(Hi guys! So, here is the short story of the time that Grantaire got Enjolras drunk as described in my other story 'Time to Take a Break'. Enjolras, Marius, Courfeyrac and Jehan are around 17/18 in this. Feuilly is 19. Combeferre, Bossuet and Joly are 21/22 and Bahorel and Grantaire are 23/24. It's going to be a two-shot. I want to thank J91 in this author's note for providing me with some ideas of drunken Enjolras. Hope you'll like it!)

"So what time will you two be joining us then?", Enjolras called from the bathroom he shared with Combeferre, while he wrapped himself in a large, fluffy towel.

Today was Friday and all the Amis had decided to get together and have some fun at the Musain to celebrate Courfeyrac's eighteenth birthday. Enjolras – even at seventeen – did not care much for partying or drinking, but Courfeyrac had begged him to come along as well. He remembered that conversation particularly well.

"But, Enjolras, it's my birthday! I'm turning eighteen! Do you know how special that age is? I am allowed to do lots of things now, you know. I can learn how to drive...I can vote...come on, you have got to be there; I want you to be there and I want you to have fun, it can be my present!", Courfeyrac said in a whiny voice while they walked together towards their History class.

Enjolras had huffed in annoyance. "I have fun...just because I don't count getting drunk and flirting with everything that moves as my main priorities, that doesn't mean that I don't have fun."

"Yeah, okay, whatever Enjolras", Courfeyrac had laughed, "I know this whole party scene is not really your thing, but I do a lot for you and for our cause and you are one of my best friends, I want you to come! Besides, it's not like everyone is going to be wasted and all...Combeferre and Joly will be there too. And Feuilly never drinks; so you'll have enough people to drink your lemonade with."

Enjolras knew he should stop complaining. Courfeyrac was right. It was an important day; all their friends were going to be there. And if it meant so much to his friend, then surely he could postpone his studies and extracurricular activities for a night. So he decided to suck it up and just make his friend happy. "Alright, I'll come...", he agreed, but before Courfeyrac could say anything, he added "But I don't want you or anyone else to try and hook me up with someone all the time nor try to get me drunk. I'm serious, Courf, I really don't appreciate that."

"Yeah, sure, sure, fine...I'm already happy you're going to come. You can hang out with our 20 something friends and discuss serious stuff if that's more your thing. As long as I see you smile!" Courfeyrac had ruffled his hair at that and then sped up towards his seat next to Marius. Enjolras sighed deeply and sat down in his own chair, next to Jehan. The blond poet turned towards him and smiled brightly. "It'll be fun Enjolras, just wait and see. There's no shame in doing something else once in a while than planning protests." He winked and squeezed Enjolras' shoulder.

Enjolras smiled in return. "Yeah...maybe", he said and that was that. He was going and there was no getting out of it now.

He let out a frustrated sigh as he pulled on his clothes and tried to get his hair under control. He swore it had a will of its own; curls bouncing in every direction. "Combeferre?", he called again as he made his way out of the bathroom and into the kitchen where Combeferre and Joly were bent over a shared textbook. "What time will you and Joly be arriving?"

Combeferre looked up and smiled at Enjolras' slightly wild appearance. "Well, our deadline for this terms paper is tonight at nine, so I guess we'll be coming afterwards. Or maybe before if we finish early." He and Joly were now in their third of University – both studying medicine – and to Enjolras' utmost frustration, his best friend and brother in everything but blood, had significantly less time for him and his teenage annoyances than he usually had. They shared an apartment, yes, but Combeferre had a whole different life now that things were getting more and more serious at University and Enjolras was still getting used to the fact that his best friend didn't have that much time for him any more.

"But it starts at six...", Enjolras muttered grumpily.

"I know it starts at six, which means you are already late. Come on, Enjolras, don't start with me now. Joly and I are busy and this is a little more important than the fact that you don't want to go to a party alone. Besides, since when do you need me to keep you company when all of our other friends are there as well? It's a party, have some fun. You're seventeen, you're entitled to it. I'm not supposed to hold your hand forever you know, it's time to grow up."

It was meant as a joke and deep down Enjolras knew that too. Both Combeferre and Joly laughed about it, but Enjolras felt strangely hurt and left out. What, was he suddenly too young for Combeferre to hang out with? They'd always been the best of friends. Their age difference never mattered before. Their whole group of friends was a mix of ages with their youngest just seventeen and their oldest nearing twenty five. And why was everyone telling him he needed to have fun. He was having fun. Combeferre should know his kind of fun was different than that of other guys his age. Enjolras swallowed once and huffed angrily. "You're a jerk, Combeferre", he muttered silently and then he grabbed his bag, turned around and slammed the door shut behind him.

Combeferre looked up in shock. Enjolras never lost his temper with him. He turned to Joly with a questioning look. "What just happened?", he asked with his eyebrows raised, "I was clearly joking, right? He wouldn't take that serious...?"

Joly only shrugged and shook his head. "I'm sure he knows it was a joke 'Ferre, don't worry about it. He's probably just cranky because he can't work tonight, that's all. Let's just finish this and then we can get to Courf's birthday as well."

