Author: Aki

Beta: BCat

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"Hidden in the truths lie the lies, hidden in the lies hide the truths"

Mukuro hates the mafia world with passion. He had spent years on revenge, putting up a cover, getting in Vongola family,… Yet, he still has to work as a guardian for a mafia boss.

Mukuro had been telling lies so many times in his life that it seemed like there was no border between lie and truth anymore in his words. He lied to his enemy, he lied to his prey, he lied to his gang, he even lied to himself. But he could always tell when people lying, at least that's what Mukuro thought until he met that man.

He had taken cover as an assistant. However, that man recognized him before he even knew. From that day, to him, lies were truth and truths were lies.

That man always told sweet things to him, always smiled so angelic so brilliant while giving him wounds, torturing his ragged body. Mukuro was poisoned, by his words, by his gestures, everything he did to him.

Mukuro hated him. Yet a part of the illusionist still hoped that those words were true.

"Mukuro …Mukuro-kun …Mukuro-chan…"

Stop calling my name like it was the most pleasant sound ever.

"I love you… I love you so much, Mukuro-kun"

Stop saying those words as if it is the truth. They are all meaningless.

For both of us know that we are lying to one another.

"Kufufu, I hate you." Yet, I still love you.

The world was never fascinating to Byakuran. For him, it was just like a boring movie played everyday in which people lied to each other just to get what they wanted.

Byakuran was always an outsider, an audience. Sometimes, he'd join in, giving some lies then watched people suffering. All just to make his life less dull. Never in his life did he know his lies could hurt so much. Not until he met him.

Byakuran know from the start that he was Vongola Mist guardian yet he let him stay in his cover and watch every step he took. He enjoyed this chasing game, satisfyingly savored the feeling of the predator watching its prey. Eventually, he had him kneeled on his knees.

He never thought that he would have feeling for his captive. Yet, he did. Slowly, he realized how possessive his actions were when he chained him in his room, leaving marks all over his fragile body as if he was to tell everyone that illusionist is his. But he also realized how much Mukuro hated him.

The only thing he can do is make Mukuro hate him even more so that he is always on his mind.

"Mukuro-kun, how are you today~?" I'm sorry that I hurt you so much.

"Kufufu, do you know that I don't want to see your face? Just thinking of it already makes me want to puke" Please, don't say those words to me.

"My, but I missed my lovely Mukuro so much" I know I can't expect you to forgive me.

"Too bad that I don't" I just need you to remember me.

"I love you, Mukuro-kun" I truly do.

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