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Basically in this AU, the events of the Avengers film (2012) happened but Thor never showed up. The Avengers triumphed anyway and captured Loki who is now imprisoned at SHIELD headquarters. Oh yes, and vampires exist.

It had not gone well.

Images streamed through his mind. Damning, highly unpleasant images. His plan had worked so perfectly at first, despite that small temporary glitch of getting captured by SHIELD. The Tesseract had been his, the power had been his. He had stood on that ridiculous Stark Tower and watched the glowing energy cube punch a hole through the sky, opening a portal to another galaxy, letting in the alien army that would assure his own victory. All the triumph of the moment had been spoiled now.

Iron Man

Black Widow


Captain America

The Hulk

They had such stupid names.

When he had come to, battered and broken, shoved so far through Stark's office floor that he was practically embedded in it, and found the entire team standing over him, he had never felt so low.

Except perhaps at this moment, this was fairly low. Sitting on the floor of a plastic cube in SHIELD headquarters like some expensive pet on display, having to put up with watching every coming and going of the SHIELD agents because they didn't trust their own people enough to hide him away from view and risk him finding a way out of his prison.

He had never felt so low except perhaps for that moment before he left Asgard for good, when he and his brother had ended their explosive battle by hanging off the bridge of the gods with nothing but the galaxy below them. That moment when his father had stood over him, willing to pull him back, to forgive and forget his treachery and his mad quest for respect and power, willing to do anything but acknowledge and trust him. That moment had made him want to let go of everything, to cast himself off into nothingness. And he had.

Loki sighed and closed his eyes briefly, covering the crushing pain in his heart with a soothing layer of boredom.

When he opened them, he noticed Nick Fury walking past with a few other agents, and someone he had never seen before. A man with very pale skin, and long dark hair pulled back from his face. The man looked at Loki as he passed and smiled, a dazzling, intoxicating smile. Loki found himself smiling back a little. He felt unaccountably as though he were being warmed by the sun after being in the dark for a very long time.

Time seemed to stand still in that moment but it passed soon enough, and Loki was left watching them disappear around a corner into Fury's office. Still, he felt better somehow, with a kind of lingering effect, as though he could feel the sun's rays on his skin even though he had been returned to the darkness.

Loki watched the corner where he had last seen them until they came back around it. He was intrigued, definitely intrigued.

When they returned, Fury was looking uncomfortable and the other agents wary. The stranger appeared relaxed, but his gaze was eager, and focused on Loki's cell. Loki felt a thrum of excitement in his chest. While Fury entered the code to unlock the cell door with reluctant slowness, Loki and the stranger looked at each other with the same expression of curiosity.

When the door was open, the stranger entered cautiously, as if unsure if he were trespassing. Loki looked up at him and smiled again. "You're not like the others."

"Neither are you." The stranger crouched down gracefully so they were at the same level.

"Are you a 'hero' too?"

The stranger chuckled appreciatively, "No, unfortunately, I'm a demon."

Loki raised his eyebrows. He could see now that the stranger's eyes were a deep red, but he was a species of creature that he had never seen before.

"The humans call us Vampires. We live on human blood."


"And you are a god."

Loki inclined his head graciously, "as you see."

The stranger smiled widely. "Appearances are always deceiving, Loki of Asgard. My name is Aro of the Volturi Coven. I am here because my people have entered into an agreement with SHIELD, in return for some resources."

"Such as myself?"

"You are perceptive."

"Why should I help you?"

"Because you're a god. Gods always like to be present at the moment of creation."


"A new species out of an ancient one. My people live in secret, I want them to walk freely and not hide in the shadows any longer. In order to do that, we need to stop being monsters, stop drinking human blood. We have scientists at work on this, but it is a change beyond the abilities of science."

Loki's expression became serious. "You need magic."

"Yes." Aro tilted his head to one side inquiringly. "Will you help us, Loki?"

Loki gazed back at him in silence. His mind whirled. He didn't know what this proposal would actually mean but he knew for certain that he could not refuse to take it. In the darkness of his despair a light shone, and he turned towards it.

"When do we start?"

"Not today," broke in Fury's gravelly voice. "We need some serious security measures in place before we even think about moving you out of here." Fury entered the cell and stood over them a little threateningly. It was clear the interview was over.

Aro stood and offered a hand to the SHIELD director, "thank you for your help, Mr. Fury."

Fury stepped back from Aro's outstretched hand. "Oh no you don't, you know the deal. You don't read my mind, I don't fry your ass."

Aro chuckled, "Delicately put, as always."

He turned back to Loki who was watching them with a bemused expression. "I'll see you soon, Loki of Asgard." Again the dazzling smile.

Loki watched them leave in silence, then closed his eyes, then laughed out loud. For the first time in a long time, he actually felt...happy.