District One Reaping- POV District One Boy- Zach Jones

I awoke that as usual. I went down to the market to buy food for our breakfast but found that it was empty, in the corner, the Capitol were setting up. It was then I remember, it was the day of the reaping. I raced back home to find my mum beginning to wake. I pulled some Bread from the cupboard and began slicing it.

"I'll do that darling" said mum taking the knife from my hand, I stood there shocked at her kindness.

Ever since dad left mum has been laying in bed, drinking. I knew that I would have to take care of my family. So the minute i was old enough I set out trading at the market. We had a cow so it provided us with milk, cheese and eventually meat. We were getting by, just. At one point I didn't think we were going to make it, a 13 year old boy feeding 4. But we made, we pulled through, just like we always did. Now mum was out of bed and I knew that everything was going be alright.

Two o'clock came to soon. We were herded into the square like cattle and Shimmer was on the stage talking about the war with the Capitol and what we owe them. The well known video was shown, there have been showing the same one for 500 years, every hunger games. The athem played and the reaping began.

"Ladies first," It was the same every year. She dug her hand into the bowl, scooping put the insides, until she settled for a ball on the top. She slowly unwrapped it. "Solaria Raven!"

District One Reaping POV District One Girl- Solaria Raven

Pout lips, cry and look adorable, thats what Paradise said. The somebody will volunteer. I waited, sobbing whilst the crowd took a sigh of relief. And still no one volunteered. It was then I remembered, the Quarter Quell. I looked up to find that there was already a path cleared for me. I tried to catch Paradises eye but she looked away, crying.

I wanted to tell them no. I always get what I want, I wanted to run and hide, I couldn't die like this. But still, I found by self up on the stage shakeing Shimmers hand.

District One Reaping POV District One Boy- Zach Jones

They can't, shes only 9, haven't they got a heart? I knew her from school. She was in the popular crowd, always getting what she wants. I didn't have time to think before the boys were being announced.

"Zach Jones!"