The TV on in every house, every district holding there breath. The Quarter Quell, about to be announced. She open the envelope. Every parent pulled there child closer.

"This year," her voice bellowed across the land "Tributes may be between the ages of 5 and 19. And we will accept no volunteers."

Every mother let out a sob, every child began to cry, every father bowed there heads and prayed. People were afraid to have children and children were afraid to live.

This is the tribute form, send me your tribute through PM (please do not send in a review as I will not accept it):



Age (remember 5-19):

Appearance (hair, eyes, body, face):




History (significant events):



Reaping reaction (remember no volunteers, sorry careers!):

Training sessions and private session (scores):

Cornuccopia & Bloodbath:

Games (what happens to them?):

Allies (district and gender):

Death and thoughts ( I may not use this as some people have to die in the blood bath)


If I do not get enough tributes within two months I will take the story down. I have had very few male tributes so you may now submit as many tributes as you like! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!