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The Last Resort

Chapter 1 - Shattered dreams

Important author's Note: Any dialogue in Italics is in Tori's head. She is imagining what Jade would probably say to her.

Tori grunted in disbelief as she spoke into the phone. "I don't see how I could be any help here Cat. She despises me. I'm the last person she would ever want to see."

"Actually Sinjin is the last person I would ever WANT to see. You, I don't want to see at all."

Cat's voice was pleading. "Everyone has tried to get through to her, me, Robbie, Andre Beck, her parents. You're the only one left who hasn't tried."

"Cat, you phrase it like I don't care, like I don't feel bad for what happened to Jade and Krista. They were planning a life together and I was staying away. I had my chance and I blew it. After the accident I simply didn't think there was anything I could do to help. I was the one that cheated on her with Mark, I was the one the ruined our relationship. I fucked up and I didn't want to fuck up her life anymore. Besides, she lives in L.A. and I'm in New York. Remember?" Tori barked angrily.

Tori was angry at the whole situation, it was compounded by a feeling of helplessness and regret. After 3 years of being together Jade and Tori hit a rough patch while in college. They were both busy and each felt neglected by the other. Tori was appearing in a play with Mark, a senior who she had become very good friends with. In the play they played man and wife and had been working very close together. Jade didn't like it, but didn't stop Tori from being in the play. One night after a long day of rehearsals, Tori and Mark went out for drinks. Tori spoke of how her and Jade had been fighting badly earlier that day. Mark at that point told Tori he had fallen for her. In a moment of Impulsive weakness, Tori kissed Mark. Once she crossed the threshold it was all to easy to simply gave in, so that night Tori slept with Mark.

Feeling horrible about it, Tori admitted to the affair to Jade and begged forgiveness the next day. Furious, Jade dumped Tori on the spot and said she never wanted to speak to her again. Having being cut out of Jade's life completely, a heartbroken Tori moved to NY to finish college there.

Through Cat who remained friends with Jade, Tori learned that Jade a year later had begun to see a girl named Krista. She played Cello with a local orchestra and was said to be a very talented musician. Tori threw herself into her work in Broadway trying to forget the mistake destroyed the relationship with the woman she loved. On a trip to L.A. to see her parents she ran into Krista and Jade at a restaurant. The encounter was brief, but very awkward and tense. Tori's already broken heart was crushed even further when she saw how happy Jade looked. It was that same look of happiness that she once saw when they were together. Tori could only see hatred and contempt for her in Jade's eyes. It was then and there that Tori knew that Jade had moved on. She put on her best fake smile, wished them well and went home to pack to leave cutting her trip short.

That encounter was 2 and half years ago. Tori had dated and had a steady girlfriend for almost a year, but she didn't really love that person so the relationship slowly died out. No one could replace Jade in her heart. Just a month and half ago, Tori learned that Krista had proposed to Jade and she said yes. All the old feelings that she tried to forget suddenly came rushing back.

2 weeks ago Tori had gotten a late night call from Cat. The tearful Cat told Tori that Jade and Krista where driving home from dinner in the rain and had an accident. Their car had hit a large puddle and lost control and hit a tree. Krista was killed instantly, but Jade only suffered a broken arm, a minor concussion and a number of cuts.

Despite their history, Tori felt terrible for Jade. Her and Krista had just gotten engaged and were planning their wedding. She didn't want to see Jade suffer in such a horrible way. She had an impulse to go to Jade, but didn't. She wasn't in the Goth's life anymore, she was the one that messed up. Worried that she would only bring Jade even more pain, Tori stayed away.

But tonight Tori got a phone call from Cat. In the call Cat, begged Tori to talk to Jade, who had completely withdrawn inside herself. When they arrived at the scene of the accident, the police found a sobbing Jade holding onto Krista's bloodied corpse. When pulled away from her dead girlfriend, Jade became catatonic. Since that night, Jade had yet to speak a word or even move. Cat explained, how Jade spends day after day sitting in bed, starring blankly off into space.

"Tori, she needs you." Cat pleaded.

"ENNNT….Sorry wrong guess, the answer we were looking for was. I need Vega as much as the tree that killed my girlfriend."

A tear came to Tori's eye. "No she doesn't. She needs Krista, that's the woman she loves, not me. There's nothing I can do. She hates me and for good reason."