Enjolras was walking with large, firm steps towards the Musain. Stupid Combeferre and his stupid University, he thought bitterly as he kicked a can across the street. Who was he to tell him to grow up? As if he had ever acted childish...It wasn't fair. Just because he was seventeen, that did not mean he was suddenly not interesting anymore. Hell, he was so far ahead of his class that he was taking his exams a year early. Teachers often told him that he was more than ready to start University, so why would Combeferre treat him like a child. He was nearly eighteen! He was just joking, stop making a big deal out of it, said a voice deep inside his head. But Enjolras chose to ignore that voice and kicked another can in front of him; still fuming in silence.

He was still extremely annoyed once he reached the Café. He could already hear the laughter and the music and his stomach dropped. He wasn't feeling all that well and he really wasn't looking forward to a party. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open, where he was immediately greeted by a happily grinning Courfeyrac.

"Alright! You came! I am so happy, come on, come on, we've conquered our own corner with enough drinks and snacks to last the entire night!" He grabbed Enjolras by the wrist and pulled him through the Café to a large corner sofa where most of them were already seated. He saw Jehan, Feuilly and Marius on the right and Grantaire and Bahorel on the left. Bossuet, Joly and Combeferre were the only three still missing. Everyone welcomed him gladly and Enjolras found himself grinning back at them. He took a seat next to Feuilly and ordered himself a coke. Stupid Combeferre. I don't need to hold his hand. I'm perfectly capable of having fun.

Half an hour later, Enjolras had decided he was actually quite enjoying himself. He had an interesting conversation with Feuilly and Jehan and to his relief, no one – with the exception of Courfeyrac and Grantaire – seemed totally wasted. It was still early, of course, but Enjolras concluded that he had been working himself up way too much over nothing. It was common knowledge that Enjolras did not feel comfortable around drunk people – even though only a few of the Amis were aware of the reason why – and therefore Enjolras found himself avoiding scenes like parties or a dancing as much as possible. Tonight was fun however. He was with his friend and he could tolerate a few inebriated comments. He would tolerate them. Because I am perfectly able of having fun.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Grantaire and Bahorel grinning and whispering to each other while in the meantime they kept throwing glances his way. Enjolras narrowed his eyes at them and cleared his throat. The two older men didn't notice his discomfort however and just kept on murmuring. Enjolras was just standing up to welcome Bossuet – who had just arrived – in their midst, when Grantaire let out a loud roar of laughter. Enjolras immediately turned around again and he found both his friends grinning at him like maniacs. He knew they were up to something and he didn't like it.

"What's so funny?", he said a little more angry than he wanted to.

"Nothing, my dear Apollo, we were definitely not talking or laughing about you!" Grantaire slurred while he poured himself another glass of wine ad winked at Bahorel.

Enjolras was about to open his mouth to say something when Jehan gently nudged his shoulder. "Just leave them, Enj, they're drunk. It's no use to get into an argument about it with them. Besides, it's Courfeyrac's party and it wouldn't be fun for him if there's a fight tonight."

Enjolras glanced in Courfeyrac's direction, who was currently in the middle of a dart game with a woman that could have been twice his age. He snorted and shook his head. Then he turned back to Jehan and nodded. "Yeah, you're right. They're not worth it." He said it just loud enough for both Grantaire and Bahorel to hear, but they didn't seem at all affected. Enjolras rolled his eyes and took a long swig of his coke. For a moment there, he thought it tasted a little funny, but he soon brushed that thought off. Maybe it was a Pepsi instead of a Coca Cola.

As the evening went, Enjolras found himself feeling more and more relaxed. He was laughing at every joke; he was talking – or more like yelling – about everyday things instead of discussing his ideals and their goal; he had moved to sit next to Grantaire and was now singing a song with him. To all his other drunken friends, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But to those few who had stayed with their cokes or water, Enjolras was transforming into something they had never seen before and it was quite unsettling. He had only been drinking lemonade and yet here he was acting as if he was truly and utterly wasted. Feuilly, Marius and Jehan shared a concerned look when Enjolras announced he was going to the toilet and stumbled across the Café, nearly crashing in the waitress as he went.

They turned to Grantaire and Bahorel as soon as their blond friend was out of sight. "What the hell did you two do to him?", Feuilly hissed angrily. "He acts like he's drunk out of his frigging mind!"

Bahorel shrugged his shoulders in response. "I dunno man, I...No, I don't even know...or do I?", he slurred and he clasped Grantaire on the shoulder. "Whas the problem anyway, he's hafing fun isn't he?"

Grantaire laughed out loud in response and dangled his little flask in front of Feuilly's eyes. "Don't worry, we just spiked his drink a little bit. He's having a stronger reaction to it, because he never drinks. We...we didn't even give him that much, you know, but come on, it's hilarious. He's letting loose, he's finally himself" Grantaire sounded a lot less drunk than Bahorel, but his eyes were blinking rapidly as if he had a hard time focusing on Feuilly and the other two.

