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The first thing Eren noticed was just how much smaller Levi was than him. Not only in height, but in stature and maybe even in presence. He'd come to this conclusion when he realised how awkwardly he had to lean down just to meet the man halfway. To be honest, his neck was beginning to ache, and Eren wished that maybe they could be sitting down so at least he wasn't so uncomfortable. The teen was just about to voice his thoughts when he realised his mouth was currently occupied... Why was that again? Oh right, he was kissing Levi.

And oh my god, he was kissing Levi.

Once the initial daze had worn off, Eren was left with nothing but the raw electrifying sensation of skin on skin. He felt the slickness of having someone else's saliva in his mouth, and the slight friction created when the surfaces of his and Levi's chapped lips rubbed against each other. Should he close his eyes? Open his mouth? What was he to do with his arms? The dizzying scent of lemon-tinted soap surrounded him on all sides, and for the first time in almost a year, the shroud of drowsiness caused by his insomnia was lifted, and he stood in the wake of an overwhelming clarity. There was definitely something very right about having the older man pressed against him like this, but that was a mere hunch he had. There was a greater sense of uncertainty (and possibly even fear) that had bestowed itself upon Eren's heart, simply because he knew that it was not normal for two men to be kissing, especially if one of those men was old enough to be the other's father. Having said that, he couldn't find it in him to remove himself from Levi's grip, which was fortified with such desperation that Eren was almost flattered. Instead, he abruptly jerked his head away, so that his teacher no longer had access to his mouth.

Maybe he came off a little more resistant than he'd wanted, because Levi looked so taken aback that Eren felt a pang of guilt stab his chest. But just like every other emotion in Levi's bank, it only made a brief appearance before being masked completely by his usual apathetic disposition. It was a little disheartening, because Eren thought he was beyond that by now. Needless to say, the older man released him, leaving deep wrinkles where he'd previously held his shirt. Levi didn't look like he had anything pleasant to say, so Eren decided to speak first.

"I'm sorry," he whispered hoarsely, before clearing his throat. Levi gave nothing away, and raised an eyebrow intriguingly.

"Why? I'm the one that violated you." Now that was cruel, despite being more self-deprecating than anything.

"I'm just sorry, okay? For... everything." Eren bit his tongue, not wanting to refute that previous comment about "violating" him. It would most likely lead to an argument, and that was not a road he wanted to go down. Luckily, it seemed as though this time he'd picked the right words, because Levi visibly softened, letting out a cathartic sigh. He ran a hand through his hair, and Eren noted how much it messed up his parting. It set him a little more at ease, seeing this slightly flustered, imperfect side of Levi.

"You were right kid. Everything is fucked up."

Silence. There was nothing but silence that followed as Eren searched for what to say next. Then finally:

"Because you kissed me?"

Eren shunned himself the moment the words escaped him, and Levi just looked slightly amused, which was unusual given the situation.

"I think just the fact that I kissed you shows that things were already going downhill. The kiss itself was a matter of hitting rock bottom. I'm sorry I imposed that on you."

Eren bit his cheek, trying to keep his emotions at bay. Then with an exasperated huff, as if he didn't care any more, he plopped down onto the couch behind him and looked at the ceiling.

"Look, I hate to sound like a brat, but could you stop villainizing yourself like that? You didn't actually force me into anything, you know."



"It's vilifying myself. Not villainizing." Eren shot Levi a look that told him he was not in the mood for antics, which the teacher simply disregarded.

"And secondly, I'm not. I'm just stating the fact that I did something completely inappropriate, and I will understand if you decide to report me." Eren let out a growl of frustration, and leaned forward so he could bury his face in his hands.

"As if…" His voice shook with so much pent-up frustration that Levi wondered if he'd start crying. "As if I would do that to you!" Then he looked up, making direct eye contact with his superior.

"Maybe I pulled away, but that doesn't mean I didn't… like it or anything. In fact…" He hesitated for a moment, before finally adding:

"Could we do it again? Properly?"