"Please, everyone has tried. She won't respond to anyone or any kind of treatment. If she doesn't soon, she'll have to be admitted to a mental hospital. I know you don't want to hurt her anymore, but do it. For me if not Jade. I know you still love her Tori. Please"


Tori could hear the desperation in Cat's voice. The thought of Jade being put into some psych ward to live out her days was simply too much. Broken or not, her heart couldn't handle it. Tori stayed away because she thought it would help, but now going to Jade would be the only course of action that would.

"Ok" Tori said softly. "I'll be there tomorrow afternoon."

Just about 24 hours later a very nervous Tori was walking down the hallway outside Jade's hospital room. Standing in front of the room was Cat and Jade's mother. With every approaching step Tori's heart seemed to beat faster.

"What would Mrs. West say to me?" Thought Tori. She hadn't spoken to Jade's parents since the break up some 3 and a half years ago. Even before that Tori and Jade's mother had what would be considered a coldly civil relationship. Tori knew that for whatever reason, Allison West didn't like her. Would she curse me? Would she tell me to leave? Those questions and more thundered through Tori's head.

As Tori approached Mrs. West smiled and extended her hand. Being an actress, Tori sensed instantly that the smile and the polite demeanor were utterly false. "Hello Tori? Thank you ever so much for coming."

Tori shook Mrs. West's hand. "Thank you Mrs. West. I'm not sure if I can help. How is she doing?" Tori said in a rather humble fashion.

"Oh…Let's see. My fiancé is dead. The girl I hate more than life itself has just showed up and I can't move or speak. In other words. Just peachy. Next stupid question."

"Please call me, Allison. Physically she's fine, other than a broken arm. But…" There was a sad pause for a moment. "She shattered and has retreated deeply inside herself. I think she blames herself. She was driving the car and the cops said, the witness said she was speeding in the pouring rain."

Allison West sighed. "Just the day before they picked out their wedding rings. Krista was such a nice girl, always thinking of others. She was so very talented as well. Jade wasn't a classical music lover at first but Krista converted her. We all loved her. Jade loved her so much."

Tori suddenly felt about 20 times worse than she did only moments before. She wasn't sure if that's what Allison speech was designed to do, but it certainly had that effect. Jade's mother was a cold woman who rarely complimented anyone, doing so even less than Jade did. It was like she was saying. Krista was all the things that you weren't. Tori suspected that if Allison had her way, she would not be there. But Tori knew if she couldn't bring Jade out, than no one could. She knew she was the last resort.

Tori half thought of calling Allison out on the spot but chose to turn the other cheek. "I'll do what I can."

"You just do your best Tori." As she said it, Tori could see her facade slip. There was a noticeable condescending air to Allison's voice.

"You can do it Tori." Cat said, with a pat on the Back, sounding much more genuine

Without any further ado, Tori walked past Cat and Allison into Jade's room. It was a single hospital room, looking rather unremarkable with brown carpeting and tan walls. Jade was sitting motionless in a wheelchair in front of the window. Outside, the sky was turning orange as the sun began to set. Though a beautiful scene, Jade watched it with a blank, almost vacant expression on her face.

By this point Tori's heart was racing and her mouth began to dry up. Inside, her emotions were a swirling cauldron of guilt, remorse, pain and regret. Tori closed the door behind her and carefully studied Jade.

"You're wasting your time Vega! Actually you are a waste of time."

She was dressed in a blue hospital gown, and a pink cast was on her left arm. Her hair was longer. The black locks running down to the middle of her back.

"I swear to god, if I find the asshole that put a pink cast on my arm. They're going to need a lot more than just a single cast." Tori imagined the rant that Jade would give seeing a pink cast on her arm.

"She's not my Jade anymore. She's Krista's Jade now. But Krista's is dead and I'm all that's left. I am truly Jade's last resort." Tori pondered as she stood in front of the door.

"Jade." Tori said in a soft voice.

I had this idea buzzing around my head and I just had to get it out. So I took a break from "The Bet" and burned this out. I was intending it to be a short one shot but it got away from me. It won't be terribly long however. I'll get back to the bet very soon.

As I said the dialogue in italics is in Tori's head. She still feels guilty for what she did and it's a semi manifestation of her guilt. She's not schizophrenic or anything like that. So don't think she's cracked.

I keep writing stories where Jade and Tori have been separated and brought back together. I'm not sure why exactly.

I'd like to thank Invader Johnny for his suggestions for this story.