"Himself?", Jehan exclaimed, "He's nothing like himself! This isn't him. This isn't who he wants to be!"

But Grantaire shushed him and poured another shot into Enjolras' lemonade before the blond slumped back into his chair, grinning as if he was entirely too happy with himself. "This my new drink cola , Grantaaaaaire?", he chuckled, grabbing the glass in his hand and bringing it towards his mouth.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Enjolras", Marius piped up quietly, ignoring the glares of betrayal he received from Grantaire and Bahorel, "I think they've put something in your drink. You'd better just leave it alone."

But Enjolras only frowned disapprovingly and turned away from Marius. "You'd better leave me alone, Pontmercy, I can take care of myself...And I can have fun. I'm having fun, see 'Taire, now shut up and leave me alone all of you...I have to go to the bathroom again."

"It's not funny!", Jehan snapped angrily when Grantaire and Bahorel burst into another round of laughter as Enjolras once again wandered off. "He's completely plastered! Have you any idea how mad Combeferre will be when he sees Enjolras like this? He's going to eat the two of you alive, I swear."

Bahorel was about to make some sort of smart comment when someone suddenly banged a spoon against a glass. It was Courfeyrac – far beyond tipsy himself – who climbed atop a chair and forced everyone to be silent. Then he started speaking, or at least, he tried to speak. He was mostly giggling his way through it however. "My dear...dear...dearest friends! I am so happy to have you all gathered around me! And even though I appreciate all of your presence here, I have just received the best gift of all. For the first time in my eighteen years, I finally have the honor to see my dearest, bravest and most honest friend of all in a state of inebriation. And not only does he allow me to enjoy his brilliant, funny , perfectly wonderful personality, he has also agreed to give me my birthday speech! So everyone, please, be quiet and behold...the one and only, talented, speech giving, blond curling, freaking damn sexy...Enjolras!"

Both Feuilly and Jehan let out a desperate groan as they watched Enjolras climb atop one of the table on shaky legs. Everyone was cheering him on and their young friend seemed to enjoy it to the fullest. He was smiling bright and his eyes were twinkling. If they hadn't known better, they would have thought their friend to be one of the most happy people in the world. But they did know better. And they did know that if Enjolras had been fully aware of the situation, he would be mortified.

"M-my friends! M-my lords and...and my ladies! I wan to start this speech by telling C-Courfe-Courfe, damn your name is hard...Courfeyrac a happy birthday!" Enjolras yelled and he raised his glass towards the birthday boy. "It is my pleasure to be the one to speak tonight, because let's face it...I am one hell of a speaker. And I am happy to show you all my talent, but first, I want to praise my friend here, because he has put on the most beautiful shirt in the entire world! Not only is it cut out just right...it is also red. And red, my dear friends, is the color of everything that is good in this world. Not only is it the color of Courfeyrac's shirt. It is also the color of...of...uhm...of...of TOMATOES! Yes! It is the color of tomatoes and tomatoes are wonderful. Be-because they are healthy and juicy and round and they are RED."

Everyone in the entire Café was laughing either with Enjolras or at Enjolras. Everyone except for Jehan, Marius and Feuilly, who were looking nervously at each other; trying to decide if they should put a stop to this. "Is he seriously talking about tomatoes right now?", Marius asked incredulously. "Shouldn't we...shouldn't we do something?"

"I'm already on it", Feuilly mumbled anxiously and he grabbed his phone. He watched the other two while he waited for the person on the other side of the line to pick up. It was nearly nine o'clock; Enjolras had only been here for two and a half hours and he was completely wasted. "Yes, Combeferre? Hi, it's Feuilly...ehm...yes, it's a nice party...listen, I think it would be best if you'd come right now...yes...no...it's Enjolras, look I know it's hard to believe, but he's drunk out of his mind...no, I'm serious...he's giving a speech about the significance of tomatoes right now...yes...yes...alright, great, thanks...see you soon, bye."

"He and Joly are on their way, they should be here in a minute", Feuilly sighed relieved. His eyes darted towards the table on which Enjolras was still standing. "He told me to get him outside and try and coax him into drinking water...any ideas on how to get him off that table without the entire Café turning against us?"

Before Marius or Jehan could come up with anything, however, Enjolras attempted to do a graceful twirl, which of course went entirely wrong as he slipped and fell off the table; smacking his head against it in the process. Before any of the Amis could panic however, Enjolras stood up and started laughing loudly as he brushed them all off. "I'm fineee, seriously, I'm...I'm fine!". But he was clutching his head and immediately slumped down in his seat next to Grantaire. "I'm fine, I'll finish the speech soon, I just need to...I need to lie down for a minute...shh...I'm fine, I'll just...I'm fine." Enjolras nuzzled against Grantaire's shoulder and closed his eyes; pain edged across his face.

Grantaire and Bahorel didn't look that pleased with themselves anymore; concern was now evident on their faces. Maybe this was a mistake.


(Yeah, this is going to be a two-shot! Hope it didn't disappoint. More drunk Enjolras, caring Combeferre and guilty Amis on the way! Please let me know what you think of this chapter and leave a review? Thanks!)