"As day one comes to an end, I bring you the Capitol's first thoughts of this years games." The crowd goes wild as Humphrey pushes his way out onto the stage. "I will take calls from games addicts and try to find out the secrets of this years games."

The cheering finally dies down and the anthem begins to play. The audience stretches back as far as the eye can see, all anticipating the start of this years show. A large TV in the background streams live footage from the arena.

"So the 500th year, huh?" Humphrey said, attempting to receive a reaction from the audience. It worked. They returned to their feet, clapping, scream, yelling and whistling until Humphrey regained their attention. "And we have a very special guest for you! This years head games maker, David Wrenty!"

The crowd erupted again as David walked onto the stage. He waved, shook Humphrey's hand and took his seat. "Welcome, Mr Wrenty! What can we expect form this years games?"

"Please, Please, call me David, we're all friends here!" The audience applauded David. "I cant give to much away, but lets just say, your in for a treat! The tributes this year are more bloodthirsty, angry and prepared to do whatever it takes to return home."

"And, David, who is your favourite to win?"

"Well, Mason of course!" Everyone cheers for his choice and David takes a bow. "But, I suppose Jason has a shot, he a strong guy!"

"Well, David, thank you for your time!" The crowd scream as David wonders off. "And now, we will take some calls from citizens all over the globe as they tell us about what the think of this years games. Our first caller, Phillip Blake! Phillip, can you hear me?"

"Yes I can!" The man answers.

"What have you got to say about this years games?"

I cant wait for the real action begins," Phillip begins. "I think Kimberly might win, she should be given more credit, she could be good in the games. The arena this year looks tougher and I hope we get to see the true sides to this years tributes."

"Thank you Phillip! Our next caller is Andrea Harrison. What have you got to say about this years games?"

"Your sick, all of you. My daughter was all I had left. Now you send her in there? She has no chance. I wish you all burn in hell, all of you.!" A gun goes off on the other end of the line before it goes dead. Humphrey sits there, shell-shocked.

The audience are deadly quiet. A few shed silent tears, other try to hold back the laughter. But all know that the woman was right, they are sick...

"I guess we will see you after the break."