A light blush dusted Levi's cheeks. Crap. Did he just blush? How humiliating, since when did he know how to blush?

"Doesn't saying that kind of stuff embarrass you?"

Eren pouted a little, and Levi had to force the word "cute" out of his mind.

"Believe me, there's only one thing I want more than to just disappear right now."

"And that is?"


Levi bit this thumb and frowned. This may just be his bias kicking in, but damn, the kid was tempting.

He wondered how his soul, after wandering so aimlessly for more than a thousand years, would feel if he'd denied it the only thing that could make it feel whole again. All his suffering would be justified if he could just have Eren in his arms one more time, and for a second, he seriously considered it. But there was too much at stake. He couldn't bring himself to steal the boy's heart yet again, especially how disastrously that had turned out the first time they'd tried it. He wouldn't do it. He couldn't do it. This time, he was definitely going to-

"Levi, please."

Do it. He was going to do it.

Letting go of all his dignity, self control and guilt, Levi walked over to Eren and placed himself on the younger boy's lap. Eren was without a doubt taken by surprise, and every part of Levi wanted to wipe that stupid incredulous look off that face.

"I'm throwing you a bone just this once. We're going to have a serious fucking talk after this, so keep that in mind."

Eren chuckled lightly, having regained some of his composure.

"Was that a pun?" Cue the classic eye roll.

"Get you mind out of the gutter. We're only kissing."

And so they did.

Levi held Eren's chin firmly between his thumb and index, gazing down intensely, like he was still fighting some internal battle. Finally, he advanced, and both their eyes drifted shut as their lips pressed together tenderly. For a few minutes, they did nothing but make out in gentle synchronised movements, and only the smacking of their lips and the heaviness of their pants as they occasionally parted for breath could be heard. Eren couldn't help thinking that wow, they really must have been fated to be together if he could kiss this well on only his second attempt. He… was doing well, right? With this newfound doubt lingering in his mind, for the second time that day, he pulled away.

"Can you stop fucking doing that?!" Levi huffed, annoyed.

"Wait…" Eren panted between breaths. He'd really have to work on his stamina if this was to continue. "How…"

Oh no. How could he say this without sounding needy and insecure? The only reassurance he had was that Levi was currently in his lap, and that was a rare show of vulnerability on the older man's part. He had nothing to lose (but face), anyway.

Eren gulped. "Um… How am I doing?"

"You're kidding, right? You're doing fabulous. I burn. I pine. I perish." And if there was anything romantic in there air before, Levi's sarcasm had destroyed it. From Eren's experience, though, he knew it was just best to ignore it.

"Is that from Taming of the Shrew?"

Levi smiled. He was impressed.

"Good boy. Looks like you are smarter than you look. Now get your mouth back on mine."

But before he could, Levi grabbed his cheeks and smashed their lips back to together. They kissed more frantically this time, and Eren allowed Levi to slip his tongue in as a moan escaped him. The sensation of the warm, foreign appendage gliding over his own set his nerves on fire, and he grabbed the fabric covering Levi's sides to bring the man closer. Eren swallowed thickly, noting that it was definitely not just his own saliva that ran down his throat. He was growing warmer, but instead of pulling away, he wrapped his arms around Levi's waist to draw the man closer yet. Levi raised himself on his knees and pushed Eren further back into the couch, forcing the teen to tilt his head back so they could face each other.

The teacher grinned mischievously.

"Congratulations. You now have a little French in you." Eren blushed.

"You're French?" He asked, before deciding to be a little bold, and adding "No wonder you're good with your tongue."

Levi pinched his cheek and chuckled. "Yes. And you're German."

"How'd you know?"

"You told me, once."

And all of a sudden, his expression turned dark, as if he'd just remembered something. But before Eren could ask what was wrong, Levi removed himself from the boy's lap and moved towards the kitchen. Eren blinked, stunned at the sudden change of atmosphere before Levi spoke again.

"Eren. Follow me. We need to talk."

Just... not... sure.

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