. Sanji would have thought it was a dream, had he not felt his heart beating so fast as if it was trying to escape from his chest. His lips moved with the marimo's on instinct and he opened his eyes, not really remembering when he had closed them. Zoro's gaze was unwavering and intense, boring into Sanji's eyes, looking for an explanation. Sanji's initial fear subsided in Zoro's grip as the dark eyes in front of him softened and the swordsman's perpetual scowl disappeared. The weight from Sanji's whole being disappeared, making way for the feelings he had tried to deny since he became aware of them.

Still, the kiss ended and they broke away. No words were exchanged, Sanji simply started at the swordsman and hoped things wouldn't go back to the way they were, to all the pretending and hiding that did more damage than good. The swordsman, however, never let go of Sanji's waist holding him as close as he could. With a last look into Zoro's eyes, searching for any sign that it could be a trick and finding none, Sanji let himself go into the swordsman's embrace. He would worry later.